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u/CharlesHipster · 22 pointsr/4chan

> IQ is highly dependent on social environnement, family and school education and the subject's personality.

WRONG. That's where you are wrong, kiddo.

  1. Attempts by programs like head start to give blacks highly enriched educational environments have failed to produce lasting changes in their IQ’s relative to whites.

  2. Children of black parents that make between $160K and $200K a year are less intelligent than white children from families that make less than $20K a year. Similarly, the IQ difference between rich black kids and rich white kids is even larger than the IQ difference between poor black kids and poor white kids.

  3. Our society has obviously become much less “racist” over the last hundred years. Yet, the black/white IQ gap is basically the same today as it was in 1918.

  4. Genetic theory predicts that the children and grand children of smart people will tend to be ever dumber until they reach the average IQ level of the population. The children and grand children of smart black parents “regress” in this way to a mean IQ of 85 while the children of smart white parents regress to a mean IQ of 100. The only obvious explanation for this comes from genetics.

  5. Whites have larger brains than blacks. This seems to be for genetic reasons since there are also many other muscular and skeletal differences between blacks and whites that are associated with evolving larger brains and because these brain size differences are present at birth. Larger brains are also associated with being more intelligent. Three lines of evidence suggest that this association is causal: first, genes that are associated with being more intelligent are also associated with larger brains. Second, a person’s brain size changes over time ]predict changes in their intelligence over time]( And third, smarter siblings have larger brains their their less intelligent siblings who grew up in the same home as them (this suggests that the relationship can’t be explained by any possible confounding variable in the family environment such as nutrition). So it seems that whites have evolved to be more intelligent than blacks partly by evolving larger brains.

  6. Mulattos (people who have a black and a white parent) have higher IQ’s than blacks but lower IQ’s than whites. A genetic explanation would predict this because half of a mulatto’s genes are black and half are white. In fact, even with in black populations those who have lighter skin (because they have more white ancestors) have higher IQ’s.

  7. The Minnesota trans-racial adoption study, which is the best of its kind, found that at age 17 blacks adopted into upper middle class white homes averaged an IQ of 84, Mulattos averaged 93, and whites 102. Thus, being raised in an affluent white family didn’t boost black or Mulatto IQ just as a (mostly) genetic hypothesis would predict.

  8. Some IQ sub-tests are more heritable than others. (That is, twin studies show that differences between individuals on some tests are more due to genetic differences between people than others.) The race IQ gap is largest on those subtests with the highest levels of heritability and the only obvious explanation for this is that the B/W IQ difference is caused by genetics.

  9. Versions of genes associated with intelligence differ in frequency between the races in such a way that favors white people.

  10. Egalitarianism isn’t evolutionarily or genetically plausible. We know that the different environments the races evolved in produced differences in just about every physical trait from bone density to height to muscle size. And we know that the large differences in weather and food availability must have caused people to behave differently. The idea that these different environments selected for intelligence with exactly equal pressure seems incredibly unlikely. Similarly, studies have found that the races differ in the frequency of most (or all) genes and this includes genes that affect brain development. So the races possessing any random single gene in the same frequency is unlikely. In order for them to have to same genetic profile with regards to intelligence, which involves thousands of genes, this would have to happen thousands of times. If we assume that that the probability of the races having the same frequency for some gene is 40% (it’s actually much lower) and that intelligence involves 15 genes (it actually involves thousands) the probability that the races would have the identical frequencies for each of these genes is 0.0001%. Given this, the idea that they would have the exact same frequency for the thousands of genes that affect intelligence is basically impossible.
u/AmericanYidGunner · 21 pointsr/4chan

It's worth it imo. Very well written with absolutely zero commentary. Just lays out the facts, and does a bit of profiling of Eric and Dylan going back to their childhood, which I find fascinating.

u/sgrodgers10 · 3 pointsr/4chan

I have the book. It's amazing. Buy it. It's on Amazon

u/SassyMoron · 23 pointsr/4chan

See this is a myth though. Economic productivity growth throughout Europe during the middle ages was steady and substantial. Check out this book if you want to know more.

u/unik41 · 2 pointsr/4chan

I've read that several times. I'm thinking more of a Turtledove-style novel.

Edit: ???

u/I_m · 1 pointr/4chan

I thought for sure that this would be Yurope: The American Invasion

u/JoeHova1 · 2 pointsr/4chan

[2001]( and the related books. Probably others too, and then there are novelizations of a surprisingly large amount of movies. For example, I remember seeing a novelization of Jurassic Park, even though it was already based on a book.

u/Eryius · 1 pointr/4chan

4chan did write a book. Or at least /lit/ did. It's called Hypersphere.

u/throwaway_scoobydoo · 2 pointsr/4chan

You can buy it from Amazon now, it's very expensive since Amazon are greedy as fuck though (it's cheaper from lulu).

u/Fallen_Angle · 1 pointr/4chan

OP is an idiot, the book was edited by Martin Bauer.

Found it!

u/happybadger · 4 pointsr/4chan

You talk some good bullshit. Usually I just pull a paragraph from this book and change the subject around, but that's some quality impromptu bullshit.