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u/uberlupus · 6 pointsr/ghostbusters

Edit: Thanks for the compliment!


Fifty Fifty 18oz water bottle (or whatever brand/size you like, black is best)

1" Masking Tape

2" Masking Tape

Yellow Spray Paint

Dupli-Color Black, Satin Wheel Paint (or any decent black spray paint)

Sculpey Polymer Clay (green)

Silicone Parchment Paper


If you start with a black bottle then you'll save a step or two.

  1. Remove lid and mask off mouth and lid threading with 2" masking tape.
  2. If you have a black bottle skip to step 4. If painting black, sand with course sandpaper, then fine sandpaper. Rinse and dry the outside of the bottle.
  3. Paint with black wheel paint (or don't if yours is already black). Let paint cure at least 12 to 24 hours depending on climate, weather etc. Hot, dry weather is better.
  4. Keeping the mouth and threading masked off, add four strips of 1" masking tape, evenly spaced, at about 45 degrees or so, near the top of the bottle. Make sure they run parallel. More strips may be necessary if you have a larger bottle. Whatever looks good!
  5. With your diagonal 1" masking tape applied, add a band of 2" masking tape where you want the top edge to be all the way around the bottle. Find however far down you want the yellow stripes to go (mine's about 2" down) and place another 2" band of masking tape all the way around the bottle.
  6. From there use the 2" tape to mask the bottle the rest of the way down, including the bottom.
  7. Apply the yellow paint to the masked off yellow stripe areas. Let cure and remove all masking tape. You might need to score along the edges of the masking tape with a razor blade to keep the yellow areas from chipping as you peel the tape off. Alternatively you can just peel the tape off after the yellow paint has cured for about an hour. Just be sure not to touch the yellow if you do it this way. The paint will get everywhere!
  8. Flatten the Sculpey between two sheets of parchment using a rolling pin. Form it into a sheet about 1/8" thick. Remove one side of the parchment.
  9. Use a blade to cut the desired slime pattern.
  10. Still keeping the parchment attached on one side, apply the slime pattern and press against your bottle at desired location. Gently peel off the remaining parchment paper.
  11. Mould the edges with sculpting tools, fingers, toothpicks... whatever you have at your disposal.
  12. When you have it looking just right, put the bottle (lid still removed) standing upside down (mouth-down) onto a cookie sheet and bake in the oven at about 255 F for 15 minutes or per instructions from the Sculpey package.
  13. Let cool, replace lid and enjoy.

    Please note this is for stainless steel bottles only! If you do this with a plastic bottle it will melt!
u/J-Talking · 3 pointsr/ghostbusters

A while back, there was a Humble Bundle that included almost everything in the IDW Ghostbusters series. Because I deeply care about reading things in the right order, I looked up the publication dates of each of the books included, which didn't waste as much time as the length of the list would make it look.

My original post is here.

I made that list before I read the series, but after reading the series, I'll add this: The order I listed is accurate, but you don't need to read all the stuff before Series 1. It's all technically canon, but it's not really important, and doesn't come up often at all. But the 2009 video game is pretty important, so I suggest you also familiarize yourself with that plot if you haven't already.

So I suggest you either start with Total Containment, the hardcover containing the entire first series; or just the first paperback volume.

On a related note, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters" is also canon, and I think it's pretty alright, but it's not essential if you don't want to spend that money. "Get Real" is important, though.

u/ninjartist · 2 pointsr/ghostbusters

Thanks for reminding me to check Amazon! They have the collected GB/TMNT up for pre-order, if anyone else is interested. Comes out May 5th.

u/RoninShinigami · 1 pointr/ghostbusters

I know it's not ghostbusters related but if you enjoyed the ghostbusters and TMNT team up, check out the Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team up!

u/StealthRabbi · 1 pointr/ghostbusters

What does the inside look like. Is it anything like the Jedi Path / Book of Sith with the edits?

u/Cyrius · 5 pointsr/ghostbusters

>>>>A lot of them do.

>>>Here, have some examples of novelizations (both source material and "based on screenplay") where the exact phrase is used.

>>I clearly said a lot of them use the wording "now a major motion picture". You've thrown a pile of links at me to prove nothing.

>Those are called "sources." They're what people use to prove their point when someone tries to argue with them.

I see you've failed basic logic. Six cherry-picked images don't do anything to prove your point.

For you to prove your point, you would need a source that showed a vast majority of novelizations say "now a major motion picture" on the cover. You have provided no such source.

>So put up or shut up.

Okay, let's play stupid games. Maybe there's stupid prizes to be won.

Godzilla. The Dark Knight Rises. Suicide Squad. Interstellar. The Nice Guys. The Cabin in the Woods. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Crimson Peak

The closest I came across while poking around was Star Trek (2009), which says "A major motion picture from Paramount Pictures".

Not one occurrence of your universal phrase in a pile of recent novelizations of popular works chosen semi-randomly from an Amazon search. Which solidly supports my point that it is "hardly 'every'". In fact, it appears to be even less common than I thought it was.

Now I'm fucking done. I can't believe I wasted time on this stupid argument.

u/brizian23 · -2 pointsr/ghostbusters

Sci Fi films hire science consultants all the fucking time.

I've seen a lot of idiotic responses to this movie, a lot of racist, sexist, and just plain dumb stuff, but you take the taco, pal. Of all the things to get bent out of shape over... Good god, man.

Do some fucking reading.

u/Cpen5311 · 5 pointsr/ghostbusters

>original ghostbusters novelization

Can you buy this new anywhere? I could only find this.

u/roundeyeddog · 5 pointsr/ghostbusters

Is it off topic that I'm illustrating that you don't know what the fuck you are talking about? Conjugation clues and sentence structure are the most important indicators of the correct placement. If the usage you are speaking of becomes more widely used you would be correct. Currently, you are just making shit up.

You are hilariously misled on how prestigious it is to be an editor as well.

Buy this, it will help you:


u/Ironcleric · 2 pointsr/ghostbusters

I disagree, I think most kids just look at the pictures while you read... it's simple, colorful and fun. This is more complicated with themes of death and ghosts.

u/Derkanus · 2 pointsr/ghostbusters

> i have to wonder - did his character, uh, die?

Not according to the movie tie-in book 'Ghosts From Our Past'. His character writes the foreward for it; here's an excerpt:

> Alas, ghosts are more than delusions. Spectral entities are real--and dangerous, which I learned in the most excruciatingly painful way possible. If only I'd taken Drs. Gilbert and Yates's research seriously, I could have saved myself thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket medical expenses.
> Life is too short to be skeptical when it comes to spirits of the dead. Don't let the many months I spent in physical rehab be in vain. Please read this important book. My former colleagues at the CLD may laugh at me now, but you will thank me when paranormal activity personally plagues you.
> --Martin Heiss, former chairman of the Council for Logic and Data