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u/oniony · 2 pointsr/ukbike

If you're planning on doing more than just a short commute, you'll want to get:

  • Some padded shorts. Bib shorts are the best as they don't have a waistband to dig into you, but you could get 'baggies' if lycra is not your thing. I use these but I'm not over impressed with the quality, though they are inexpensive compared to most.
  • Some cycling gloves. They'll stop wind chill, stop you grazing your hands if you fall and reduce hand numbness. Typically people use fingerless ones for the summer and fingered ones for the winter.
  • Water bottle. I use these ones as they're dirt cheap and big.
  • Pump. I quite like this one.
  • Spare inner tube. I bought my last batch from Ribble.
  • Patch repair kit. I tend to get cheap ones from Wilkinsons.
  • Tyre levers. I have both plastic and metal ones and the plastic ones are better.
  • Multitool. I use a cheap one I got from Sainsbury's.
  • Saddle bag (for carrying the spare tube, mulitool and patch kit). I use this one and I'm pretty pleased with it.

    That's the bare minimum, I'd say. You can ride with less but it'll be less comfortable and more inconvenient when you get a puncture. You'll also need lights if you ride at night, of course. A proper cycling jersey is also really nice and a massive improvement over a t-shirt but you don't need it.
u/echoesreach · 5 pointsr/ukbike

I did a bit of research on this last year (before ultimately deciding to just keep it in the garage!) and for a few months had a bike tent.

Worked fine but eventually toppled over one windy day.

My budget was only around £50, but I did consider one of these (which seem to be considered the best option).

Ultimately I decided against it, and kept in the garage instead (insurace policy was only £50 more a year to keep it on the driveway, so the cost of a shed for the bike wasn't really justified).

The next thing up seems to be a purpose made metal locker, but they run as £400+

Like I say though, the plastic sheds you can get seem to be best bang for buck. All I would say is though I feel like having a shed/plastic storage is almost advertising that theres something to steal in it.

I appreciate this isn't the most helpful post, but as noone else has posted yet it's at least something!

u/Wisey · 1 pointr/ukbike

I have that exact bike. It's a great entry level road bike! Done around 2,500km on it and it's still going strong. I've used it as a commuter with some security quick release skewers (so your wheels don't get stolen easily) and a Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini (possibly the strongest U-lock you can buy, other Kryptonite locks are worth a look too though, for less money).

I have this rack for it. As long you're physically able to climb the hill then the bike will. ;-)

u/Tim_Buk2 · 2 pointsr/ukbike

They look pretty good! Quite a bit lighter than the Marathon Plus (which is their biggest criticism) which is a good thing, but of course a thinner puncture protection.

A Marathon Plus in 700x32c is only £24.48 with free delivery here on Amazon

That is what I would get for only £1.59 more.

u/sanchopanza · 3 pointsr/ukbike

Definitely get a hybrid. I have chunky tyres on mine which mean it will go over rough ground easily, and I quite like the front suspension as well. Don't overthink things, get to your local bike shop and ask what they have. They'll probably let you try them out first.

u/ChuckFH · 2 pointsr/ukbike

Somthing like this or this is what you're after.

Just make sure to check it's OK for you to start installing things in a communal area.

u/Robware · 2 pointsr/ukbike

Something like this or this will cover most bases out and about. You can pick up a proper chain tool for a few quid, and they're a bit easier than the ones on multi-tools.

I've got a few multi-tools from various manufacturers and they all do the same job equally well. There's no one I'd specifically recommend.

u/xinyouyou · 1 pointr/ukbike

My bicycle light comes from a Chinese seller. It has an intelligent sensing function. When the distance between my bicycle light and the driver is getting closer, my bicycle light will automatically weaken according to the brightness of the opposite driver's headlights until the bicycle light has no light. When the driver's car has passed, my lights will light again, which will solve the driver's anger and my safety, and this bicycle light is cheap and easy to use, I will recommend it.

u/Ivebeenfurthereven · 2 pointsr/ukbike

Price history graph indicates this is an OK deal, but far from exceptional. Amazon has sold it for a lot less money at times in the past

In fact, there's a strong spike in prices in spring/summer, and a steeper drop yet to come around the end of September/early October by the looks of the trend over the last few years.

Makes sense - cash in on bike mania when the weather turns good, then have to shift your excess inventory before the relatively quiet winter

I'd hold fire until the end of September and see if it drops lower again this year personally.

u/AndyFatBoyMorris · 2 pointsr/ukbike

I have the [Wheel Building Book] ( and live near Leeds. If you borrow it, its a good excuse for me to get some miles on a Sunday. PM me if you want to borrow it.

u/dexcel · 2 pointsr/ukbike

We used the WeeRide

Liked it a lot because you could chat to them a d they weren't stuck looking at your bottom

u/Hobbits_armpit · 2 pointsr/ukbike

The anarchist infrastructure collective recommends these, much quieter.

u/racergr · 1 pointr/ukbike

No no, I did!!! I have this extension looped in the stair's railing. That is why I am saying the d-lock would be pointless, there would be a wire in the equation anyway.

u/beard-maketh-the-man · 2 pointsr/ukbike

I hate to say this, but you've learnt a lesson today.

Cable locks are worthless. They are cut through like butter. You have essentially locked your bike up with string.

This will cut through both those bits of string. You spent £600+ on your bike, yet a couple of quid on a lock. Silly billy. What did you expect?

When your bike is replaced, get a good u-lock. What you used to "secure" your bike, I use on my front wheel . . . and I fully expect that one day I'll come back and find my wheel missing.