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u/iNeedHelp03 · 1 pointr/slavelabour

(10 USD BTC) Book #1: Benton & Di Yanni. Arts & Culture Volume II, Fourth Ed. (Prentice Hall)

Amazon Link:

Pearson Link:


(5 USD BTC) Book #2: Java Software Solutions, 9th edition – John Lewis & William Loftus, ISBN-13: 9780134462028, Pearson.

Amazon Link:

Pearson Link:


(5 USD BTC) Book #3: The Good Earth: Introduction to Earth Science 4th Edition

Amazon Link:


(2 USD BTC) Book #4: Shakespeare, Richard III

Amazon Link:

Barnes & Noble:


(2 USD BTC) Book #5: Ethics for the Information Age, 7th Edition

Amazon Link:

Pearson Link:

u/SKoolio22 · 1 pointr/slavelabour

Need a PDF of this book - Lowest offer via PayPal

The Enjoyment of Music, Essential Listening, by Forney, 3rd edition, ISBN 9780393603804


Thank you!!

u/thebballa123 · 1 pointr/slavelabour

Can you find the SOLUTION MANUAL to Systems Engineering and Analysis by Blanchard and Fabrycky
I believe the ISBN is -- ISBN-13: 9780132208987 If you can find it please let me know.

u/Valronbalron · 2 pointsr/slavelabour

Text book request $5 paypal or venmo
Integrated Chinese: Level 2, Part 1 Workbook : 978-0887276835
Interested in the latest edition! Here's the amazon link.

u/getnikedunks · 1 pointr/slavelabour

Need PDF of books - $5 paypal


The Enjoyment of Music: Essential Listening Edition (Third Essential Listening Edition), 3rd Edition, ISBN 9780393602517, 0393602516

u/Auxeralis · 1 pointr/slavelabour

$5 PayPal per PDF, thanks!

Ethics for the Information Age (7th Edition) by Michael Quinn
ISBN 978013429654

Social Psychology (7th CANADIAN Edition) by Myers, Spencer, Jordan, Smith
ISBN 9781259464287 / 9781259457784

u/Call_Me_Feridun · 1 pointr/slavelabour

Need this book in PDF:

ISBN-13: 978-0139067280
ISBN-10: 0139067280

Please PM if you have it

u/980730 · 1 pointr/slavelabour

Looking for

Paypal $20, has to be 16e, i found 15e already but unfortunately doesn't work for my class. Thanks!

u/DebonaireDelVecchio · 1 pointr/slavelabour

Need the following:

|Intro To Semiconductor Devices|9780072987560|$5|
|Introduction to Communication Systems SOLUTION MANUAL|Book ISBN: 9781107022775 [Since no ISBN exists for Solution Manual that I know of.]|$5|

u/Xierumeng · 1 pointr/slavelabour

(Still) Looking for ebook/pdf copy of:

Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers Using Matlab by Kenneth Hardy -

Physics for Scientists and Engineers 2nd Edition by Hawkes (High-quality version with searchable text; I already have a crappy low-resolution version). Got it.

I would like to pay $10 each, but price is negotiable.

u/kev67one · 1 pointr/slavelabour

Looking for two books in pdf format.

Book 1

Book 2

u/noahz72 · 1 pointr/slavelabour

Introduction to Mythology: Contemporary Approaches to Classical and World Myths

$5 USD

u/JEFFTHEPIGEON · 1 pointr/slavelabour

Looking for PDF:
Ethics in Engineering, 4th Edition
By. Mike W. Martin and Roland Schinzinger
ISBN: 0072831154

Or international version:

PayPal - $7

u/LiLGuppiez · 1 pointr/slavelabour

Offering $5

Title: Nine Theories of Religion (3rd Edition)

Author: Daniel Pals

u/notmiraj · 1 pointr/slavelabour

I need the Nine Theories of Religion (3rd edition) by Daniel Pals

u/dankbuckeyes · 1 pointr/slavelabour

[task] looking for this textbook.
can pay $5 via paypal