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u/Silent331 · 2 pointsr/joinsquad

My current audio setup for gaming very similar to yours. I love this setup and have no interest in getting anything else and will be using this for years to come, or until something dies. The USB DAC separates it from the computer and there is zero feedback or noise and its bliss. I would definitely recommend an outside dac over onboard or in case sound card.

Sennheiser HD 598, open and closed back

Mod Mic 5


USB sound card to plug in the mic if needed

Total: $324.81

u/super1701 · 11 pointsr/joinsquad

I have a mic, it works, but for some reason squad refuses to pick it up. Anyone have a fix for this? Squad is the only game that it doesn't work in.
EDIT: Turns out my mic was set to USB in steam, just had to change it. Thanks for all the reply's and willingness to help. The mic i use is this good quality mic, but the cord is insanely long.

u/Awholebushelofapples · 4 pointsr/joinsquad

Yes, you can buy a pair on amazon for like $35. being able to hear conversations next to you while remaining hearing-safe is a great safety feature. they block sound 100% of the time and have battery microphones that pick up sound so even if they dont have power they still protect you.


u/Lank3033 · 3 pointsr/joinsquad

"You ain't shit"- you really like this insult don't you? I recommend branching out:

"where the fuck do they get off to start lecturing everyone else who was doing their job?" - When did anyone try to lecture anyone in this thread other than the people who are advocating the nonsense that should earn you a kick from the squad? Maybe I'm missing something, or your reading comprehension isn't as great as you think it is.

"You know SL can run their own squads right? You do get the gist of chain of command? They don't need your petty little lecture kiddo." -When the fuck did I lecture anyone other than people making squads but not actually wanting to squad lead? Again, I think your reading ability aint too great there kiddo.

300 hours of arma but you never played in any sort of organized setting? Woop dee do. Sounds like 300 hours of Atlis life/ king of the hill. Who gives a single fuck?

"Best of luck finding an NCO to use your tonsils as a speedbag." Aw cute, you think that's going to offend anyone.

Entitlement is coming to a game that has been running for more than ten years and having zero interest in learning its ins and outs or what its community etiquette might be. But what do I know "I aint shit."

u/Freedomf63 · 1 pointr/joinsquad

Been using this same mouse for years, and the one before it last like 4-5 years and I only had to replace due to pet + wire. Logitech G600 honestly a good mouse for gaming

u/TVpresspass · 3 pointsr/joinsquad

I've heard good things! I just finished my copy of The Great Gamble and am working my way through The Bear Went Over the Mountain.

u/shpongleyes · 2 pointsr/joinsquad

You were playing BF2 at age 5? I'm pretty sure at that age I was playing Jumpstart 1st Grade

u/AspiringChamp · 1 pointr/joinsquad

Not 100% sure about the 8pin port but I think it's in ok. Never seem to have GPU problems.
As for the memory, pretty sure it's this one
My PSU is a CX 600.

u/cartermatic · 1 pointr/joinsquad

If you're coming from CS/COD/BF the biggest thing to learn is to not treat Squad like those games. In COD and BF you can lone wolf it, run and gun and come out on top. Or, if you get shot, you can just take cover for a few seconds and be back to full health. With Squad, teamwork and playing tactically is paramount to success and having a good time. This is probably the hardest thing for new players to learn. The controls and base game mechanics won't take more than a couple days to understand. Aspects like bullet drop, recoil, and damage might take a week or two to get down.

For your first couple of weeks, just take the base rifleman slot and listen to your SL (Squad Leader) and learn the base mechanics of the game. If you don't have a microphone, go out and get one ASAP. A good cheap one is this Zalman clip on, but I recommend spending a bit more and going for an Antlion Modmic.

u/djk1518 · 1 pointr/joinsquad

> my digitized brain being simulated in a massive quantum super computer

I see you've read Nick Bostrom's [book] (

u/GlazedHam13 · 1 pointr/joinsquad

I would check Amazon for simple pair of headphones, or just use any you have.

As for a mic, try something like...

I use this one for travel, you might have to turn up your gain and boost and use Push To Talk but for 7$ you'll get a fully functional mic. You just have to clip it to your headphone wire.

I would also use audio mixing software to tune how your voice sounds and put noise suppression filters on it, but it should work out of the box regardless.

u/JGango · 3 pointsr/joinsquad

The AKG 7xx's are good. The only thing is that you have to buy a standalone mic.

u/DailyDoseOfAwesome · 5 pointsr/joinsquad

There is a big difference between mapping on an existing game and actual software development.

u/P5rq · 1 pointr/joinsquad

I just got these for myself

don't be fooled by the looks. they're insane headphones. someone put them through a frequency analyzer and their graph was comparable to $500 grados. Before these I was using $100 grado SR80's and these have a wider soundstage and better bass. I will recommend these to people until the day I die. I even sent a pair to my sister because they're so cheap, and I owed her a christmas present.

u/Aeweisafemalesheep · 3 pointsr/joinsquad

Let's play with the long shot..... Create a soundboard to play almost any tac fps.


Considering that it is possible to map out the most common phrases and make a system.

The core for communication is basically

Yes, No, Left, Right, High, Low, Ammo, Medic, Destroyed, Cover, concealment, Down (or "set down"), Up, Compass directions(North, SouthWest, and all 2 word combos), "From" (as in from left to right), single digit numbers, increments of 10, and if we want to get really messy increments of 5, and finally weapons platform names which can be condensed into wheeled, tracked, cannon, missile, IFV, APC and/or specific weapons like RPG, mortars rocket, machine gun and so on.

I bet someone could get away with Yes and no variants, Directions, a few types (infantry, vehicle tracked, vehicle wheeled, helicopter, "atgm" and tank) and 4 rough distance phrases. The most minimal would be compass directions, acknowledgements, and infantry or vehicle.

If you can set up a natural sounding board that you could use on the fly with binds to say the numpad you could do most of it all.

If you can map out 9 or 10 options to a keypad and then you could use alt+keypad numbers and maybe shift or shiftalt or a rebound windows key you could map out enough to do vehicle, most infantry things, logi, mortars, and other stuff.

Keypad on the KB is too slow?

MMO Mouse is your battlebuddy


If some dude can meme up Duke Nukem, John Wick, or have 12 hardbass songs for those Eastern Euro Logi Truck Sim rounds I don't see why you could not make a system that will work acrossed a vast amount of games and would make you more clear and concise than most of the playerbase. The tech is out there, the entry fee might be the only thing standing in the way of getting tactical.

u/BTBricktop · 2 pointsr/joinsquad

With your graphics card you probably want to stick to 1080p :). A huge TV will get low FPS and screen tearing and most likely a low refresh rate and just all around bad experience. It's a good idea to invest in a monitor.

This is a link to your basic FPS gaming monitor that a ton of ppl have. 144hz is absolute lifechanging man, don't skip it.

u/timothyTammer22 · 1 pointr/joinsquad

That's not true

I use [this] ( and its much better than the built in mic that came with either of my $150+ gaming headsets. People have no trouble hearing me

u/Aswole · 66 pointsr/joinsquad

...I just did a surround sound test (on youtube) and... you're right. I didn't realize the microphone on my headset can swivel to be on the left or right. I've always worn it on my right and assumed that it was meant to be on that side. Even the picture shows it on the left...

I feel really dumb right now, and it explains why the game has felt really slow to me (unable to locate enemies by sound).