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u/HistoryWillAbsolveMe · 282 pointsr/politics

Watch The Brainwashing of My Dad to understand how Trump supporters have become the way they are. Its free with ads on Amazon.

u/jjepeto · 240 pointsr/politics

You might be interested in the documentary The Brainwashing of My Dad which is free to stream if you have Amazon Prime. I thought it was one of the best documentaries I've seen the past year.

u/drkgodess · 97 pointsr/politics

Propaganda. Fox News is the best thing to ever happen to the Republican party.


There's a good documentary about this phenomenon called The Brainwashing of my Dad. It's about a guy who used to have rational political debates with his dad, even though his dad is a conservative and the son is liberal. When his dad started watching Fox News everyday that all changed. His father became irate, unreasonable, unwilling to listen to criticism or differing opinions. The documentary follows the process of deprogramming him.

It's a real and serious problem.

u/Aedum1 · 89 pointsr/politics

They think like this because it is how they've been programmed over the course of decades to think. I watched that earlier today and it's incredibly informative with regards to what has happened to the Republicans party and their supporters. It's actually really scary.

u/trebb1 · 69 pointsr/politics

That article reminds me exactly of this movie I watched on Amazon Prime: The Brainwashing of My Dad.

It also hits way too close to home. I'm a gay 26 year old dude. My parents found out I was gay my sophomore year of HS, then we swept it under the rug, then I came out officially freshman year of college. We swept that under the rug too. They aren't homophobic at all, they just live a pretty sheltered life. I know if I had a boyfriend to bring home, it'd totally cool, but I don't know how to make the rest of it normal. I'm a super open dude in general, but it's strange; I have a super close relationship with my parents...while there's kind of a huge part of me I put on mute.

I say all of this to bring up what you mentioned. I'm from New Jersey, and my family is from Philly, so most people aren't the typical right wing crazy you'd expect in the south. Politics were never talked about in my household, but for the past few years, I've seen a strange anger rise in my father. His ONLY source of information is Fox News. He doesn't read any magazines, newspapers, online articles, or anything of that sort - just Fox on tv and the app on his phone. He's always been the nicest guy, so seeing this new rage is something that came as a surprise.

He has never said anything about the LGBT community, but there's some kind of implicit wrong I feel about his recent set of views. He didn't vote for Trump, but he seems to defend him and his administration in random spurts whenever I'm around (I imagine he does this when I'm not around too). I knew the type of people that Trump was putting in his orbit, and some of the harm that would come to the LGBT community throughout the next few years (let alone everything else). I doubt he even knows about this, but even if he did, who knows what his response would be. I'm not really sure how Fox News became a safe haven for my father and how that transformed his worldview, but it's most definitely had a huge influence.

It pains me that I'd like to be able to point out the issues I have with everything, but my family is not one to delve into feelings, so I pass on it and don't say anything.

TLDR; gay dude, father who was never into politics but is now obsessed with Fox News, don't even know how to start any types of discussion

u/p3t3or · 60 pointsr/politics

I think it is as simple as where he consumed his news. It was non-stop hatred and misinformation regarding Obama's administration. He did not just say one day that "I think Obama doesn't have a valid US Birth Certificate". No he was told this by someone / somewhere and he ate it up.

EDIT: I've been told that this film addresses what I am talking about "The Brainwashing of my Dad". Full Disclosure: I have not seen it yet but I intend to because I have relatives that are like this so much that it has affected and/or destroyed our relationship.

u/VROF · 60 pointsr/politics

Today I watched the movie The Brainwashing of my Dad on Amazon. Holy shit. It was amazing. She draws a very clear picture of right wing media, the influence of AM talk radio and Fox News and how it has affected people in this country. I highly recommend it.

Trump is an easily-debunked FWD:FWD:FWD email from Grandma come to life.

u/PGL593 · 51 pointsr/politics

> years upon years of listening to the radio which was full of hateful vitriol and slander

Yikes... that sounds all-too familiar.

See: The Brainwashing of My Dad

u/defacemock · 47 pointsr/news

" the left doesn't care to tell the difference between any of the various alt-right groups and is just labeling them all Nazi's as an easy way to gain support to fight us, their opposition."

Here's the parents used to be conservative, and kind, rational, moral, clear thinking people.
After nearly 20 years of Fox news that has changed.
In fact, it changes almost daily. During the election they hated Trump, and supported Kasich, even after Trump was elected they expressed some dismay and embarrassment, but now they moved onto an emotional and nearly hysterical defense of him.
It's irrational....and for my brothers and I, alarming.
How could our totally decent parents have slipped down a slope to such a point that they are now recklessly unaware of what they are saying? It's like they are different people than the ones who raised us.
Is it that their old brains can use logic anymore?
Is it that their old egos are so frightened of being 'wrong' they'd rather become moral contortionists to defend their selfish and bizarre views?
My parents went to public schools, and now are against them.
My parents used birth control, and now are against it.
My parents encouraged me to go to college, now they think it's a liberal brain-washing factory.
My parents condemned genocide, ethnic cleansing, and racial hatred, now they have sympathy for it.
WTF happened?
I totally respected their conservative positions before they got all flipped out on Fox news. We used to be able to have meaningful discussions about the pros and cons of each side - that, sadly, is no longer possible.

I tell you this, because my experience is not unusual, it's common. Wrong or right, a whole generation has watched our parents' morality degrade into hatefulness.
Even if I do care about the finer shades of gray within conservative discourse, I have to deal with the effects of a long-term, right-wing misinformation campaign, and what it has done to my family - which wears my patience very, very thin.

u/hsmith711 · 32 pointsr/politics

Check out The Brainwashing of my Dad.

If you can get them to stop watching Fox and listening to Right Wing radio for several weeks/months, the effects can be reversed.

u/Hoxha-Posadist · 32 pointsr/politics
u/cardinal29 · 23 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

I'd troll her, hard.

>"How does it feel being part of the Russian conspiracy to manipulate our democratic elections?"

ESPECIALLY if they're of the age to remember the Cold War, "Duck and Cover", the McCarthy hearings.

I'd start calling Trump "Putin's Bitch" and referring to "Moscow Mitch" every chance you get.

Also, Amazon Prime Video has a great documentary on how the modern "conservative" movement was formed to promote the concerns of international corporations, and how they used the media to sway American voters.

The Brainwashing of My Dad

Doubt they want to see the historical roots of FOX News (scum from the Nixon administration), and their part in "the vast right-wing conspiracy" (really just international corporations like Koch Bros, etc. fighting taxation), but it could be eye-opening to you and DH.

u/cavortingwebeasties · 14 pointsr/politics

The Brainwashing Of My Dad is a documentary about this phenomenon.'s the trailer for it on youtube

Sadly it's not free (I have no affiliation), but it's on Hulu at least

edit: also streamed on Amazon if you have prime (thanks u/boraxx )

u/AlwaysPhillyinSunny · 14 pointsr/politics

I highly recommend the documentary "The Brainwashing of My Dad." It's about how right wing media transformed the filmmaker's elderly father from a caring Democrat into a fearful, angry conservative. It tore the family apart. However, they were able to change his media habits and revert his personality, like he snapped out of a fever dream.

It's on Amazon Instant, and it's a fascinating look at how right wing media operates and how it affects its consumers.

u/IlikeJG · 12 pointsr/politics

Check it out, it strikes so many chords with me and is eerilly similar to how my Dad changed over time. He was never a liberal by any means, but over time it's turned to a burning hatred. Last straw was when he straight up told me (a social science high school teacher at the time) that Critical Thinking was liberal brainwashing. I just feel like I can't connect to him on any level after that.

u/appel · 12 pointsr/politics

Fox News is a fucking cancer and I have no idea how we can cure it. Luckily younger generations watch less TV, so hopefully it just dies with the Boomers.

Edit: See if you can get your dad to watch the documentary "The Brainwashing of My Dad". It's on Amazon Prime.

> A filmmaker explores the radical change of her once Democratic father to an angry right-wing fanatic after his immersion in talk radio and Fox News. She discovers this to be a powerful phenomenon that has divided families across the nation.

u/BloodyMess · 11 pointsr/politics

It gets more than a little liberal echo-chambery after the first half, but before that it is a heartfelt and compelling examination of how moderate, reasonable people became slowly radicalized by right-wing media. Watching it, I felt like the narrator, describing her own personal experience, was talking about my dad.

u/hypoxia86 · 10 pointsr/EnoughTrumpSpam

What if I create a web server that takes all the news from CNN and restyles it so it looks like you're reading Breitbart. And then when you're home you can configure your router to redirect that DNS entry and they spend the next year reading CNN and thinking it's Breitbart.

Related documentary where the solution was to hide the TV remote:

u/Castun · 9 pointsr/politics

Plug for The Brainwashing of my Dad:

Talks about how people can easily fall for this kind of crap despite being the nicest people.

u/RedditokaysNazis · 9 pointsr/politics

Seriously, cut him off from Fox if you can. He won't be the dad you remember otherwise.

u/MountainLeader · 9 pointsr/politics

Unfortunately, please get more conservative as they age, &, well, this:

u/MrGelowe · 8 pointsr/politics

Yup. Check out a documentary called The Brainwashing of My Dad. It is on Amazon Videos. Fox has been designed to be fucked up.

u/Dojaman · 6 pointsr/bestof

You know what you need to do, which I'm now doing with everyone like this before I'll have a conversation: tell them there's 4 things that are required watching materials before you can even begin to have an intelligent conversation with them. Tell them, hey I'll watch 4 things from your sphere, but you have to watch 4 from mine. Then give them this list:

The Dirty Money episode 6 on Donald Trump: Confidence Man

The Brainwashing of My Dad

Justice for Sergei

Active Measures

Let them know, the divide they are fighting over has been artificially created to divide us so they we can be taken advantage of and Fox news is part of an American active measure campaign against our people.

u/soul_of_the_thing · 6 pointsr/politics

Like magically all of them? No. Especially if the propaganda hose stays on. But some.

There’s a reason propaganda is used in the first place. If people were all just born acting the way they do, nobody would use propaganda or advertising or influence marketing.

u/carolina_snowglobe · 6 pointsr/politics

This is really sad. I'm sorry. There's a documentary with a story similar to yours - have you seen it?

u/NachoLawbre · 6 pointsr/politics

Decades of conservative talk radio and Fox News.

u/toadc69 · 5 pointsr/politics

The brainwashing of my dad should be mentioned at this point.

u/Zanbanger · 4 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

Definitely check out the doc "The Brainwashing of My Dad" for how right wing media completely corrupts people.

u/SplodeyDope · 4 pointsr/politics

Here is the answer in documentary form.

The Brainwashing of my Dad

Free to stream on Hoopla if your local library uses them. Otherwise it's available to stream if you have Prime.

u/kvrdave · 3 pointsr/OpenChristian

Good Lord, I feel you on this but with my dad. He went to West Point, worked on Atlas rockets, and has never lied to my knowledge. Never a hint of racism, nothing. He really takes the honor code seriously. And he's a Fox News watcher. How does he not see the hypocrisy? We've talked about it plenty. It blows me away.

Here's a great documentary about this.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/politics

Here is an interesting documentary about the danger of the Right-Wing Media.

It's kinda propaganda-ish, but as long as you know that going in I think it's a decent history/analysis.

u/CreamOfSumYungFella · 3 pointsr/politics

You should see if you can get him to sit down and watch this documentary with you.

u/MickeyMao · 3 pointsr/politics

I highly recommend the documentary "The Brainwashing of my Dad", it might answer some of your questions.

u/PatrickPlan8 · 3 pointsr/Impeach_Trump

You should check out : The Brainwashing of My Dad (2016) -

  • Free with amazon prime

  • Free with hulu

    A filmmaker explores the radical change of her once Democratic father to an angry right-wing fanatic after his immersion in talk radio and Fox News. She discovers this to be a powerful phenomenon that has divided families across the nation.

    Starring: Jen Senko, Frank Senko, Narrated by Matthew Modine

    Runtime: 1 hour, 29 minutes

u/SargeantSasquatch · 3 pointsr/The_Mueller
u/karai2 · 3 pointsr/politics

You might be interested in this documentary if you haven't already seen it. The right wing brainwashed dad is endearing when he comes out of his spell at the end.

u/redmage753 · 2 pointsr/politics

>Honestly, I'd love to see a documentary about how fox news changed the landscape and the effect it had on its viewership. I remember with my dad how quickly his mentality warped from their fear mongering.

So you want this?

u/elriggo44 · 2 pointsr/esist

Show them this documentary. And tell them you miss the people they were before the Rush and Faux News outrage machine got its paws on them.

u/Hanging_Chads · 2 pointsr/politics

Everyone here who hasn't yet needs to watch The Brainwashing of My Dad. It's free with ads on Amazon.

u/Shnazzyone · 1 pointr/TopMindsOfReddit

Enjoy your bubble where it's you vs the world and you live in fear outside of generally accepted reality.

Keep being afraid of immigrants! More fear you have, the easier you are to manipulate. Why diversify or supplement your sources? What kind of asshole asks you to do that?

u/mmortal03 · 1 pointr/environment

I don't know the statistics, but here's an anecdote from the other day: a college-educated friend of the family (he's a retired military officer) who is in his 70s and watches Fox News daily told my folks that climate change is a hoax. I'm reminded of the following documentary:

u/OB1-knob · 1 pointr/politics

I feel you. Watch "The Brainwashing Of My Dad" (on Amazon Prime)... it's very close to what your dad went through and explains it all very well.

u/Boysterload · 1 pointr/politics
u/Phenom10x · 1 pointr/PoliticalHumor

It is a cult. When you can say government provided sources is fake news, the very information we base our entire budget on and make national decisions on.. I'm just at a lost of words.

I'm watching this documentary. It's pretty eye opening, you can watch it for free:

"Fake news" has become a war cry against reality.

u/wuts_interweb · 1 pointr/politics

The Brainwashing of my Dad (trailer)

Rent, buy, watch on Prime, or free (with ads) through Amazon

It's on my own 'to watch' list and I don't want to spoil it but I heard it has a happy ending.

u/Online_Pajama · -1 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

>You know, if you take those criteria and apply them to US education or tech, you kinda find that white men are second class citizens, and conservatives are about as discriminated as gays in the 50s.

I argue the latter is entirely false for a couple of reasons:

  • Conservatives aren't discriminated against, they are just illogical. There is an entire book called "The Brainwashing of my Dad" on this exact concept. Likewise Conservatism is the act of conserving government funds and spending appropriately which is a UNIVERSAL concept, not just a party based one, therefore saying that you should be smart about Medicaid isn't Conservative, it's common sense.

  • The ideology of being Conservative now-a-days is closer to SOCIAL conservatism, not FINANCIAL conservatism. Conservatives are usually anti-gay, sexist, or bigoted in some way. Why? Because change is hard and they don't want to assume that those things can be adjusted around, therefore you must go against it because it's obviously assaulting you by not bending to your tastes.

  • Don't ever state that conservatives are as discriminated as any social groups, especially gays. Gays were not only getting fucking killed, but harassed by the government. The entirety of the aids epidemic was blamed on gays who had absolutely nothing to do with it. Stonewall Riots were caused by repeated raids by the local police force. You could, would, and often were fired, injured, hurt, and verbally assaulted in any number of ways, from being excluded entirely out of your community, becoming a social pariah to being lynched. To this day the lie that Gays caused AIDS is still around and actively hurts members in the community to the point of where "The Moral Majority" decides to completely skip decent LGBT+ sex education, leading to far more kids not only being bullied by their peers to the brink of suicide, if not suicide itself all because of something they can not physically control. The lie that it is a CHOICE has led to countless deaths by suicide, by starvation as they fled hateful homes, to poverty stricken lives and countless other travesties. Conservatives fucking deserve the shit they get and more for helping create one of the longest lasting lies about an entire segment of people to this day.

  • Conservatives = Republicans universally as anyone who says they are Conservative often times vote Republican who's entire platform is based on it. Trump is just as Conservative as McCain or Raegan or Nixon, all of which raised the deficit and did the exact opposite of what being "Conservative" is supposed to be.

    > you kinda find that white men are second class citizens,

    I briefly cover this but white men aren't second class citizens, as that would be closer to slaves. All people are actually in indentured servitude at worse if you consider how much debt everything gives and how little money we make. No one in the US is debt free unless they have gross amounts of money and that is actually whats causing our current issue involving the deficit, poor distribution of money = bad economy, government and societal uprising.
u/Stthads · -3 pointsr/politics

Lol. It’s people I’ve known for 20 years. It’s not like they’re evil people.

If you have an opportunity, check out this
documentary >

u/ButaneLilly · -4 pointsr/Documentaries

I literally didn't know what you meant. It's actually for free on yahoo? But for sale everywhere else? Sorry.