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u/Noisefighters · 9 pointsr/gundeals

Hi Reddit,

This is Neal & Jeff, the guys behind Noisefighters and the recently successful Kickstarter for SightLines: Headset Cushions with Zero Eyewear Interference. We stopped by here last Monday to debut our product for the first time after Kickstarter, and the response we received was incredible. In sixteen hours, we sold as many gel cups as we planned on for one month. That’s insane, but we had a hunch that r/gundeals folks would like our new product.

Some people have already posted their reviews on the other r/gundeals page, but if you have anything to say, good or bad, about our products and customer service, we’d love to see it added to our new Amazon product page that will have inventory available soon and ready to ship via Prime.

We have just a few pairs of HL Impact Sport-compatible gel cups available before our next resupply at the end of the month, and we wanted to see if anybody missed out on the sale last time or needed another pair at a nice discount. We ship quickly.

For background: our new design of gel cups has a relief cut up top that allows glasses / eyepro to slide through without breaking the noise barrier nor being crushed against your head. No more headaches, less noise, and better sound isolation are the big differences between our gel cups and competing designs. It's a huge improvement in both comfort and hearing protection. Please check out the reviews by MilitaryMorons and SOFREP’s review team (via Loadout Room), collected here for further confirmation that we’ve made something new and actually worth your hard-earned cash. Also, thanks again for getting us on that really funny segment on The Gun Collective.

FYI, Neal is the Marine behind Sintercore and normally posts here as u/sintercore, so please check out his post history if you’d like to see his involvement in the r/gundeals community. Jeff is the owner of Dynamic Machine. Neal and Jeff have partnered since 2013 on projects like the Tripwire ambi charging handle and other assorted gizmos. You can follow us on our Instagram and e-mail us at [email protected] with any questions.

Neal will be here all day and is available to answer questions, respond to feedback, and explain why Marines love Crayons so much. Jeff is on call for any questions about machining / injection molding / coffee roasting (it’s a science, not an art).

We’re still working on the injection molds for the snap-in plates for the Sordins / Razors / ComTacs / etc. They should be ready by the end of this month if things go as planned. Any funds raised right now will just go right back into the development costs. Your help is appreciated.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have or just shoot the shit. Thanks for letting us crash the place! -NF team

u/Didthenecessary · 4 pointsr/gundeals

I bought these and shortly after bought a pair of thick Peltor muffs. Having compared the two, the Howard Leights are a fantastic bargain compared to regular slim earmuffs but I strongly recommend going for the Peltors if you only intend to wear muffs and not doubling up with ear plugs and muffs. Shooting without doubling up on these is not possible if you are near anyone who is firing a rifle or is using a brake.

Stereo sound from the Peltors was a huge improvement over the Howard Leight's mono sound. Once you hear the difference, you see what an improvement it is being able to hear where sounds are coming from.

The Peltor set is far more comfortable. As in inflatable mattress vs memory foam mattress difference in comfort. This is to be expected from the price difference, but they are perfectly comfortable for hours and hours. I don't have grass to mow here in the desert but I can imagine these would be great for mowing a big yard. They're like pillows for your ears, seriously. And I just found out that they make Gel pads

If it is in your budget, you can get the Peltors for $180ish when you can catch them on sale.

u/nauticalmile · 3 pointsr/gundeals

I currently use the Peltor Sport Tactical 100 ($50) which does have a very basic compression circuit. At least from my personal experience, the noise suppression performance in that model is better and the sound more natural than the Howard Leight Impact Sports, though both pale in comparison to my employer-provided MSA Sordins.

If I was in the market for a new set, I'd probably be looking at:

  • 3M Peltor Sport Tactical 300 ($100) - These have a far more sophisticated compression circuit than the 100s;

  • 3M Peltor Sport Tactical 500 ($120) - Effectively the same thing as the 300s but adds Bluetooth capability. While Bluetooth is useless to me at the range, I also use frequently use my earpro for air travel including long international flights, so one less cable in my way would be nice for those situations.

  • MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X ($260) - Newer version of my work-provided set, these do everything quite well but don't have Bluetooth.

    Of course, any set of Peltors I might buy would also get 3M camelback gel pads installed, which adds another $40. The difference in comfort with those pads is amazing; with the standard soft plastic pads the Peltors get uncomfortable for me after an hour or two, but with the gel pads I'm fine wearing them for the duration of 10+ hour international flights. The MSA Sordins come with similar gel pads installed, but overall they're $100 more than the Peltor 500 + gel pads.

    So yeah, if I were buying today, I would most likely spring for the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 + camelback gel pads for a total of $160. If Bluetooth is not useful for you, you could save $20 by dropping down to the Peltor Sport Tactical 300.

    Even just the $50 Peltor 100s should be a significant improvement over the Howard Leight Impact Sports or Peltor RangeGuards.
u/Fargonian · 2 pointsr/gundeals

(I like the title change, thanks for taking my feedback!)

My review: I ordered three last time this was posted, received two very fast, the other was a preorder for the upcoming 3M replacement cups.

I definitely enjoy them. Like others have said, the glasses placement is kind of odd at first if you don't wear the ear pro the way Noisefighters recommend, but once you do, it makes a nice seal without glasses uncomfortably getting in the way.

While I personally prefer these with these over the Sightlines with the HL earpro (maybe my mind will be changed when the 3m ones come out!), as they create a seal on glasses very nicely even without the relief cuts, the Sightlines are still much cheaper and feels like the exact same comfortable gel material. The Sightlines are definitely worth the money, and light years ahead of the stock cups.

u/HoberShort · 4 pointsr/gundeals

Did you notice the part where they have microphones that amplify all the sounds that aren't gunshots? Howard Leight makes a set like that, but they're fifty bucks. The set you linked aren't really comparable.

That said, the $50 HL set are pretty good. I'd recommend some foam ear plugs and cranking the amplification all the way up. You can hear people talk and feel pretty safe about your hearing.

u/macbooklover91 · 3 pointsr/gundeals

I agree with everything you said with one caveat. (Edit: This is just talking about the non budget series, I reread your comment, but keeping mine because the jist of it still stands. Agree on suggesting the budget series.)

Pelican cases are made to go to war, deal with baggage handlers, get shipped around the world with expensive and sensitive equipment inside and insure they come out the other side just fine.

They’re overkill for many people.

I have 4 pelican cases (yes, I have a problem... I need more pelican cases...) and I love them. But they are overkill for what I use them for.

A buddy was debating between the 1750 (I have one and brought it over for him to check out) and a Plano (this one, I think. Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case w/Wheels

He ended up going with the Plano for half the money and spent the rest on Ammo. Not a bad choice by any means. For range trips the Plano is perfect. And I’m sure it’d handle just fine if/when he decides to fly with it.

u/TheSweetLogan · 16 pointsr/gundeals

They cost more ($44 right now on Amazon), but the Peltor Rangeguard have been more comfortable, for me. The first review on that page does a great job of comparing the two.

If anyone has an issues with the seal or comfort of the Impact Sports, I'd suggest giving the Rangeguards a try.

u/ThatNahr · 3 pointsr/gundeals

Ah, good to know. I have heard good things about the Razor Slim (, and these look like the same earmuffs but with bluetooth. So if you still wanted slimmer earmuffs, the Razor Slim is probably the best.

I haven't had any issue getting the Impact Pros to seal, but like I said they are big and bulky.

u/HerrKenny · 2 pointsr/gundeals

Just got my Peltor Sport Tactical 300 in today from Amazon. I also ordered the "Noisefighters" ear pads with glasses relief cuts and the 3M Camelback Gel Earmuff Cushions to see which ones I liked. I am going to stick with the 3M cushions because the Noisefighters need to ride too low on your ears to utilize the glasses relief cuts, preventing me from being able to get a good cheek weld on a long gun.


I read a lot of internet comments saying to peel the ear pads from their plastic backing. I found a great YouTube video (he speaks slowly, best to play this video at 1.75x speed) showing how to swap the stock pads for the aftermarket 3M pads without peeling any adhesive. It is worth noting that the Noisefighters didn't come with plastic backers, if using those you will have to peel your stock pads from their plastic backing to install them. I basically used the same technique in this video to install the 3M pads, but instead of using the razor knife to pop the plastic shells out, I inserted my finger into the hole of the OEM ear pad (where your ear would be during use) and pulled it from the ear muff shell. I hope this is useful to others.

u/rollotomnasi · 7 pointsr/gundeals

NRR of 22 is very low, IMHO.

For slightly more, here are NRR 30's:
Howard Leight R-01902 Impact Pro Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

My go to is the Peltor Ultimate 10 - a $16 NRR 30 non-electronic muff. On the electronic side, I've been using Pro Ears with an NRR of 30 but I think I'm going to pick up the HL's above.

Maybe it is just my experience, but with 22's I have had to wear foams underneath.
Foams are cheap and easy to find at >NRR 30, so that is what I set as my baseline for muffs. I won't sacrifice my long term hearing (or what's left of it, what?) for convenience. I love Peltor, I just wish they would step up to 30 on the electronic side.

u/Foobar789 · 3 pointsr/gundeals

Seriously, it's a buyers market right now... Everything gun related is getting discounted. I'm no psychic, but I'd say it's likely to continue at least until we get up closer to the 2018 elections.

Acog's are great, but if you want to save a few bucks, I have a couple of these Sig Sauer Romeo5 sights and I really like them. Very solid... Motion activated, 40k hr battery, weather proof, $150'ish...

u/sylect · 1 pointr/gundeals

I just bought this rifle as well as the bushnell trophy trs-25, a cheap but well reviewed optic. Figured it was good enough to start and the beauty of the mpr is that I can upgrade later

Edit: Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x25mm, Black

u/Publix_Deli · 10 pointsr/gundeals

I'm the same way. As a fellow budget optic enthusiast, I feel compelled to tell you that the Field Sport micro red dot is, by far, the best budget optic I've ever used. The dot is crisp and bright, with no noticeable parallax past 25 yards. There are youtube videos of people beating the shit out of them, submerging them in water, freezing them, and putting them in a toaster oven with melted cheese, all without failure or POI shift. It's honestly so good I can't justify spending the money on any more expensive red dots except for a real Aimpoint T1, and only because of the T1's incredible battery life.

u/BallzSpartan · 1 pointr/gundeals

I'm looking for a nicer pair of ear pro as a gift for my best man, I'll probably be looking to buy for cyber monday unless there is a solid deal beforehand. Looking for something in the 40-80 range, I'm considering these at the $45 range but would love to hear any thoughts.

u/canadafolyfedawg · 3 pointsr/gundeals

For the look, i say go for it. Remember to pick up a small red dot and its good to go. It feels kind of cheap, but looks pretty good.

I reccomend this red dot, its the best bang for the buck for 22 clones that you dont plan on beating to death.

Normally i reccomend vortex at a minimum, but this is really all you need for the gsg522

u/WhyInTheHellNot · 2 pointsr/gundeals

Streamlight Protac HLX is a great option if you don't want to drop surefire money. Comes set up for picatinny mount, and has a remote switch. Pretty popular light.

u/waterburger2 · 2 pointsr/gundeals

Looking for a cheap scope/red dot sight for my psa freedom rifle with an A2 front sight. I'm not looking for quality, just something that's about $40 or so and decent. This and this have good rating on amazon, anyone know if they're actually decent?

This has good ratings too.

u/elganyan · 2 pointsr/gundeals

Neat. But where... that's just an imgur link...

ninja edit: I gotcha, OP. Just checked Amazon/camelcamelcamel for shitsngiggles. Not the lowest ever, but $39 is pretty good.

ninja ninja edit: The teal ones are $37

u/badabings · 1 pointr/gundeals

I use these a few times a month in competitions and love them. Have had good luck with Howard Leight.

u/Disposable-01 · 7 pointsr/gundeals

If you prefer black Amazon has the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 for $99.99. Pick as the seller (shows as temporarily out of stock but you can order it). If you are eligible for the Amex points offer you can save 20% and get it for $80.

Also: "Includes a M1913 Picatinny low mount riser and a co-witness 1.41in riser mount "

Reposted as the Amazon offer was flagged as an affiliate link. You can find it with a little search engine work, though.

EDIT: Okay, not 15 minutes after I posted it Amazon jumped the price to $125. $100 after the points discount, so not quite as exciting. All I can say is keep an eye on it if you are interested. I've seen it fluctuate a few times before I posted.

u/TechnicallyAnIdiot · 39 pointsr/gundeals

The Pro version is also on sale.

Just to head off some comments that will definitely probably happen judging from all the times this was posted before:

The sports don't fit everyone well, they're very head shape dependent. If they don't seal properly they won't work as well.

They don't work at indoor ranges as well as the pros or many other over-the-ear hearing protection because they're only 22 NRR, and again, they may not fit everyone well. (I feel like everyone should at least consider doubling up with inserts and earmuffs for most shooting anyway, in which case your insert is what matters more as far as protection goes, but live however you want).

Turning up the background noise amplification will let you hear conversation pretty well even with foam inserts in.

People really like noisefighter ear pad replacements despite them costing more than the actual earmuffs. That may not be the best link or price, I just linked the first one I found.

u/whetherby · 1 pointr/gundeals

Love these Howards for pistol but they are impossible to wear and get a great cheek weld when doing rifle stuff, especially bench with my AR10. I switched to these and the size and cutback makes them never get in the way....

Peltor Sport RangeGuard

u/Flavortown_PD · 17 pointsr/gundeals

Here's a cheapskate tip that nobody asked for:

Throw these into your order. I don't have a small head, but the Leight earpieces are so tall that, with the headband at its shortest, they still sit very low on my ears. Because of this they interfere with cheek weld and the sound seal is easily broken if I move my jaw. Wrapping the headband raises the earpieces just enough to seal properly and be much more comfortable.

Less cheapskate:

Then throw these into your order. I realize you now have a $75 set of ears, but by golly they work well and they're extremely comfortable.

Just my preferences. YMMV.

u/MarcusDohrelius · 1 pointr/gundeals

It's free shipping on $100 worth of items before discount. So it's only $50 to get free shipping. Here is the same case on Amazon for $72 shipped.

u/sdugs17 · 1 pointr/gundeals

Amazon has the Howard Leights in OD green for $38. Have no personal experience with them but have heard great things about them on this sub, for what it's worth.

u/onken022 · 3 pointsr/gundeals

And the SOR52001 is on Amazon right now for $112.99 + tax and is shipped free same day/next day if you are a prime member. I just picked it up for my 10/22 and couldn’t be happier.

Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Compact 2 Moa Red Dot Sight, Black

u/GhostalkerS · 8 pointsr/gundeals

Good muffs, I like mine. Use them for yard work as well as shooting. Picked them up in black, in June of last year for much less though.

They were under $26 from amazon.

u/LikesMeBikes · 1 pointr/gundeals

Check these out... So comfortable by comparison:
Peltor Sport RangeGuard RG-OTH-4 Electronic Hearing Protector, Ear Protection, NRR 21 dB, Ideal for Shooting and Hunting

u/tallnangry · 3 pointsr/gundeals

This is the lowest I've ever seen these go for.

If you're seeking a cheaper option, maybe for yourself or an extra to take friends to the range with, or want some color in your life, I use these as a range officer daily.

I'm not affiliated with them, I just like their muffs. I am highly skeptical about the 34 noise-reduction rating, but with the Noisefighter gel pads, I have full confidence in my ear pro. I can't hear shit and always end up yelling at my coworkers, but it's a range, not daycare.

u/Desay · 1 pointr/gundeals

Looks like it isn't. It's $70. I'll keep my eyes open for deals though it looks like they come up every month or so. One more question, someone in that thread recommended this riser, do I need one to be able to use it if I already have a top rail?

u/GTFOScience · 1 pointr/gundeals

What do you shoot when you're wearing them? I've got a similar pair and have to double up if I'm shooting anything but 22LR.

I would love to not have to bring muffs and plugs every time I go out.

u/TheCastro · 2 pointsr/gundeals

These do a good job. Peltor Sport RangeGuard RG-OTH-4 Electronic Hearing Protector, Ear Protection, NRR 21 dB, Ideal for Shooting and Hunting

u/KarbonKevin · 3 pointsr/gundeals

This is for the compact version.

Alternatively, OpticsPlanet
and Amazon offer it for $149.99 with free 2-Day Shipping.

Edit: I just realized that the seller that I linked on Amazon is OpticsPlanet!

Edit2: With Free Prime 1-Day shipping, I guess this could be the better deal for me if I wanna pay another ~$5 over the lowest shipping option at PA. Man, did I underestimate shipping and taxes.

u/ColonelHogan · 2 pointsr/gundeals

estimated shipping was $10.85 for me. $66 delivered is pretty good for a TRS-25 these days. amazon is currently $68.25

u/trap_clap · 1 pointr/gundeals

hah; I spoke too soon. primary arms has them on amazon for $70 shipped. I also appreciate your help.

u/Banzertank · 1 pointr/gundeals

Nice! I just bought one because it looked good. For reference, the Plano knockoffs are very similar to the price.

u/dangerface · 1 pointr/gundeals

Looks like Amazon is now $47.97, but if you wait for the price trough then $42 is the price to buy at. If you need to buy now, then apparently $48 is the price to beat. They're a fantastic piece of kit for both the range and hunting, so I'd honestly pay up to $50 if you can't wait for he price to come back down.

Edit: link for people who can't type in search boxes...
Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff

u/Art_VanDeLaigh · 5 pointsr/gundeals

This is the best price it's ever been on Amazon according to camelcamelcamel

u/Darthyogurt · 14 pointsr/gundeals

I recommend these guys: $23 Walker Pros. Normally $40

I find them more comfortable and block out sound better.

u/bareblasting · -1 pointsr/gundeals

Hopefully this link keeps all the correct optics selected. Same number of lumens.

The answered questions indicate that it may or may not come with both caps/switches (I've seen both answers).

The reviews do indicate it comes with both caps/switches. I checked the ones that posted photos, and a few said it outright, with nobody saying they bought theirs separately (but showing it in their photos). Disclaimer: did not check every review.

It clearly comes with the mount.

u/wallawalla22 · 1 pointr/gundeals

You and I both know that this isn't the only thing stopping me from doing this.

But- I look into it. Looking at risers I found these two.

Best bet to wait for the sight to come in and measure? or is there a standard size for these?

u/slasher0739 · 9 pointsr/gundeals

I have the same red dot and the .83" riser from utg makes it cowitness perfectly with my MBUS.


u/davemeister63 · 4 pointsr/gundeals

Also, if you're buying from amazon, set an alert on camelcamelcamel so you can wait for the best price. Lowest on this was $85.98

u/gooknezz · 1 pointr/gundeals

CamelCamelCamel is my go-to check for Amazon-related pricing.
Looks like you picked them up at a good time for 37.50.

u/_bani_ · 2 pointsr/gundeals

the peltors are in another league entirely compared to the howard leights. NRR26 compared to the NRR22 of the howard leights.

value for $$ the howard leight impact pro (NRR30) are way better than the impact sports.

u/OllyKloz · 1 pointr/gundeals

Every once in a while these go on sale and different places. Most of the time people will post it if it does. I think I got one for like $52. Pluck the foam and spray with plastidip and it’s awesome

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch

u/cawpin · 3 pointsr/gundeals

Great little red dot, stands up to .458 Socom recoil. I have them on a bunch of stuff.

Edit: UTG medium riser

u/ArmedOne78 · 1 pointr/gundeals

I have one of these and it's great. I'll be picking up a couple more for other firearms. Just spray the foam with plasti-dip and it will last you a long time.

u/Meatdonkey · 3 pointsr/gundeals

I use this for my cheaper budget builds. Works fine. Gives a 1/3 co witness. I believe the medium gives absolute. May want to get something nicer if it's for a high end build though.

u/Pterodaryl · 13 pointsr/gundeals

Red one for $163.77 & free shipping from Amazon.

u/slalomz · 13 pointsr/gundeals

Same sight is $20 cheaper at PSA right now:

If you really wanted the riser it's $10 on Amazon:

Amazon had the version with the riser for something like $65 a few weeks ago, and PSA had just the sight for $60 a few weeks ago.

u/mobilebuddha · 2 pointsr/gundeals

For those of you that have this.. Is Cloud Defense LCS just the mount plus Streamlight's own tape switch? Or is the tape switch also made by Cloud Defense? I'm on my 2nd Streamlight tapeswitch (bought as part of this package: and the switch is terrible. I constantly have to fiddle with the cap to turn on the light. Super annoying..

u/anotherlostmonkey · 1 pointr/gundeals

Peltor Sport Tactical 100 + 3M Peltor Camelback Gel Rings

Edit* Forgot to mention the gel rings don't "technically fit" the tactical 100's. You can make them fit by slowly separating the original foam padding from the plastic ring, then separating the gel rings from their plastic ring. Once you have both off you can just switch them and the adhesive will hold them in. Haven't had any issues with mine since I made the switch.

u/jefferyphillips · 1 pointr/gundeals

If anyone is looking for an ultra budget red dot the TRS-25 can't really be beat.

But....If you want something ultra cheap I would highly recommend [This Red Dot from Amazon.]

I have put about 500 rounds thru an AR and about 50 Bolts thru my crossbow with this optic and it's been great.

Here is a review and torture test.

u/64ink · 1 pointr/gundeals

I have only had time to take mine out shooting once and it held up just fine. The one I linked to on amazon has 4.5 star average over 752 reviews so it looks like hardly anyone else is having trouble with it either.

For absolute cowitness you would want the medium height here--

For 1/3 cowitness you would want the one I linked earlier--

u/Erkanator36 · 1 pointr/gundeals


It was a good goto cheapo sight until the price practically doubled. The quality has been rumored to have gone down hill too. (unable to confirm personally) I put one on my 10/22. It's great for that application but I wouldn't put it on anything that requires frequent, heavy use, or high performance. These should be $40, in my personal option.

u/Dallas336 · 1 pointr/gundeals

Me personally I’m gonna get the Sig Sauer Romeo5 1x20mm Compact 2 Moa Red Dot Sight off amazon for $125. It’s a decent deal to me plus my buddy has one on the same exact rifle and it’s nice sight for the price.

Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Compact 2 Moa Red Dot Sight, Black

u/ViewAskewed · 1 pointr/gundeals

I think the case in the post is probably significantly more comparable to this Plano case, so price is pretty relevant.

u/Feral404 · 1 pointr/gundeals

What's the difference between that one and this one?

It also has motion activated illumination. But is the quality still good?

u/alkemmist · 39 pointsr/gundeals

Ammoland has the MBUS set for 49.99 shipped.

Romeo 5 can be found on amazon for $114.99 shipped:

Total $165 shipped. PSA saves you $6.

Edit for clarity

u/natman247 · 10 pointsr/gundeals

Looks like it's the second lowest price it's been on Amazon based on graph. Wish I had gotten last time

u/gjarreau · 2 pointsr/gundeals

well what's the [121] ( dollar version on amazon? I mean hows it different than the $70 and the $150. Anyway, that's what I ordered and can't wait till it comes in.

u/bsutansalt · 2 pointsr/gundeals

I saw them earlier when I was looking for one as well, but I forget the website. The one I saw was pick & pluck foam and listed for $67 and some change. Figure with tax and shipping it'd be about $75.

edit: Saw this just now. Good deal...

u/Pew_away · 51 pointsr/gundeals

Obligatory Noisefighter recommendation. They're a massive improvement.

Edit: They're also on prime

u/allitode · 2 pointsr/gundeals

My brother-in-law had a set of these. After a day at the range with his AR, the electronics were shot. These Leights a far better deal.

u/RIAuction · 9 pointsr/gundeals

Correct. Bought one last time this deal came around.

$10 on Amazon got me one with an easy absolute cowitness. I see now that it is a whole $13. Haven't taken it out to the range just yet.

u/Samatron5000 · 2 pointsr/gundeals

If you want black, they're like a buck more on Amazon with prime.

u/specter437 · 32 pointsr/gundeals

PRO version of the very popular Howard Leight Impact Sport.

These have NR of 30 instead of 22 (SPORT) but also are much wider which can impede usage with rifles/shotguns or any that requires cheek-weld. Commentors online recommend doubling up with foamies and lifting/sliding the earmuff side you are resting your check on to complete the cheek-weld.

Remember. Every 3dB increase is a DOUBLING OF POWER, and every 6dB a doubling of sound pressure level.

Stereo directional sound (Walkers are stereo mic'd but omni-directional so no directional queues) with thick pads and a 3.5mm audio input jack.

CamelCamelCamel shows that this is the lowest price over the last 365 days and this price just changed on Aug 29 to $43.00

Shipped and fullfilled by Amazon.

Also check out the Amazon Warehouse options. I bought one that was marked Used but description noted it is new in original packaging with some cosmetic damage to outer packaging. That box is going in the trash anyway.

u/throwawayifyoureugly · 11 pointsr/gundeals

$73.98 out the door. Not able to use the "Free Shipping items" trick to drop down the shipping cost.

edit On Amazon for $69.20 if you have Prime.

u/cabanabannana · 2 pointsr/gundeals

Would paying the extra $15 for this pair be a better idea or are the Howard Leights p much the go to at the price point? I'd really like to use a pair of these for hunting and to replace my shitty $1 pair of traditional muffs. How about shooting with these? I've noticed that my AK tends to whip my earpiece off a bit and breaks deal (which is why I double up).

u/uefalona · 3 pointsr/gundeals

FYI there's a newer, lighter version of this mount (choose 0.83 for absolute cowitness, I believe).

u/MisterNoisy · 5 pointsr/gundeals

The TRS-25 is about as cheap as I'd go for something I'm going to stick on a 'real' caliber. If you're just going to use it on a .22 rifle, there's plenty of stuff on Amazon (NCStar, FireField, etc.) that'll likely work fine.

u/DanGTG · 1 pointr/gundeals

With all you need is the /dp/ASIN like so:

u/passingphase · 2 pointsr/gundeals

I got mine from Palmetto, but they don't seem to have it listed anymore. I think it was a black friday deal or christmas deal or something.

This is the one I have. You can definitely find it cheaper than Amazon.

edit: just checked my order history, I got the second one at an all-time low from Amazon "$69.99 Nov 26, 2017" (I have the BDC Drop Zone-223 (SFP))

u/tgsa · 3 pointsr/gundeals

I almost ordered the HL Impact Sports the other day when they popped up here, but decided against it after reading some reviews.
Someone in the HL thread said you can combo the Peltor 100s with these gel sealing rings to get very high quality ear protection. For $92 combined (after tax for me) I figured it's worth a shot.

u/bweech · 5 pointsr/gundeals

Maybe I've been lucky, as the three different rebate submissions (red dot, rifle scope, binoculars) I sent in last year all came through. You should be able to get a TRS-25 red dot for $2 after this rebate although some have claimed the Vista web page wouldn't accept the UPC. It worked for me last year.

u/MO_plow_boy · 5 pointsr/gundeals

>>On Amazon for $69.20 if you have Prime.

  • tax for those unlucky states like mine

    I'm $64 all in at midway but I can local pick up
u/blorgensplor · 3 pointsr/gundeals

I absolutely HATE them. They have no grip and the padding is super soft so they don't seal well at all.

I bought these walkers when they were on sale for $30 and like them 100x better.

u/nubbinator · 7 pointsr/gundeals

If you're an absolute cheap bastard, Amazon Warehouse also has them used like new with original packaging for $39.51. Grab this riser for full cowitness or the 1" for 1/3 cowitness.

u/turnoffable · 1 pointr/gundeals

Here's the newer/lighter UTG mount. Make sure you pick .83" for Cowitness.

I've used both and while I've never hung on on the older one's screw this one is lighter and look better.. both work..

u/KruseControl01 · 1 pointr/gundeals

Amazon changes prices with some degree of automatization. You can use a price tracker to check the history of any given items and set it so that it notifies you once it reaches your price.

u/anotherfatgeek · 2 pointsr/gundeals

Amazon usually has them less than $50. Use camelcamelcamel to get notified I got mine for $40 a month ago. They're $55 right now.

u/justagook · 3 pointsr/gundeals

You can also get a utg med riser off amazon for around $8. Those will cowitness with these on AR

link for lazy

u/CaptainInsane-o · 8 pointsr/gundeals

You can still order them at that price through amazon you will just have to wait until they restock in order for them to ship.

u/Gowingh · 1 pointr/gundeals

Isn’t this model $120 on Amazon w/free shipping via Prime?


u/RectalDecompression · 2 pointsr/gundeals

FYI - UTG has a new lighter version of this mount:

Get the .83 for full co-witness. The 1" provides lower 1/3 co-witness.

u/_BigDickBandit · 1 pointr/gundeals

Keep in mind you'll probably want to get a riser for it to get a proper cheek weld.

u/ISaidNoDecaf · 16 pointsr/gundeals

Adding to this: if you have the Howard Leight Impact Sport or Impact Pro earmuffs, and you want these gel cups a little faster, Noisefighters also sells them on Amazon.

u/RANDY_MAR5H · 1 pointr/gundeals

For those of you looking for something a bit cheaper but still,

$30~ after the coupon code.

u/Saratj1 · 1 pointr/gundeals

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526)

These are decent for the money. Not fancy Bluetooth though

u/7PounderBrent · 1 pointr/gundeals

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1 x 25mm, Black 50 bucks shipped

u/alonjar · 2 pointsr/gundeals

Get the $29.99 (after rebate) TRS-25 red dot sight and call it a day.

u/JudgeMontrose · 2 pointsr/gundeals

Billy Bob's raised their price, but there are other, less reputable sellers. For example:

u/Schwa142 · 1 pointr/gundeals

If you can wait a month to get it, it's available for $23.90 here...

u/KellerMB · 1 pointr/gundeals

I think the next size up in the All Weather line is 52", I got mine for $99 on sale.

u/Zazomazo101 · 1 pointr/gundeals

Why go for the Pelican vs this Plano?

u/flopsweater · 2 pointsr/gundeals

Howard Leight Impact Pro ear muffs (the big ones) are $45.

Edit: lightening deal, ends at 2pm central.

u/needanacc0unt · 1 pointr/gundeals

Cheaper @ Amazon for $104.80 with 2 day prime shipping

u/adog12341 · 3 pointsr/gundeals

The more expensive Tactical 100 muffs are a hair over $40 before tax too

u/BoJoMo123 · 4 pointsr/gundeals

Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Muff, Black

Black - $39.99
FDE - $43.40

u/pdb1975 · 10 pointsr/gundeals

Streamlight 88066 HL-X, $100 at Jeff Bezos' yardsale. 1000 Lumens, runs on 2x CR123s or 1 18650, comes with a momentary and latching remote tape switch or you can run it without.

u/lildickshooter · 5 pointsr/gundeals

It had to have been only a few minutes since none of my amazon trackers caught it... not even camel:

u/diagela · 1 pointr/gundeals

nearly identical model at amazon for $70 delivered.

This exact mode is $76.46 delivered from amazon, but I am not sure what the difference is, other than one of them having a touch of yellow.

u/_Under5core_ · 1 pointr/gundeals

Currently same price on amazon for prime members

Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-223 Reticle Riflescope with Target Turrets, Matte Black, 1-4x/24mm

u/Citizen_not_Civilian · 1 pointr/gundeals

See, this is the type of stuff that pisses me off about Amazon. Their algorithms will detect an increase in activity on an item and jack up the prices.

Here's the price history from Use the slider on the right to drop it down to a month.

u/FistFullOfEpic · 7 pointsr/gundeals

How do this fare if you have astigmatism and would this be alright on an AR-15. Currently have this but I can never see down it as the reticle is always blurry a second after looking at it.

u/mcrabb23 · 7 pointsr/gundeals

This is the OEM model that only comes with the high mount. It does not come with the low mount or the slick box. You can get that one on Amazon for a couple bucks more.

u/Econolife-350 · 4 pointsr/gundeals

You might not like my answer but the cheap UTG .83" on Amazon for like $8 has done everything I could ask of it. If name brands don't bother you too much it's worth a shot.

Edit: I lied, it was $7. For that much what's the harm in trying.

u/EmC_BRD · 8 pointsr/gundeals

No experience with this particular optic, but there is a thread on arfcom for a similar model from Field sport, which sells on Amazon for ~$20. I'm thinking that one is going to be my go-to range toy/.22/loaner scope.

FieldSport Micro Red Dot Sight, Precision Red Dot Only No Green

u/77ticktock · 1 pointr/gundeals

Try this for absolute cowitness... one reviewer indicated cowitness with magpul BUIS

Don't quote me but I believe the 1" high riser would give you a lower third cowitness

u/bnolsen · 1 pointr/gundeals

The .83" riser will get cowitness with many BUS. This is the one you want:
I have this riser with this dot (total steal for 16usd after rebate) and I think these sights (sold under TONS of different names):

u/Fameiscomin · 19 pointsr/gundeals

Don’t fool us.

Streamlight 69410 TLR-8 500L Gun Light Red Laser, Black - 500 Lumens

The red vs green isn’t worth the $100 difference

u/ShadowSlayer007 · 28 pointsr/gundeals

The one you listed could be a scam or a refurb, who knows with only 3 reviews, buy this one instead:

u/Nitemare32 · 1 pointr/gundeals

Fuck I’m so glad there’s no rifle cases. I bought this 36’ Plano All-Weather Case yesterday on amazon for $61. Ended up totaling to $47.8 because they offered 20% back if I bought it with my Prime credit card.

Edit: Also if you want to see if this is the historical low price, you can download the browser extension Honey. It’ll tell you if this is the lowest price or if it’s been lower before.