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u/dumbschmuck · 7 pointsr/Parenting

My 2 year old loves the Strider Bike. At 18-20 months, we pushed him while he sat. Then he began walking with it, then running, now he is full speed running and coasting. He asks for his bike multiple times per day.

u/HurtzMyBranes · 7 pointsr/daddit

It's a balance bike. I just bought this one for my 18 month old daughter. Since there aren't any pedals, all she needs to focus on is maintaining her balance, which is typically the hardest part of learning how to ride a bike.

u/CraigChrist · 4 pointsr/funny

Radio Flyer makes them also, for $50-$60:

u/metme · 2 pointsr/nfl

whats your opinion of cartoons? Like on disney or cartoon network kids? Like i think mickey mouse show? I bought my niece who is 3 a bike like this, but it was 20 bucks at target.

Good luck though

u/CoachViper · 2 pointsr/EngineeringPorn

My 3 year old rides something similar to this. Engineering porn??

u/roamn · 2 pointsr/ebikes

Whenever I hear "pushbike" I imagine a kid's push bike (as in a bike with no pedals at all ).

u/Victorzaroni · 1 pointr/SolidWorks

I mentioned this in a similar thread here - one of my big projects in school was modeling a kids balance bike, pretty much this exact one:

Most pieces are pretty simple and assembly is straightforward, but for newer users it's a good challenge. You can pull the hardware off of McMaster Carr.

u/jimbolaya · 1 pointr/Parenting

I have no experience with them but they have really high reviews at Amazon. There might be other "balance" bikes out there that are better. Check out two wheeling tots, .

u/Geback723 · 1 pointr/Parenting

Get him a balance bike. Our oldest daughter started with a balance bike when she turned 2 and by 4 years old was riding a two wheeled bike with no issues. Our youngest is now 3 and can ride down the driveway on the balance bike with her feet up and will more than likely be riding a 2 wheeled bike by the time she is 4 1/2. Balance bikes are key. We have this one and it's held up great!

u/rbooiebddd · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

Balance bikes will ride like regular bikes and don’t get stuck on uneven surfaces, easily gliding over rocks, dirt, curbs and even jumps. Kids ride them all on their own with the balance bike. I used to have a no pedal bike for my nephew’s third birthday. It comes with ring bell awesome that makes it looks like a real bicycle. Set chair can be adjusted which depends on how tall your kid is. What I most likely is that it is so light that you can just lifted in just one hand.