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Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game
Bring the cinematic experience of Star Wars to your tabletopPlayers assume the roles of members of the Rebel Alliance in its struggle against the evil galactic EmpireThe perfect starting point for new roleplayers and players new to Star Wars: Age of Rebellion alikeA complete, standalone game for 3-5 playersIncludes four pre-generated characters, a complete, learn-as-you-go adventure, one rulebook, a double-sided map, 14 custom dice and 48 tokens
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u/IceBearNeedsLatte · 5 pointsr/boardgames

If you wanna try out something like DnD I would recommend the Star Wars rpg beginner games, it comes with everything you need to run an adventure. Check out these 1 and 2

When I wanted to try getting into board games I just bought something that looked interesting and got my friends to play since then we do several board game nights a month now. Games can be relatively cheap and simple or expensive and complex. Do you maybe have an idea of what type of game you want to play or setting (fantasy, sci-fi, etc.)

u/Zakic · 3 pointsr/swrpg

you could also look at the Age of empire or force and destiny or even the force awakens beginner boxes.. they are each $25 on amazon

they each kinda focus on different aspects of star wars.. or you could check ebay.. i way a EoTE beginners box there for $33.. the box wasnt in the greatest shape tho.

u/stylo101 · 3 pointsr/swrpg

Look for a beginner game box set. Comes with dice, pre-generated characters, and a short adventure that slowly introduces you to the rules and concepts. FFG also has some sample characters and the second part to the adventures contained in each available for free download.

u/tannerifl · 2 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

I dunno how much you know so I'll assume not much. RPGs are just "collaborative improvised storytelling" If you're interested in the Star Wars RPG then you're in luck. It doesn't take a lot of money to "dive" in. It actually takes about 25 bucks. You'll get a handful of odd dice, a premade adventure and several premade characters that are all tied into the story. The first adventure even typically teaches the players how to play as they go. The publisher for the system has 4 "seperate" systems for the SW universe, you just need to pick one that fits your groups desires. Generally they are

-Edge of the Empire- you are mercenaries or criminals, generally less force/jedi focused, typically set between the prequels and originals

-Age of Rebellion- you ARE rebels, set during the war, its about military stuff

-Force and destiny- Pretty much all players are force sensitive and is also set during the height of the galactic civil war

-Force awakens- setting is just before the Force Awakens, some force sensitives and jedis

That being said they are all compatible with each other with minor differences such as morality, or duty.
I like edge of the empire a bunch because there is nothing specifically "expected" of the players but being a jedi is fun. Another commenter suggested the oneshot podcast, they don't exactly teach you the game but theyre pretty fun if you have a lot of time on your hands.

If you liked the game then you can dive in deeper and get the core rule book, followed possibly by premade adventures if you want more help or inspiration

here are some of the starters

Force and destiny

Age of Rebellion

Force Awakens

Edge of the Empire

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u/myanrueller · 1 pointr/rpg

The Star Wars RPG beginner boxes have great "learn the system as you play adventures". The adventures are broken down into a series of "encounters" and each encounter is designed to help the players learn the system in some way, and combat is typically reserved for the third or fourth encounter.

Force and Destiny

Age of Rebellion

Force Awakens

Also those beginner adventures tend to be challenging enough for a new party of those who don't roleplay, but not so challenging as to not make them want to continue playing RPGs (which Lost Mine of Phandelver in DnD 5e starter box has issues with). Each adventure also has a free adventure followup. AoR Followup. These follow up adventures don't read as easily (they read more like FFGs pre-published ones, but are still really excellent).

For GMless and a one shot I recommend Fiasco. Which can also be found in PDF form here. It's a system more geared towards actors and story tellers, and less for those that want heavy combat. There's even a video of Wil Wheaton playing it with some writers/actors. And there are tons of free playsets.

For one shots with a GM:

I recommend Dread. It's a horror system that uses a Jenga tower instead of dice rolling for any sort of check. In Dread the idea is you're playing in a horror movie, there's even an Alien (Ridley Scott) playset for free on the website, and the goal is to survive. The GM has the players pull from the Jenga tower when their character does something out of their normal skill range, or under duress. A good Dread GM will get the tower to fall at the most dramatically appropriate moment. It takes skill and practice, but it's also an excellent system.

Tabletop Dread Episode.

For beginners, those are my recommendations. Star Wars FFG is a more traditional, but easy to read RPG, while Dread/Fiasco are one shots that are incredibly fun.

u/cheddarhead4 · 0 pointsr/boardgames

There are a lot of entry points. Which one is best will probably depend on your level of gamerness (if that's a word?).

If you don't do much tabletop gaming (or your only boardgames are from Hasbro), the D&D fifth edition starter set is a great place to start. Eventually, your group will have to get the DM Guide,, Player's Handbook, and maybe the Monster Manual after you finish the sessions from the starter set.

If you're more of a gamer, and you like min/maxing, let me recommend Pathfinder. It's an offshoot of the 3.5th edition of D&D (considered by many to be the heyday of D&D's systems. Here's their beginner box - the great thing about pathfinder is that after you finish that box, you don't need to buy anything. Ever again. there are resource pages all over the internet where all of the source material is available for free. (premade campaigns, you'll have to buy if you want to use them, though, but that's the same as D&D).

Another option if you're a starwars fan, is the new Star Wars RPG by fantasy flight. There are different source books and begginer boxes depending on if you want to focus your adventures around smugglers and normal folk on the edge of civilization or members of the rebellion