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u/randumbthought · 11 pointsr/homedefense

Every single person, especially a living-alone female (and/or someone without a gun and trained) should have at the very least a large pepper spray can (not the tiny key chain model, but definitely have that on your key chain) in their home.

Ideally two of these: one by the bed and one in the living room (wherever you spend most of time while awake).

$40 ($80 for two) that may save your life.

This is the best in my opinion:
SABRE Red Pepper Gel - Police Strength - Family, Home & Property Defense Gel with Wall Mount Bracket

Of course, a lethal option is also best, but training along with it is crucial.

Also, a metal or ‘solid core door’ for your front door and bedroom. It will help / make it much harder for someone to get to you at night (and lock it at night). Couple that with replacing all of the screws for those doors with 3” screws and you have seriously helped your security setup.

Oh, and an alarm system...and swap out the cats for a dog ; )

u/mr1337 · 7 pointsr/homedefense

Actual bullet-proof glass is expensive and probably has to be professionally installed. Even so, bullets will still go through exterior walls and drywall quite easily.

My first suggestion if you truly fear for your family's safety is to move. I know you said the property has been in the family for a very long time, but you should ask yourself it the property is worth a family member dying - if that's what you really think would happen if you stayed.

My second suggestion if you can't afford the stiff bill for the bulletproof glass - is to add some basic fortification to the home to prevent unauthorized entry. A door jamb reinforcement kit and some window security film will go a long way for preventing access to anyone trying to break in. A firearm (or a few) is a must if allowed in your jurisdiction. Just make sure everyone gets some safety training if they're not familiar with guns. Another thing to look into is a monitored alarm. Dogs are also great deterrents and alerts.

My point here is, it's much more effective use of your money fortifying and securing your home than it is to try to make it bulletproof. Unless you are very wealthy, that is going to break the bank. Go browsing around the subreddit and read some wiki articles to get more ideas on fortification and what other people have done.

u/TsunamiTreats · 2 pointsr/homedefense

Update: After looking around a bunch of sites and thanks to /u/automatedlife, I've finally made a decision. This is probably my fourth time researching this before I could pull the trigger.

Cameras: Two mini 3pm Hikvision bullets:

Networking: I opted for POE for many reason, but primarily because I can do it myself without a contractor -- I also have the supplies on hand. Also, wifi wouldn't be as reliable. The POE switch I bought can scale to 4 cameras:

NVR: Repurposed my home server. It already has a bunch of drives, and I almost never use it to game anymore. Furthermore, it has plenty of disk and two network cards (one for the cameras and another for internet. If I were to have pulled the trigger today, I probably would have ended up with a refurb like this: It's a better form factor than my current system ... and I'd still have my server in my office. Maybe later.

Anyway, I hope I can help at least one other person. I probably opened up 200 tabs throughout this whole investigation.

Edit: My out of pocket today was ~$100/camera @ qnt 2 and $50 for networking. Everything else I had on hand. My total was $250. If you need a computer, you'll probably be spending $500-$800 range, depending on what you get and how long you can wait around for a deal.

u/daniel_ross · 1 pointr/homedefense

Hi marcginla,

I must admit cloud recording is not my area of expertise, mainly because I try and stay away from it due to privacy concerns, and the fact that you generally have to pay a monthly fee for storing recorded clips beyond a certain number of days.

Yes, a local NVR will allow direct remote access and/or cloud recording of videos.

There are basically two ways of going about remote access:

  • All cameras and an NVR connected via WiFi that you remotely access directly over the internet (port forwarding needs to be set up on your father's router, will need a dynamic DNS service to be set up as well) -

    Pros: No monthly charges. 24/7 recording possible. SD card slot allows motion detected captures (7 days easily possible).

    Cons: More difficult to set up. Also remote playback of recorded video is limited by the upload bandwidth of your father's broadband. If the NVR automatically reduces video quality to adjust, then this is not an issue.

  • All cameras directly connected to the internet via WiFi and recording to the cloud.

    Pros: Easiest to set up and use.

    Cons: Can cost you a few dollars per camera per month for 7 day recording. Live streaming possible but generally only motion detected recordings will be available.

    In your case, it does make sense to consider the cloud recording option. Can't comment on the specific cloud services you mentioned. However do consider the Amcrest 1080p ProHD camera which can upload to the Amcrest cloud service. Its $99 at the moment.

    Amcrest is a company started by the same people who started Foscam. It seems they have come up with better products than Foscam. I would recommend this over the Foscam 720p. You can read about the Amcrest cloud service and pricing plans here. By the way any cloud service that offers everything 100% free is a bit suspect in my opinion. What will be the reliability of a 100% free service is the question.

    Hope that helps. Maybe others who use cloud services will chime in.

u/xyzzzzy · 6 pointsr/homedefense

> A panic button that will automatically call 911 on speaker.

I would really consider a basic security system with central station monitoring. I don't know your financial situation but you can get central station for $15/month, and it can buy a lot of peace of mind. A panic button is nice, but it requires someone to press it and talk to 911. And you can't have your security system call 911 directly based on sensor activity.

> A security system that can easily be turned on and off so it doesn't go off every time she walks the dogs because she forgets.

Get a system with a touchscreen control instead of the old fashioned keypad - touchscreen systems are much more intuitive to arm/disarm.

> One of the digital deadbolts not sure what the best kind is.

If you get a security system, you can get a smart lock that integrates with it. Opinions on digital locks vary. My opinion is that no one is going to go to the trouble of hacking your lock, and for all practical purposes a digital lock is just as secure as a comparable non-digital.

> Is it better to have weapons around the house like pepper spray or just to have a plan for her to run in case someone breaks in.

My opinion is that having a canister of this stuff mounted somewhere strategically is not a bad insurance policy:

There is some talk of a Taser, which is not a bad way to go, but they are expensive and require training. Do not get a non-Taser "stun gun", those do not incapacitate.

u/Rick91981 · 1 pointr/homedefense

After proofreading this I should preface this by saying I have zero affiliation with them other than buying the system a few months ago, but I really like it.

I have this Reolink system.

Seems to meet all your requirements except text alerts. I does support email alerts though. Supports up to 8 cameras and comes with 4 bullet cams. Grab a Reolink dome camera for about $100 or so and you are way under budget.

The biggest negative is that they say the system only works with their brand of cameras. Not sure if that means they just don't officially support other brands or if they just plain wont work with the system. I only have the 4 that came with it and have not purchased extras.

The software while not the most intuitive, is easy enough to figure out and has a good amount of features. The mobile app is very easy to use and works well.

u/apexian · 1 pointr/homedefense

You probably need to take a step back and reconsider what you are hoping to accomplish, and re-calibrate your expectations.

If you simply want to see what kind of wildlife is tipping over your garbage bins, something like a game camera might do the job:

With that said, if you really want a video surveillance system, the first step is determining the bare minimum number of cameras you need. You can always start out with a couple of cameras, and expand your system later.

A $200 budget can probably get you into a one or maybe a two-camera system, if you are resourceful and computer-savvy.

For example:

Camera ($90):

PoE injector ($40):

Blue Iris software ($59) or iSpy ($0)

In addition to the above, you'll need an Ethernet switch, Ethernet cables, and a PC to run Blue Iris or iSpy.

There are other camera options out there - this is just one that I have some personal experience with and can recommend. But $70 - $90 is pretty much the low-end when it comes to decent outdoor IP security cameras with low-light capabilities.

u/Brian_dc · 2 pointsr/homedefense

As stated elsewhere, I'm sure counseling would help but there are things that you can do to make you feel safer.

  1. Look for a security bar ( or door chain. This will prevent entry for times when you are inside the room.

  2. Camera (in case someone does come in) such as DropCam so if there is an intruder, there is evidence. (May also make you feel better knowing that the person can be identified)

  3. Upgrades / further discussion with the landlord. You may be able to pay for an upgraded door / deadbolt / security locks with their consent.

    The last option is to move to a new location / distance yourself from a real (or even imaginary) situation that is causing you stress. If the sounds / sights / smells are triggering these memories then find someplace that isn't making you so afraid.

    Hope some of these suggestions help!
u/rickman1011 · 3 pointsr/homedefense

I can't comment as a owner, but I've heard quite a lot of discussion regarding the Amcrest and Amcrest Pro, 720P and 1080P respectively. I have three pro's sitting in my wish list at the moment. Seem to be a great value.

u/w00tiSecurity_weenie · 1 pointr/homedefense

I bought this

Reolink IP PoE Security Camera 4 Megapixels Super HD 2560x1440 Bullet Outdoor Indoor IR Night Vision Motion Detection RLC-410 (Fixed Bullet without SD

a month ago and I love it. You can buy the more pricey one that comes with an internal SD card. I have mine set up to email me when motion is detected when I'm not home and it stores all the videos captured on a simple FTP server I set up. It also comes with a decent program for the pc and an app. I think it's great quality with lots of features for the price.

u/sidgup · 1 pointr/homedefense

I have 5 of these Amcrest 1080P cameras and they have never failed me. The setup was quick and the iOS/Android app works very well and is snappy to load HD streams over 4G. I don't yet use the motion alert features, but you could pop in a SD card to record on motion (which can also be viewed remotely). I highly recommend them and for the price, hard to beat.

One of the cams is our dedicated baby monitor that gets used like ~3 hours each day if not more. We also use them for nanny cam purposes and the 2-way audio and PTZ capabilities come in handy often.

P.S: Forgot to mention, unlike Foscam where support was non-existent, Amcrest was quick to respond and are "more US based" than Foscam/other Chinese OEM knock offs.

u/midnightblade · 2 pointsr/homedefense

If she's a roommate couldn't she just have gone in the house to see if you were home?

Anyways, given your requirements most anything would work but you'll probably want some sort of cloud recording.

The yi ant cameras are cheap and will suit your needs. I generally wouldn't recommend them since there are some security and privacy concerns but with your budget you'd be able to get, well almost get, 3.

Yi is a pretty well regarded brand so I would trust them a little more than the one you linked. If you want pan and tilt they have a version for $40 as well.

u/lassoguy · 3 pointsr/homedefense

I've got 4 of these watching just under 4,000 sq ft.

They work great. Wireless, built in Web server, motion detection, ability to send you photos to your phone when triggered, and they're cheap at less than $80/ea.

I run Evocam on a Mac mini I picked up off Craigslist for $200 and it records video from all 4 cameras in 1 hour increments. I can keep over a year's worth of video on the mini without having to delete anything on a 60 GB Drive. Evocam can also be setup to save videos to FTP, Send email/sms on motion detection, save to your drop box.

For $80 I had an electrician install two AC outlets in the eves of the house, and one about 9 feet up the wall so I could mount the cameras up high.

Less than $630 for a nice DIY system that's been running for 5 years now.

u/LedToWater · 7 pointsr/homedefense

Adding a deadbolt would be cheapest; you're right. You'd want to use a double cylinder deadbolt (uses a key inside to lock/unlock instead of the usual easy thumb throw). The double cylinder keeps would-be intruders from breaking a single pane of glass on the door, turning the thumb throw, and entering. But double cylinder deadbolts are not to code in some places because needing a key to unlock the door from the inside also makes it more difficult to get out of the house in case of a fire. And, as you said, it doesn't add structure to the door to help against kick-ins. This option is better than nothing, but not the ideal solution obviously.

I've never used a security door, so I don't have an informed opinion on them. But I'd imagine that for the same price as adding a security door, you could replace the current door with a metal door. I suppose the advantage to the security door over replacing the existing door with a steel door is that a security door would still let some light in.

What I would do is replace the existing door with an insulated steel door with a deadbolt, and reinforce the door jamb with either some type of jamb armor (also available at Lowes; there are also other brands with similar products) or at least heavy duty striker plates. Use three to four inch screws to attach the heavy strike plate or door armor so it will anchor into the 2x4 studs behind the thin wood of the door jamb, and use a few of those longer screws for the hinges too. If you really wanted a door with a window, the window needs to be at about 40 inches away from the deadbolt so the deadbolt isn't within arms reach if the window is broken (that basically limits you to a small window up high on the door).

On a side note, I feel that among the mid-level locks available at Lowes and HD, Schlage is a much better option than Kwikset (either option is about $40-50). Neither mid-level deadbolt from the home center is as good as a high security deadbolt from a locksmith (ASSA, Medeco, Schlage Primus), but I understand that the high security deadbolts are quite pricey (about $120-150) and out of most people's budget.

u/theoriginalharbinger · 1 pointr/homedefense

Gotcha. My thoughts are below.

  1. This scenario makes sense. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of overlap between vendors that sell wireless cameras with two-way audio, that have local storage, and that have quality software with decent motion detection.

  2. Good to hear you've accounted for it.

  3. If you want to use two cameras, you're going to need some kind of storage solution and monitoring solution independent of the two cameras. It looks like you're going to be buying a NAS down the road. If you plan on doing just network storage, you'll need some kind of head end - in this case, the NUC. In other words, you can use the NUC today for storage and monitoring; when you build out your NAS, you can use that for storage as well, but would still need some processing power dedicated to the camera solution.

    With the additional details provided, I'd suggest looking at Foscam. I'm generally not a fan of their products, but they meet your requirements and include a freebie copy of BI for you to play with. Their relatively low price means you can purchase more cameras, and BI would meet all of your monitoring and communications requirements without incurring a monthly surcharge.

u/StriveForMediocrity · 2 pointsr/homedefense

this one, for example?

It looks great from what I can tell

It looks I can talk through it too... that would be awesome! I'd love to get my dog's attention if he's doing something he's not supposed to

u/triplehelix013 · 13 pointsr/homedefense

Short answer: You need to move, this could escalate to violence including a murder. If taking a job in another state can keep everyone in your household alive then it is an action you need to seriously consider.

If for whatever reason you decide to stay then read on.

If you are the target then typical criminal deterrence will not be effective.

Cameras are good for collecting evidence for police, without evidence police won't do anything. Their job is to arrest criminals after they have committed a crime not protect you from a future crime.

You need to ensure the entries to your house are hardened, there are many resources online on how to harden your doors and windows. Here is a simple guide from the sidebar that has some good ideas: . I personally have a stronger strike plate with 3" screws and a door jam on my external doors.

None of this protects you from someone burning your house down while you are inside. You need good fire detection and quality fire extinguishers as well as methods to escape through windows on upper floors is necessary. Create an escape plan for multiple scenarios and ensure your family does a regular walkthrough and everyone knows it by heart. Beware that the fire may be used to lure you outside to attack you with violence when you are no longer protected by the walls of your home. This is a fairly common carjacking technique where the criminals cause a small fender bender and when the person gets out of the car they steal it with violence or the threat of violence. I briefly cover personal protection below but you must be aware of that tactic so you can be prepared if that is the scenario you find yourself in

If you are the target then you need to take your personal protection and the protection of your family very seriously. Don't take this responsibility alone, your gf and her kids need to up their awareness. If something seems out of place do not ignore it, mitigate your risk by removing yourself/family from the danger that could surround that abnormality.

You also need a means to protect yourself if this harasser gets violent with you or your family. I'm a firearms person and live in Nevada where I can fairly easily obtain a concealed firearms permit. Where you live you may not be able to legally carry outside your home. A firearm and training are the best force multipliers civilians can use to defend themselves against unknown threats (we don't what this person is capable of, what tools he will use, or if he is acting alone). Personally, I believe an 5.56mm AR-15 rifle is the best home defense tool and a 9mm handgun is the best on person defense tool. You mentioned your girlfriend has 2 kids, regardless of age you must be 100% committed to ensuring any firearms you bring into a house with kids is behind a lock any time it is not on your person. In your situation I would recommend you have a handgun on your hip at all times you are awake. If you need more help with fireams advice/tactics/resources I can help you.

If firearms are not right choice for you (they aren't if you can't be 100% committed to ensuring it is impossible for the kids to get access) there are other less effective tools. I prefer pepper spray and carry it in addition to a firearm. Get some small canisters for on body carry and some of these larger canisters for in the home. Understand that when you deploy the spray everyone will be impacted and it will only buy some time to escape. I do not recommend stun guns as they are inconsistent and many people recover fairly quickly when they are done riding the lightning. Knives are effective at creating fatal wounds but not effective at stopping threats. A wounded attacker can still inflict damage for minutes after receiving a fatal stab wound. So I would not recommend those unless you have some knife defense proficiency already. Striking tools like batons and baseball bats can be effective medium range tools but can also be used against you if you are disarmed and rarely incapacitate in a single swing. These tools are only to ensure you and your household survive in the event you have to fight for your life, awareness and avoiding the fight is your most effective tool and only if your awareness fails should you have to resort to your fighting tools.

Hopefully your cameras can catch this individual doing something significant enough that the police will get involved and remove them from the general public. You can't depend on that though and have to have a layered approach to ensuring the safety of yourself and everyone in your household. Good luck!

edit: my phone bugged and I had to finish this from my computer, sorry for the originally cut off response.

u/BrokenBehindBluEyez · 5 pointsr/homedefense

It depends....
So Milestone is free for up to 8 cameras.
So a PC:

Tiny - power efficient, easy to upgrade Hard drive and has legit windows license.

$60 each

POE switch (provides network connection to camera AND power)


The HP switch has a lifetime warranty as long as you have a business address to send any replacements to.

I've twice in the last 4-5 years had lightning strike and take out my switch (HP replaced both times) and the last time it also killed the camera (Reolink replaced the camera under their warranty).

So there are the costs if you roll your own solution. It's not for everyone so let others here suggest what you should/shouldn't do.

I'll note that Reolink the cameras that I like for their cost/performance value also make an NVR. Same caution there with the updates, but at least the cameras that come with it are re-usable if say 5 years from now the NVR is no longer being updated.

Good luck with whatever you do :-)

u/sexyshingle · 2 pointsr/homedefense

Get one of these door alarms to turn on for when you're not home. They pretty loud, and night scare away a burglar during a break in. Not as good as paying for actual security monitoring of your apartment, but it's something.

There are IP cameras you can setup and use (they record locally to a microSD card) without having internet, but most require at least a cheap router to broadcast a wireless network (wifi but no internet) so you can connect to them from a computer and setup via their admin web page.

You might benefit from a LTE router/modem which uses a cell provider's data plan to provide you wifi. Not sure of your location but AT&T and Verizon both offer that... pricewise though YMMV.

As far as the car, best advice I can give is the usual: Don't leave items of value visible in it, always lock the car (you'd be surprised how many people leave their cars unlocked), park the car where you can see it, or in a well lit area of the parking lot.

u/4GettableOne · 2 pointsr/homedefense

I'm pretty irked with Swann as my only a few year old system they stopped supporting Android after version 4.0. It also requires an ancient version of IE, very low security settings, and compatibility mode.

I'm using these cameras with great success:
I personally have replaced it with IP cameras and Xprotect Go (free for 8 cameras). And haven't looked back....

u/Unknown_Pleasures · 9 pointsr/homedefense

I have no experience with this but here is the best selling motion detecting water sprinkler on Amazon.

There are a few others there as well.

You also can get a cheap wildlife camera

Or get both and record the video of the dog and owner getting sprayed and post it to NextDoor.

That is if you are looking for a keep it simple solution.

u/DeeDee304 · 8 pointsr/homedefense

I would put up the 'Chunky doesn't live here' sign with a nice big red store bought 'No trespassing' sign underneath it on every window and door in the back of your apartment. I think that even illiterate crackheads would probably know what 'No trespassing' means. I would not mention anything about the police; someone might consider that a challenge.

I would also think about some inexpensive upgrades to security, especially on the back of your apartment. Use a security bar like this, or cut a piece of broomstick to block the track if it is a sliding door, and get longer screws for the doorjamb. Amazon also has some cheap, 120db door and window alarms that have excellent reviews. They are battery operated with no wiring. Could you do more with more cash? Most certainly. But for $50 or less you can upgrade your security pretty significantly. edit:formatting

u/sprodigy · 1 pointr/homedefense

I just came across this in another post:

I wonder how effective this is? Looks cheap and not very masculine (lol), but if it works good it might be worth a shot.

I like the idea of Door Jamb Armor. Has anyone had experience with that Armor Concepts one?

u/Venessale · 1 pointr/homedefense

I am using the Reolink camera for my own house and love it. And I add one for my parents' house on the Amazon Prime Day. Given you budget and requirement, you can try this security system out Not sure it still has discounts. Hope it can help you!

u/thrwwy2323 · 2 pointsr/homedefense

I don't know what you are talking about but:

My parents had one and I managed to open the door partially coming home drunk one night back in high school. It does stop the door from opening very much, and honestly if someone is strong enough to force it then they likely can't fit through the small gap created.

I highly recommend one.

u/GrillYum · 2 pointsr/homedefense

Pretty well any camera system has motion detection. This cam is $25 but dont rely on it as an alarm. I keep the audio and video on at night on my phone to watch my baby.

Guns are nice for living in the country. Whether you're into them or not, shotguns can be purchased for relatively low cost and are a bit more comforting than baseball bats when things go bump in the night.

Also, move that couch and install a couple secure deadbolt locks.

As to whether or not I think someone could be breaking in, my philosophy is that it's better to be safe than sorry. It could be that your neighbor is paranoid. It is equally as likely that someone is testing doorknobs in your area to see which house is unlocked and easy to rob. Either way, police response times in county lands are never great.

Stay safe!

u/Mayor_of_Dunkin · 2 pointsr/homedefense

These are simple but effective as deterrents, so long as she holds herself to install it each time they are in for the day/night. Depending on how much “modification” you can do to the apt, these are even better.

u/legendtuner · 2 pointsr/homedefense

I've recently become a huge fan of the Hikvision cameras after buying one. Resolution is amazing and loaded with features.

I also run Blue Iris from Foscam for my NVR and it works great. I have my recording database set in my Dropbox so it uploads to the cloud in case a thief were to steal/destroy my PC.

u/zehuti · 1 pointr/homedefense

I am doing research myself right now trying to figure out what will work best for a ~7 camera setup at my home. Here is what I have come across so far, hope it helps;

Most likely to buy;





Dahua 2

Also considering;


Foscam 2


u/olrs15 · 1 pointr/homedefense

It is sounding like they might be a good option then.

I'm concerned about security with remote streaming. If you check out the first review here you'll see somebody mentioned it:

This person mentioned a concern also:

Other than that it is really looking good.

What have your clients said about the system? Any complaints?

u/dc_gov_monkey · 1 pointr/homedefense

The HikVision 3MP cameras are great and have wonderful reviews.

Yes, you will also want to get a PoE switch (or a power injector like this: This allows the camera to just use a single ethernet cable to provide power and data.

I'm not 100% sure if the Hikvision cameras come with a free DVR software, but a lot of people including myself run BlueIris as their Server. This allows you to use a PC as your DVR. I know there is a bunch of info on their website and it only costs $49.99 for a full version. has a lot of discussion on how to use / configure it.

u/lojacc · 1 pointr/homedefense

I use this switch:

Linksys 16-Port Business Desktop Gigabit PoE+ Switch (LGS116P)

And have 9 POE cameras. The above switch only has 8 POE ports so either a full 16 port POE switch or adding some of these would work:

TP-Link Gigabit Ethernet PoE Injector Adapter (TL-PoE150S)

I use those injectors too and they work great.

Don't have a recommendation for a pre-built server bc I built my own to spec. Disk space, Memory, and a good CPU will do for this type of set up.

u/hkr · 3 pointsr/homedefense

Yeah, but you could get two of these for less than half the price of the Mech version, and it would do just as good a job.

I think the Mech version is too expensive for what it's worth. The Connect version might be more usable.

u/HomeSickInNY · 8 pointsr/homedefense

These are options as well.

Door Armor MAX – Complete Door Reinforcement Set in Satin Nickel — Door Security by Armor Concepts

As another reddit user mentioned, longer screws improve the lock's security.

u/mikeismyhero · 1 pointr/homedefense

I looked at the Hikvision-DS-2CD2032 and it is a great picture and the price doesn't hurt my wallet. When I looked it up at amazon it suggested that I also get these

since im thinking of getting 3 cameras do I need them?

u/arcsecond · 67 pointsr/homedefense

Defense in Depth:

  1. good neighborhood (sounds like this is out)
  2. sturdy doors/doorjambs, multiple locks (knob, deadbolt, chain, this thing)
  3. fence/fence-like shrubbery
  4. bright motion-activated outdoor-lights
  5. alarm system
    5a) dog
  6. camera system
  7. firearm
u/Zach0354 · 1 pointr/homedefense

Thanks mah duders and dudets problem solved I think Im going with this one:

all recommendations are still welcome though

u/robotorigami · 5 pointsr/homedefense

I recently built my own pretty decent surveillance system for less than $1000. You'd have to be willing to DIY and run the wires to each camera. But I personally think it's worth it.

ReoLink PoE Cameras x 4 = $220

LinkSys PoE+ Switch = $219

1000 ft CAT6 Cable = $60

Decent i5 Intel PC = About $300

BlueIris NVR Software = $60

u/Throwawayacc1324 · 1 pointr/homedefense

Hi, this is a throwaway account, so you'll only hear from me once.

This product prevents the door from being kicked in

Also, buy some reinforcement film for your windows and if you have one, sliding door or any glass door.

OP, it sounds like a bad situation you are in. I recommend you buy a firearm and some other self defense tools.



Make it appear you are at home 24/7.

Buy some dogs. Big dogs.

Get a security system. If you can't afford those, buy motion sensored lights and place them at your front and back door. Also, buy some door alarms.

Stay safe, OP.

u/darktor · 18 pointsr/homedefense

You need to harden up your home and business first. Alarms and cameras are only good for after they stole everything. Alarms to let you know that you've been robbed so you can get pissed off that you've been robbed and cameras to maybe see what they look like, but will not be caught.

Put longer screws into the door strikers. Get something like this for the door.

and a door striker like this.

For your home, while your sleeping, I would get something like this.

u/Kv603 · 1 pointr/homedefense

Looks like Amcrest uses standard IEEE 802.3af PoE?

I'd pick up a separate PoE switch and try moving 3 of the cameras over to the switch, see if the problem follows the cameras or just goes away. I use a small TP-Link PoE switch just to run 2 802.3af cameras off a single Ethernet run to a distant part of the house. Works great.

u/THE_Aft_io9_Giz · 1 pointr/homedefense

I'm using a foscam ~$60.00

One of these types of cameras work pretty well, and can be viewed & controlled through both a computer and your phone. They can also send motion & sound detect pic uploads to your email (6 at a time). You can also setup continuous record through a computer at home on our network to an external hard drive in replace of a dvr.

u/wwabc · 10 pointsr/homedefense

you can reinforce a door jam pretty cheaply:

that would assume a solid door, not hollow core that could be kicked in

u/systemlord · 3 pointsr/homedefense

THese things are great. Your door will still come down, but this will give you a few extra precious seconds.

You may want to look at DIY alarm systems, or a wireless camera you can control with something like ZONEMINDER.

Also, if you are on a budget you may not be able to aquire a $2000 1911 race-gun, but I betcha that for around $200 you can buy a brand new, ugly yet 100% reliable Hi-Point pistol in 9mm.

u/Shorshack · 1 pointr/homedefense

Pretty sure reinforced catch/strikeplate. It's a step up from just a strike plate (decorative), and a step down from a high end reinforced strike plate.

u/ghostbc-fan-1990 · 1 pointr/homedefense

YI 1080p Home Camera, Indoor 2.4G IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision for Home/Office/Baby/Nanny/Pet Monitor with iOS, Android App - Cloud Service Available

u/JamesMcGillEsq · 50 pointsr/homedefense

Motion. Activated. Lights.

Put a set on every side of your house.

Additionally these are ~$25.99 a piece and while they aren't the most awesome cameras in the world, they more than do the trick:

If you're looking to spend a bit more money I'd recommend Unifi or Blink depending on your technical ability.

u/jamesholden · 2 pointsr/homedefense

I've used this TP-LINK 8port/4portPOE switch with good results, usually with 2-4 dahua 2-3mp cameras.

it's just a couple bucks more than the injector you linked.. though less ports.

u/BBorNot · 0 pointsr/homedefense

>my interest in guns has rapidly diminished since this happened

This is interesting because you used the gun in the way it was intended. I wonder if you wish now that you'd just had a big ass can of pepper spray. Having been through this ordeal, is this an alternative you would advocate?

u/dmurph11 · 2 pointsr/homedefense

I have a foscam camera which can do this. There is a little config work to do, but nothing too hard. Point the camera at the door and then in the admin interface go to Device Management > Alarm Service Settings. You can set up an email alert, and image(s) upload on detection of motion.

I'm sure many IP cameras have that feature, I just happen to have the foscam.

u/merlinacious · 1 pointr/homedefense

Got it, thank you!
I started googling Reolink after your mention and found this link. Reolink has way more mentions than Qsee online so I'm thinking about going with that instead.

u/mirathi · 1 pointr/homedefense

I'm about to replace all my DVR cameras, and DVR, with Reolink cameras, a POE switch and new computer using either Blueiris or Milestone.

According to this write-up, your computer should handle 3 cameras just fine.

You will also need a POE switch. This was recommended in another thread, of which I cannot find.

I recently purchased 5 Reolink cameras and the above switch. Now, I just need the computer and already have the drives.

u/Janonaymous · 12 pointsr/homedefense

Check out the photos on the reviews. You can use the removable command adhesive strips to secure this to your door.

u/bk553 · 9 pointsr/homedefense

We got one of these because we have double doors, it really improved the rigidity.

u/Sketch3000 · 1 pointr/homedefense

I have a bunch of Amcrest cameras. I honestly have zero familiarity with the protocols/standrds you are referencing.

I have 3 different types of POE Injectors that I use on my network, for various reasons.

They all work with no issues.

u/YouSoCrazy · 1 pointr/homedefense

I havent used them, yet, but on Amazon it has 4 1/2 stars with 882 reviews... You can read through those and get a decent idea of what you would be getting

u/metabug · 1 pointr/homedefense

720P, 1080P gen 1, 1080 gen 2.

The gen 2 is supposed to have better hardware, but the physical design has changed from Dropcam style where the camera is all in the black puck that can be separated from the white frame, so I don't like it as much.

They all use the same app in Android.

u/GeorgeHStrait · 1 pointr/homedefense

I got Yi Home cameras and some outdoor housings. Those two with extension cable and SD cards costs around $65 each. No subscription needed. I’ve had them up all year through snow, way below freezing temperatures and extreme heat with no issues. The housing I used is different, and it actually added a glare when the night vision is on, but my neighbor has the ring outdoor camera and out footage quality is extremely similar if not the same. Yi does make an outdoor camera, but it wasn’t out by the time I got this set up, but it works too well to replace

Camera - $35.99

Housing - $14.99

Extension Cable - $9.99

SD Card - $6.99

u/clownburner · 1 pointr/homedefense

Actually those only alarm if the window is opened, not broken. Try these or something like them, instead.

u/f4t3x · 6 pointsr/homedefense

I recently invested in some IP cams for home security. I was unsure of which model to buy so I ended up buying three different 3mp+ POE cams to test. I bought 1 Hikvision, 1 Dahua and this Reolink. Out of the three, the Reolink was by far the best(quality and price wise) and I have since picked up 3 more.

u/djfarout · 1 pointr/homedefense

You need a power source for the Cameras. With PoE IP Cameras, you can give them power over the same cable that is used for data. But you need a PoE switch. Having a separate PoE switch is highly advisable, so your normal network traffic doesn't conflict with the camera traffic. Also, put this on a backup battery, so your cameras, network, and DVR work during a power outage.

TP-LINK TL-SF1008P 10/100Mbps 8-Port PoE Switch, 4 POE ports,

u/2slim · 2 pointsr/homedefense

I went with the Foscam FI8910W. These are admittedly pretty cheap, consumer grade products but for my application they work great. We wanted to monitor all ingress points to our home and we wanted motion detection and email alerts without having to pay a subscription fee. Regarding the full day recording, what I did was setup a local FTP server on an old laptop and have the cameras push a stream to the server when the motion detection alarm is triggered. It's not exactly 24x7 recording and you have to monitor space on the FTP server but drive space is cheap and you can configure the camera to have motion detection on 24x7 so you can get close. You can also setup remote access via dynamic DNS but I'm not interested in allowing that kind of ingress in to my home network. They aren't terrible covert, there are smaller form factors out there with better resolution but the price was usually much higher or you had to sign up for some monthly service which was a deal killer for me. If you get creative they aren't terribly hard to hide. They come with some good mounting hardware if you need to suspend them or have them at an odd angle. They do require a power outlet, no battery option on this model. The only real complaint I have about these cameras is the setup was difficult for the first one due to some firmware issues but they appear to have resolved the problem with the latest firmware patch.

I bought mine off Amazon and plan on buy at least two more:

u/dfhawk · 1 pointr/homedefense

I would take him up on his offer, not necessarily his advice. Get a used computer and just purchase needed poe injector:

u/CrossWired · 1 pointr/homedefense

You could get a few Amcrest POE 3MP for ~$100 each

Add on a simple POE switch for ~$44

Adding an NVR will get you to the higher amount listed by /u/pern5150 , but you can always add that later if you use subscription now.

u/let_him_live31 · 1 pointr/homedefense

Motion Sensors


I dont know about glass break detectors or open window sensors, I just placed the motion sensor in direct line of the only window entry points to my house. I then hooked up the motion sensor base to a raspberry pi and arduino that will text and email me a picture from the camera as soon as the motion sensor is tripped.

u/ionceheardthat · 2 pointsr/homedefense

Nope! My injector will do 8 ports, but it does have a maximum wattage rating. You likely wouldn't be able to run 8 cisco APs off of the injector I got. This is the exact injector I have:

u/traft00 · 1 pointr/homedefense
  • Install reinforcement plates on all your outer doors:
    Door Armor
u/xCDOGx · 1 pointr/homedefense

I didn't see it as saying open box. This was the listing.

I believe amcrest is going to make it right with a new device, cross shipped or 1 year extra cloud access.

u/MiniMe4402 · 3 pointsr/homedefense

1- try a motion activated sprinkler (Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler
2- block the path he takes
3- if you catch him read handed and on camera you and your bae go teach him a lesson- go defend your property.
4- get enough evidence on video and submit a case to local health department, maybe he is crazy and needs to be committed.

The police do not have time for nuisances. We don't pay them enough nor have enough police to fix stuff like this. Not their fault.

u/panda_prosecuter · 4 pointsr/homedefense

Yi cameras are dirt cheap ($39) and work well enough. They can even record locally on SD or you can view on your phone and record direct to your device.

u/cowtipping1 · 1 pointr/homedefense

these are cheap and have a chime function, GE Personal Security Door Alarm i THINK you can hook them up to a central door alarm, but I'm not 100% sure.

u/Dark_Shroud · 1 pointr/homedefense

Well for starters securing the non-sliding panel with a Sliding Door Latch. Mount one at the top on the panel and the other part on the jam with 3" screws that will go deep enough into the frame. You can put a second one in the middle or bottom.

From there you can go with products from Nightlock.

Instead of going with a dowel or a fancy security bar attached to the door you can use Nightlock's patio lock.

They also have one that works for both normal & French doors.

edit, There are reviews of these products on youtube, some professional, from the manufacture, many are from diy people. A lot of them are trash but there are a few decent ones.

There are also a scary amount of security footage videos of break-ins & attempted break-ins.

u/arkycop · 3 pointsr/homedefense

Start with a military grade double fence (PDF link). Then between those fences install motion detection. On the inner fence (or both), install an alarm system (link) that detects tampering, such as cutting or climbing.

Then yeah, lots of cameras on poles with wifi/solar and a massive NVR somewhere.

Maybe some motion activated sprinklers (link) to keep the critters out.

u/villdyr · 1 pointr/homedefense

You can get portable locks to hold the door shut even if the lock fails (and then you can use it at hotels, too). And you can get things like thisthis. I'm just about to get one. But they only work when you lock them from inside.

You said you're going to install a specialty strike plate (with 3" screws eh) to prevent credit-card jimmying on the door right? That sounds like a good idea. That and long screws on everything possible. Sometimes security stuff still comes with short screws which is dumb.

An alarm would be good, too.

u/TheAethereal · 1 pointr/homedefense

Most keyless entry systems will have some sort of unlock on the other side. This is necessary to allow for quick egress in case of a fire and to allow for unlocking if the batteries die.

Film on the windows is a good idea, along with a glass break sensor on or within sight of the window. If a thief thinks an alarm will go off before they've even entered your house, they'll move on.

However, also know that anything you do to harden this point may just make other entry points more attractive.

Edit: Actually, I don't know how glass break sensors react with window film. Really what you'd want is some sort of impact/vibration sensor. Something like this might work, though really you'd want something wired in to a home alarm system.

u/milkboy33 · 1 pointr/homedefense

Window break alarm.

Doberman Security SE-0106-4PK Ultra-Slim Window Alarm (4 Pack)

u/thejuice33 · 6 pointsr/homedefense

A lot of people would not be comfortable having or using a gun. I understand that. If that’s the case you should add as many other additional layers of security as you can to dissuade someone from coming in in the first place;

  • trim large shrubs against house someone could hide behind
  • add quality motion lights (RAB 360 Stealth I recommend to all my friends)
  • quality hard wired security cameras (avoid WiFi/battery if you can). If you/spouse/friend are a little tech savvy and can run a wire you can setup a very advanced camera system to alert you immediately when someone approaches. Time buys you a lot more options
  • making sure all doors and windows are always locked
  • securing doors and windows properly
  • alarm system
  • DOG (one of the best deterrents)...if you like them and they’d get along with your cats. Big investment though I get it
  • if worst comes to worst I’d have one of these on hand and go crazy with it: SABRE Red Pepper Gel - Police Strength - Family, Home & Property Defense Gel with Wall Mount Bracket

    If you want to add an alarm sign to the yard add the sign from a different alarm company. Probably not going to have to worry about sophisticated burglars that look up ways to circumvent specific systems but it’s possible so can’t hurt to avoid that possibility. Beware of dog sign can’t hurt either.
u/sgtsnyder88 · 14 pointsr/homedefense

My first recommendation will always be to get a gun an training, however if you're not comfortable with that (as you stated in another comment) then that's ok too. The worst thing you can do is buy a gun you're not going to use that can potentially be used against you. Regardless of what some other clueless users may state, the sound alone will NOT scare off an intruder

So, given that, it sounds in your situation like your only reasonable point of entry is the front door, so beef it up.

As another user stated you can get a better deadbolt and it doesn't have to break the bank. Just do your homework, get a grade I lock, and stay away from your cheaper locks (pretty much anything made by kwikset).

In addition, the door reinforcement kit is a good option as most break-ins tend to simply be kicking the door in. What actually happens in this situation is that the force of the kick is actually driving your metal deadbolt through the wooden frame of the door, splintering the frame. A reinforcement kit and longer screws (a good 3" wood screw ought to do it) will help mitigate this risk.

Hope this helps

u/Guy_With_Tiny_Hands · 44 pointsr/homedefense

get a dog, alarm system.

you can buy cheap $20 door jam rods, they work for sliding and normal doors.

Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar, Adjustable from 27-1/2 in. to 44-1/2 in, White, Pack of 1

strengthen your doors with longer lock screws and reinforced metal frame parts.

buy and train with a gun. have a family plan and drill and practice what you all should do.

get more motion sensor lights.

even if you don’t have them get those big warning stickers for gates and windows/doors that indicate you have a big ass dog and or a security system.

maybe you can find some half joking half serious sticker that has a picture of a pit bull ‘My Pitbull Will Bite and Never Let Go’

u/i_got_jiggy_with_it · 3 pointsr/homedefense

Just for reference, here is an example PoE injector. Not being limited to batter opens up options if you can run the wire:

I don’t have any camera recommendations for you. But I did have a really shitty night camera for awhile. I ended up setting up an external IR light to make up for it:

So that’s something to keep in mind if you are unhappy with whatever you get or want lighting from another source

u/talentzero · 1 pointr/homedefense

Hopefully it was just some drunk neighborhood kid accidentally wandering into the wrong yard, but trying a doorknob to see if it's unlocked is a really common way thieves get into homes. We recently installed Door Armor (it's on Amazon) that basically makes your door very difficult to kick down. If you don't want to commit to that (because it does drill into your doorjamb) you could look into a security bar which just jams itself under your doorknob to secure the door. It won't stop someone forever, but it will slow them down enough (and cause them to make enough noise) that they will likely abandon.

Also, it's a good idea alert all your neighbors so everyone is paying attention (which is probably what your neighbor was thinking, so good for her).

u/winkers · 3 pointsr/homedefense

I had to make this exact choice when moving into my home recently. I ended up using door armor for the side garage door but haven’t yet installed the kit on the front door which will require some serious planing of the surfaces. I regret not installing it yet because my front door is literally the weakest point of our house.

We currently use this at when we are home but it’s a hassle.

u/JamesonJenn · 7 pointsr/homedefense

I love doberman vibration detectors! Sensitive and loud as hell. I have these on all of my windows along with dowels. A person could barely even think about getting a tool up in there let alone breaking the glass without setting one of them off. No way in hell you are getting in without making some serious racket!

u/Five_Decades · 1 pointr/homedefense

I put window slide locks on my window.

They may help, but what is to stop someone from just kicking the window in? For that I used a vibration alarm system.

Using those, maybe you can open your window 2-4" to let air circulate, but it would prevent a burglar from opening the window any higher. If they tried to break the window the alarm would go off (even trying to jiggle the window up and down would probably set off a vibrational alarm.

u/AutoModerator · 14 pointsr/homedefense

Perimeter hardening is often the most effective use of funds when starting out with home defense. By making it harder to get in, you will deter some criminals and give yourself additional warning time for those who continue their attempt to enter.

The most common point of forced entry is through an exterior door. Residential doors are often only held in by a dead bolt and strike plate that has 1/2 inch screws that only sinks into the soft wood of the door's trim. It's trivial for most people to kick in this door and fracture the wood trim and allow the door to swing open. To combat this, get a Door Jamb Reinforcement kit (other kits available at hardware stores, more expensive kits available that provide more protection). This kit consists of a metal plate and 3 inch screws that will distribute the force and sink into the strong wooden studs beyond your door frame, making it much stronger. Get some 3 inch screws to replace your hinge screws, which typically have the same 1/2 inch screws holding it to your door frame.

Other devices are available to help prevent forced entry while you are home. These should be used in addition to a deadbolt and door jamb reinforcement hardware:

  • Adjustable security bar
  • Reinforcement lock
  • Sliding Door Lock
  • Wooden dowel placed in the floor track of a sliding door or in a window to prevent it from opening
  • Hinge Security Pins

    If you are concerned about lock attacks (bumping, picking), consider a high end deadbolt from a manufacturer like Abloy or Medeco from Security Snobs. These locks do not have the same vulnerabilities as typical pin and tumbler keyways found in most residential deadbolts. In addition, the key blanks are restricted, which means that they can't easily duplicate your key at a shop or create one from a blank.

    The second most common point of entry is through a first story window. Window security film can be installed by a professional or by the homeowner to increase the amount of time it takes to break through a window.

    If you have a side or back yard gate, remember to lock it.

    Trim down any large bushes or shrubs that conceal windows or entries. Burglars could use these areas to hide while they break in or wait for you to leave. These should be no higher than knee or waist level. If you want to have large bushes, consider one with thorns that would make it difficult to hide near.

    If you have the budget, get a monitored alarm. Either professionally installed (ADT, etc.) or self installed (SimpliSafe, Scout, Abode, etc.)

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