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u/Triocha_Se · 1 pointr/falcons

It's on Amazon. It's got a cooler built in!

u/DC14F1 · 1 pointr/formula1

The bleachers have no back rest and are quite tight so you'll be really close to the people beside you. I remember seeing proper chairs and couches at the Senna terrace this year, so that may help. Alternatively, you can find foldable chairs that attach to the bleacher and have a back rest. My friends and I bought some cheap ones off Amazon and they made a huge difference in terms of back support. You can find really high quality ones that have a firm back rest.

Doing a quick search on Amazon I found this one which seems to be quite strong and may help you:

I have been on both grandstands in the past as well as the hairpin. Being at turn 1 was definitely the best experience for me so far, especially at the start of the race! Hope you enjoy the race next year, I'll be at grandstand 12 cheering for Dani Ricc!