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u/Usrname52 · 19 pointsr/nyjets

NFL games have a very specific clear bag policy. You can buy a clear bag on amazon or you can put whatever you need in a gallon Ziploc. You can't carry a regular purse.

We have this one, I think:

u/Dweide_Schrude · 2 pointsr/GreenBayPackers

All good questions!

-If you're coming up 43 from Milwaukee, I'd highly recommend visiting the USS Cobia in Manitowoc. It's the most intact submarine from WWII on the US and it's awesome. I'd also say you should stay there (you can actually stay overnight in the sub!) but it seems that it's full for Saturday 11/8. Definitely a unique experience. The tours are great as well.

-Depending on the quality of stay and the price you want to pay, staying an hour out would most likely be cheaper. Some of the hotels in GB/Ashwaubenon have been pretty heavily used and are also pretty expensive/hard to book for days around games. Manitowoc is about 45min out if you wanted to just end your Saturday there.

-I'll admit it might be a bit weird to have someone come up randomly to tailgate. However, if your dad brought his own stuff (grill, beer, food) and mosied on over to people near him, they would probably be okay with that. I usually enjoy meeting new people, but I can't speak for everyone. Make sure he is wearing some Packer gear and that he doesn't try to hang with some Bears fans (unless you're Bears fans, may God have mercy on your souls...). I kid, I kid.

Gates open about 2 hours before game time for the entire stadium usually. The Atrium is usually open about 4 hours before (and it's indoor, not bad in November). You don't need a ticket to get inside the Atrium usually, but once you've used a ticket get in, you have to stay inside the stadium; there is no re-entry. Here's a list of most questions you would need answers to.

-The camera: Per the guide above, as long as your lense is under 12" you should be fine. The bag will not be okay though. You'll need one of the clear 12x12x6 NFL bags. I have a few of these and they fit my DSLR. You'll just have to be a bit more careful than with your normal bag.

Hope this helps! Go Pack Go!

Edit: Link formatting. Also, I'll be at that game so I hope our offense has worked out the links by then!!