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World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook
World of Warcraft The Official Cookbook
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29 Reddit comments about World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook:

u/gwynb13idd · 27 pointsr/classicwow

You’ve missed an awesome thing my dude!
Check it out!

u/escapingmars · 20 pointsr/GirlGamers

I've got the World of Warcraft cookbook and the Game of Thrones cookbook from the same author, and I highly recommend. She's also done a Hearthstone cookbook and a Shire(Hobbit food) cookbook that I've got on my wishlist. Looking forward to adding this one to the collection!

u/NeophytePoser · 12 pointsr/wow
u/Eluena · 12 pointsr/wow

It does exist and it is an amazing cookbook!!
World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook

The soup tastes very good. Lots of Ancient Pandaren Spices 😉

u/LiquidSushi · 5 pointsr/sweden

Nörd som man är har jag spanat in Warcraft-världens egna kokbok, men alla recept är skrivna i jänkarenheter. Blev hänvisad till den här sidan med kulinariska översättningar. Jag tycker det är kul med mat, både ätandet och lagandet, men är långt ifrån mästerkock; har någon av er med mer kökserfarenhet gett er an recept av jänkarursprung? Hur pålitliga är sidans måttkonverteringar?

u/SomeoneElseMatters · 3 pointsr/wow
u/Born4P0rn · 3 pointsr/wow

You could try cook something from WoW Cookbook. There's probably something Thanksgivingy in it if you want to do that.

u/baddayforsanity · 3 pointsr/wow
u/sensdeath · 3 pointsr/wow
u/cyanide-pill · 2 pointsr/Fantasy

Does Adventure Time count as fantasy? It does to me, but it may not to others.... Anyway, there are two cookbooks for Adventure Time:

Official Cookbook

Unofficial/Inspired By

Also? The same lady who did the GoT cookbook has a WoW one out, too: WoW

Finally, my favorite one: Nanny Ogg's Cookbook

u/viking_metal_cupcake · 2 pointsr/wow

Not the OP, but you can get it on Amazon!

u/Vercify · 2 pointsr/hearthstone

Couple ideas off the top of my head:

You could incorporate some of the elements from the Karazhan game board. You mentioned the stage, but the broomstick, candles (floating, even, if you get those little electric tea lights), or the orb lights that are in the top right corner. Maybe some sort of large tome or hand-drawn runes that could be hung up as decoration. The broom is sweeping up broken purple crystals, you could grow those quickly and easily and would add a sort of magical decoration to the mix.

A playlist with music from Warcraft or Hearthstone would add to the ambiance. The Hearthstone theme is pretty low-key and there are lots of youtube covers and renditions. TGT also has a great jingle, and I know I have at least one Warcraft album that has some very low-key ambient tunes from various towns and pubs in-universe. I have a TON of warcraft music, please PM me and I would be happy to send you some.

There is a World of Warcraft cookbook that surely has some good ideas for food. Regardless, just make sure you serve some guac :)

Good luck with the party, take some pictures and post an update!

u/Billy_the_Burglar · 1 pointr/wow

If you really like cooking.. well, there's always the Warcraft cookbook:

(I hope the link works.)

I'm honestly not certain all of what's inside, but there could be something fun to make for him!
There may be some food connected to an area he loves in game, or his main character's race, or something along those lines.

u/The_Miskatonian · 1 pointr/wow

It's probably a script that receives information and posts it. I doubt someone does it by hand.

Amazon UK's listing is the same way.

u/Thrikal · 1 pointr/wow

Looks like the 41% off is from Amazon.

u/Bizzlington · 1 pointr/classicwow

Well then I would recommend for some more glorious dishes

u/aqua264 · 1 pointr/wow

If they like to cook then I definitely recommend getting them the WoW cookbook

It has great reviews and some people have posted their creations from it on this subreddit.

u/erthian · 1 pointr/lanparty

I'm a bit late to the party here, and its not exactly snack food, but just wanted to point out that there's a whole ass World of Warcraft cook book. I have it and its pretty awesome.

u/needsmoardots · 1 pointr/wow
u/Cerevella · 1 pointr/wow

Official world of warcraft cookbook with recipes from Vanilla to Snorelords.

u/fourdayz · 1 pointr/classicwow

I bought this and it's got some alcoholic beverages that look really good. There are loads of other recipes in it ranging from breads, pies, cookies, westfall stew, mulgore spice bread etc.