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u/Not_MrChief · 1 pointr/whowouldwin

Sounds good, but I notice some of those are comics. I have nothing against comics, but I'm looking for novels. For reference, Wayne of Gotham is a novel, and a great one at that. Are there any other good Batman book/novels, not comics? Or Justice League?

u/Wallzo · 2 pointsr/whowouldwin

Green Lantern Rebirth by Geoff Johns

Indestructible Hulk by Mark Waid

Deadpool by Brian Posehn and Gerry Dugan. Best Deadpool book in a very very very long time, and it's relatively new. The current arc is some of the best Deadpool I've EVER read.

Deathstroke & Silver Surfer I don't have any recommendations for.

u/rd1027 · 6 pointsr/whowouldwin

That is from Hickman's run of Fantastic Four, the entire run is amazing so I'd recommend getting the entire thing here:

u/Lubub55 · 5 pointsr/whowouldwin

If anyone wants to start reading The Witcher novels I made a guide over on the "Featured Character" comment section that I'll repost here:

Short stories:

  1. [The Last Wish]( - Amazon US / Amazon UK

  2. Sword of Destiny - Amazon US / Amazon UK


  3. Blood of Elves - Amazon US / Amazon UK

  4. Time of Contempt - Amazon US / Amazon UK

  5. [Baptism of Fire]( - Amazon US / Amazon UK

  6. The Tower of the Swallow - Amazon US / Amazon UK

  7. [The Lady of the Lake]( - Amazon US / Amazon UK


  8. The Last Wish

  9. Sword of Destiny

  10. Blood of Elves

  11. Time of Contempt

  12. Baptism of Fire

  13. The Tower of the Swallow

  14. The Lady of the Lake

    The short stories are a must-read before the novels because they introduce many characters and plot points for the main saga. There is also a prequel story called Season of Storms which hasn't been officially translated into English yet, but there are fan translations if you can't wait. I haven't read it myself, but I hear that it is best read after the others. If you want to know more about The Witcher lore there is always The World of the Witcher^UK which will give you more backstory and details.
u/Animastryfe · 1 pointr/whowouldwin

If you want to learn about the martial arts of Europe from about 1200-1600, the book that I own is called the Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe. It is meant for a lay audience, and if you can find it in a library I definitely recommend at least skimming it.

u/IronOhki · 3 pointsr/whowouldwin

/u/Tsubasa_sama, might I recommend the book Seveneves by Neal Stephenson? It's a book where Earth's moon blows on on the first page, then everyone has to deal with it. I think it's relevant to your interests.

u/chiropter · 2 pointsr/whowouldwin

Have you read The Evolution of God by Robert Wright? It resolves many of the inconsistencies and oddities of the Bible/Torah as actually textual evidence for the evolution of the Abrahamic God from a polytheistic pantheon. Might clarify your thinking here.

u/RadagastTheBrownie · 3 pointsr/whowouldwin

I see Banner's gamma poisoning hilariously impeding Sith training. Think about it- any time Bruce tries to "give into his anger" he goes big and green, which isn't exactly a Force technique. Dark Side training might even do Bruce some good in preventing Hulk-outs.

Jediron Man ends up writing "Zen and the Art of Power-Suit Maintenance."

Tony Sith gets some nice synergy bonuses between alcoholic self-loathing, ptsd, and the Dark Side and between Force-Lightning and power for his suits, so that's really handy.

u/ShinyBreloom2323 · 2 pointsr/whowouldwin

It doesn't specify... There's only two figures of Wonder Woman that I know of. The WW Barbie from BvS and that random WW Barbie. It has to be faster than Garchomp, with a Speed stat of 130, because that's when you go the speed of sound. (Pokedex)

u/manaworkin · 6 pointsr/whowouldwin

Ok here's the plan.

hasmat suit 7.50

Mesh tape 3.99

rubber gloves 5.99

Weapon 1.99

Total: 19.47

Suit up, mesh tape gap in gloves and over face hole. Swat at ants like my life depends on it. It's going to be a tough fight with such a constrained budget but it's the best plan I can come up with under budget. I splurged on better gloves since the low weapon budget left me with a rather short melee weapon.

A slightly higher budget would have allowed me to suit up and spread Diatomaceous earth $12.97 (replace the gloves with cheaper ones and skip the swatter) instead of resorting to melee attacks. 30 bucks would greatly increase my chances as survival as i could spread it around and just avoid the ants as best i could.

If survival isn't a win condition then

undiluted Bifen i/t $16.02

spray bottle $2.24

total: $18.26

This shit is serious stuff. Cover all the floor surfaces as wide i can. No ants will survive the room for the next few years.

u/Silvadream · 17 pointsr/whowouldwin

I got it from a book, The Napoleonic Wars: A Very Short Introduction by Mike Rapport. Page 28.

What happened was the French Cavalry rode down the frozen waterways in the Netherlands and captured the Dutch fleet that was anchored at port.

u/mrtangelo · 1 pointr/whowouldwin

for dc it depends what superhero. if you want to get into green lantern i suggest reading the rebirth series then move on to the post-crisis green lantern series (started in like 2005. the first volume is called no fear) then finally start on the new 52 and thats when you would catch up. also maybe read up on a few key things that happened pre-crisis before reading rebirth (hal getting possesed by the embodiment of fear called parallax and killing nearly every green lantern, then he fused with a being called spectre in order to help silence parallax.)

u/toapat · 0 pointsr/whowouldwin

Both of These links are referencing the same book that Michio Kaku wrote talking about forcefields not as a replacement for armor but as a specific type of armor against Ionizing radiation, which would require as much power input IRL as some of the most power hungry world powers consume in a day to get the extreme end performance displayed in science fiction.

Im not invalidating Master Chief's Neural surgery which in reality would not enhance his reaction times even if you could replace someone's entire neurological system with a mechanical variant, or the fact that most of his skeleton was replaced while allowing him to still undergo military exercise rather than being crippled for life and mentally crippled by Anti-rejection drug dependency. Im denying Magic Energy shielding working on an entire class of weaponry because it does not create effects that would impede Kinetic weapons.

u/meaculpa91 · 2 pointsr/whowouldwin

Reading back, I do not interpret my comments as you've narrated. Can you show an explicit example that shows why you do?

A second reading does not show me that I'm not telling you why I think that way. I guess I'll just try to be more explicit.

Here's how I think. I'm a person who, in their natural state, isn't very reasonable and isn't very logical, like every other human being on the planet (whether they want to admit it or not). I don't think I or anyone else has the cognizance to look at a set of beliefs as broad as Christianity or any other religion and say that it makes completely unfalsifiable claims, especially when there's things like this and this and this and this. I'm not going to go into those books individually and say why I think they're right or wrong. I'm just going to say they offer big boy arguments, believe in something falsifiable, and make arguments towards it. Saying that Descartes or C.S. Lewis had unfalsfiable beliefs is plainly and undeniably false, and worse, is unfair to the fact that they support these arguments with carefully planned logic.

Saying Fred Phelps or the average Bible Belt fundamentalist has unfalsifiable beliefs isn't. So saying the whole kitten kaboodle is unfalsifiable is a sweeping generalization of a broad range of beliefs under the term "religion."

It's just not fair to the people who wrestle with their beliefs and really try to give solid reasons for believing. It puts them in the same category as buck-tooth fundamentalists.

If you want this conversation to continue, I'm going to ask you apologize for attacking my character over something as inconsequential as an internet discussion, and I'm going to further ask you not to do shit like that again. I don't know what kind of filter makes you think any of those statements are "insulting" unless you think it's an insult for someone to say your thinking isn't fair/logical. So far the first and only insults and attacks on character have been made by you. Unless you consider "I guess you don't hear a whole lot of profound statements" a pretty big insult. I agree that it was nasty & mean to say and I've apologized to the person affected.

u/lazerbem · 2 pointsr/whowouldwin

>so you would have liked for that woman to die? Because it could easily have killed he , had her friend not called 911 and got her to the hospital

If it had killed the woman, then you'd have a case. As it is, it shows the chimp to be monstrously inept at killing things. The wounds it left were painful and serious, but hardly immediately fatal. It didn't aim for any vital organs at all.

>and you have nothing to back this up , have you ever even heard of a human ripping another person's hands off? i didn't think so

Humans don't have sharp teeth like chimps do in order to rip hands off with.

>and no , a chart in and of itself is not a study

Here's the study that got the results from that chart. You can't read it unless you have an account, but if you can find it on another source, go ahead

>none of what you had had any citations , so please

I have studies from Yale, you have pseudo-science being touted around by pop culture

>according to whom?

Square cube law, larger animals tend to be proportionately less powerful. If the gorilla was scaled down, it's no more powerful than the chimp.

See the chart here. I was wrong about the gorilla being weaker, but it's not any stronger than the chimp either

>it is in the links of the previous post

Scientific sources, I meant, not stuff that's so obviously just pop culture, that it's not even funny.

>again , would you have liked for the woman to die? It could have easily killed her.

That's the point, on a weak old lady who could hardly fight back, the chimp was too dumb to kill her. They've got no killing knowledge, they just attack the extremities and genitals and then hope for the best beyond that

>and so is a leopard , that is my point

That has nothing to do with my argument

>ok then , give a link to the book

I have not found a free version of that one yet, but here's another example of that same incident being recounted in a book called "Man the Hunted" by Hart and Sussman(two other primatologists)

>its body stopped the bullet , did it not? it survived , did it not?

Men are bullet resistant according to you. The gorilla's arm was broken by the bullet and its arm disabled, this would have happened to a human hit by the bullet too(if it hit the right place at the right angle, of course). Blind luck means jack and you clearly didn't even read the article if you think that makes it bullet resistant.

>what makes your word more credible than theirs?

Are you going to tell me with a straight face that the bite of a hippopotamus is weaker than that of a jaguar? Even disregarding that, the science here is atrocious. We aren't told what sample size they're using, how they tested the bite force of these animals, which tooth they measured from, or the size of the animals they measured. Plus, they used PSI, no one uses that in actual science, they use newtons(as demonstrated in my study of a gorilla's bite force)

>if it is well placed , like the jugular , it would be enough to kill a human

Good thing apes are too dumb to aim for the throat and just go for non-vitals instead.