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u/Bonzai_Tree · 3 pointsr/madlads

No problem at all.

I would say your best bet is probably a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770. V-shaped signature (boosted treble and bass), closed back, powered easily.


Important note! Do not buy the 250ohm model, only the 80ohm or 32ohm--you really want a headphone amp for 250ohms. If you plan on getting an amp or sound card, I'd suggest the 80ohm ones. They will sound fine un-amped but an amp will open them up. They also come with the velour pads which are WAY more comfortable. The 32 ohm version comes with pleather pads.

Another option is the Audio-Technica M50X.
They're also closed back, a little more stylish, less comfortable, but they are folding and have a removable cable. Bass isn't as good as the DT770 but they have better highs.


I would still say for you go with DT770 Pro 80 Ohm version. I think that'd be the best match for you. If you have more to spend, get a little headphone amp or a Xonar DG for your computer to power your headphones at home.

u/acetominaphin · 1 pointr/madlads

Fair enough, but there are also books that simply talk about atheism without having a strong agenda in either direction. One of my favorite books ever is God's Funeral https://www.amazon.com/Gods-Funeral-Decline-Western-Civilization/dp/0393047458 which gives an objective history about how Western society has moved away from religion, and how atheism has manifested itself in art, academia, and philosophy. The entire time I was reading it I was also trying to figure out whether or not the author intended to promote or argue against it all, but I never could. That's actually one of my favorite things about it.

Also I think your argument only goes so far. Books like God is not great https://www.amazon.com/God-Not-Great-Religion-Everything/dp/0446697966 do spend a lot of time talking about religion, but they spend more time promoting things like reason and critical thinking, only using religion as proof to the points, and not giving it the objective or in depth coverage of any real "study".

u/nytrons · 10 pointsr/madlads

He also wrote the single greatest book of all time: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Timewaster-Letters-Robin-Cooper/dp/1843171694

edit: look just watch this ok?

u/dealant · 9 pointsr/madlads

There's non disposable wooden chopsticks that you can buy. The wood is definitely better quality.

u/Vodis · 2 pointsr/madlads

For the uninitiated.

I vaguely recall seeing an ad for this thing in some sort of mail catalog, Scholastic or Science Fiction Book Club or one of those, and having a laugh about it. I haven't thought about it in years.

u/Nach0Man_RandySavage · 2 pointsr/madlads

I have an illustrated version which I thought was an interesting idea.

u/TheBestArcher · 0 pointsr/madlads

Good troll.

It is established, used for constructing measures and also forms the basis of new educational tests and many other measurement instruments.

Take a course on IRT or buy a book about it, e.g. invariant measurement

It’s not my task to spoonfeed arrogant dumbfucks with information, if you want to learn you have to read - more than Wikipedia.

u/SpaceLemur34 · 1 pointr/madlads

The tab song book is available on Amazon. As are AC/DC and Black Sabbath

u/01hair · 2 pointsr/madlads

I once read Piers Paul Reed's Alive while on a plane. I didn't really think that one through.

u/Huggerme · 28 pointsr/madlads

Isn’t there a book about the boy?

Edit; yep

And a movie; “The Boy who Harnessed the Wind”

u/F1-- · 0 pointsr/madlads

Google Mary Beth Brown, she was there step by step with him building his businesses from the start, she was his right hand. Then she asked for a raise to be paid like other executives, he refused, and not only that, he also crapped all over her, and fired her, she was basically described like Starks assistant, in fact Ironman inspiration was Elon musk and his assistant Mary Beth brown.

He is also a dirty pervert, super edgy, insane egomaniac. When someone is flattering you — you blush and feel uncomfortable. This motherfucker sociopath GLOWS when during interviews his ass is being kissed.

He has insane drive to overcompensate, loves to be the center of attention, while pretending to be sheepish. He throws BDSM style parties without sex just so everyone walks around all sexed up. He even visited the burning man and made himself the center of attention there as well by climbing some pole.

It’s all in his biography, go read it

Oh and his speech stuttering — not effects of childhood bullying, his brain works faster than he can speak. He is smart and hardworking, but he is also a huge piece of shit.