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u/Zuul1138 · 3 pointsr/ghostbusters

I have a 3 year old that wanted to be a Ghostbuster so let me help you out:

Proton Pack - The rubies pack doesn't have lights or sound but looks pretty good and is perfectly scaled for a smaller child. The spirit pack might be a little too big and heavy for a little guy:

The uniform can be bought a few different ways. Spirit does sell a pretty good quality one that comes with the Venkman name tag:

If your kiddo is like mine, it might be too big. I would suggest checking out a store and trying it on first. If it is too big, you best alternative might be this flight suit from Amazon. While it's exactly screen accurate, the sizing most likely is for a little one and you can remove all the patches and sew on the GB ones:

As for the name tags/patches if you go with the Amazon flight suit, I have bought from the seller below with great success. She has a quick turnaround (1 to 2 days before shipping) and the quality is pretty good:!86323!US!-1

Lastly, the accessories like goggles and trap would most likely be best bought from spirit. The size of the goggles is a little small and fit my kids pretty well. The trap will be a little big but I am sure you son will have a blast playing with it (it looks like the trap is sold out online but I am sure you can find one in store). Here is the link to the goggles:

u/J-Talking · 3 pointsr/ghostbusters

A while back, there was a Humble Bundle that included almost everything in the IDW Ghostbusters series. Because I deeply care about reading things in the right order, I looked up the publication dates of each of the books included, which didn't waste as much time as the length of the list would make it look.

My original post is here.

I made that list before I read the series, but after reading the series, I'll add this: The order I listed is accurate, but you don't need to read all the stuff before Series 1. It's all technically canon, but it's not really important, and doesn't come up often at all. But the 2009 video game is pretty important, so I suggest you also familiarize yourself with that plot if you haven't already.

So I suggest you either start with Total Containment, the hardcover containing the entire first series; or just the first paperback volume.

On a related note, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters" is also canon, and I think it's pretty alright, but it's not essential if you don't want to spend that money. "Get Real" is important, though.

u/m00dsl1m3 · 3 pointsr/ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters Wika is a great place to start. Here is the IDW Publishing Ghostbusters ongoing issue #1 page. Highly recommend picking up the hardcover editions. Total Containment and Mass Hysteria are both amazing and beyond worth it. Collecting the single issues is also great, especially when you collect variant covers.

u/BrentMCongdon · 2 pointsr/ghostbusters

The light set for the Firehouse is $86. The street light changes from Red to Green to Yellow and back again. It also includes light blocks for the Ghosts that attach to the out side of the building.

Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Lighting Kit for set 75827 by Brick Loot

The light set for the Ecto 1 is $36 and most of the siren lights on the top of the car flash and the one on the very top changes color.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Lighting Kit for Lego 21108 (Car Not Included) Light Up by Brick Loot

Really cool light sets and super easy to install even if the LEGO sets are already assembled. (In fact the instructions assume you’ve already built the set.)

u/Mazda_speed_120 · 3 pointsr/ghostbusters

There's a second version as well. One that is from before the 2016 movie? I've got a copy of the original and it's really interesting how in depth it goes.

Tobin's Spirit Guide: Official Ghostbusters Edition

2016 revised
Tobin's Spirit Guide: Revised 2016 Edition

u/GrimSanto · 1 pointr/ghostbusters

If you are going to play the game now. I recommend the PC version. It has the better framerate of all of them. Most modern PC shouldn't have problems running it. You do have to track down some patches for it though. You can get download copy of the game on Amazon for 10 bucks if you are in the US.

u/Ras-Al-Ghoul · 2 pointsr/ghostbusters

That's probably the only good thing about the reboot happening, some new merch was made from the original movie too. one of the better things i've seen come out of this is the updated Tobin's Spirit Guide, saw it at a bookstore a few weeks ago and bought it.

u/RoninShinigami · 1 pointr/ghostbusters

I know it's not ghostbusters related but if you enjoyed the ghostbusters and TMNT team up, check out the Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team up!

u/pea_shooter · 2 pointsr/ghostbusters

I like these affordable options, I have the foam one that I bought last year. It's not completely movie quality, but much better than those inflatable ones.

u/vanruyn · 1 pointr/ghostbusters

Is this different from Ghostbusters: Total Containment and Ghostbusters: Mass Hysteria? As in, if there is more past those two collections....I may need to acquire these....This cover looks like something that happened in the Mass Hysteria book. I have both of them and they are great! Although, I'd consider both books to be Ghostbusters 4 with Ghostbusters 3 being the video game (since Rookie is introduced in the game and appears in the comics).

u/NSD2327 · 1 pointr/ghostbusters

Found this available for pre-order on Amazon as well. Has a release date of June 14. If this is a hard reboot, they're sure making a lot of references to the old movies -

u/Derkanus · 1 pointr/ghostbusters

The exact same plot was in the last IDW Ghostbusters comic series called Get Real. Basically, some god opens up a portal to alternate realities, which leads to the comic GBs teaming up with the Real Ghostbusters (from the cartoon). The Extreme Ghostbusters even make a cameo; it was a good read.

u/Cyrius · 5 pointsr/ghostbusters

>>>>A lot of them do.

>>>Here, have some examples of novelizations (both source material and "based on screenplay") where the exact phrase is used.

>>I clearly said a lot of them use the wording "now a major motion picture". You've thrown a pile of links at me to prove nothing.

>Those are called "sources." They're what people use to prove their point when someone tries to argue with them.

I see you've failed basic logic. Six cherry-picked images don't do anything to prove your point.

For you to prove your point, you would need a source that showed a vast majority of novelizations say "now a major motion picture" on the cover. You have provided no such source.

>So put up or shut up.

Okay, let's play stupid games. Maybe there's stupid prizes to be won.

Godzilla. The Dark Knight Rises. Suicide Squad. Interstellar. The Nice Guys. The Cabin in the Woods. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Crimson Peak

The closest I came across while poking around was Star Trek (2009), which says "A major motion picture from Paramount Pictures".

Not one occurrence of your universal phrase in a pile of recent novelizations of popular works chosen semi-randomly from an Amazon search. Which solidly supports my point that it is "hardly 'every'". In fact, it appears to be even less common than I thought it was.

Now I'm fucking done. I can't believe I wasted time on this stupid argument.

u/DMXzibit · 2 pointsr/ghostbusters

I realize this is an old thread, but if you want, you can buy a digital copy on Amazon for $10

u/wr0k · 5 pointsr/ghostbusters

They looked cool I found them here...

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/ghostbusters

I have a feeling... no!

But on plus side in the customer also brought this section. Was this :

[Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters) (Little Golden Book)] (

Which I might get for my kids :)

u/protogenxl · 1 pointr/ghostbusters

Shop-rite in New Jersey for Boxes,

Amazon Prime Pantry restocked cans (amazon prime needed)

u/NoodleMaps · 2 pointsr/ghostbusters

The one for the Ecto-1 was an eBay purchase from China, so I'm unsure. The Firehouse kit I used was from BrickLoot ordered via Amazon. BrickLoot Kit

u/SlyMurdoc · 1 pointr/ghostbusters

I bought the original version from Time Life a few years back but you can still get the box set.

u/HunterGonzo · 3 pointsr/ghostbusters

I don't even care if it turns out you work for Little Golden Books, you just earned them another $3.58

For anyone else who feels the impulse:

u/roundeyeddog · 5 pointsr/ghostbusters

Is it off topic that I'm illustrating that you don't know what the fuck you are talking about? Conjugation clues and sentence structure are the most important indicators of the correct placement. If the usage you are speaking of becomes more widely used you would be correct. Currently, you are just making shit up.

You are hilariously misled on how prestigious it is to be an editor as well.

Buy this, it will help you:

u/theroboticdan · 1 pointr/ghostbusters

Stay Puft bank

Real Ghostbusters Complete Collection box set

2003 attack of mr. staypuft matchbo- wait...