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u/Rubix89 · 3 pointsr/shield

I would love to help you or any others wondering where to start. Keeping up with the comics can be an extremely daunting task, most readers just want to feel special for the effort they put into it. I just enjoy comics so much that I want others to enjoy them as well.

A good (modern) marvel book to kick off with would be Secret War. It has a handful of different heroes to enjoy, gives some great characterization for Nick Fury and pretty much serves as a standalone story that doesn't require previous or further reading to understand it. It would be an extremely fun read for anyone interested in some inside-info on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s filing structure. Also Dell'Otto's art is incredible, it's a shame he doesn't do more work beyond covers.

u/PizzaTheHutt415 · 1 pointr/shield

Definitely check out the actual Infinity Gauntlet comic story arc if you havent. There is some really good stuff in there

u/jimmcq · 1 pointr/shield

I haven't read it, but I've seen Inhumans by Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee suggested as a good intro for people following the MCU.

u/Demileto · 1 pointr/shield

First, the Warcraft universe wasn't always like that, it started as a series of RTS games and Blizzard was already publishing books to complement the game's story by then, like The Last Guardian, published three years before the MMORPG was released. Second, that's not something Blizzard does exclusively to the Warcraft universe, there are Starcraft - I, Mengsk - and Diablo - Birthright - books too. So yeah, if you want to have the complete picture of the lore in Blizzard games you HAVE to buy books.

u/BornIn1142 · 3 pointsr/shield

It's fairly standard practice for comic book releases to be collected in paberbacks and hardcovers. The book in question is available in a single volume as well.

It's the first result you get in Amazon searching for "Inhumans."

u/nicknack50 · 2 pointsr/shield

If you want to know more about the Inhumans, check the By Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee.

u/IceTiger7 · 5 pointsr/shield

It's on Amazon for a lot cheaper too.

u/Swanman85 · 2 pointsr/shield

Did a Google search and this was the only relevant thing I could find

u/ARileyL · 2 pointsr/shield

What placement in the 1001? The book that we're basing this off of is entirely chronological.

u/Link2Sora · 5 pointsr/shield

It's called black widow forever red,it is set in a world like the mcu but there is no way it is canon to the mcu.

u/orangewaxlion · 1 pointr/shield

Whups sorry, I wanted to avoid spoiling anything and I didn't realize there'd be more than one Taskmaster self-titled miniseries. (...and I also apparently didn't make it clear it was self-titled)

Taskmaster: Unthinkable is the one I alluded to though.

u/TheGreatTrogs · 6 pointsr/shield

Funny you mention that: my first contact with Aida was a picture book version I read in 4th grade. It did strip a lot of the details, for instance the princess's role was simplified along the lines of "the princess was jealous and sold the two out", but it kept all the main themes and was still suitably "dark" enough that I was really struck by it.

EDIT: Hey, I found it! That's a blast from the past.

u/Wretro · 2 pointsr/shield

Based on the UK listing, it comes in a regular case now. The product images have been updated and a recent review complained about receiving it instead of the digipack.

Unfortunately the UK releases never come with slipcovers after the limited run of digipacks.

Edit: added the listing for anyone else looking for it.