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Prevue Hendryx 62801 Naturals Coco Hideaway with Ladder Bird Toy
Naturals toys are handmade from 100-percent natural, sustainable, materialsYour bird will benefit from hours of mental stimulation and rugged physical playA variety of natural textures encourages foot and beak exerciseConnects to cage easily with quick-link attachment12-inch long and 4 1/2-inch wide
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14 Reddit comments about Prevue Hendryx 62801 Naturals Coco Hideaway with Ladder Bird Toy:

u/Hobbs4Lyfe · 3 pointsr/hamsters





Niteangel-Wooden-Hamster-Nesting-HabitatGood size for most Syrians

Castle-dollhouseThis will fit in a 40 gallon tank or larger as well as in a detolf (detolf is a tight fit but will work)







Play-Climb-KitThe holes in this are big enough for a small Syrian




Boredom breaker There is wire in here so make sure to supervise

Scratching-Corrugated-Cardboardremove the outside just to be sure of the colored cardboard and stuff some seeds inside the holes.

u/Dyiarite · 3 pointsr/PetMice

Best thing I could find (10.7 x 18.4 x 8)

The only thing I would worry about is the little ones chewing on the coating, this size should cover 1/3 long ways.

Also you may be able to use the hooks on this not only as a stand but you could make very small holes and hook it to add even more room.

However if this doesn't work, you could add adhesive hooks so you can use cage hooking items like this

If the hooks aren't what you want then you can add items like these:

Best Option

Wooden Balcony


Platform and Swing

Platform and Swing - The Squeequel

I really hope this will help you and the little ones out!

Edit: Forgot to add this one

u/mac_question · 3 pointsr/Finches

Discovered these vine balls recently. (Looks like this specific one may be out of stock.) Our finches love moving them around, and have figured out that if they work hard enough, they can tear them apart and then play with the individual sticks.

Also, a small coconut thing that they love.

It takes them around 2 weeks to not be freaked out by anything new haha.

u/geckoak · 3 pointsr/CrestedGecko
u/Longjumpingjello · 2 pointsr/RATS
u/masiemasie · 2 pointsr/parrots

It's also on amazon for $8.99 - my lovebird loves it, but only after I put a handkerchief on the bottom to make it cushy. :)

u/amarzipandildo2 · 2 pointsr/parrots

some recommendations for perches and toys from me:

u/Durchii · 2 pointsr/parrots

Hmm... I only see this on Amazon in one size, with the largest birds in the customer images being Lovebirds, so a conure might be a little cramped in there.

I recommend hitting up a pet store that specializes in birds/exotic pets and looking around for a larger one! I usually have to drive an hour north of my house to Denver to find shops like this, but the selection of toys and hideouts is always well worth it.

By the way, here is the link to the one I have, as well as the one in OP's post.

If your conure is on the small side and you want to give it a try, it's only nine bucks!

u/WallowingInnSelfPity · 1 pointr/geckos
u/RevvyTheWolf · 1 pointr/CrestedGecko

I have one of these coconut hides and Saturn loves it, he's constantly climbing on it or in it.

u/JohnnyricoMC · 1 pointr/gerbil

I've got this wheel for my two little friends and it's remarkably quiet:

It runs on an axle with ball bearings. At first I thought the wheel would have too much mass, but in the evenings one of our two gerbils tends to go full throttle in it.

Also, gerbils like some privacy and some hiding places. Wooden houses or hollowed out coconuts are great. Mine gnawed away the ropes on this one: (bet they were really surprised when the coconut met gravity), so I replaced the upper rope (to suspend it from their ceiling) with a ball chain.

I've also found they enjoy lying in the morning sunlight, so you might want to place the tank somewhere it does get some direct sunlight some times of the day.