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Bright Starts Lots of Links
Flexibly, bendably versatile for moments that need itAttach baby’s favorite toys to play areas and gear itemsSticky messes meet their match – links wipe cleanGreat for on the goToy perfect for kiddos up to 3 years old
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u/TheHaggardSlug · 7 pointsr/beyondthebump

I currently have a 4 month old and she loves her exersaucer, crinkle books, oball, links, and the small Sophie. Depending, you may be able to get free books from the Imagination Library if you aren't already signed up!

u/AbsolutelyPink · 5 pointsr/breakingmom

Definitely a bouncer with vibrations and a play bar. Baby can sleep in it, play in it and in the beginning, be fed in it. Light and easy to take with you on trips (especially if you get a folding type). Like this

Car seat cover like this if they live in a cold climate. You don't have to bundle baby.

Definitely zip up baby jammies. Snaps suck.

A baby mirror for the back seat so parents can see baby while they're driving. The light up kind are best here Edited to add this to it's even less distraction for the driver to see baby in the mirror on the backseat.

These chains can attach baby toys to nearly anything, can hook on to a pacifier, and the baby can play with them. I love them.

Sleep sacks. I think the swaddlers are a waste of money when you can do it with a blanket and they're only used for a month or two. Ditto with baby gowns. Other than that, I agree with avoiding clothes.

Sun shades for the car, back seat windows.

A stuffy that crunches, rattles and squeaks. Bonus points if it's got teething corners. The crunchy toys really get baby's attention and can distract them from a full on baby fit.

Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards and bring over a batch of frozen meals that are easy to prepare (lasagna, spaghetti sauce with a box of pasta, casseroles). House cleaning gift certificate and offer (and follow through) to come watch baby so mama can shower or go clean the house and make them dinner then leave.

u/binderclips · 5 pointsr/beyondthebump

My baby couldn't figure out the toys marketed as "teethers" (I feel like she just has a small mouth and they're sized for babies with much larger mouths?), but she really liked chewing on these Lots of Links. Plus they're useful to attach toys to strollers/carseats/etc. so it's worth it to have anyway.

Have you tried sizing up his pacifier? I think the Avent Soothies for instance are sized 0-3M, then 3M-6M, so maybe he's outgrown his paci size?

u/HipposRDangerous · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

Crinkle toys, Rock a Stack Rings, Nuby Teething Blanket, This Rattle, and This rings have gotten the most use between my twins. The rings have been a hit since day one.

u/kjhatch · 3 pointsr/gameofthrones

The thing with cosplay is you have to choose whether to go recognizable or not. In some geek circles (like Star Trek) people go out of their way to be obscure characters. Since you're looking at a screening, you could go a bit off the path, but I still doubt there are that many hardcore fans out there (yet?) who know every sigil. For that reason you may want to stuck to more obvious identifiers.

If you go with a House (my recommendation for price and ease), you could make a cheap and comfortable costume based around a tabard. For that you only need some cloth remnants (you can get them cheap from any store that sells fabric) and compatible street clothes. Wear boots of some kind, pants-that-aren't-jeans, and a long-sleeve shirt that ideally is in the right color scheme of your chosen House. If your boots don't look right and/or you can't lace them over your pants, you can use a cloth remnant to wrap around the bottom of your pants, around the boots and just X-lace it to your leg using another strip of cloth. The same trick can be used on your forearms if your sleeves don't look that great. When it's done in matching colors it can look really good for something so simple.

The key to this though is the tabard that'll cover up the rest of the street clothes. It's the only piece requiring real crafting skills. Make a tabard from the cloth remnants; you can cut out a sigil design for the front of it and just sew it. It can be as nice as you want to make it, like contrast-color borders, or a quartered pattern, etc. I just googled up this guide. I'm sure there are many, many more online.

For accent you can belt it with any wide leather belt. If you can get your hands on (or make) a leather ring belt you'll look even better. Any knife/dagger/sword can help complete the look, though a long blade is usually not that comfortable to deal with when sitting in modern public settings. If you do have leather availability, a simply set of vambraces can also cover the ends of your sleeves and look nice.

The beauty of that is the ability to take it off and be wearing street clothes very easily.

Oh and another thought I had a bit ago for cosplay on the cheap, if you want to go the Maester route. These link toys (another example) are in every generic store, Target, Wal-Mart, etc., for next to nothing. They are very lightweight, come in different shapes, and are easy to link to whatever length of chain you want with whatever color combination. They're a little big, but it's hard to beat the price, and an exaggerated chain would help with cosplay identification. The plastic also should take spraypaint very easily if you want a shiny metallic look. The main drawback to Maester though is the robes. Even if you can find or make them, robes can be heavy, bulky, and hot, so fair warning.

u/peachybutton · 2 pointsr/Mommit

I hung toys we already had from the arch on our pack and play to approximate a play mat like that. These rings are inexpensive and endlessly useful and entertaining. My son is 14 months old and still loves to chew on them, try to pull them apart and wave them around.

u/vaskanado · 2 pointsr/Rabbits

my bun chews on the bars, she did so when she was kept in a cage. However, when we transitioned the cage out, she still chews on the bars. I bought some baby chains. they are plastic, I link a few together and I hang them from the bars. She will chew them now and while its probably not the best solution (not chewing would be the best), its better than the metal bars IMO so I guess i'll live with it. They are cheap so it might be worth a shot. For me, its been the best investment that I've made in terms of replacement behavior

u/SaraFist · 2 pointsr/Parenting

Books, books, books! My babies love(d) Look, Look! (three year old loves "reading" it to his brother), Black & White, Art Cards, the Babyfaces series (esp Hugs and Kisses and Smile!. The World Snacks series is also great; they're bright, (mostly) well-written, and not irritating. Plus, My toddler still loves them, and we started reading them to him when he was three months. I like Yum Yum Dim Sum and Let's Nosh! best. Indestructables are great for babies who eat books. And the Leslie Patricelli books have been a huge hit around here since toddlerdude was a wee baby.

Don't forget non-board books good for reading, such as a Mother Goose (there are also "chunky" ones that are kid-safe), Beatrix Potter, The Wind in the Willows, or even Shel Silverstein.

Toys for this age that I like are sensory balls, music makers, rattles (we had to buy two of those because wee babydude likes it so much), stackers, links, these bead things (a large, four-sided activity cube is gold for this age through toddler hood--like this), stacking cups, and baby's first blocks. We have veriations on all of these (or the exact one listed), and they are popular with both our three year old and the eight month old.

u/-Nuu- · 2 pointsr/RATS

I get all my fleece from JoAnn stores. They often have fleece at 50% off per yard, so you can buy it in bulk and use it as needed. Any large fabric store will have lots of fleece in stock (I just prefer JoAnn because that's the best one I have in the area I live in). I'm sure you know this already, but just in case, please don't use cedar or pine chips as bedding for your rats; it's harmful to them. You can use fleece or aspen chip bedding (but freeze the aspen for 48 hours prior to use to make sure it's free of parasites).

I buy many rat toys on Amazon, and make some myself. If you're buying any kind of wooden rat toy, do be aware that many of them are made from soft woods like pine and cedar, which are super bad for rat respiratory systems. Hardwood toys are usually safe—just make sure it's not a combination wood that also has pine or cedar in it along with the hardwood. I personally do not buy wood toys on amazon, because the products often don't list what kind of wood they're made of. The only wood product I buy on Amazon is bags of untreated apple branch chewing sticks. I'll link you to some rat-safe toys and accessories I buy on amazon below! :)

Kaytee Lava Ledge

15" Chin Spin - Small Animal Exercise Wheel - Handmade in USA (Expensive, but it's the very best and safest wheel for rats.)

Bright Starts Lots of Links Accessory Toy (Great for hanging things up in the cage.)

Small Animal Activity Toy Cotton Rope Net For Rat and Ferret Pet Bed for Parrot and Hamster Parrot

Kaytee Igloo Hideout, Large

ACCO Binder Clips, Medium, 2 Boxes, 12/Box (A7072050) (If using fleece as the bedding/liner in your cage, this helps to secure fleece to the Critter Nation pans.)

Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Baby Unscented, 32oz. (I don't use any scented products with my rats since rat respiratory systems are so fragile, so this is the non-scented liquid soap I use to wash my hands and their non-fabric toys.)

Pawliss Teeth Grinding Lava Block for Hamster Chinchilla Rabbit

Aspen/Booda Corporation BBX56134 Byrdy Cable Cross Bird Toy, Medium

200g(7oz) Apple Sticks Pet Snacks Chew Toys for Guinea Pigs Chinchilla Squirrel Rabbits Hamster(About 50-70 Sticks) by MAIYUAN (The only wood product I buy on Amazon.)

Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels Play Tube for Small Pets (Medium.)

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan- Colors May Vary (Regular size, not jumbo.)

JW Comfy Perch for Birds (Large, 36".)

Lixit Critter Space Pod 2 Large (You can hand these on the ceiling of the Critter Nation. My boys LOVE these!)

Lixit Lbg-16 Glass Small Animal Bottle 16 Oz (16oz is always best for rats because of the bigger water spout. I've found that smaller bottles are a struggle for my boys to get water out of, so I only use the small ones for rat carriers/transporter cages. Tip: filtered water is best for rats, so if you can, get a Britta water filter.)

Yummy Time Tiny Small Stoneware Pet/Dog Bowl

I buy Harlan Teklad (Envigo) food blocks for my rats, which is one of the top two for rats (the other is Oxbow Regal Rat). Harland Teklad is hard to find though, so I buy mine through this animal rescue:

If you get these blocks, freeze them to extend their shelf life, and take them out from the freezer as needed to fill your ratties' bowls. Harlan Teklad is great because they have several formulas for rats based on their age, which is super helpful for their health. Young rats up to 8 months usually eat Harlan Teklad 2016 (16% protein), and after 8 months they eat Harlan Teklad 2014 (14% protein).

Also, I don't have a link for this, but the best laundry detergents to use to wash your rats' cloth toys or bedding with is one that's non-scented and is sensitive on skins.

Um, if I think of anything else, I'll add it. But for now, it's already a ton. :P Enjoy!

(And feel free to message me if you have any questions!)

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Parenting

They have this product. It's called a front carrier. Anything you design can't be any wider than an average person. Or else people won't use them for fear of bothering other passengers. When I traveled with my baby last year my main concern was being a bother to other people. I was afraid she would kick the seat in front of us or grab at someone's laptop or something like that. It's such cramped quarters and we all know the stereotype of how everyone hates babies on planes. Maybe you could design something that not only keeps the baby securely on your lap but maybe has some way of entertaining the baby too? I know that when my daughter was on my lap and I handed her a book or toy or whatever and she threw it on the ground I couldn't easily pick the stuff back up. I ended up tying a string to her toys so she couldn't lose them. Maybe have some way of putting these things on your product?

u/karatechick2114 · 2 pointsr/RATS

I do like your setup. I would suggest getting baby teething rings to hang across the cage and possible a bird rope that they can walk on. Though I have to warn you about that edible hut. If it's one of those snack shack things. They have alfalfa in it, which some people say rats cannot digest. Usually the rats won't actually eat it, but the honey in it can encourage them to ingest it and cannot digest the alfalfa. Plus, depending on what one you got, it might have pine shavings as an ingredient. This is all things that I have heard or read and have never experienced myself because I erred on the side of caution. You make your own decision based on your little ones, I just wanted to give you the information.

u/Ajoeee · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I could totally use these linking rings

I don't know why I don't have these yet. My daughter has played with them before and she loved them. A lot. She doesn't seem to be entertained by any of her toys anymore so I'm trying to add to what we have already.

u/MercyMay · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

Mine is just six months old now, but she loves books with touchy-feely things, these plastic links/rings, and anything that crinkles. We're probably going to get her a wooden activity cube thing.

u/perrla · 1 pointr/BabyBumps
  • Changing Table: I had a c-section and would have been useless without it
  • changing table organizer
  • Toys!: Freddie is a favorite. We couldn't live with out these. We really didn't get any, so when my son got interested in toys we were running out to buy them. Also the last thing to add, an exersaucer type deal. My son can sit in it and play on his own for a good hour. I have having a bad evening and wanted nothing more than to relax in the rub. I drug the dam thing into the bathroom for him so he could play while I bathed.
  • A place for baby to sit/nap. Whether it be swing or rocker. We used this the most.
  • gas drops, gripes water, and tylenol.
  • sleep sacks
  • Aden and Anais swaddle blankets: My spawn could break through most of the velcro swaddles, but use one of these and the russian swaddling method and he was stuck.
  • covered garbage can for diapers. We use this with just plain shopping bags.
  • all different kinds of diapers and diapering supplies. It lets you go through the different brands of diapers, butt cream, and wipes to find what works best for your child.
  • Even if you plan on breast feeding have a small thing of formula and bottles on hand just in case.
  • Crib soother thingies. We have a giraffe that does music and heart beat sounds. We also just got a Baby Einstein fish soother thingy.
    Seasonally appropriate clothing. I got tons of cute little short sleeved onesies for my Late Dec. baby. He lived in fleece sleepers his first couple of months.
    If you are having a winter baby a car seat cover is a necessity.

    Sorry I'm kind of rambling. This seems like a lot, but we bought a lot of our stuff second hand at garage sales and thrift stores.
u/glasspieces · 1 pointr/Mommit

We've so far gotten nearly 11 weeks of interest out of the Ikea wooden gym. I've been able to keep it interesting by moving the order of the toys around and hanging other toys from it (such as this Firefly), her Taggie Elephant, and these colorful links full of textures. Lately, our DD has taken to sucking on and throwing around an elephant lovey too, which I imagine will grow with her.

u/misstigg · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Kids II Bright Starts Lots of Links

☝️these are the ones I’ve got, rings of plastic that you link together and attach to toys/dummies/bottles and pretty much everything else

Makes it easy to add things to play gyms and stops toys being thrown out of prams

u/raanne · 1 pointr/Parenting

An exersaucer is great! My son loves to just jump in it. other than that:

  • Fischer price standing table (Like the one in the thumbnail)

  • Plastic Links are perfect for connecting up any toys / teethers to car seats, strollers, high chairs, etc...

  • soft toys that make noise

  • carseat toys that hang from the strap of the carseat

u/charcuterie_bored · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

My son has had for awhile and still loves this three piece teether set and the Bright starts links.

u/johnsnowluvr · 1 pointr/RATS

Hi! I make my own hammocks and my girls used to chew through them so fast I couldn't keep up with making new ones. So, I made a couple of adjustments that seem to help.

  1. I sew a big X through the flat sections of hammocks. This keeps them from chewing holes and burrowing in between layers of the hammocks. They used to burrow even in pocket hammocks, but now they reach that seem and stop chewing. Since they've learned that trick I've been able to keep a hammock stockpile and actually wash and reuse them.
  2. I use plastic baby rings to hang my hammocks. They're an add on item on Amazon and easy to use and replace. I probably have at least 100 of them in rotation. They're cute and colorful and my rats lost interest in chewing them after a couple weeks. I've been using them for a year now with no problems.

    Bright Starts Lots of Links Accessory Toy:

    You can see in this picture how I just punch a hole in the hammock itself to attach the ring. I used to make loops for hanging the rings but my girls loved chewing through them:
u/TheHatOnTheCat · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

I don't know if it would be too much clutter, that's based of your sister's opinion, size of her home, and storage space so you are a much better judge.

What I would suggest is only buy an activity gym or toys that come off so you can switch them out. My parents house had a used fisher price bouncy reclining seat thing with a bar over it with hanging toys (also useful) but the toys are stuck on so we could never put new ones. New things interest babies just like other people. We have one at home you can take on/off the bar (eeh) and switch the toys (very important).

Also, my daughter favorite toy early on was this thing. It's wood, you can chew on it, shake it and the beads clack, and crush it so the rope changes the shape of the object. She was a bit late on the uptake for toy playing (she loved people/faces/human interaction too much) but got this for Christmas at 4 months and it was good for a few solid months of use and keeping her occupied after that. I would have given it to her earlier given the chance.

I also like the oball products a lot (easy to grab/hold for littles), hanging toys, and toys that make noise for young babies.

These plastic link form together to chain so you can hang the stroller type toys from the stroller, activity gym, ect to the height you want and mix and max products. Also available at target.

A great priced item we got a lot of use out of was this set of toys with a coil to wrap around things. Honestly, it's huge and I did not use it as a whole set. However, each toy comes off and you can velcro it to stuff individually. They are very soft, well made, and all make a diffrent sound. The beach ball has a beautiful little bell inside and the bird can squeak. Even now at one year those two hang on her carseat (which goes into her stroller so as stroller toys too).

u/SrslyYouToo · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

I have a 6 month old right now... We have a ton of toys but here are a few examples of the only stuff he plays with right now.


Monkey teether



He loves anything that crinkles, we have a crinkle book that came with his baby gym, that he doesn't like being under.... But he loves that book.

This can also wait too, but I highly recommend one of these, we started putting him in this thing at 4 months with a box under him so he could reach, he loves this thing and could bounce in it for hours.

u/meowzers814 · 1 pointr/Parenting

Here's a list of items I found so useful for myself that I use as my go-to gift options for anyone I know having a baby.

  1. Rectal thermometer Not only is this the fastest and most accurate way to check an infant's temperature, but it really helps with constipation. Around 8 weeks, breastfed babies may start to poop only once a week. My kid would get so uncomfortable, but he was too young to have juice or pureed fruit. My doctor recommended a rectal thermometer with Vaseline to stimulate a BM. Works like a charm!

  2. Lots Of Links These are great for attaching toys to the carseat, stroller, and highchair. They're also thin and light, so they're great for really small infants to practice grasping and passing objects from hand to hand.

  3. Coat Hangers - Since everyone insists on loading up your baby with clothes, you need somewhere to put them all. I used all 80 hangers I had - and that's with a boy!

  4. Breastfeeding supplies - No one likes to buy this stuff, but if it's for a close friend or you know they're going to breastfeed, definitely get her some nursing pads (helpful even if she doesn't breastfeed and sometimes even before the baby is born) and lanolin If she is going to use a Medela pump, these membranes will come in handy. I also liked these wipes for cleaning any breastpump where there may not be a sink and these bags for sanitizing pump parts, bottles, paci's, etc.

  5. While this probably won't be used for a while, this play yard is one of my favorite baby purchases ever. It came in handy especially during those 7-12 months where my kid was crawling and learning to walk. It kept him contained and also gave him a safe place to practice walking. My son is 16 months old and we still use this all the time.

  6. No one did this for me, but I wish people had bought me a small package of their favorite generic/store brand diapers. No one wants to look cheap by buying off brand diapers, but in reality, you'll probably end up using them. Huggies or Pampers can run about $0.35 per diaper. It's great when you're getting gifts, but I'd like a chance to experiment with something lower cost without having to buy 15 brands. Target's Up & Up brand work great for me, and they're only around $0.15 a diaper. But babies are all shaped different, so what works for one kid might not work so great for another. You just have to try them out. It'd be nice to get some different brands as gifts.
u/oosetastic · 1 pointr/Parenting

Lots of links. This and a bucket, she would one by one, put them in the bucket, dump it out, start all over. Hours of entertainment!

u/CluckMcDuck · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

oball for sure. LO likes playing with that, and the plastic links

Those plus play gym and a few board books propped up = entertained for days.

Keep in mind that as kids grow, they see the same toys in completely different ways. So, although it seems boring to you - she might actually really enjoy things for a long time!

We did just get our 4/5mo LO a jumper. He's an early sitter/loves to stand assisted, so we thought it was time. We only use it for about 10-20 min at a time, but he LOVES it!

u/noxdracoria · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

We just got one of these for our twins : Bright Starts Activity mat

We change it up a lot by adding different toys *pretty much any of their toys can be hooked onto the activity centre after getting a pack of toy links

At 6 months they still love it and are entertained by trying to unhook toys from the arches and I still change up the toys regularly so it doesn't get boring (though now they will pull a toy off and roll away and play with it vs just hanging out on the mat lol).

u/thedavest · 1 pointr/parrots

Yep, these work wonders and Magellan loves crawling through them.

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