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Demon Days [Vinyl]
Gorillaz- Demon Days
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u/OrcaOwl · 16 pointsr/vinyl

Also available for pre-order on Amazon (Prime?)

I have the feeling this will be a large pressing and we'll see prices around $12-$15 come fall.

u/BTsBaboonFarm · 7 pointsr/VinylReleases

I mean, they're both easily accessible on regular vinyl (and for a lower price if you buy both than the bundled picture discs)

Demon Days

Plastic Beach (2LP New Reissue)

u/Sigma-44 · 3 pointsr/gorillaz

It's a bit pricey but honestly if you're going to get Gorillaz vinyl this album was way too amazing.

I still plan how to kill my friend to get his copy, it's top notch quality and just makes you melt every time.

u/That_random_redditer · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I'm new here, I sorted through top of all time to get an idea of things...

I noticed Demon Days has been memed about a lot, and it seems that it is pretty "rare"? or at least was?

My question is, if I just "pre-order" the record off amazon

Is it not the same as the one everyone has wanted in the past?

I know it's sorta a joke around here but I really enjoy the Gorillaz and having this album to listen to would be nice

u/CryingMoon · 2 pointsr/gorillaz
u/CherryVanillaCoke · 2 pointsr/vinyl
u/READMYSHIT · 1 pointr/vinyl

Ok so about 2 months ago I saw Demon Days pop up on Amazon UK. I bought it. For some reason once purchased it said the delivery date wasn't until May 15th, nearly two months away. I recalled reading on here about there being a lot of bootlegs of this guy around so I figured for €25 it wasn't a massive risk.

Anyway, it finally arrived today. Here is an album I've made of detailed images of the album. I've played it through and it seems to be all there. No locked grooves on Side C. No quietness of the songs. What's interesting if the disc seems to also be in packaging so its not second hand.

I wasn't delighted with how it was wrapped for shipping, it was just put in an old food box and sellotaped. But it seems to work, not be warped. Wondering if anyone can ID whether it's legit or whether I got ripped off. Regardless I think I'm gonna keep it cause it still sounds pretty good.

Again sorry for annoying this sub with yet another Demon Days post I just can't quite see my one fitting the particulars of other posts of reissues/bootlegs.

Edit: This was the page where I bought it

u/MeatBrick64 · 1 pointr/vinyl

what amazon are you checking? there are multiple on there

u/mckelroy88 · 1 pointr/gorillaz

Amazon is selling it for $400. But I'm not sure if this is the one that OP has.

u/PriceKnight · 1 pointr/VinylDeals

Price History

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u/stevenwtomahawk · -1 pointsr/vinyl

$100 starting bid vs $305 from amazon