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Happiness Trap
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u/Blobtdq · 3 pointsr/MakeupRehab

First of all, that's great that you're seeing a pro. I am not working either at the moment and struggle SO much with getting out of bed (and also getting to sleep) so I totally relate. I am very slowly building a morning routine where every day I will get out of bed at a certain time and do my AB face routine, shower, and eat breakfast (I have a quick breakfast routine that I can mindlessly do), and get dressed, quickly. I used my love of AB to get me out of bed the first few times, and it is slowly becoming a habit now. The 10 step routine is literally aiding my mental health lol! I do the same thing at night. I might not do anything else in between all day but I still feel so much better for having at least done my routines, a world of difference for something so small. Celebrate your small successes - and forgive yourself for fails - all the days I don't get it done when I meant to etc.

The other thing that is helpful is like you say to have stuff planned for during the day to get you out and about, distracted, doing stuff, but it can be difficult! Great that you are making plans (I use a paper journal), I think that will be soo helpful! Even if you have a day where you do inventory, or buying groceries, or just play with makeup for the day trying looks, or swatch things, all v productive. :)

I tend to fixate on things and for me it's a problem with a lack of groundedness/mindfulness which comes from a place of worry and anxiety. Like I almost forget where I am or what time it is or because I'm so engrossed choosing between Hada Labo Super Lotion and Cezanne High Moist until suddenly the whole day is gone. There's an internet addiction element to it that I haven't quite got to grips with yet as well.

This is reminding me of a book about a mindfulness/cognitive behaviour techniques that I found incredibly helpful as I was able to ground myself and slow time down, be at peace with my bad thoughts, and recalibrate myself. I haven't looked at in a while and this is a good reminder to reread.

Good luck with it all :)

u/soutioirsim · 2 pointsr/suggestmeabook

The Confidence Gap and The Happiness Trap by Dr Russ Harris have some nice little tricks in them.

The Chimp Paradox (Dr Steve Peters) and The Happiness Hypothesis (Jonathan Haidt) are also good books.