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u/share-and-enjoy · 1 pointr/whisky


TL;DR - Standard answer, the Glencairn glass (the official {Scotch} Whisk(e)y glass). My current favorite though is the Taylor'd Milestones Reserve Whiskey and Scotch Glasses available HERE

I'm by no means an expert, but I have tried many different shapes of glassware over the years... So, here are some of my experiences.

The standard highball/lowball, with their straight 🥃 (or even at times obtuse _/ ) sides, allows for too much area for many of the aromatics in the whisky to disperse and even escape, making the whisky very bland and uninteresting, thereby "weakening" or "taming" it a bit. Hence, this is where most people start.

Something with a bit of a bowl or tulip (_) to it is kind of the next step up. This helps to concentrate the aromas and can help to bring out some of the subtleties of a good whisky.

Then there is the Glencairn style glasses, which kind of combine the previous two. It is a slightly bowled base with the straightened tip of a lowball. This is the official Scotch Whisky glass, and does a really great job at really getting you intimately close with your whisky, bringing out even the slightest nuances. However, to me, this can be a bit much for whisky that is a little heavy on the nose.

So, the 3 different glasses that I have tried that use a very similar shape to the Glencairn, but widen the rim up a bit, thereby taming the nose ever so slightly, are the Canadian Glencairn, the Norlan, and the Taylor'd Milestones Reserve Whiskey and Scotch Glasses.

The Canadian Glencairn is a great glass but there are two things that bug me a bit about it. First off, it is slightly awkward to drink out of, as you nearly have to put the glass vertical before anything comes out. The second, much more minor issue, is that your hand is right on your whisky only separated by a very thin layer of glass, which will lead to warming up your whisky. Which you may or may not enjoy.

Then came the Norlan glass. It is essentially a Glencairn glass with some aerators in the bowl housed in a double walled tulip shaped glass, that way your hand will not warm up your whisky with a lingering enjoyment of a good dram. However, again, to me, it is just slightly awkward to sip from.

Enter the Taylor'd Milestones Reserve Whiskey and Scotch Glasses. And mentioned above, this is currently my favorite glass to enjoy a nice dram in. It is essentially a Glencairn this has an opening that is about 1.5 times the diameter (which can tame a slightly heavy nosing whisky just the right amount), and then a nice lowball type weight at the bottom of it. So, it feels great in the hand, and you don't have to have your hand right on the whisky if you don't want to. It also feels much more natural to sip from.

The link to the Taylor'd Milestones Reserve Whiskey and Scotch Glasses is at the top, but here are some links to some legit Glencairns.

The original Glencairn - 2 pack, 4 pack, or 6 pack

I would recommend that you use either the seller Stock Your Home or Our Pampered Home, as they both sell the official legitimate Glencairn glassware, and tend to be one of the lowest priced ones as well. There are a substantial amount of fakes out there! So, here are the same links, but for Stock Your Home (if available).

Original - 2 pack, 4 pack, or 6 pack

And then for Our Pampered Home (if available).

Original - 2 pack, 4 pack, or 6 pack

(Sorry for the delayed post, I've had a busy past couple of days)

All the best... Enjoy!

u/Trexid · 4 pointsr/whisky

You've come to the right place. There are a ton of excellent community members here who are eager to help new-comers like yourself. Stay within the whisky network and you'll be a seasoned malt / mash head in no time!

  • Add a few drops of water First tip.. Only cool clean (bottled or filtered) water is allowed in your single malts and bourbons. Add a little bit at a time to get used to drinking it "neat" (without water).

  • Invest in a nosing glass A Glencairn or a Capita or a regular wine glass will due in a pinch.

  • Ask questions! Don't be afraid to ask other community members for help or tips.

  • Read a ton of reviews This will help guide you to figure out which flavor profiles you like best and help you decide on making educated purchases. Our goal is to help you avoid buying shitsky as /u/texacer likes to call it.

  • Check out the side bar and malt map here and other side bar resources. There are some excellent videos posted under helpful stuff. Plenty of documentaries about Scotch whisky. I'll need to work on a Bourbon video section at some point.

    Cheers sir or madam, and enjoy yourself!
u/mriners · 3 pointsr/whisky

My wife got me this book a few years ago, and it's been a great guide for my experiments (I don't really follow the recipes, but do refer to timelines, ratios, etc).

In the safety section of that book, they never warn about poisoning yourself - it does warn against using lead glass for long-term storage and about accidentally making CO2 (and bottle bombs) by adding sugar - so you're probably fine.

I've never done a fresh fruit infusion for that long, so you might have a really syrupy concoction (some of the book's recipes call for 3-month infusions to make cordials). Also, the apple might be WAY too bitter if you had a cinnamon stick in there for 10 weeks. And the habaneros will probably be absolute fire. Try a teaspoon or so before you pour a whole glass.

I did a fresh blueberry infusion for about a week that came out great, but I also recommend giving it a shot with dried fruits. Dried peaches in Buffalo Trace for about 10 days makes a dynamite whisky sour.

u/-R-o-y- · 1 pointr/whisky

Wishart, Michael Jackson is fairly popular. I like the first title.

As for inspiration. Since the last years that I drink whisky I buy faster than I drink. There's usually something to get before I empty a bottle. It's not like I read a lot of books or magazines about whisky, but I am active on some fora (a very active Dutch forum mostly) where people have suggestions. Or just because I run into some store that has some whisky that I'm interested in. I've passed 'the very beginning' trying to find my taste, but when you're still in that 'phase': try to find samples or minis. I don't know about other countries, but in the Netherlans and Belgium there are many people selling samples. That's a way to try some old or expensive whisky, simply get very different ones, etc.

u/tvraisedme · -1 pointsr/whisky

Gotcha. So I'd probably do a theme. What I'd do for a beginner's introduction:

Glemorangie 10/Original or Dalwhinnie 15

Glenfiddich 12 or 15

Arran 10

Sprinbank 10

Laphroiag 10 or Talisker 10

Those are all single malts and will be easy enough for beginners to tackle. That's also the order I would taste them in. I wouldn't do more than 5 whiskys for "Tasting" as your palate really starts to break down.

I also recommend getting some tasting/nosing glasses. Here's a set of 6 for ~30$. Not a bad price. There used to be some cheaper ones called bellemain but I can't find them.

The glass will help you get a better handle on the nosing of the whisky.

u/95accord · 2 pointsr/whisky

If you are interested in reading about the real history of Canadian whisky - here is the guy who literally wrote the book on the subject and the best expert on the subject

Canadian Whisky, Second Edition: The New Portable Expert

He also has a new book coming out soon - highly recomend

u/Sax45 · 1 pointr/whisky

?Por qué no los dos?

Any favorite tanks? If I built a tank it would probably be an Israeli Super Sherman. It's kind of a FrankenTank, with modern features grafted on to a Sherman hull.

u/oakmalt · 3 pointsr/whisky

When the bottle gets about half empty I use a few sprays of inert gas to remove oxygen and add electrical tape to top for air tight seal. They are usually branded as wine preservers and pretty cheap. Re-apply after each dram and it works a treat. I've bottles open for more than 4 years with this method without issue.

Private Preserve Wine Preservation Spray

u/quercus_robur · 2 pointsr/whisky

Tea is good with whisky.

It's popular enough that Dave Broom, in his book, rates each whisky separately based on how it tastes with 5-6 different mixers, including tea (and including coconut water, I believe):

u/Anonymous3891 · 3 pointsr/whisky

I was given this for my birthday a couple years ago:

It works pretty well, I modified the wine glass holders with a dremel to accommodate glencairns.

Older picture, but you get the idea. I put short bottles under the glencairns, and I can keep smaller glasses on the lower wine rack, and bottles with screw tops or synthetic corks on the upper one.

u/ragingpanda147 · 3 pointsr/whisky

Do you mean Laphroaig? It's pronounced "lafroyg". You could get him a set of Glencairn whisky snifter glasses, I'll edit back with a link to amazon

Edit: something like this:

u/ess_tee_you · 2 pointsr/whisky

My wife bought these on Amazon about a year ago. I use them very regularly as they quickly became my favorite glasses.

They're dishwasher safe, no marks after many uses and washes, even with large square ice cubes. They have a really good feel to them, and a fairly nice weight to them, too.

I haven't tried any others, but if one of these got broken I would immediately buy the same one as a replacement.

Edit: I promise I'm not a glass salesman.

u/MizzouX3 · 1 pointr/whisky

Check out the book Tasting Whiskey. It's a nice, no nonsense, take on getting the most out of whiskey as well as a lot of interesting history and discussion about what makes each type unique.

u/tequilajunction · 1 pointr/whisky

These work for wine labels. I'd imagine they would work for whisky labels as well.

u/Razzafrachen · 4 pointsr/whisky

$50?? Is that glass made of diamonds? Consider a Canadian Glencairn as a suitable and dramatically less expensive alternative to the Denver & Lily

u/NoDecency · 2 pointsr/whisky

Air causes the flavor change. So you can buy vacu vins made for wine, but use them for your whisky. Here they are

u/LS_DJ · 2 pointsr/whisky

Oh I see the photo now, I might have missed it the first time!

I will say, get yourself some Glencairns or Copita glasses. Totally worth it for tasting and nosing.