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u/coheedcollapse · 1 pointr/steamdeals

It's a really fun game and the art is quite appealing, but as others have said there isn't a hell of a lot of replay value.

That said, if you're asking because of the sale vote, it's on sale on Amazon for just as cheap as if it would win and since it's Steamworks, Steam is a requirement to install.

u/bryanhbell · 3 pointsr/steamdeals

Relevant items on sale

(ends Thursday 2012/08/30 10am PDT)


Homefront|75%|$4.99|4,99€|4,99€|£3.74|$7.48|no|70|steam|wtf is|wikipedia, a, c, d
Fire Sale Map Pack|75%|$0.74|0,49€|0,49€|£0.49|$0.74|no|-|steam|gameplay|DLC, a, c, 1
Express 870 Shotgun|75%|$0.24|0,17€|0,17€|£0.17|$0.24|no|-|steam|gameplay|DLC
The Rock Map Pack|75%|$1.24|0,87€|0,87€|£0.74|$1.24|no|-|steam|gameplay|DLC, 2


Homefront + Prima Guide|75%|$8.74|6,23€|6,23€|£8.37|$13.74|
bundle difference||-$6.24|-8,71€|-8,71€|-£3.36|-$8.69

Bundle includes the following items, some of which are on sale individually:

Homefront|75%|$4.99|4,99€|4,99€|£3.74|$7.48|no|70|steam|wtf is|wikipedia, a, c, d
Prima Official Strategy Guide|0%|$9.99|9,95€|9,95€|£7.99|$14.95|no|-|steam|n/a|-


Useful Links

  1. Fire Sale Map Pack: includes 2 multiplayer maps (Big Box and Spillway).
  2. The Rock Map Pack: includes 2 multiplayer maps (Alcatraz and Bridge) and 2 team deathmatch maps (Waterway and Overpass).

u/sasasa377 · 3 pointsr/steamdeals

For anyone interested in Trials Fusion (and not Evolution, as that's not on sale), serious performance issues plague the game and will never be fixed. With an i7 7700hq (laptop CPU, capable of 3.5ghz) I experienced frequent and severe framerate drops which also slow the game with it. This makes many of the tracks, specifically stunt tracks, essentially impossible to complete with a reasonable score or medal. On an i7 4790k I experienced these issues far less often, but often enough that I needed to give up on quite a few platinum medals, a few gold medals, and every stunt track. These performance issues occur regardless of settings, even at 720p lowest on the i7 4790k (with GPU usage not even reaching 30%).

To be honest, Trials Evolution was the much better game in the first place. Unfortunately it suffers the same slowdown issues but significantly less frequently. I never needed to give up completely on any of the tracks for Evolution due to performance, getting platinum medals on everything but the most extreme of extreme tracks with the aforementioned 7700hq. In my opinion the physics are much stronger as well. Unfortunately once more, Evolution is not on sale. If you're interested in Evolution and willing to buy off Amazon, you can get the physical collector's edition for 8$ which is still less than 50% of the current steam price.

u/MrDongji · 7 pointsr/steamdeals

Those looking to buy Tomb Raider, save $1.23 by going through Amazon instead:

u/WhatWasWhatAbout · 1 pointr/steamdeals

I can't wait to replay Firewatch with a graphics card that won't stutter. The game was so good I couldn't stop, but it was definitely the lowest framerates I've ever put up with. My GPU doesn't have the right DirectX comparability, but forcing the game to run under the old DirectX worked.

FYI, I have the Sapphire Radeon HD4870 1GB and I'm budgetting to get the $140 GTX 1050 Ti 4GB soon.

u/lokk · 3 pointsr/steamdeals

For the same price you can get the DLCs for free and the other XCOM games at Amazon with a Steam code.

u/jellypantz · 3 pointsr/steamdeals

Amazon customer reviews of Grand Theft Auto IV PC

u/narfmasta · 2 pointsr/steamdeals

Anyone looking to buy Sniper Elite, save some money and get it for 70% off over at Amazon... $14.99

u/thetwaddler · 3 pointsr/steamdeals

Cheaper on Amazon and activates on Steam. Link

Edit: Should say the price is $9.99 on Amazon

u/[deleted] · 18 pointsr/steamdeals

It's currently $30 at Amazon. $36 for the Augmented Edition.

u/meandmybuddy · 4 pointsr/steamdeals

Just so you know, darkness II is already on sale at amazon for $12.49 (75% off)

u/Jomskylark · 2 pointsr/steamdeals
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u/elsporko · 1 pointr/steamdeals

Sad to see Bella Sara isn't on the list

u/VinTheRighteous · 11 pointsr/steamdeals

Same price on Amazon if you want to avoid Steam's outrageous shipping.

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