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u/Mithster18 · 1 pointr/greenday

I saw them on Sunday in Auckland. I wore ear plugs, not the Foam ones but these ones. The opening band was a bit hard to hear, but it was possibly because I didn't know them or their music. Everything from Green Day was heard perfectly, the bass was too much although that was probably due to the sound travelling through my body (same reason our voices sound lower to us.) I was also 4th from the front, my friends ears were ringing afterwards, whereas I felt as I'd just got off a plane.

Up to you, they're your ears, but you only have 1 set to last you. There's a reason artist's use IEM', I even saw some seasoned metal-heads using cheap foam ones.

u/Rhizae · 3 pointsr/greenday

There's Billie Joe's side project, Pinhead Gunpowder. (Edit: I just linked one album there, but they have others as well).

The Green Day + U2 version of "The Saints are Coming" is pretty cool. It's probably on iTunes (can't check right now).

u/glenn_stefani · 11 pointsr/greenday

Same! Those years are so mysterious and never really talked about. I bought this DVD years ago and watched it once. I feel like if it was really good I'd remember more about it. This is probably about as close as we'll get...

u/bigfloppydongs · 1 pointr/greenday



Honestly, I don't think you can buy the non-remastered versions anymore, because they were only sold by Lookout!, which is no longer available. If the copies you have say Reprise or Warner on the side, then you have the remastered copies.

u/GlennStefani · 2 pointsr/greenday

They used to be in most record stores. I haven't seen them in years though. I'd look through Adeline Records or Recess Records for some. Whatever else you can't find is probably on Amazon

u/stjimmy2004 · 2 pointsr/greenday

There's a chord book I bought when I first started learning Green Day songs that had a whole bunch of their songs. Mostly it was just chords, but if the song had a solo it might have been tabed out. Heres a link if you wanna check it out: