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u/solzhen · 1 pointr/inthenews

Everyone needs to read Sinclair Lewis' It Can't Happen Here this political cycle.

u/fukatroll · 1 pointr/inthenews

To be fair, he didn't say the Republicans did any of those things you state above. I don't know if he has said those things before, if so, he'd be wrong. What he said about Clinton, in relation to the debt, I found to be misleading but it made sense the second time I watched it. Going from talking about debt to deficit without explanation is inherently misleading because so many citizens conflate the two.

Bill Maher is an entertainer first, and as such I take his belief in something with a grain of salt; the two men he mentioned, Ornstein and Mann, now I do respect their opinions. I don't think what they say in their book should be disregarded because Maher mentions them. (Not saying you did that u/JanePoe87)

u/jcm267 · 2 pointsr/inthenews

The Hitler stuff is in books I've read. Here is an article that came up on a Google search.

I see in the box you created where I'd have to scroll several pages to the right that you start off by looking at Timothy McVeigh... whose act of terror was not done in the name of Christ. He was influenced by the Turner Diaries, not the Gospel.

The fact that the US invasion of Iraq was both legal and justified is irrefutable. It was passed by Congress, making it a legal war. The US tried to get the UN to go and do something about Iraq, but the UN refused to enforce its own resolutions. It turned out the UN was corrupt up to its ears in the Oil for Food Program. No wonder they opposed doing anything! They were lining the pockets under the status quo! The Iraq War was justified because Saddam Hussein had used WMDs in the past, promised to use them again, personally funded terrorists, and the overwhelming majority of those with access to the intelligence thought he had an active WMD program. In a post-911 world it would have been reckless to not do something. Iraq did not have to be involved in 9/11, and no serious person thought they had anything to do with 9/11 by the time of the invasion.

You need to educate yourself. May I suggest some reading material to get started with?