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u/vapeducator · 1 pointr/ucr

Don't leave school documents on any computer that can break or be stolen. Upload everything to a private cloud storage site like google docs or google drive with a separate backup vault. Only copies should be on your local computer. Professors aren't very lenient with excuses like those for files that go missing. It's the student's responsibility to have multiple backups of assignments and work.

The question isn't whether to get a laptop or not. The question is whether to buy an expensive gaming laptop instead of gaming desktop, or to get an inexpensive laptop at a good value while having a much better gaming desktop computer. So I'm not arguing against getting a laptop or tablet. I suggest getting a small, thin, laptop with very long battery life as a priority, with no extra expense for gaming capability, and then use the desktop for anything requiring a powerful CPU or GPU. It's a matter of getting the most for your money. Now if a student had an unlimited budget, then sure, an expensive gaming laptop and a top-of the line desktop with overclock Skylake i7-6700K + GTX 1080 would be fine.

Long battery life to last through a full day of classes is really useful because you won't have to carry around the power dongle and cables.

Here's an example: Acer Cloudbook for $219, delivered.

u/Avi-2187 · 1 pointr/ucr

ok. I have a 1200 dollar budget, and I think this is what im gonna do.
700 on an ultrabook with a dedicated gpu, like a 940m, like this

200 on the r9 480
Have my i5 4690k already
50 for a motherboard
50 for 1tb hdd
50 for 8-16 gb ram
50 for 120 gb ssd
100 for mini itx case

u/ht7baq23ut · 2 pointsr/ucr

The 16 bus runs from Bannockburn to the Moreno Valley mall. There’s a Best Buy on Day street along the way. Your ride time will be around 40 minutes.

Bus tracker:

Google maps:

Or Amazon: AmazonBasics Universal 65 Watt Laptop Charger (AC Power Adapter)

u/MacroBully · 1 pointr/ucr

ima just leave this here as a suggestion that meets the requirements and in which i think is good for its value. Might be a little heavy to bring to school everyday though (6 pounds)

u/zat6uceSw6p7y3cHeqak · 2 pointsr/ucr

I have some thoughts I want to reply with but I'm busy for a bit; stay tuned.

In the meantime, another good book:

u/tony18rox · 1 pointr/ucr

I just got this one on a whim for like 16 bucks plus shipping. it would work right?