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u/mindlesspleasures · 2 pointsr/vintageobscura

Gary Dalton Stovall (guitar, vocals) Don Adey (guitar, vocals) Dirk Acree (bass) Mick Newton (keyboards) Al Stigler (drums) Fred Darling (drums)

The Churchill Downs are one of the better unknown US psych/rock bands along with Beauregard Ajax and Public Nuisance

The group became the house band at the famous Gazzari's - a notorious club on the Sunset Strip. With Gary Dalton Stovall on guitar and vocals, Don Adey on guitar, Dirk Acree on bass, Mick Newton on keyboards and Al Stigler and replacement Fred Darling on drums - The Churchill Downs were a popular group in and around Hollywood during 1967-68

They recorded 16 tracks with famed producer Gary S. Paxton However, for whatever reason, the band failed to secure a recording contract with any label and the music they laid down remained unheard with the exception of one rare self-released single ‘I Gotta Get Back to My Baby’ b/w ‘The Amazing Three’.

The band was very young at the time but the musical output was of a high level with excellent production. Catchy compositions, great multi-vocal singing, strong guitars, organ, drums, bass and effects with a lot of ideas to make the songs unique.

In 2011 the illustrious German label Shadoks Music who specialise in rare psychedelic and underground music released the 16 track Churchill Downs album in its entirety.

The Churchill Downs [playlist]

  • Don't Turn The Light Off [2:30]
  • Little By Little [3:20]
  • Rise And Shine [2:25]
  • It's Only Just A Matter Of Time [3:05]
  • I Can Hear A Sound [2:22]
  • The Amazing Three [2:51]
  • On My Way [3:17]
  • I'm A Man [2:55]
  • Gotta Get Back To My Baby [2:17]
  • You're No Good [2:35]
  • Alfie [3:00]
  • Dreams Do Come True [3:14]
  • I'll Try Anything [3:32]
  • Ostrich People [2:28]
  • Let Me Make A Tear [3:31]
  • My Mind Ain't Peculiar [3:12]

    Amazon ‘Review’: “Forty three years in the making, Shadoks Records, has once again struck gold. So often releases are tauted as "undiscovered gems" but once heard prove bitterly disappointing. This is certainly not the case with The Churchill Downs - a California band who dazzled music fans in the Hollywood are in 1967 and 1968 until the draft board's calls to Vietnam finally delivered a death knell to the band in July, 1968.

    Led by guitarist/vocalist Gary Dalton Stovall, The Churchill Downs delivered tasty psychedelic gems for nearly two years, with 16 tasty tracks filling this eponymous release.

    A gorgeous mixture of originals and covers, The Churchill Downs achieve what few bands are truly capable of, that is performing the music of others and making it their own, while at the same time writing and performing unique band compositions.

    The band had two distinctive incarnations, represented here by eight tracks each. There are many standout tracks, but The Churchill Downs prove themselves by recording the oft-covered ‘I'm A Man’ and giving it a life all its own. Stovall's guitar work on this track is incredible, as is the organ performance of Mick Newton and the group's shared vocals are stunning.

    Unlike so many bands of the day, there are no self-indulgent overplayed tunes to be found here. Absolutely none. The tracks range from just over 2 minutes ‘I Can Hear A Sound’ to the 3 minute 29 seconds of ‘I'll Try Anything’ the former an original the latter a cover.

    The guitar work of Stovall is consistent throughout and never overplayed nor over-produced, a delicate balance so rarely achieved.

    With all members save drummers Al Stigler and his replacement Fred Darling contributing vocals, the bands vocals never disappoint. The one track which may not fit quite as nicely as the rest is the cover of the Bacharach-David composition ‘Alfie’ but it has enough unique guitar work to hold the listener's interest.

    I really don't know where Shadoks Records continue to find these absolute nuggets of undiscovered gold, but the proof is in the pudding, and The Churchill Downs offers a bit of everything to the listener, from heavy guitar riffs to gentle keyboard tones. There is truly something here for everyone.

    Like so many other groups it is tragic that the Vietnam war caused the end of The Churchill Downs but thanks to the careful archiving of band performances and the ever attentive, open eared folks at Shadoks these recordings from 1967 and 1968 are presented in superior sound quality and tasteful packaging, with an informative 8 page booklet filled with photos, track annotations and instrumentations and a humble introduction by Gary Dalton Stovall himself.”
u/lakeradio · 3 pointsr/vintageobscura

Can we get some book recommendations?

I just finished Elevator Music: A Surreal History of Muzak, Easy-Listening, and Other Moodsong and greatly enjoyed it.

I am also in the middle of reading A Beautiful Noise: A History of Contemporary Worship Music in Modern America

I'd love to read a book on Ehtiopian music (espcially one covering ethiojazz, and the Ethiopian 'Divas" such as Hirut Bekele), Library Music.

I saw a book about unsung Illinois bands from the 60's which mentioned my hometown heroes The Lemon Drops, but I didn't end up purchasing it.

I am SURE there are plenty of books out there that would be of interest to us.

Side note: I have this ambition to write a book that profiles the records and cassettes that I find and post here. As a start, I am in contact with B.T. Kimbrough, who is a blind organist (and incredible man) that released a pretty obscure record back in the 70's.

I'd love to compile say, 2 dozen songs by different unsung musicians, release a V0 Compilation through a cool record label (Light In The Attic, for example), do some research and conduct interviews with the musicians in order to tell their story.

I've been trying to get a hold of the guys from The Lemon Drops for years, too. Legend has it, they (or some of them?) were still in High School when they got their record deal. When the record was finished, they convinced their school to play "I Live In The Springtime" over the PA system during school hours. This was at the school my mom and her siblings attended, but they missed it by a few years.

Anyway, wouldn't it be cool to have a compilation by various Vintage Obscura artists with an accompanying book? I'd even settle for writing some lengthy liner notes.

u/astronauts1and2 · 2 pointsr/vintageobscura

I love these guys! If you like them, Sons of Yma--a compilation of Peruvian garage--is really worth checking out.

Also, here's a great song from that comp:

u/numeralCow · 2 pointsr/vintageobscura

Unknown Legends of Rock and Roll, by Ritchie Unterberger. I bought my copy in 2001 and at that time it came with a fantastic CD featuring the acts discussed in the books. He also wrote a similar book called "Urban Spacemen and Wayfaring Strangers".

Also, Our Band Could Be Your Life (title from a Minutemen song) about the punk and indie music scene from 1981 to 1991. I lost my copy years ago but it was a great read.

u/notacrackheadofficer · 4 pointsr/vintageobscura

Anita O'Day's autobiography has several people swearing that Gene never even tried any drugs in his life, counter to the myths surrounding him. He was framed for playing with black folks.
Edit: Amazing book BTW.
quote from a review: ''Wow, this book did NOT disappoint. Anita's street-smart wit was forged from a hard-knocks childhood, teenage years spent in taverns and other shady places, and an adulthood swinging with big stars, drug addicts, hucksters, and fans (sometimes all rolled up into a single person!)''
Guaranteed satisfaction.

u/SecondHandEmotion · 3 pointsr/vintageobscura

Here's the original track listing: (Please note Discogs link is for the re-issue in 1977. The 1971 vinyl is quite pricey.

Here are some Amazon Reviews of this classic:

When I was twelve years old (back in 1973) my school took a field trip to this place: It was an amazing show. The music was so good I waited until the lights came on, and walked up to the grad student putting on the show. I didn't ask him about the stars. I asked him about the music. I swear he was an Ent. He had to be the great grandfather of the people in /r/Trees. He causally handed me the album, and said: "Oh, it's Lucifer." Low and behold a week later I found a copy in the discount bin at a Kmart deep in South South. I put it in my mom's buggie, and since LPs were cheap back then she paid no attention.

It bothered my young mind at the time that this great work of art was composed by Lucifer. I felt guilty, and slightly dirty. My mom never noticed the cover.

I have loved it for decades without reservations or qualms. I unfortunately lost my copy in a fire in 2011. Last weekend I found this on YouTube. I could not think of anywhere else on Reddit this would be given a chance than here. I will go to my grave with the firm belief that this album is one of the best things to ever happen in the history of Earth. I love it. Fangirl out.

u/exitpursuedbybear · 3 pointsr/vintageobscura

Cry Baby Soundtrack

I love this kind of sound too. It's called the "white sound" despite it originating with black doo wop groups because it became popular due to white groups later coopting it.

My Doo Wop Collection: The White Group Sound, vol. 2

u/ZaprudersSteadicam · 2 pointsr/vintageobscura

Reading about this song led me to discover this songbook, Hard Hitting Songs for Hard-Hit People

I ordered it immediately. It has great songs by Woody Guthrie, this one and other socialist/union songs

u/eaglebtc · 2 pointsr/vintageobscura

Here's an album by ambient artist Steve Roach called "Midnight Moon" (2000). I discovered his music on Cryosleep, a now-defunct Shoutcast station.

It's not quite old enough to be vintage, but it's definitely obscura and chock full of ambient electric guitar for interstellar travelers.

Listen to samples on the iTunes Store.

u/Si-O-No · 2 pointsr/vintageobscura

I don't think it's on YouTube but you can buy the CD on Amazon for less than $10:

u/raoulduke25 · 2 pointsr/vintageobscura

This is an absolute essential if you can find it at a decent price.