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u/illbeinmybunk · 5 pointsr/GirlGamers

Assassin's Creed is a great game series, but it's pretty violent - you play an assassin, after all. If you want to give it a shot, start with AC2 - it's a much better game than AC1.

Given that you liked Phoenix Wright (oh I do love Feenie.. there need to be more games in that series like yesterday), you could give Ghost Trick a shot. It's got a very similar sort of "feel" to it, though it's a bit more puzzle-y and less investigate-y, if that makes sense. It's by the same folks who did PW, for what that's worth, and I highly enjoyed it. I found the puzzle concepts really neat, too.

And given that you like mystery novels, I recommend 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. Lots of drama, puzzles, decisions, and many different endings. Also lots of reading - it feels more like a book than PW did, to me. I haven't finished this one myself, but it sounds like it might be something you would enjoy. I liked it well enough, it was just more serious that what I was looking for at the time, and I haven't gone back to it yet.

Note, I'm assuming you have a DS of some fashion, since you said you'd played PW; both Ghost Trick and 999 are DS games.

Hope you find something that you enjoy, and happy gaming!

u/Quinnocent · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

Hmmm. OK. A few options that are around $50.

If you want a membrane keyboard that's pretty at a more reasonable price point, check out the E-3lue EKM725, $33. That's a membrane keyboard, also with a white case and adjustable RGB lighting. I'm not familiar with the manufacturer, and I haven't used one of these myself, but it seems to have decent Amazon reviews. You can see the lighting in this video (it looks a lot better in the video). I think it looks best with the multicolored breathing pattern, at 60 or 100%. There are others on Amazon that are around the $30 price point that I think are pretty, like this one and this one. I'd look for videos online to check out how they sound and how their lighting looks.

If you do want to try a mechanical keyboard, there's the Royal Kludge RG-987, $74. That's a mechanical keyboard with a white case, adjustable RGB backlighting, and Greetech Brown switches. That's the cheapest, decent-quality Brown switch keyboard I can find that's still very attractive. A good buy, I would say. Most of the cheaper mechanical keyboards out there use Blue switches. No numeric keypad on this one, though. That's a common drawback of "enthusiast" mechanical keyboards.

I think that one can be very pretty too with the right lighting settings. If you're wondering, Greetech switches are functionally similar to Cherry MX switch types, maybe with a slightly different tactile feel. The colors still mean the same things.

And so you know, you can switch out the key caps on the Royal Kludge (not sure about the others) if you really love customization and prettifying your keyboards. Lots of manufacturers also sell key caps by themselves. I think it looks OK on its own, but it's an option.

u/imuya · 4 pointsr/GirlGamers

I responded to a similar thread on girlgamers here;

>My advice is to not buy a headset, and instead get a nice pair of headphones and a clipon mic. The majority of "gaming headsets" provide vastly inferior audio quality, are USB, and are really overpriced for what you get. see: Astro's.

>My suggestion is watch this video;

>To get a decent understanding of how headphones work, and what a lot of the general terminology means (Amp/DAC/Ohms/SNR/Digital and Analog signals/etc).

>Then proceed to;


>And they'll probably tell you the exact same thing. A good pair of headphones combined with a clip-on-mic will not only provide the best audio experience for your money, but also the best audio experience period.


>This is a good price-range guide for headphones as well.

>in general;

>5.1 and 7.1 are a gimmick, virtual 5.1 and 7.1 dont do anything but allow 5.1 and 7.1 audio channel audio to be played as 5.1 and 7.1 audio channels.

>Generally in gaming, virtual 5.1 and 7.1 can actually muddy up directional sound and make your audio experience significantly worse if the game isnt optimized for that exact audio spartialization.

>You dont want USB if you're going to be using an Amp/DAC or a Soundcard, because it wont actually use your amp/dac or soundcard.

>Popular recommendations are like;

>Audio Technica ATH-M50

>Audio Technica ATH-AD700

>Audio Technica ATH-AD700x

>Sennheiser HD-280 Pro

>Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro

and then a clip-on microphone like this one;

>Zalman ZM Mic1

But the tl;dr is, buy a good pair of headphones and a clip on mic. They will sound better, last longer, and potentially be significantly cheaper.

Also, check out Massdrop for good deals on Headphones and Amp/DAC's.

u/GoingOnEmpty · 15 pointsr/GirlGamers

Aw thank you! (:

It's all about personal preference as to what you want to use, but I used Velcro cable ties, cable sleeves, and sticky cable clamps for both my battlestation and my TV/console station. I bought these in particular and they do just the trick for me at very low cost.

Ties: VELCRO Brand ONE WRAP Thin Ties | Strong & Reusable | Perfect for Fastening Wires & Organizing Cords | Black, 8 x 1/2-Inch | 100 Count

Sleeves: 20" Cable Management Sleeve with Free Zip Ties

Clamps: eBoot Adjustable Cable Clips Adhesive Nylon Wire Clamps, Black, 50 Pack

Stick some clamps behind your desk and down the edges of the desk legs to run the wires and cords along them. Just be warned that the residue may stick and might peel off paint or wood, so take caution if you want to tear them off. I'm sure you can find better ones that don't potentially damage your desk, but with proper removal care, you should be fine.

I like the velcro straps because they can easily be adjusted, removed, and reused. They're also versatile for any other random cables you want to store.

EDIT: Added some pictures of the back where the cables are to show you how messy and hectic it is.

u/itsanerika · 3 pointsr/GirlGamers

I don't know if this is really what you are looking for, as they are more academic in nature and focus more on gender representation and performance, but here are a couple that I have read recently:

From Barbie to Mortal Kombat: Gender and Computer Games - This book is pretty old, published in 2000 and references games mostly from the mid to late nineties. However, it has some pretty awesome information on the rise of "pink" and "purple" games, and the attempt of gaming developers to tap into the female market. Some interesting interviews with women in the industry, and it uses a lot of Judith Butler's theory of performativity, which I'm a fan of.

Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat: New Perspectives on Gender and Gaming - As the title suggests, a much more contemporary discussion on gender and gaming, although still a bit out of date since the genre is changing so rapidly. Lots of discussion of women and MMO's if you're interested in that, and sections on the need and call for more diversity in games themselves. A bit too qualitative in some sections for my tastes, but still has some really interesting chapters.

u/ILuffhomer · 2 pointsr/GirlGamers

A bit over your price request, but I have the HyperX Cloud headset:

I really love the purple and white (even if the white gets dirty), but the sound is good and they are comfortable for long Classic WoW sessions. They also fit comfortably even when I have glasses on!

u/DarkChen · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

i mean, i dont know how much traveling are you doing, but monitor+case isnt gonna be friendly to carry, especially the monitor with the stand plus its size, not to mention i imagine you would had other baggages together, so it can get heavy, and messy...

i dont know what you budget is like but i would focus on laptops nevertheless, no hassle no worries, at least travel wise, stick it in the same backpack as your cloths and its done...

again, dont know you budget but here are three i found looking quickly around amazon:

the first one its more mid to high end, with better screen, better processor and huge storage space, the second one its more mid end and tho similar specs, with lower storage space and more mid end processor and graphic card, and the last one its more budget friendly with smaller screen, though it seems a little bulkier built... anyway, im sure there are better options out there, bu i hope those help

u/bakeryun · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

Yes!! Would love to!!

  1. Case, NZXT Phantom 410.

  2. Monitor risers in black, suits the red theme!

  3. Artisan Hien's mousepad in red. I'm planning to get the same mousepad in pink. Saw another redditor using this mousepad and it looked really good!

  4. HyperX Cloud ll Love this! Planning to get the white/pink one soon.

    For your table, you could choose a black one as black and red goes well together! Gaming chair wise, it's hard for me to recommend one since I am still an amateur at this and idk which one is the most preferred brand? Same goes to keyboard and mouse. >_< so sorry!!

    Hope to see your setup soon :))
u/skankyfish · 15 pointsr/GirlGamers

HyperX Cloud II? I've got no personal experience of them, but when I asked my OH for recommendations the other day, this is what he recommended. They're meant to be comfy and decent quality, and they work with most platforms :)

EDIT: I asked him again specifically for lighter coloured headsets, and he suggested Steelseries Siberia (more expensive) or Razer Krakens (cheapest of the lot, but still a good reputation). We don't own any of these but he likes to read up on this stuff, so they're probably all decent choices :)

u/itsacrisis · 3 pointsr/GirlGamers

I really like HyperX Cloud II headsets. You'll end up paying bit more than 100 CAD, but I think they are worth it. Plus, there might be a good sale coming up for black friday. You mentioned not ugly, so you might like the hyperxwhite/purple headset. I think you can get the black Cloud II's and the black/red cloud IIs for around 100-120 bucks.

I've had the same headset for quite a while now. They get a ton of use and still work just as good as new. I can't say I've had the same experience with Razer and a few other brands I tried in the past.

u/BoopityBoop1 · 12 pointsr/GirlGamers

Honestly the best thing you could do for your setup right now is cable management. You can get reusable velcro zip ties from Amazon or Walmart or someplace like that. I’d also recommend getting little figures or plushies of your favorite characters to add some more of your personality to the area

u/stephnstephnstuff · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

This one clips to an exciting earbuds/headphones wire but you could prob clip it to anything with a little tape or whatever and it’s pretty good quality.

Edit: I also have a Blue standing desk mic that I honestly never use if you want it.

u/happycowsmmmcheese · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

Oh wow, thank you for being so detailed!

How does recording the mic separately work? Do you need a special type of headset or is there a way to split the mic so it connects to the console and the computer simultaneously? And then do you just have to edit it onto the top of the recorded video and line it up or is there an easier way? Sorry I'm asking so many questions! :P

A couple other people mentioned the Elgato device. Are you familiar with that one at all?

u/nirithre · 2 pointsr/GirlGamers

upHere Technology All-in-One High...

EVGA 850 B3, 80+ Bronze 850W,...

CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB...

Intel Core i5-8600K Desktop...

GIGABYTE H370 AORUS Gaming 3 WiFi...

In Win 101 Pink ATX Mid Tower...

Samsung 1tb m. 2 ssd evo 970 nvme $170

Asus 1660 super $230

Total 1104

A little more then you want to spend but for a full new build you won't regret it.

Hell if you are close enough I'll even build it for you lol

Finished product

u/Zenyattas_Pyjamas · 3 pointsr/GirlGamers

I use Logitech for both my mouse and headset. Everything but their "Logitech Gaming Software" works really well, but they never make the same product in multiple colors. My friend uses a HyperX headset that's much cheaper but still really good quality. It also comes in white/pink.

Also, I'd suggest checking out r/mechanicalkeyboards if you ever want to get really minimalistic with your desktop.

Edit: Fixed link.

u/jessaroolaroo · 11 pointsr/GirlGamers

This is the chair I currently use. The color is true to the image ('Power Ranger Pink', if you will, also has other color options). It was easy to put together although some reviews on the product state otherwise. The seat cushion is uncomfortable after a while, so I ended up buying a separate seat cushion since I work and game from that chair. But for kids who have no sense of what is comfortable (I used to watch TV upside down on the couch, what is neck pain?) It might be a good option!

Also, this isn't a chair, but I would have loved to have these headphones and ears as a kid.

u/Sleipnoir · 6 pointsr/GirlGamers

For computers you can use OBS for free to record games. If you're using consoles you sometimes have to buy extra hardware or even mod the console itself. It can be pricy from my understanding, like ~100+ for wiiu, ~300+ vita, etc

This is what my friend has been using to stream his wii u stuff it looks like it can be used for other consoles too

u/Laurasaurus1009 · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

I love the Sony brand Dual Shock 4 controllers. However, if you're missing the shape of Xbox style controllers, I've seen other manufacturers make them in that style.

I've played on Sony systems since I switched from X360 to PS3 (after also having been mostly Xbox) and I was tempted by these myself. However, I never did because I knew it would just stagger my transition to the feel of the new console and accompanying hardware.

If you still just don't like how the DS4 feels in your hands during play, you should check out something like this.

If you're looking for a good skin (I don't think any Sony contollers will come in purple) but I recommend DecalGirl. Lots more options than solid colors and you might find something that suits you!

u/Hollermagician · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

If advise against the 1050 since even when it was brand new it was pretty weak.

Heres a pretty good laptop i found on Amazon;

The 1660 is not a bad graphics card either thats a fairly new card and if you can get a laptop with that then youd be set. Btw have you considered building a pc instead?

u/AmazonTR · 5 pointsr/GirlGamers

My favorites:

[Sweet Fuse: At Your Side] (!/en-us/games/sweet-fuse-at-your-side/cid=UP1024-ULUS10652_00-BAKUDANHANDAN001)

Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom

Corpse Party

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

999 already mentioned by another in this thread.

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward The sequel to 999.

Also, to a lesser extent anything by Winter Wolves. I've played a few and a lot of them are now on Steam too. These contain a bit more busy work than I'd like, but some solid stories there.

u/Coffee_fuel · 8 pointsr/GirlGamers

Axent Wear sells purple Cat Ear Headphones. The ears also work as speakers. I got mine through their indiegogo campaign and I love them! In case you're interested.

u/c_noor · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

It's a Havit 3200 DPI, I suppose? I just found it on Amazon. Here's the link! Hope that helps!

u/_why_not_ · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

Amazon is having a huge sale on Razer mice atm, so you might want to check that out. If a $50 mouse is in your budget, I recently bought the Razer Orochi and really like it so far. It is ambidexterous and can be used wired or wireless. It's considered a "travel mouse" so it definitely works for smaller hands. Also, a big improvement from the Wal-mart mouse I was previously using - much more precise and no more jumping about the screen.

u/suplexcomplex · 5 pointsr/GirlGamers

[I found this on Amazon, it's a bit expensive but it also looks pretty nice] (

There are probably some cheaper models on Amazon that have a similar look to them.

u/chocolatetherapy · 3 pointsr/GirlGamers

I use the Hyper X Cloud II headset. Amazon link Don't worry about the price, it's often on sale on Amazon for maybe 60 bucks.

I've tried a couple of different headsets and they all pinched my ears. The Hyper X is sooo soft, it covers my whole ear and is like a soft cushion around it. I'd recommend it a hundred times, also for its quality all around.

u/cowscats21 · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

I personally HATE the PS4 controller. My husband and both tried thumb grips, silicone skins, etc, to make the controller comfortable. Nothing. So I went and bought this: The reviews are mixed, but it's the best third PS4 controller I ever used. I went and bought 3; since we have 3 PS4s.
I also have the CronusMax, but you will need the Pro Pad on the PS4 controller to access the menu on some games.

u/brootnee · 3 pointsr/GirlGamers

It was a cheapo knock-off brand from Amazon. It's super tempermental and barely works with Win 7. :'(

u/WorkingClassWario · 2 pointsr/GirlGamers

I have these

They're not terrible, I did have to get a separate cord to fit into the controller. And, i'm not sure what the deal is, but I can't hear out of the right head phone? I don't know, might be my controller, might be the extra cord, might be a short in the headphone wiring. But they don't hurt my ears so much with my glasses. For a cheap fix, they work fine.

u/mglab · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

It wouldn't be wireless, but you can consider getting a Zalman clip-on mic for the current headphones you have. It's an $8 solution and you already know that your current headphones fit.

Despite the added hassle of cables, I've used one with my Sennheiser HD598 and wouldn't be happy going to a gaming headset from this set up. I've since replaced it with a desktop mic, which is another option if you prefer.

u/melodyann3 · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

You can also find monitors that go vertical on their own. I recently purchased this Asus monitor that looks gorgeous and goes vertical without a mount.

u/smartfishy · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

I ended up with a Corsair headset. I don't stream, so I can't give advice on that end, but Corsair is a good brand and so is HyperX. I don't know of any other brand that makes pink headsets, but HyperX has a white and lavender headset:

u/tepidviolet · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

I just went wireless for mouse and keyboard. It's not really true that they're worse for latency. The feel of mice without the friction or pull of cables is so much better, also.

For everything else, there are ways to manage cables. Velcro sells loop ties that are pretty effective at bundling excess length. You can also bundle different cables together. There are zip ties, as well.

u/StarTrippy · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

I have this one, and it's so beautiful. It's hella loud too which tickles my fancy. :')

Unfortunately, it's not super high end so you can't program your own colors. But it's still nice!

u/VG-enigmaticsoul · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

If you still haven't decided, this:

Ships to norway. No idea what the shipping costs tho

$930 USD is basically unheard of for a laptop like this, probably gonna be sold out in hours lol

u/CoconutMochi · 6 pointsr/GirlGamers

I think the one headset that usually gets recommended in the audiophile community is HyperX's Cloud II. Although you can also get normal headphones and pair them with a modmic. It only has passive noise-cancelling though.

Sennheiser's GAME headset is also an option, if you want to spend more monies.

u/Aksen · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

A while ago I stopped buying expensive mice and got some cheap ones off Amazon and have been 100% happy with the decision.

u/geekgirl1225 · 2 pointsr/GirlGamers

I have the RedragonLITE and love it. There is a small button under the scroll wheel but it's not gotten in my way at all. It has 2 thumb buttons but again, small and unobtrusive. It's also only $13

Amazon Redragon

u/TraaAlexa · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

So girl I looked and it seams they don't sell it in Australia but you can get it sent from America to Australia using Amazon! Here are the shipping rates:
Here is the actual case:

u/partyangesagt · 5 pointsr/GirlGamers

Nah they are separate. On amazon this is the headset and here are the ears.

u/bloodfiend13 · 3 pointsr/GirlGamers

THIS. I pretty much destroyed the rubber covers on the joysticks, but then it gave me an excuse to buy these.

u/mandy_bre · 2 pointsr/GirlGamers

Couldnt find that one but I think this is pretty close Headset

u/Orthodox_Waffle · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

Zalman Zm-Mic1

Edit: Now that i think about it if you're not using headphones than a zalman won't work because it needs a cable to clip to. Snowball or yeti.

u/claramill · 3 pointsr/GirlGamers

This is my baby; I use it for everything, including my Switch and I highly recommend it. Great refresh rate, solid construction, lots of adjustable settings.

The first one I got had a cluster dead pixels and I immediately returned it, no problem. It's also a rotating set up if vertical monitors are your thing.

u/moonstrikelilly · 3 pointsr/GirlGamers

I wanted to get this one, but settled for something cheaper:

It's out of stock now on Amazon though, but I was able to find it here:

The only thing I'd worry about is the white parts getting dirty. It is cute though.

u/SyntheticTeapot · 1 pointr/GirlGamers

It's on amazon! It's the InWin 101 case. It's the only pink case I've found that isn't obnoxiously PINK and the side panel is actually tempered glass instead of acrylic. NZXT also has a white/purple case, but I think their pink case was only for a limited time unfortunately. There are also some websites where you can customize the case and its color (but it's a tad expensive).

Here's the inwin case: