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u/CabbageTheVoice · 3 pointsr/futurama

Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles.
The first part is 'The name of the wind'
Genre: Fantasy

It's about a boy growing up in a traveling group and also learning to use magic, basically. I don't want you to know too much, as this is a no-brainer recommendation for me.

I was gifted this book on my birthday and am almost done with it by now.
It is a beautiful work of art. Never gets boring and is written so vividly, that I am baffled at how good a book can be.

Especially if you like Harry Potter or have a thing for music I would bet that this story will resonate with you.
But even if that is not the case, I am certain that you will like this book!


u/HappyGuyDK · 1 pointr/futurama

Nice! I wish I had gotten that one but it's quite expensive outside the US. So I got this one instead and I cannot recommend it. I posted some pictures of it in my review and I had to send it back twice before I finally got one that wasn't broken. With that said though. Amazon was amazing at helping me out!

u/jestew · 9 pointsr/futurama

The Clapper, Wireless Sound Activated On/Off Light Switch, Clap Detection, Perfect For Kitchen/Bedroom/TV/Appliances, 120 V Wall Plug, Smart Home Technology, As Seen On TV Household Gift

u/Gc13psj · 1 pointr/futurama

If you want more, just read this. It's where the image is from and is a brilliant read for Futurama and Simpsons lovers.

u/Ajajane · 2 pointsr/futurama

Would you happen to mean a Bender head like this?

Or is there some other awesome Bender out there I haven't seen?

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/futurama

Okay, lemme just type this into amazon for you.


Philip K. Dick's Ubik

u/yonil9 · 2 pointsr/futurama

I'm pretty sure op bought put this on there Own bag

u/angellus · 1 pointr/futurama

Amazon has the complete series for $80 on DVD. That is < $8 including the television movies (8 Volumes + 4 television movies).

u/Penetrator_Gator · 13 pointsr/futurama

You know that the whole show is filled with mathematicians and computer science guys and, including simpsons, use math and logic in a fair amount of the episodes?

next time this is posted i hope they use more from this book....

u/PictureofPoritrin · 124 pointsr/futurama

Good news, everyone!

Bought mine from Amazon some time ago. Pleased to see it's still up there.

u/kerred · 3 pointsr/futurama

For those wondering, check out the Futurama comic with the simpsons crossover. It has a great self-aware two page spread, and a note from the writer about how to tackle such a crossover.

first link I found when i googled, sorry it had to lead toa sale page

u/mag0802 · 1 pointr/futurama

For further scientific and mathematical study:

The last 20% of this book is dedicated to Futurama.

u/DeltaDood · 1 pointr/futurama

Yes! Here’s the [Amazon Link](Futurama: The Complete Series Giftset [Import]

u/waffler69 · 1 pointr/futurama

It is a picture taken from The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis , it is four different storys about the Simpsons and Futurama meeting up in each others world. The last 20 pages show a lot of cool concept art of the two together.

u/Aarynia · 5 pointsr/futurama

All I could find was this $70 one on Amazon.
And bluray doesn't even exist :(

u/TurtleFreak7 · 88 pointsr/futurama

I know it's not the answer everyone wants, but if Futurama is the only reason you subscribe to Netflix, just buy the seasons on Amazon ( They average about $10 a season. So if you buy one season a month you'll be paying the same as a Netflix subscription, and you'll have the whole series in under a year.

u/SchrodingersCatPics · 2 pointsr/futurama

There's one here at the top of the resellers list.

Edit: /u/ltbs found it; see above.

u/RevPhillipJ · 1 pointr/futurama

I went by the Amazon UK listing, it goes from idle hands to rebirth:

Futurama - Season 1-8 [DVD] [1999]

u/alexzz123 · 5 pointsr/futurama

Amazon has the whole series on sale for $81. Futurama: The Complete Series

u/beepbeepsean · 2 pointsr/futurama

"THE END" It's the last page in the book.

Also the Slurm sign says 'ink', probably Drink (Slurm).

u/malockin · 3 pointsr/futurama

That's exactly why I went ahead and bought the whole series on DVD.

u/shiv1993 · 4 pointsr/futurama

Posters USA - Futurama TV Series Show Poster GLOSSY FINISH - TVS107 (24" x 36" (61cm x 91.5cm))

u/chinamainlander · 4 pointsr/futurama

I’ve had my eye on a wind-up toy Bender. But it’s not cheap Wind-up Bender link

u/beenhazed · 1 pointr/futurama

Originally from thinkgeek, but there seems to be some on Amazon.

u/BradC · 2 pointsr/futurama

Not sure why you put your affiliate link in there.

For those that want a clean link to the product.

u/theundeadsteve · 2 pointsr/futurama

Not confusing at all, before they renewed the series with Benders Big Score, seasons 1-4 were released in bulkier box sets, after BBS they were rereleased in the thinner earth-friendly packaging.

Here’s what I could find on amazon

volume 2

volume 3

volume 1-4

Sorry no season 4 by its self

u/ic3cold · 2 pointsr/futurama

here is the link. Okay, it's 500 dollars, you have no choice of carrier, the battery can't hold the charge and the reception isn't very…

u/murphyschaos · 3 pointsr/futurama

This is the one I have. Nothing cut off or missing. Cast commentary on every episode. Full length Hypnotoad episode as one of the extras.

u/UGoBoom · 93 pointsr/futurama

Emby Server + Futurama DVD set + Handbrake

Own Netflix built, eh forget the blackjack and hookers

u/MentalSporadic · 3 pointsr/futurama

I’ve had this decal on my back windshield for almost two years, and it’s shown no sign of peeling, cracking or discoloring whatsoever.

u/Cyno01 · 8 pointsr/futurama

$70 aint bad for 140 episode, but the historic low according to camel whatever is about 30% off that price.

u/Darth_Pyre · 2 pointsr/futurama

For anyone looking for a more affordable solution:

8x10 Nerd Block Print


u/Urko948 · 6 pointsr/futurama

The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis it's called Crossover Crisis. It's pretty good.

u/VereDiz · 1 pointr/futurama

Do you mean this one?

The main problem I have with is that I'd pay roughly the same amount with import taxes. I'm keeping it for a last resort

u/DragonShadow42 · 2 pointsr/futurama

This one

It doesn't include the movies though, but I found them for another £15 here

Edit: formatting is a bitch -_-

Also I should clarify I'm in the UK, so the prices may well be different elsewhere in the world

u/BRYYAN · 11 pointsr/futurama

Sorry for late reply, delivered pizza to fake address and became lost.

I simply bought this cheap bag

Then ironed on this sweet patch