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u/engagechad · 7 pointsr/turtle

That is a red eared slider. It is quite possibly the most popular pet turtle species. These turtles are popular because they're prolific and they look like little turtles, unfortunately in a few years that little turtle will have grown exponentially. Most of the time it's a parent who bought the turtle for a kid, kid loses interest, parent doesn't know what to do...

Do not release the turt. It would die in Toronto and even if it did not, environmentally if anyone releases a non indigenous species into the wild, although it sounds harmless enough there are large implications when it comes to OTHER reptile populations. This little turt could mate and create a bunch of other turts that eat up food sources etc...

  1. Keep the turt as best you can
  2. Find a home for the turt via craigslist or a rescue


    A 10 gallon tank would be a great starter tank for a RES this size. 10 gallon tanks usually run about $10 at petsmart or petco so there is probably a similar cost up there


    You will need two lights to run during the day:
    1 UVB fixture with a bulb

    and 1 heat lamp. Some people splurge and purchase heat lamp bulbs specifically made for reptiles, however I have found that using a household bulb provides the same amount of heat. User a bulb that the fixture can handle.


    The turt will need a basking platform. There are super cool options but simple and efficient is the way to go if you're starting.


    You will need a filter. Turtles poop a lot more than fish do so when you're shopping for filters always double the GPH needed to account for the extra nitrates.


    You will need food. Every food is different and let me tell you from experience that you can spend hours researching what is best to feed your turtle...


    I have learned that omnivorious turtles such as a red eared slider do well if they are started with a protein rich diet and then transition into adulthood with an omnivorous diet.

    I would suggest doing the following: go to the grocery store and buy a small Salmon fillet. It may seem silly, but it will last you a very long time. Keep the Salmon in the freezer and feed the turt a few small strips (a serving size should be thought of as, if the turts head were empty, how much food could you fit in it). Make the strips small enough so that the turtle can swallow it.

    Feeding tip: Salmon or any other form of protein such as bloodworms, krill etc... can be quite messy because of the amount of oil in the meat. Many turtle keepers (me included) prefer to feed turtles outside of the tank in order to keep the living tank clean. get a small rubbermaid tub or something, make sure it's clean of course and fill it up with enough water for the turt to float around. feed the turt in that water, when you're done, discard the water and put the fat n happy turt back in the living tank. This method lowers the frequency of water changes and keeps the tank cleaner. Handling the turtle like this to feed is also helpful to make the turtle okay with being handled.


    As you will read, reptiles need calcium in order to stay healthy. Snakes need calcium in the form of rat bones, bearded dragons eat crickets but turtles do best when supplemented with a cuttlebone. There are turtle specific cuttlebones but they're more expensive and the only real different is that they do not have the hard backing that the cuttlebones for birds have. All you have to do to remove the backing is toss it in a saucepan, boil it for a minute or so, let it cool and then that backing can peel off. This also softens up the cuttlebone some. It's not easy to get the backing off in one fell swoop, but turtles don't care if the cuttlebone is in one big piece or if it's in little white chunks. Calcium supplementation is vital for young turts just as the protein is. Once a week or so is good for calcium.

    I have rambled. I am passionate about reptiles so I tend to nerd out. Anyway. Please feel free to PM me with questions, I would really love to help in any way.

u/monopticon · 2 pointsr/turtle


UVA/UVB Bulb and a basking light for warmth. [This combo bulb runs around $45.] ( Replace every 6-10 months.

A lamp to put it in. This one runs around $25.

Depending on your set-up, you may need a stand. Remember that the bulb is not effective if placed over glass. This stand runs around $25.

Depending on what kind of turtle you get your habitat can range in size (and cost). Some small breed turtles will get by in a 40g-55g habitat. If you get an aquarium it's important to get a sturdy stand that is level. An aquarium that is not level will run the risk of stressing the seams and "bowing". Leading to a leak or break.

Approximate cost of a habitat for a fully grown 5" turtle:
Could run you $155.00 pre-tax during $1/gallon sale with this stand and aquarium.
Or you could spend closer to $70 on a huge 110g stock tank that might be uglier, but you have way more room and could adopt a RES in need of a home. Or you could just have a super over sized habitat for a small turtle. Here's 50g one with different dimensions for a similar price.

Don't forget your canister filter! This one cost me $109.99 last year and has been an absolute dream. Your filter should be rated for twice the aquarium size. I have a 40g with a common musk adult. The canister is rated for a little over 90 so it works well for me. You can shop around.

You can price watch most items on amazon using to get the best deals for the most part.

You will also want a basking dock. These can vary in price largely because you can make your own for low cost or buy them for anywhere from $20-$60. I made my own using aquarium decorations so it wasn't free but I liked how it worked out.

So let's say all brand new items:
Stand and aquarium at Petco while on sale: $155.
Filter: $110
Bulb + lamp + stand: $95
Dock: $20

We're up to $380 (minus any taxes), minus purchasing a turtle, minus any food or other decorations you may want to purchase.

Stock tank instead of stand? Around $295 instead of $380.

My turtle is a common musk. Georgie is 19 years old this year. I would not be surprised if I have children in high school while Georgie is still alive. Captive kept turtles can live up to 4 decades and potentially longer.

So some big things to remember are: You're going to care for this turtle longer than you should care for your own children. You're going to be responsible for weekly/bi-monthly aquarium maintenance. You're going to still be spending money through out the year to care for your turtle. You will need space. If you're 17 and thinking of going off to college next year don't expect to be able to take your turtle with you and don't expect your parents to care for it properly.

A turtle should be considered a life long commitment. It is very difficult to rehome turtles properly and ensure their care with their new owner.

Good luck and check out Austin's Turtle Page for some turtle species if you live in America. That way you can get an idea for size and types of turtles and what kind of habitats they prefer.

Read-up and good luck!

u/skullkid2424 · 2 pointsr/turtle

Start getting more leafy greens into his diet. Romaine is an easy one (don't use iceberg). If he doesn't want to eat greens, then try putting a pinch of dust from the pellet container on them.

Good work with getting rid of the substrate. I'd also try filling the tank higher with water. Ideally you want twice the shell length in depth, but do what you can until you get a bigger tank (probably 65 gallons based on his current size). That rock that is currently his basking platform won't work with a higher water level, so you'll want something else. I've had good luck with this style - but there are a number of them that float and/or suction cup to the wall at an adjustable level. I left the rock you have in his tank (underwater) so he can scratch his shell on it and hide from things if he wants.

Also check the sidebar links to make sure you've got heat and UVB lamps.

Finally, save that 20 gallon tank when you upgrade - it'll work great for when you need to clean his tank.

u/Supernaturaltwin · 2 pointsr/turtle

Just a heads up, that turtle is going to get very big in the next year. The flotation piece will not hold the turtle and you will need something bigger. It will work for a few months but it is something I wish I knew.

Also, the bigger the filter, the better. I waisted so much money because I thought fish filters would work. I can't see what you have but spending the $100- $150 on a huge filter is 100% worth the investment. They are also quieter. You can't even hear it once it is going. The bigger filters also have all the clay and carbon and such that fish filters lack (which is important for your turtles health).

Keep in mind that the UV light only lasts 6 months. It will continue to work (be on), but not actually be doing anything to benefit the turtle.

Also, I totally recommend this product. It is absolutely amazing. I mean anything like this will work, but this requires no buckets. I used to lift my turtle tank until I upgraded to a bigger one. This also saves me so much time.

u/ctklubek · 1 pointr/turtle

I bought it but it was HUGE so I cut it in half and took out the support pillars, it just floats now. I'm pretty happy with it but I'm only using like 1/3 of what I paid for haha.

u/much_trubbish · 2 pointsr/turtle

Commercial turtle docks aren't very expensive. Just get one that is big enough, and it'll float. This way you'll be able to raise your turtle's water level to any height, which is really the greatest injustice here. There honestly is no real need to make your own unless you have many turtles or something. Just get a standard floating one, and allow you turtle the luxury of swimming a bit more.

This dock comes in multiple sizes, here's one of them: (If you're worried about the size, just get a larger one.)

These fluval filters seem expensive, but they really aren't, when you consider how low the maintenance is. You will end up spending more money with the filter you have now, replacing the carbon and such over and over agan, than you will with this filter. Also the time and hassle you save is priceless, of course:

This is the heater I use to keep my turtle safe: Honestly, the importance of a solid heater cannot be understated. Dipping temps can quickly cause your turtle to get a respiratory infection. The reason I like this heater specifically is because it has the plastic casing around, so your turtle won't get burned or won't break the glass.

Even if you don't move your turtle to that 60 gallon soon, you should still seriously consider getting one of those floating docks. They aren't expensive, you won't have to worry about the basking area working functionally and you can raise the water level.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any more help. Keep us updated!

u/lVipples · 1 pointr/turtle

Hey Everyone! If you saw my other post you know that I've been looking in to setting up a new tank. While looking around i saw that this topper was on sale. Perfect timing :) I thought some people might want to pick this up since it seems like it's at a pretty good price.

Does anyone have any experience with this topper? Would you recommend just making your own instead?

Edit: Amazon Smile link for convenience!

u/squeekypig · 2 pointsr/turtle

Hey, great choice on turtle, I have a central american/ornate wood turtle too :) I'm a little concerned about your light though- turtles need UVB and heat lights. UVB lights need to be replaced about once a year, they are either mercury vapor bulb (which produces UVB+heat) and require a ceramic fixture, or they are flourescent (compact or straight and long, don't produce heat). If you use a flourescent UVB bulb you need a heat light too, like incandescent or halogen. Based on your post, it sounds like maybe you didn't have a UVB bulb? Or you originally bought a UVB bulb, but used it for years? The element in light bulbs that produces UVB stops producing it after about a year of use, which is why they need to be replaced even if they haven't burned out and are still giving off visible light.

This bulb produces UVB and visible light only (no heat)

This is an MVB bulb that produces UVB+heat

And if you use MVB you'll need a fixture like this


What kind of light are you using now? Are you monitoring the temperatures? It might not be hot enough if it's too far away.


Are you in the US? Is it cold where you are? I've been having a bit of a hard time keeping my wood turtle active in the winter when it gets cold. The species doesn't hibernate/brumate so they shouldn't get cold in the winter. I use a ceramic heat emitter to give him a bit of extra warmth, especially at night.


You probably should take him to an exotic vet for a checkup since he hasn't been eating or drinking. Turtles are usually voracious eaters, so not eating is a worry. Are his eyes clear? Does he have a runny nose or anything else physically that might be worrying?

u/nyquill81 · 2 pointsr/turtle

I am no turtle medical expert at all, but one thing I can think of is have you tested the water parameters? The API liquid freshwater master test kit is one of the most accurate kits out there and would tell you if ammonia, nitrates or nitrites were a factor.

I do know they make turtle eye drops and you can get them at most pet stores, I bet it wouldn’t hurt to do those while you wait for your vet visit.

I would think 78 is plenty warm for your water.

I hope someone else has more advice and I hope your little friend is OK. Good luck.

u/iloveturtles08 · 1 pointr/turtle

I'm sorry for your loss :( It's wonderful that you are trying your best to save your second turtle. I suggest against using sand because your hatchling may choke/eat and possibly die from it. You can get unpolished river rocks at your local dollar store (I think in 32oz bags). I use a Fluval water filter with BioMax and Aqueon Pro heater, and Reptisafe water conditioner all purchased from Amazon (links below). The filters has lasted me 10+ years and still going strong - and purchase the replacement filters/Biomax when needed. For the heater, I did experience a problem with a defective water heater once, but I received excellent customer service from Aqueon who sent me a replacement immediately. Maintain water at 75-85ºF. You have a basking rock and UV lamps so that's great - maintain 90-95ºF. It's very important to have the right water/basking temperature and clean, pH balanced water at all times. Sending your little guy healing vibes and hope he gets well soon!




u/MINICURSOR212 · 2 pointsr/turtle

(with your current tank, make sure this is maintained)

Air Temperature:  75° - 83°

Basking Temperature:  Mid 80's to low 90's

Water Temperature: Mid to High 70's

-these numbers are specific to your musk turtle

You may buy an infrared heater to help keep these temperatures optimal.


Your turtle also needs a basking area (provided links to some nice and cheep bulbs and mount

Exo Terra Repti-Glo 5.0 Compact...

REPTIZOO Dual Lamp Fixture for...

Keep in mind these turtles are very infrequent baskers but need to do so sometimes, so keep the basking area to a large rock he can climb up on.


I cant stress this enough, you need a strong filter for musk turtles. They are messy eaters and will end up compromising their own safety if the water isn't cleaned and filtered well. They will spend most of their time in the water so make sure they have ample area to swim. Razorback musk turtles are also very shy, so give him some areas to feel safe in the water.


Besides from that google some caresheets about razorback musk turtles and adjust my recommendations accordingly. If you have anymore questions please let me know :D

u/easy2memorize · 4 pointsr/turtle

When I had only one turtle using the basking area, this turtle dock worked really, really well.

After I got a tank mate for my first RES, that dock no longer worked. It's just big enough for a full-size female to bask comfortably, but way too small for two turtles. I made my own basking platform for them instead. I went through a few different constructions, but the most recent one I built out of egg crate and cork board is working perfectly.

Edit: I just thought of another platform that worked quite nicely for my Western Painted, but you can't guarantee that it will stay under your lights. Also, here's a video of my DIY platform if anyone is interested.

u/eggtort · 2 pointsr/turtle


So I read your previous thread briefly. I get my lighting fixtures from Lowe's or Home Depot; I do have a Fluker's Repta-Clamp Ceramic Lamp With Dimmable Switch as well, but that is for my tortoise and so far it works well. But for my water turtles I typically just use the ones you can find at Lowes or Home Depot; they haven't failed me so far.

As for the lightbulbs, I went through lights similar to you like crazy. Then I switched over to this 100W Exo Terra bulb, and it works like a breeze! The other bulbs I tried by Exo Terra didn't seem to work as well for me; so I tend to stay away from the other variations for my other reptiles and go with different brands. But for my water turtles this bulb seems good.

u/mementomori27 · 2 pointsr/turtle

I would get the largest you can afford. More filtration is never a bad thing. Another poster said that 3x your tank size is a good rule. The 1200 is capable up to 150 gal tank so it would work but you might be doing more water changes. I bought the 1200 Elite version which comes with extra media and hoses but it sounds like you dont really need those. If you dont need hoses, the base model cascade 1500 is still $140 as well. That will handle up to 200 gal so it's a safe bet. I think that one would be better since your tank is larger.

Some quick links for you.

Penn Plax Cascade 1500 - 350GPH Canister Filter

Tetra WaterClarifier Treatment, 3.38-Ounce, 100-ml

u/capn_untsahts · 5 pointsr/turtle

I'm not sure that you can get a quality canister filter under $60 for that size of tank?

I have an Eheim Classic and it's awesome. Extremely quiet, works great, easy to use, and has been working great for 4 years now. I've been using the 92 gallon version with a 40 gallon tank for a RES (you really want to double up the rating for turtles). I know it's almost double your budget but I'd highly recommend it. Maybe you could get away with the 66 gallon version if your turtle is smaller though.

u/JaWoosh · 1 pointr/turtle

Could be both, to be honest. How is the tap water in your area? Where I live, I can use tap water, but I do add a water conditioner to it to neutralize the chlorine and make it safe for them.

Otherwise yeah I would definitely get them a UVB light right away, and keep it on 12 hours a day for them above a dry basking spot.

u/Skrigga · 1 pointr/turtle

That Fluval filter is really good. I have the Fluval 406 and it has done extremely well. I know they're expensive but I also have the Sun-Sun HW302 without the Antibacterial UV light inside it on my hatchling tank, and it runs just as great. Here's a link to the sun sun I have.

And as for gravel, I've never used it personally. The turtles don't care if they have rocks or sand or even just glass on the bottom. It's more aesthetically pleasing to the human owners though, the turtles won't care one way, or another.

u/halfpersian4in1 · 1 pointr/turtle

I really like this one by Oasis. It's really sturdy and doesn't sink, plus my huge girl loves to dive off of the diving board. She's a RES and is probably 9 inches around. We have had to replace the suction cups, but it's worth it. I'm thinking about getting one for the other end of my tank as well.

u/kottonkrown · 1 pointr/turtle

> What food brand are you feeding the turtle? Very important.

Reptomin Floating Food Sticks and Fluker's Buffet Blend for Aquatic Turtles (mostly Reptomin). I supplement with live feeder crickets (1x / month or so) and small amounts of steamed broccoli (2x / month). He generally won't eat other veggies, like red leaf lettuce, kale, or any fruit.

> How deep is the water?

Not deep enough, i'm sure. He's in a 55 gallon aquarium, with about 18 gallons of water, providing about 9 inches of depth. In the photos below, I keep the water level up to the slate basking stone. The plastic container that forms the base is hollow, so he can swim under the platform. I change the water every 7 days (sometimes as long as 10 days if my schedule gets pushed). Filtration is a Tetra 20i equivalent. I change filter media with the water changes, and use Ammo-Carb as the media.

I'm looking at building an overhead sump filter, or upsizing to canister filter (I'm a renter and worried about a disaster scenario involving a leak). I've also constructed a larger (taller) basking platform that I need to tweak a bit to fit, but will allow me to get a full 12 inch depth of swimming water for him.

> Are you adding chemicals to the water?

ReptiSafe to neutralize chlorine. Ammo-Carb as the filtration media

> Post photos of the enclosure.

This is how the enclosure has been configured up until now. I have a 60W halogen flood to provide heat and was using a ReptiSun 5.0 compact fluorescent until recently, when I upgraded to a Reptisun 10.0.

Turtle is currently in dry dock as I'm treating for what I think is shell rot. I actually have a vet appointment tomorrow to have him examined for both the shell issues and the lesions.

This turtle is at least 10 years old, probably 15ish (I got him as an adult from friends who couldn't care for him anymore)

Here's the photos:

Basking Setup

Full Tank Setup

Food and ReptiSafe

Filter Media

u/007100 · 2 pointsr/turtle

Both myself and my boyfriend use the 26-watt Exo Terra Repti-Glo UVB bulbs. Because the UVB light should be positioned over the basking area, I don't think the size of the tank is relevant when it comes to wattage (if I'm incorrect, someone please feel free to correct me).

Make sure your turtles also have a heat bulb! I use a 100 watt Exo Terra Basking Bulb for my little guy. It's splash resistant, which is important with aquatic turtles, so you aren't replacing bulbs every time one gets wet.

Both types of bulbs need replaced approximately every 6 months, because they start losing their efficacy.

u/Jfletcher1975 · 2 pointsr/turtle

Yup, it's the turtle topper on a 55 Gal tank.
They love it because it gives them tons of room to play and swim, and it gives them some privacy from the side.


u/TheDerpingWalrus · 3 pointsr/turtle

This is it. I used to own one before I built a pool in my front yard for my turts. They loved it but were spooked if anyone walked by for a few months. They liked chilling on the platform underneath a lot too.

u/iamjli · 1 pointr/turtle

That would make a lot of sense. UV filter prolly not in my budget lol :[

Any idea how long? Like weeks-months range?

Is it still worth seeding the tank? Is this the correct product? I'm guessing I shouldn't have replaced the entire rack.

u/AsthmaticAudino · 1 pointr/turtle

I use this one for two different 55gallon aquariums and it works great.

u/TqpU · 1 pointr/turtle

I would like to point out that placing the tank near a window does not count for UVB light as it can not pass through glass. Also be careful how close you place the UVB light:

Edit: I have used the same double dome that DannySeel linked to on a stand along with Zoo Med Spot Lamp for heat and Exo Terra Repti-Glo 5.0 for UVB. You only NEED the lights over the basking area, however some light over the rest of the tank wouldn't hurt (such as the T5 lights).

u/Boston88 · 1 pointr/turtle

I will recommend a Sun Sun 304b. Easy to set up, easy to maintain. This is cheap but works just like those 300$ filters you see in the pet stores (which are market up crazy expensive).

u/rationalgoldfish · 1 pointr/turtle

Is this the bulb you are talking about? Link I found the powersun here but it looks like it has less UVB that then above lamp.

u/japanese_panda · 1 pointr/turtle

they are not clear but here are the photos of the turtle

top view

front right

back view

and here is the picture of the enclosure


thermometer/barometer. It looks like it is 82 degrees and low 50's humidity

dried up food

I use this heat/UVB mercury vapor lamp. I bought it two weeks ago and it blew out yesterday

I feed him this turtle food.

I give his water on a standard glass plate. I change it every day and every other day I drop the turtle pellets in the plate so he can eat it on his own.

Every other day or every other two days I put this liquid vitamin drop in his water dish. I put generous amounts

u/ashleyasinwilliams · 2 pointsr/turtle

Posting to /r/Aquariums will help a lot.

Change at least 50% of the tank water with new, conditioned water. Wait a few hours. Repeat.

Do you by any chance have a water test kit? You need one to test the ammonia, nitrite and nitrates. All of those are absolutely vital for keeping fish healthy. He could easily be suffering from poisoning from too much of any one of those chemicals.

For reference, "too much" ammonia is anything above 0ppm. Too much nitrite is anything above 0ppm. And too many nitrates are anything above 20ppm.

u/KiboshWasabi · 1 pointr/turtle

Ok, no to the Fluval. Absolutely great brand BUT for a Turle you want to run triple capacity. So for a 55 gallon tank you should run a 165 gallon filter or bigger. Try this one. That's what I ran before going to my 150 gallon.

u/INIT_6 · 1 pointr/turtle

This is the exact light I got 1, just noticed its not the PowerSun 2

Do I need to switch to the powersun one or are they basically the same thing?

Thank you, didn't think about having a secondary feeding area I will see how he likes that.

About the food, The snack has 39% Crude protein, 4.5% Crude Fat, 2% crude fiber, 1.2% phosphorus, 3% Calcium. mean while the Aquatic Turtle food for hatchlings has 43% protein. So I am thinking I just just switch to the adult stuff that has like ~23% protein. and when he is bigger look into live worms. crickets are out as the wife wont have those in the house. but when she is gone I will sneak my bro a few :D.

Edit: I think I answered my own question about the bulbs. Need to get the better one listed on sticky the power sun. They are different. Stupid petco had limited types of bulbs. Better than nothing and I think he will be okay until the amazon one comes in.

u/SamanthaAshley · 1 pointr/turtle :)

If my filter ever broke down, I would buy the same filter again lol

u/standard_staples · 3 pointsr/turtle

I have 1 adult RES in a 55 gallon tank with about 40 gallons of water.

Zacro Aquarium Fish Tank Cleaner for Changing Water

This is what I've been using for years. Cheap and works. I use a 5 gallon bucket for emptying and refilling in increments. I pour the waste water down the toilet, and fill in the tub. I use ReptiSafe to condition the water before adding it back (inactivates chlorine).

No lugging the tank anywhere. No substrate to trap waste.

I recently invested in a Cascade 1000 canister filter and that has really helped keep the water clear for much longer intervals. It was about $100 but now I only have to do partial water changes once every two weeks, and I try to clean the filter every month and change the media on schedule. Much less work and totally worth the investment.

u/EnnuiGoblin · 2 pointsr/turtle

I recommend this above tank extension for a basking platform. It takes less tank space and is much dryer and sturdier than a leg extension platform. Main drawback is that it will require a higher water level in the tank.

Penn Plax Turtle Tank Topper – Above-Tank Basking Platform for Turtle Aquariums, 17 x 14 x 10 Inches

u/Cturner4545 · 1 pointr/turtle

This is the best one I have gotten. They have smaller sizes if you don't need one this big. My Vinny is a growing girl. I got tired of buying one every couple of months when they would stop being able to hold her weight. I bought this one over a year ago. It's sturdy, very well made. I know it's a little pricy, but it's the last one you'll have to buy for a long time.

u/usmc5541 · 2 pointsr/turtle

This is what I have on my 40g Turtle tank. Get some Seachem Matrix or look for the sunsun media kits and fill the top 2 baskets with it. Get some plastic pot scrubbers for the bottom tray to put under the stock filter pads, and find some sort of coarse pad to go in between the scrubbies and the pad.

Also, get some thread seal tape for the intake tubes if your water level isn't to the top of the tank, or you'll have problems with priming.

You should easily be able to stay under $100 and get a solid filter going.

u/djronnieg · 2 pointsr/turtle

Not sure which platform so I'll give two answers. The toy chest (platform for the tank) was built and bought well before I was born.

The basking platform is by Penn Plax. In Paffie's newer 150 gallon stock tank the dock isn't tall enough so I had to zip-tie some metal grids together to elevate it.

u/znics · 7 pointsr/turtle

It’s on amazon, I actually have the same one, it’s called the Turtle Topper

u/krschu00 · 1 pointr/turtle

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Covers...

Exo Terra Repti-Glo 5.0 Compact...

BYB - 150W 110V Ceramic Infrared...

REPTIZOO Dual Lamp Fixture for...

MUST Swap the UVB bulb every 6 months.

u/Cartle · 1 pointr/turtle

I have a RES and I recently bought a bunch of Zoo Med 100W bulbs as they are on sale. They provide UVB and heat all in one bulb to reduce the amount of fixtures I need on my tank. To light the other end of my tank I just use a simple desk lamp.

u/lotsopop · 1 pointr/turtle

You can try this:

Penn Plax Large Turtle Pier For Use In and Out Of Water Basking Platform For Small Reptiles

u/Broken_light_bulb · 3 pointsr/turtle

Yah I wouldn't waste money on that filter turtles are messy and you want to have room for a lot of bio media. That filter didn't have its GPH listed but I am going to guess it isn't very much. I usualy aim for my GPH to be about 10X the size of my aquarium, so 40 gallons = 400GHP (but more is better). Check out sunsun canister filters.

$70 and you will have 525 GPH and plenty of room for Bio media. I would also suggest going to Walmart or a craft store and buying a big roll of 100% polyester pillow stuffing (no additives or mold resistance). It is the exact same material as you would buy for a filter pad at the pet store but for $5 u can get a giant roll that will last months. Add your choice of bio media and a heater and it will probably be around the $100 mark.

u/bobie_corwen · 2 pointsr/turtle

Currently I use this: , you plug it to your tap (mine is plugged in the bathtub, it doesn't fit properly, so I use duct tape, but it works!)

u/tomanonimos · 3 pointsr/turtle

I just get Repto/Zoo Med two light housing amazon

I get a random UVB light bulb (they also provide UVA) link

For your light bulb for heat, just use any 1000 watt bulb and you will be fine.

edit: My bad it is indeed a 100 watt bulb.

u/OteeseDreeftwood · 1 pointr/turtle

Buy this:
These are more accurate than the strips, and measure ammonia too. Basic aquarium nitrogen cycle: waste - ammonia - nitrites - nitrates.

You need biological media in your system (typically in your filter) to accumulate nitrifying bacteria that turns the toxic ammonia and nitrites into less toxic nitrates. The only way to eliminate nitrates is through regular water changes.

To answer your question though, turtles are pretty hardy creatures, and can handle far more variance in water conditions than most of your typical aquarium pets. High levels of any of the previously mentioned toxins is bad for their health, and should be monitored, but I don't think that's your problem.

Is he young? He may just be growing and shedding some scutes. This is natural and shouldn't cause any concern. You may be overfeeding, and he may not be getting adequate UVB, which can cause shell health problems. Really would need to see a picture to tell what the issue may be.

u/scrh2010 · 1 pointr/turtle

That's what it looks like (with more water than shown) it's a 40gal breeder tank with river rocks and a large basking dock.

The dock:

The rocks:

I have 2 bags of rocks in there right now, but I am going to add a third. To prep them, I put them in my kitchen sink, filled it with water, moved them around to knock any dirt/ particles off, drain and repeat until the water came clean, then I plugged the sink, boiled a bunch of water and put the boiling hot water into the sink until it covered all the rocks and let them sit for 30 minutes to kill any gems that might have been on them.

If you have any other questions, just ask.

u/Zupa_jajkowa · 1 pointr/turtle

Here is my setup!

Turtle: Female Northern Diamondback Terrapin currently at 4.5” shell length, will grow to 9”

Tank: 55 gallons

Lights: Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle UVB & Heat Lighting Kit

Filter: Penn Plax Cascade 1500 Canister Aquarium Filter

Heater: Fluval M Submersible Heater 200 Watt

Light Timer: Century 8 Outlet Surge Protector with Mechanical Timer

Basking area: Egg crate and zip ties, with flat rock inside

Live plants: 2 Anubias and 1 unknown

Substrate: Black Diamond Medium Blasting Abrasives

Crushed Coral: Carib Sea Florida Crushed Coral

Driftwood: petco

Rocks: local fish store

Water: tap water treated with ReptiSafe® Water Conditioner