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u/Windholm · 7 pointsr/stationery

There's a Polymer Beige Correction Tape listed on Amazon (see the customer reviews for photos of the actual color in action).

There's PaperMate Liquid Paper in Ledger Buff, also on Amazon.

And JetPens used to sell an off-white correction tape from Japan. It isn't currently listed for sale, but they have a fantastic customer service department, who I'm sure would be happy to tell you who makes it.

u/taeoyama · 17 pointsr/stationery

PENTEL ENERGEL!!! I'm an avid Zebra Sarasa user and I LOVE the Zebra Sarasa ink. However, I heard many people having positive reviews about the Pentel Energel pens. Since I'm attached to the Zebra Sarasa Clip body, I bought the Energel refills and put them in the Sarasa body. The Pentel Energel ink dries twice as fast as the Zebra Sarasa ink and is even smoother! You can get a 12 pack of black Pentel Energel 0.7mm refills for about $11 on Amazon here.

u/RogueStudio · 3 pointsr/stationery

Maruman makes a paper that is supposed to be "foldable" ruled paper to fit a B5 binder, but when it's unfolded, it's B4 size. I haven't used this paper, but I have used other Maruman products and never been displeased with their stuff.

JetPens has it w/ US shipping, or if you have a Kinokuniya bookstore near you, they carry Maruman products there.

Otherwise, the next closest within US availability: graph paper, but to eliminate all the horrific garbage you've probably been encountering, it has to be clearly marked on the packaging as having "non-photo" or "non-reproducible" grids. This means markings will be faint, and also means the paper will not suck because it's being marketed to artists and for drafting purposes. It will also come in sizes larger than Letter. Brands that will fulfill all of this include Bienfang, Staedtler, Alvin, and Canson. You may be able to find Bienfang at crafting stores, Staedtler I have seen in the drafting section of office supply stores, Alvin and Canson, you'll more than likely have to find at an art/architectural supply store, or via the internet.

See also, thicker vellum paper is made with non-repro grid lines, and comes in a huge variety of sizes including rolls that can be cut to size ...but...that is probably overkill as the last time I used a giant sheet of vellum was in perspective class to create the perfect drafted drawing, not as a notebook. (they do sell vellum notebooks but, they're tiny )

u/TimCahillsHead · 10 pointsr/stationery

Agree with the Dr. Grip but also recommend Uni Jetstream

u/oatsandsugar · 1 pointr/stationery

Caran D'ache office pens in metal

The refills last forever, they are sturdy and write beautifully

u/perfextiiion · 6 pointsr/stationery

Have some stuff Muji coming in as well but decided to post now :)

List of items - Uni Kuru Toga Roulette:

Tombow Mono Graph:

Arch Eraser:

Shitajiki Writing Board:

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica:

Pilot G-Tec-C Gel Pen:

Mono Eraser:

Kokuyo Campus Loose Leaf Paper:

Stalogy A6 Editors Notebook:

Kokuyo Campus Notebook Set:

Rotring 600:

Kiki’s Delivery Service Kuru Toga Pencil:

Pilot Hi-Tec-C:

u/terpichor · 1 pointr/stationery

This looks similar? How big is it and about how much did you pay for it? There are some other similar ones listed on Amazon as well, but they're pricey.

u/spacig_ · 1 pointr/stationery

Here's another option you can consider.

u/vocalfreesia · 6 pointsr/stationery

Kokuyo Harinacs Japanese Stapleless Stapler Black

This is the one I have