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u/jestergoblin · 2 pointsr/legendarymarvel

With the Fantastic Four expansion finally reprinted, we're taking a look at the fifth hero in the set - Silver Surfer!

Originally the herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer was Legendary's first second non-affiliated hero. He's a hero all about Focus.

Don't know what Focus does? Here's a rules refresher:

>The new “Focus” keyword lets you transform your Recruit Points into powerful,
flexible effects. It looks like this: “Focus -> [EFFECT]”

>When you play a card with a Focus ability, you can pay the cost on the left side of the arrow to get the effect on the right side of the arrow. You can use that Focus ability as many times as you want for the rest of the turn. For
example, say you play a card that says:
>“ Focus 2 -> Draw a card.”
>For the rest of your turn, you can use 2 Recruit Points to draw a card, as many
times as you want, as long as you have the Recruit points available. You can even play more Heroes, recruit, fight, then use the Focus ability more.

>Note: You can use Focus abilities and still use the “Healing” ability on Wounds.

Silver Surfer is a recruiting machine. Whether you're building up attacks, defeating villains or drawing more cards - he's supporting you every step of the way.

Then there is Energy Surge. By itself, it does absolutely nothing. But when paired with just a few other cards, you can get a lot of Recruit... and that's not even counting copying effects like Rogue.

u/ikokjones · 2 pointsr/legendarymarvel

This was my previous setup for comparison. It was great but I wasn't going to start a 3rd box...

Included are all expansions including Villains and Marvel 3D.

I use perhaps the thinnest sleeves (KMC perfect fit) at 45 microns width.

I found a huge box for 6$ at 401games I believe it's this one

Really happy with the space I have remaining!

I am able to fit two playmats in one row. So I can stretch this box for a few years easy!

The dividers I used I got here.
I printed these at 103% size. I cut from the beginning of the card to the beginning of the next to get the correct divider width.

u/MoTiV252 · 1 pointr/legendarymarvel

The only single box storage I've seen that may work is the BCW monster storage box Amazon link

I don't think there is a good single carry box solution either. I don't think I want to carry 5000 cards in one box as I think it gets heavy fast especially if you sleeve, in my case I double sleeve...

I'm going with the Hobby Lobby artist cases. I ordered 4 of them as they were on sale last week for $26 and I'm going to paint them and replace the hardware like this guy did boardgamegeeks

2 boxes are for Marvel Legendary, 1 for Legendary Encounters Alien/Predator sets and one for Marvel Champions when it comes out.

u/TheKmartfetus · 1 pointr/legendarymarvel

We use a guillotine cutter for cutting dividers:
Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 12 inches Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Lite (9312)

It's definitely not a necessary purchase, but it makes cutting them super easy. It can also be used for other craft projects.

u/Asmor · 1 pointr/legendarymarvel

Found at a FLGS. Any game store that would sell playmats probably also sells tubes. This one is nice because it's actually shaped like a rounded triangle, so it doesn't roll.

Here it is on Amazon:

u/red3biggs · 2 pointsr/legendarymarvel

If you haven't picked up Revelations yet, its the best bang for your buck via Amazon right now

a 200-card expansion for the price of a 100-card

u/Vulg4r · 2 pointsr/legendarymarvel

I have core, dark city, GotG, PttR, SW 1/2, deadpool, Captain America, and Noir. I'm pretty sure after the F4 reprint and x-men, I will be full. All my cards are sleeved in ultra pro standards, dividers are printed on 100 llb carstock and sleeved in BCW penny sleeves, and my GotG shard tokens were replaced with these and kept in an ultra pro deckbox

u/ClassH · 2 pointsr/legendarymarvel

A lot of people recommend sleeves that are a bit bigger than the card and I dont know why. I tried quite a few and hated them. Then I found KMC perfect fit, they are still cheap but fit the cards almost exact, barely tell they are there.

u/dreadbobdarthpants · 3 pointsr/legendarymarvel

You can get a 500 count box of Deck Guard sleeves for $19.94 with Prime on Amazon.

Many of the reviewers recommend them for Legendary.


u/JT-Shadow · 1 pointr/legendarymarvel

I just bought 4 packs of these KMC Perfect Fit, 4000 sleeves (only 3000 needed but I want to be prepared), as soon as I realized they're the company that makes hypermat sleeves, it was an
instant buy

u/beliall95 · 6 pointsr/legendarymarvel

This is what my legendary storage solution looks like

This is what I used. If you want ALL expansions you will need another. Unless you put the cards in vertical. I bought used dividers off board game geek and printed them at office max. Beware. Sometimes OfficeMax doesn't let you print them. Go in in person. Or try a different day/store.

u/backspace8908 · 1 pointr/legendarymarvel

Ps got these

(10) Packs of BCW Brand Trading Card Divider Cards(100 Dividers Total)

Get a shapie pen and can write our villain groups, henchmen, heroes, etc on the top of them and they work really well to separate cards

u/hibsta1992 · 1 pointr/legendarymarvel

I use Deelf sleeves, 1000 sleeves for $14

DeElf 1000 Clear Card Sleeves...

u/CustomerSentarai · 1 pointr/legendarymarvel

Play with what you have for a bit first, don't add in everything right away. I would stay away from penny protectors. My personal go to are

u/shaungc · 2 pointsr/legendarymarvel

I use Ultra Pro non-penny sleeves.

Ever since I started sleeving with Overpower way back when, the penny sleeves kept splitting on me. I know, some people never have issues with them, but I kept having to re-sleeve over and over, so I switched to these.

They're a bit thicker, so take a bit more storage space, but I've found it to be worth it.

u/Dannyboy1302 · 1 pointr/legendarymarvel

These are the ones that I use and I live them. Feel tight on the cards and cheaper. Ultra Pro 100 Pcs Soft Card Sleeves, 2 5/8 x 3 5/8-Inches (5 Pack)

u/ToddAtWSU · 1 pointr/legendarymarvel

I have the Hobby Lobby box and store them horizontally. I wish I'd have done it vertically for the extra row. But I have all mine sleeved in BCW Matte sleeves ( I have the base, PtTR, F4, Dark City, GotG, SW1, SW2, CW, CA75, Noir. In my Hobby Lobby box I have all these heroes and the starter cards, sidekicks, recruits, bystanders, wounds, and I should have room for XMen and Deadpool. In my Civil War box I keep all the Villians, Henchmen, Masterminds, Schemes, Twists, Master Strikes, and Ambition cards. But I am concerned what I will do after this.

u/Raygrit · 3 pointsr/legendarymarvel

Use Camelcamelcamel to track the entire history of anything on Amazon's website as far as price goes. You can also set an alert to go out to you if the thing you want dips lower than your desired price.

Taking a glance at it, X-Mens lowest price was only 25, personally I wouldn't really waste my time waiting for something over saving $3.

As for Civil War, looks like a similar story with all time low at $27. If you really want them for less than that you're going to have to start exploring used copies on Amazon and eBay.

u/Nebakanezzer · 1 pointr/legendarymarvel

double sleeved.

went with these for the outer:

and these for the inner:

blue isn't exact, but close enough. also not the best in the world, but fairly reasonable price-wise, especially when ordering in bulk, and does the trick.