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u/LikesBoardGames · 11 pointsr/orlando

I don't know why you are getting so many downvotes. Here is a picture of a 12x12x6 bag

It seems like you can feet a lot of stuff in that bag.

u/kevbat2000 · 9 pointsr/Atlanta
u/CampaignExpert · 7 pointsr/minnesotaunited

My wife puts her regular bag in the clear one with a couple of scarfs and blankets around it, gets waved in.

u/spaghetti216 · 3 pointsr/WrestlemaniaPlans

She will probably be fine with a small wallet, but anything bigger needs to be clear. This is the bag I took to Wrestlemania last year, and I guess I'll have to pull it back out this year. It's ugly, but most people will have one, and it'll come in handy.

u/PassionateAsSin · 3 pointsr/TaylorSwift

I would go with a bag not a backpack. Some stadiums won't allow clear backpacks.

There are a bunch of options on Amazon if you search 'Clear Stadium Bag'

Such as:

This is the one I bought:

Taylor is also selling a Reputation one you could buy online beforehand

u/BrianKraemer · 2 pointsr/nfl

Walmart. Any arts and crafts store. They have cheap tote bags

I would recommend this

Clear Tote Bag NFL Stadium Approved - 12" X 12" X 6" - Shoulder straps and zippered top. The clear bag is perfect for work, school, sports games and concerts. Meets NFL and PGA Tournament guidelines.

u/copacabanas · 2 pointsr/Embroidery

Here is what works for me! Hope it helps :)


Long term storage:

I have a small unit that all the supplies live in permanently, which can stay in a closet or under the bed, and having a separate tote for my current project.

For you I'm picturing something like this: or or to hold all your extra fabric, hoops, and floss.


I like to wrap my thread and organize by color, I use these for storage:

It has one section that is a bit bigger than the others, which is where I keep needles, seam rippers, thimbles, etc.



Short term - Project in process:


When I am working on a project, I take all the necessary colors and clip them together using one of these binder rings, example:

Then I have a particular zipper pouch that I keep everything in for a project. There are all kinds of cute ones out there. I'm currently hunting for a zipper pouch which has an interior zipper pocket as well to hold little scissors and a needle threader. Currently I just use a Klein Tool bag that my SO gave me. The hoop, bundle of floss, scissors, etc all fit in there nicely and make it really easy for your project to be portable. It makes it easy to have a central location where the project lives and everything goes back inside every time.


u/pur3boy3 · 1 pointr/photography

Best way to protect my Nikon D3400 and and extra lens in this for use at a football game?

u/monkeyvibez · 1 pointr/bostoncalling

This: Clear Bag NFL & PGA Stadium Approved - The Clear Tote Bag with Zipper Closure is Perfect for Work, Sports Games.Cross-Body Messenger Shoulder Bag w Adjustable Strap -12” X 12“ X 6” (One Bag)

u/EncomCEO · 1 pointr/Nationals

Just to be safe, I ordered two 12x12x6 clear bags and will just use those.

Better safe than having to scramble for one of those lockers on a bobblehead day.

u/HokieScott · 0 pointsr/Nationals

At Virginia Tech Football games, they have a strict bag policy as well. It has to be clear and not larger than a certain size. I know MOST people can just leave their stuff in the car at games there though.

Something like this would probably be okay as well. Just use on game days: