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Rwby, Vol. 4 (Music From The Rooster Teeth Series)
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9 Reddit comments about Rwby, Vol. 4 (Music From The Rooster Teeth Series):

u/Atlas1992 路 9 pointsr/RWBY

It's legit, the track listing is here and apparently there is a sample as well, but I can't play that because I don't have a US amazon account.

Not sure what it says that they've got a tease this heavy handed on the soundtrack, but I honestly can't point to a song from the volume it could be, unless it's that track that people were calling 'Home' before now

u/Throwitallaway8898 路 4 pointsr/RWBY

The lyrics in the preview snippet on Amazon are pretty explicitly talking about "love" and if it's a platonic love it's a really damn weird platonic love, lol:

>But they watch us, and they know

>And they鈥檙e happy as they see our love grow

>We鈥檒l sit for a while, as I drink in your smile

>It feels like a dream that鈥檚 come true

>My head starts to buzz and my heart fills with love over you

>Baby can鈥檛 you see

>You could be with me

>We could live inside a

As explicit as this is and as hard it is to explain away as anything else, I'm not gonna let myself get my hopes up until there's some real REAL explicit hinting in the show.

u/MiniDaggers 路 3 pointsr/RWBY
u/lone0001 路 3 pointsr/roosterteeth

Also available for pre-order on Google Play and Amazon, thankfully it's not delayed on Google Play like it has been in the past.

I personally don't get the point in pre-orders for a digital soundtrack but hey they're there if you want to pay upfront I guess.

u/Bad-Luck-Charm 路 1 pointr/RWBY

Hmm, you might be right actually, as the English Amazon site still has it listed as "bmblb"

u/teal_it_how_it_is 路 1 pointr/RWBY

As far as I'm concerned it can be assumed that it will be on the soundtrack since there has always been accoustic versions of previous theme songs. Heck we still don't have a confirmed release date, it's only been assumed it will be released around the same date as the dvd/blu-rau.

Edit: Apparently the expected released date for the Amazon MP3 version is June 16th