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Dr. Bronner’s - Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (Baby Unscented, 32 Ounce)
MADE WITH ORGANIC OILS and CERTIFIED FAIR TRADE INGREDIENTS: Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soaps are made with over 90% organic ingredients. Over 70% of ingredients are certified fair trade, meaning ethical working conditions and fair prices.GOOD FOR YOUR BODY and THE PLANET: Dr. Bronner's liquid soaps are fully biodegradable and use all-natural, vegan ingredients that pose no threat to the environment. Our products and ingredients are never tested on animals and are cruelty-free.NO SYNTHETIC PRESERVATIVES, DETERGENTS, OR FOAMING AGENTS: Our liquid soaps are made with plant-based ingredients you can pronounce—no synthetic preservatives, thickeners, or foaming agents—which is good for the environment and great for your skin!3X MORE CONCENTRATED THAN MOST LIQUID SOAPS: Dilute! Dilute! Multiple uses for just one product: laundry, mopping, hand-washing dishes, all-purpose cleaning, washing pets and more. More soap per bottle means less waste in packaging!PACKAGED IN 100% POST-CONSUMER RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES: Dr. Bronner's is diverting discarded plastic from landfills by using and increasing demand for recycled plastic bottles. This eliminates waste and has a positive environmental impact!
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13 Reddit comments about Dr. Bronner’s - Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (Baby Unscented, 32 Ounce):

u/charcuterie_bored · 6 pointsr/beyondthebump

Dr. Bronners Baby Mild Unscented. I swear the big bottle (32oz) lasts me like 18 months, longer if you dilute it.

u/restivereaction · 4 pointsr/bodymods

My piercer recommended baby soap or unscented castile soap like this one. I would definitely NOT use dial or something, because those can be really really harsh on your skin.

u/aloneindankness · 2 pointsr/tattoo

Honestly? My advice is to get saniderm/tatuderm/tegaderm. It's a transparent waterproof dressing. You just slap it on and let it heal. It heals much better, and you don't have to wash and goop it all the time. You can buy it for yourself. My last artist didn't use it, so I just got some myself and applied it when I got home.

Here is the one I got off amazon, but they all have it in Walgreens. It is used for non-tattoo wounds/scrapes.

If you are gonna do it though, make sure you watch some application instructions.

If you don't want to do this, instructions are:

  1. Wash with gentle soap 2-3 times a day. Dr. Bronner's is great.

  2. Let air dry. DO NOT DRY WITH A TOWEL. The fibers can be irritating and carry bacteria.

  3. When it is COMPLETELY dry, apply a thin layer of Aquaphor. Do NOT use neosporin.

  4. Do this in the morning, when you get home from school/work, and before you go to bed. Try not to rub your tattoo on anything, and let it breathe.

    Talk to your artist too.
u/timebomb08 · 2 pointsr/BeardTalk

I use castille soap as a base because it doesn't have all the additives other shampoos have. I've even found several "beard shampoos" have stuff in them that are really bad for your beard. Because I can't be bothered making my own castille soap (yet) I used Dr. Bronner's.

It's unscented unlike a lot of other castille soaps I've tried, which is really nice because then you can add your own scent. I use essential oils to create a slightly sweet, earthy mint smell. Also the baby soap variety is especially mild, which is great for your beard.

u/maddiethebaddie · 2 pointsr/curlyhair

this is my routine and what works for me :

Put a mixture of Coconut oil + castor oil all over your hair the night before you wash wash it (I wash my hair every 2-3 days, I run so it gets all sweaty and oily). You don't have to use castor oil if you're not interested in growing it.

Then, I wash with organic tea tree oil castor soap, it's literally just oils.

Then I use Trader Joe's Organic Tea Tree conditioner and do the squish to condish but I use A LOT! I'm running out so I'm looking for new conditioner and I'm pretty sure [I'll use this!]( s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1396453832&sr=). I've used it before and it works amazingly.

Now my magical products to hold my curls are:

MIXED CHICKS CONDITIONER AND Diva curl Gel. Together work amaziiingly. I suggest putting more conditioner than gel. Squish, squish! Then dry with a diffuser. And Bam! Amazing curls.

u/presse_citron · 2 pointsr/SebDerm

>Which shampoo do you use?

For the moment, Dr Bronner's unscented.
I've found the advise for this on this youtube channel.

But really, it's NOT working. I'm still looking for advices on this...

>And can you describe, how did seb derm look on your face? Did you have areas of your skin that were peeled off and afterwards they are red, sticky and they heal slow?

That 's it: the brown flakes+redness patches on the side of the nose, between the eyes, and the forehead (not mentioning the whole scalp, which is still incurable for me...).

>Thank youu

You're welcome. Internet has saved my life so I try to help in response!

u/Fahkfahkfahkfahkfahk · 1 pointr/DomesticCleaning

Dr. Bronner's unscented castile soap

>Water, Saponified Organic Coconut & Organic Olive Oils (w/ Retained Glycerin), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Vitamin E.

u/neelhtaky · 1 pointr/UpliftingNews

This is the main one we buy - [Dr Bronner Unscented](Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap - Baby Unscented 32oz.

You can also buy pre-scented ones, but we found we get sick of a scent after a while... I just add my own scents (think things like lemon juice, soap making scents). I love this brand as I have very sensitive skin and never had issues with them.

You’ll have to look up how to dilute them - it’s differing amounts based on use. You can use for dish soap, body, shampoo, and even clothes washing machine.

u/ok_heh · 1 pointr/internetparents

Do you mean something like this?

u/trufflemouse90 · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

I have the same issues I've had good success with these two shampoos:

Vichy Dercos:
The Body Shop Ginger shampoo:

Also look into doing a hemp seed oil overnight treatment. You do it usually once a week. When I used to do them I washed it off the next morning with dr. bronner's castille soap.

u/ItsOkayToLurk · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

I suggest reading this for your stretch marks.
What worked for me for my acne was Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap. Remember to dilute it! Scrub your back with it and after the shower apply an unscented lotion. I am queen of exfoliating so I like to use Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion

Remember, what works for some doesn't for others! Don't be afraid to play around with products.

u/Joshamme · 1 pointr/SkincareAddiction

I wonder if Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap could be added.
It's ingredients are as follows: Water, Saponified Organic Coconut & Organic Olive Oils (w/ Retained Glycerin), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Vitamin E.

Just to mix a little with the beeswax and a little shea butter to make it into more of a cream/lotion.

Thanks for the suggestions :)

u/[deleted] · 0 pointsr/wicked_edge