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u/Scoxxicoccus · 2 pointsr/questionablecontent

If you have another 8-10 days you might spend some time with the "good" "people" of Tackleford, West Yorkshire. Be sure to check the "my other comics" link for a truly deep dive into this world.

If you want to experience the university life of Dark Esther (who lost her virginity in a caravan in Wales) the same author w/different artists created Giant Days!

And finally there is Subnormality. Six out of ten of these comic novellas will leave you staring wistfully into the middle distance with a bit of moisture in your eyes. The rest will make you laugh out loud on the second (or third) reading. Beautifully drawn, beautifully written, thoughtful, progressive and full of outstanding female characters.

u/Skyhawkson · 18 pointsr/questionablecontent

I mean, it's a joke based on the word for bread in spanish, but there's also this.

u/opieself · 2 pointsr/questionablecontent

I have the Warhammer total war 1 and pre-orderd 2 since I am a whore for that IP. I will take a look.

Yeah something about throwing a couple ton of iron and tiny boats's nice. If you haven't read (and are into books) I really must recommend the Patrick O'Brian series for some great sea warfare reading.