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ClinicalGuard® HCG Pregnancy Test Strips (Individually-Sealed, Pack of 20)
ClinicalGuard Urine Pregnancy Test is an accurate and easy-to-use pregnancy test.Test strips have sensitivity of 25 mIU, or 25 ng/LNegative: Only one color band appears in the Control Zone, with no band in the Test Zone.Positive: Distinct color bands appear in both the Control and Test Zones.
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29 Reddit comments about ClinicalGuard® HCG Pregnancy Test Strips (Individually-Sealed, Pack of 20):

u/face-face-face · 56 pointsr/AskTrollX

When I had my IUD, I bought a bunch of the cheapo pregnancy test strips off Amazon just for those days when I felt stressed because I didn’t have my period yet. Missed period stress is the worst. Being able to take a quick test to put my mind at ease every now and then was worth paying $7.50 for 20 strips on Amazon. Plus then you can be that friend who can support her best Judy when she’s worried she’s knocked up. “Come on over whenever; I’ve got Oreos and a pregnancy test with your name on it.” 👍

u/kinkymoo · 35 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

You can also buy multi packs of tests from Amazon for cheap. Always useful for the paranoia. The exact same dollar store tests are like 89c at walmart.

u/autumnbone · 23 pointsr/AskWomen

Bought these in bulk from trollx rec, will never look back ;)

u/mamaof2boys · 9 pointsr/Mommit

Have you tried peeing into a cup and then sticking the tests in and leaving them until the control line shows up? That's what I do lol. Also something cheaper is getting just the test strips in bulk off of Amazon. I paid $7 for 20.

u/WutThEff · 8 pointsr/TTC30

Got a super faint line yesterday and another faint one this morning! And then I went and bought a digital test to try tomorrow because I still don't quite believe it.

ETA more info:

I was using these super cheap tests from Amazon and I just bought a Clearblue digital to try tomorrow.

I used an Ava bracelet that I bought with HSA dollars to track my cycles since last December. Except, we went to a super remote area on vacation last month and so I was unable to sync data. So I just guessed ovulation week based on previous predictions and banged it out every day for 5 days, with day 3 being the predicted ovulation on day 14, since I sometimes ovulated on day 16 or 17. We had sex twice on day 3.

I tested the day before my estimated period (cycle day 26) and got nothing. Tested the morning of my missed period and had a faint line. Tested again this morning, another faint line.

u/prezcat · 6 pointsr/TrollXChromosomes

This is what I was going to come and say - AMAZON. A friend of mine was in a similar situation last year and didn't realize she could get pregnancy tests online. These are the "Amazon Choice" ones and are cheap and prime. Decently reviewed. One of the reviewers also said it comes in discreet packaging. And even if there are a couple of duds in the batch (which I don't imagine why there would be, but you'd run that risk even in the more expensive ones) there are lots of other ones to do as well.

The biggest thing though, and I know this will be the hardest part, is to just take everything a day at a time. Right now, you can't control what's going on, but you can control your reaction. If you're not pregnant and your period is late, it could be due to a multitude of factors, not least of which is stress. Mine was late by a month and a half because of stress in school. You just don't know until you do the test or your period comes, whichever happens first. It will be ok. It may not be great, but it WILL be ok. hugs

u/KupKate95 · 5 pointsr/birthcontrol

I have really bad anxiety and while I'm pretty confident I won't get pregnant before I'm ready, sometimes I wonder if I am. Thanksgiving last year, I spent way too much time worrying. After that, I got a pack of 20 for $7.50ish and every so often if I start to wonder I take one to give myself peace of mind. I read reviews and whatnot and people had said they were struggling TTC and buying these were cheaper than one of the drugstore ones. Reviews said they can notice as early as seemingly 2-3 weeks (one review said they tested positive 8 days post-ovulation). That's decently early to get accurate results. I was a bit surprised they could be that good at that price, but yeah. They're definitely underrated.

u/VisualSoup · 5 pointsr/makemychoice

That's fiscally irresponsible, get the 25 pack.

u/SableDragonRook · 4 pointsr/childfree

I highly recommend a big pack of pregnancy tests. They're really easy to use, and they'll set your mind at ease. Very cheap for a ton of them. I use these:

Take them as often as you like to ease your mind :)

u/RockyHorrorPictureHo · 4 pointsr/OkCupid

Yeah, those, you can get 100 strips for the cost of one at a CVS. They're like 30 cents each at that point vs like $15. So anytime my friends were like oh no my boobs are tender and I'm nauseous, I'd like like girl I got you, I have like 20 tests in my cabinet rn haha

dude trash pregnancy tests are like the worst thing to find, bc a lot of them have an evaporation line after the 10 min or so reaction line that looks like a (false) positive test. no one told me it's a thing and I once checked one way too late and I was super scared for like a week haha

u/dreamgal042 · 3 pointsr/CautiousBB

I hate when people comment on anything I buy. I try to do self checkout whenever possible, but HPTs come wrapped in non-theft plastic that requires human intervention.

I bought these for my testing compulsion until I was too far along and the line got lighter again from the hook effect.

u/ms-underhill · 3 pointsr/Endo

I'm dealing with this as well, but for me I'm always hopeful I'll be pregnant. I have confirmed endo, and I've been dealing with the symptoms for 20 years, but I still get surprised at how much my pre-period issues can line up with early pregnancy indicators.

I'm surprised they didn't automatically give you a pregnancy test at the Gyn's office. I can be on my period and they'll still do it.

One thing that has helped me with the scares is getting a huge pack of test strips so that I can do one (or more) a day without feeling like I'm throwing money away. Amazon has some really good deals. (Don't forget to have plastic cups on hand too!)

Also, have you tried a period tracker app? I am currently trying both Clue and My Calendar, to see which I prefer. They can help you track symptoms as well as your period, so you can see patterns. My Calendar also tracks temperature, which is a great indicator of different stages of your cycle.

u/MurphysMom13 · 3 pointsr/childfree

ClinicalGuard® HCG Pregnancy Test Strips (Individually-Sealed, Pack of 20)

u/mytrustythrowaway458 · 3 pointsr/birthcontrol


OP, here is a link to Clinical Guard test trips from amazon. 20 tests for $7.29 and 25 tests for $7.99. You'll be set for a while.

I use them as do my friends, never had an issue with them (apart from when I didn't follow the directions. almost had a heart attack that time) and they're great. Simple to use, easy to discard of, easy to read.

u/Gunkspargle · 3 pointsr/birthcontrol

You can get pregnancy test strips really cheap on Amazon. I get these ones. Better than paying $10 for First Response anyway :P

u/StuffyMcFluffyFace · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

Yes, but mine looked very different from yours. Here's my post from when I got my BFP. The LH strips are wondfos but the HCG strips are CGs.

These are the Clinical Guard strips I purchased from Amazon, seller was ClinicalGuard too.

u/brian21 · 2 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

A lot of the times, they take the $1 test, put it in a fancy piece of plastic, then add a bunch of marketing/overhead and margin (profit) to it, then sell it for way more.

You can buy a 20 pack of test strips like these for $7.50 that work great.


u/Rain_Walker · 2 pointsr/TryingForABaby

They are the ones I bought!

ClinicalGuard® HCG Pregnancy Test Strips (Individually-Sealed, Pack of 20)

u/FlamingoPants42 · 2 pointsr/relationship_advice

Also, there is nothing at all wrong with having an abortion. Or a salad.

u/dude_becca · 2 pointsr/pregnant

Sure, I got these: ClinicalGuard® HCG Pregnancy Test Strips (Individually-Sealed, Pack of 20)

u/pearlhart · 2 pointsr/TwoXChromosomes

It is scary! But this does not prove you are pregnant. Without a test, you are getting worked up and worrying yourself over potentially nothing. The mind if very powerful.

Those symptoms are also associated with other things as well as pregnancy. You always have a linea nigra. And usually it does not get darker until around the 23rd week of pregnancy. Your hormones are unlikely high enough for that to happen now.

Take it one step at a time.

Take a test asap. You can get a test at the dollar store. Amazon has them on prime. You might be able to get them same day.

Then, once you know the real answer, you can make a plan. Come back here and post and people can help from there. Planned Parenthood is a great resource if you don't have a lot of money. Your insurance might cover some of it, but PP can help you with that.

If you have to sell some things and borrow some money. A baby is way more expensive than an abortion. If you are pregnant, you will have to do what it takes to find a solution for yourself.

Be easy on yourself. Many of us have been there, and you will be ok. You are in my thoughts.

And not that you asked, but you might want to consider an IUD. It's a more reliable option than other forms of birth control. It might give you some peace of mind.

u/HeCallsMePrecious · 2 pointsr/waiting_to_try

They have seriously saved my sanity! I believe the ones I have are the Clinical Guard brand, this one.

u/BridgetAmelia · 1 pointr/stilltrying

I just buy these $8 for 25 tests. No, they are not mid stream, but they are so much less expensive.

u/barking-chicken · 1 pointr/TrollXChromosomes

When I was in college for engineering and working full time there was a point in time when I skipped THREE periods. Its close to finals and there is a lot going on Assuming you've been taking your birth control correctly and you said you also used a condom it is HIGHLY unlikely you are pregnant (unless he has the most stubborn sperm EVER).

Go ahead and test once a day over the next few days. If you need access to cheaper tests try Amazon. If you can't get it delivered to your house as you live with your parents ask a friend if you can send it to them.

Take your birth control as you normally would. Don't skip anything and don't go any faster than normal.

If you ARE actually pregnant you need to talk to your fiance and decide what you want to do. Either way make an appointment with a doctor or find your local Planned Parenthood and they will have the tools to help you figure out where to go from there.

I'm sorry that you're going through this, and I know its really scary. I was in your position years ago (sheltered household, self-taught sex-ed and all) and luckily I was not pregnant, but I went through the full gamut of figuring out what a positive test result would mean for my life. You've done everything in your power to prevent this and if you are pregnant it is not a reflection on you. Especially coming from a sheltered household it can be all too easy to let yourself feel like there is something wrong with you for "letting this happen" and that is just not true.

Breathe. Regardless of the outcome, you are going to be ok. You can handle whatever is ahead of you. You are strong and smart and you can handle this. And you're not alone. Talk to your fiance about this. You two are planning a life together, and life includes scary moments like this.

Edit: I just saw that you took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Woohoo! Congratulations!

u/DataIsMyCopilot · 1 pointr/TwoXChromosomes

I have an IUD (Mirena) and also double up by using condoms. And I still get nervous about the whole thing even living in California and not... oh idk.. Alabama

But that's about as good as you're gonna get it. What you can do to help you feel better, is use pregnancy tests once in a while. You can even buy the strips in bulk off of Amazon

u/jackjack917 · 1 pointr/TooAfraidToAsk

I've been dating my boyfriend for a year and a half and we solely depend on my IUD. It was a little scary at first because it seems like a physical barrier would be better, but condoms just don't feel as good.

Birth control is never foolproof. I suppose using condoms is wiser but the 0.01% risk is worth taking, to me.

You can get cheap pregnancy tests on Amazon to help dispel any anxiety you might have, since hormonal IUDs do tend to stop your period. Ultimately it's your choice though!

u/Natotamot · 1 pointr/childfree

These are the ones I bought. Will buy again when I eventually run out.