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u/Chojiki · 7 pointsr/Ruckus

> Is this necessary?

Not really.

> Are you supposed to replace the springs too?

The spring isn't associated with changing the Variator. It's for the clutch.

The variator is connected to the driveshaft on the engine and the clutch is connected to the final gear which is connected to the rear wheel. The belt goes between these two and is what transfers power between them.

As the variator spins, weights inside it force a plate in or out and this in turn pulls the belt higher or lower on the variator.

The belt in turn pulls the plate on the clutch in or out depending on how high it is riding on the variator.

If the belt is high on the variator it is low on the clutch, and the opposite if the belt is low on the variator it is high on the clutch.

The ratio between the diameter of each part where the belt is riding is basically the gear the Ruckus is in.

How the spring plays into this is: as the variator spins the weights are thrown outwards due to centripetal motion but without some assistance there's no way for them to return to their base setting other than gravity. This is where the clutch spring comes in. The spring provides a constant force pushing the belt on the clutch to it's widest point on it. This in turn pushes the belt on the variator to it's narrowest point there. This helps reset the weights inside the variator.

Just like it's a pain in the ass to try and drive in 3rd gear from a dead stop it'd be much the same without the torque spring. The Ruck would constantly be in a much higher gear than needed.

Heavier Torque Springs reset the gear ratio much quicker than normal but also slow down how quickly the gear changes.

Lighter Torque Springs take longer to reset (relatively) but go through gear shifts much quicker.

On a normal Ruck, the standard spring is good enough for most applications.

For heavier riders who need lighter weights to get better RPM's, a heavier spring will help delay how quickly those weights will variate.

A lighter spring will also give a better take off response because the majority of the power produced will be available much quicker.

All in all, Torque Springs are not something that's necessary for someone who's doing the standard upgrades. They're more for people who have fine tuned their Ruck and want to narrow down their performance even further.

If anything look into getting a set of 16x13 Variator Weights so you can tune your Ruck to your individual weight.

The Polini Variator I believe comes with 2 sets of weights (5.6 g and 6.8 g) Which allows you to tune at 5.6 g, 6.2 g, and 6.8 g. That's not a lot to work with.

The set above will work from 3.5 g all the way to 13.5 g.

u/cheapngood · 2 pointsr/scooters

Air/Fuel gauge $170
12V Impact wrench $25
Cylinder head temperature gauge, $39
Roller weight tuning kit $33 (there are different weight sizes, what scooter?)
Or a set of a range of carb jets. Again, need to know the scooter type.
Scooter Dyno $12,000 hahaha

I've never used most of these, so I can't review them. They look interesting to me though.

u/catherineirkalla · 1 pointr/scooters

Here is a tuning kit

> do the weights matter if I get some stage six one or some generic ones

Unless you are racing a decent set (of 6) is probably $10 or you can go fancy and get $15 ones. NCY weights are more like $20 but I'd consider that high end fancy schmancy.

It's worth noting that your weights should be inspected/changed every 1000 or so miles anyway, so if you bought used it would probably be good to go ahead and change them. Here is a very good GY6 service manual too BTW

You will likely also (arguably) need a torque wrench for reassembling the transmission and a clutch holder. If you don't have these you can get by using other methods or a strap wrench

Its worth noting there are also sliders that you can use instead of rollers. If it makes any difference probably has to do with the slope in your variator and the design of the slider. There are many, many different combinations.

I found one source that says:

> "for every .5 grams heavier , it seems as if you loose about 250 rpms or so. Maybe a little less. "

but I cannot say if that is accurate or not.

You might also be able to change your variator to get a little bit more difference as well. As with changing weights its something some people seem to swear by and others say does nothing. Either way companies like NCY make nice parts that may be lighter and generate less/dissapate more heat, last longer, and offer a smoother ride than stock parts. If you go this route you can usually do it one piece at a time.

I'm still pretty new to all this though :-O so by all means if someone sees I said something inaccurate let me know!