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u/-Epsilon · 702 pointsr/gaming

It should be said that the artist is a Swedish painter named Simon Stalenhag. He's constantly releasing new work like the one you see here.

I would highly recommend checking him out


I see a lot of you are really liking Simons work, so I figured I should also mention that he has published two hardcover books containing larger prints of his work along with backstory for most of his art.
Tales from the Loop and another that just came out 11 days ago (November 1st, 2016) called Things from the Flood.
Both books are fairly cheap and would make great Christmas gifts in my opinion

u/olfeiyxanshuzl · 20 pointsr/Art

If you like this, check out Stålenhag's books: Tales from the Loop, Things from the Flood, and The Electric State

u/noteverrelevant · 11 pointsr/evilbuildings

Description For future reference


Tales from the Loop

u/samzeman · 9 pointsr/submechanophobia

There's a book and a roleplaying campaign for it :D

u/I_R_RILEY · 9 pointsr/ImaginaryTechnology

I've been following this guy's stuff for a while. I totally love it.

I can't always figure out why but I always get a weird sense of dread from the world he's creating in his "tales from the loop" series. Even when it's just kids playing in the snow there's a sense of something ominous. Like something is about to happen

u/SH1 · 7 pointsr/Art

According to the description of his art book Tales from the Loop, the interdimensional convergence was a trippy side effect of a particle collider experiment.

u/GizmosArrow · 6 pointsr/Art

I haven't picked it up yet, and I know he's got more than one, but you'd probably love his art books!

u/d_stilgar · 6 pointsr/HalfLife

I have both his books, Tales from the Loop and Things from the Flood and they're both very nicely printed. There's a relatively short story for each as well that isn't particularly interesting, but definitely fleshes out his world a little more and connects the art all together a little bit.

u/Kreth · 6 pointsr/Art

I bought his book and its more of a diary of growing up in the islands of Stockholm, during the swedish experiment called the ring installation is taking place, and he's explaining what's in every picture of the book and what he sees etc. Great scifi in the 70/80 , I also bought a print of since it's from the town I'm living in

u/chance633 · 4 pointsr/ImaginaryMindscapes

If anyone is a fan of Pen-and-Paper RPG's, Free League made a game using his art called Tales From the Loop

You can also get just the art for Tales From the Loop and the upcoming expansion for the the games Things From the Flood, which has some of my favorite pieces of his.

If you're interested in buying, Modiphius has the stuff available for purchase in your local currencies.

u/GiveMeTheTape · 2 pointsr/Art

Yeah love his art, espeically Tales From The Loop, where many of the works are of the countryside outside of Stockholm, namely Ekerö.

His splashes of sci-fi in these settings are hauntingly beautiful.

u/windupmonkeys · 2 pointsr/modelmakers

Very nice.

Congrats on quite a model; I knew it looked familiar stylistically (re: the artist you referenced.)

Your might also like:

u/leakzilla · 2 pointsr/Cyberpunk

> Stålenhag’s paintings and stories take place in an alternate version of Sweden in the ’80s and ’90s

From the Amazon description of his book.

u/MarkDrees · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Tales From The Loop gets discribed as an rpg version of Stranger Things.

u/GrumpyBunnies · 2 pointsr/suggestmeabook

Not exactly what you were asking for, but she might enjoy Simon Stålenhag's Tales From the Loop and Things From the Flood as well. They are gorgeous, artsy coffee table books that spin an 80-s sci-fi story about growing up amongst futuristic government-run energy installations, and the weird things that tend to happen around them.

u/CargoCulture · 2 pointsr/futureporn

The first, Tales from the Loop, is on Amazon. The second one, Things from the Flood (formerly Swedish Machines, Lonely Places) is backer-only, I believe.

u/useeikick · 2 pointsr/ImaginaryLandscapes

He actually wrote some books about his world [here] ('s kind of like a alternate reality version of our world if we had advanced tech in some aspects of the 70-80's. (The whole robot thing along with the old cars, ect.)

u/jayville74 · 1 pointr/pics

I think Neill Blomkamp would be an awesome choice for a director. The closest thing to a movie is a book Stålenhag wrote consisting of short stories based on different art pieces.

Also, if you'd like, go here for more of his work.

u/yonreadsthis · 1 pointr/evilbuildings

I just purchased his book Tale from the Loop--marvelous stuff. And, there's a sequel Things from the Flood--I will be sending for that, too!

u/CapCornsnack · 1 pointr/shortscarystories

This story is heavily inspired by the artwork and stories of Simon Stålenhag's Tales From The Loop. He's an amazing artist with amazing books that go along with his work, and it's even being made into a tabletop RPG. Check him out!

u/Portmanteau_that · 1 pointr/Art

He's released some hardcover books of his work: 'Tales from the Loop', 'Things from the Flood'

He's also working on his Third, which looks like it might be my favorite

u/ramisleiman · 1 pointr/Art

Found the english names for the books.
Tales from the Loop
Things from the Flood

u/Racoonie · 1 pointr/futureporn

The book describes this alternate reality in more detail.

u/HeadWright · 1 pointr/TalesFromtheLoopRPG

Use Amazon's Look Inside feature and you can flip through some of the book. You will find many of the same images. But they are better presented as a coffee table / art book format. There are also unique story blurbs for many of the images that are missing from the rulebook.

u/IntercontinentalKoan · 0 pointsr/Cyberpunk

>Simon Stålenhag’s Tales from the Loop is a wildly successful crowd-funded project that takes viewers on a surprising sci-fi journey through various country and city landscapes―from small towns in Sweden and the deserts of Nevada to the bitter chill of Siberia―where children explore and engage with abandoned robots, vehicles, and machinery large and small, while dinosaurs and other creatures wander our roads and fields.
>Stålenhag’s paintings and stories take place in an alternate version of Sweden in the ’80s and ’90s, primarily in the countryside of Mälaröarna, a string of islands just west of Stockholm, and how this reality came about: the development of the Loop, a large particle accelerator and the side effects of the massive project.
>These incredibly captivating works and accompanying text capture perhaps a not-too-distant reality that is both haunting and imminent: addressing the many ways developing technology and nature can create havoc and wonder in our world―plus, its impact on the next generation. This is the English edition of the first book in Swedish that sold out in its initial printing.