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u/Genghis-Brah · 1 pointr/AAdiscussions

> however, people tend to gloss over the fact that certain "races" (i.e. their culture) emphasize certain achievements over all others

Evolutionary psychologists do take culture into account when it comes to evolution. The environment influences who you are to an extent.

TL;DR - Genetic Determinism: The Evolutionary Red Herring

There is even a book the youtube fella recommended.

But they created their own culture for a reason. I don't subscribe that everyone is equal. That is not truthful.

>the article you linked to suggests that white people are smarter than people of African descent, but it doesn't acknowledge human beings can trace their lineage to Africa by way of mitochondrial DNA (meaning all peoples are of African descent)

All humans can trace their lineage to Africa or some sort of microorganism billions of years ago. It doesn't mean I am sympathetic to cells or my lineage I was descended from.

>plus, in modern day there are more and more inter-racial couples, so by your assertion, we can "breed" the perfect human by taking the "smartest" race and making them have babies with the "physically strongest" race

Well I agree with you in your first point. But unfortunately interracial relationships are not equal in ratio with one another. As certain races and sexes within those races win more in an interracial pairings than others. It is not a benefit to me and Asian men since we usually do not get treated fairly in the sexual marketplace. You can't eradicate racism, if you can't eradicate self-interest.

>I don't see how you can truly believe racial characteristics are "pretty obvious" because when we start mixing with each other, there will be no more "race"

There will still be a human race, it was just be more ethnically diverse but certain groups will win over others.

>or perhaps you subscribe to the "master race" theory and keeping bloodlines pure

I currently subscribe to improving the perceived worth of Asian men to be on par or surpass Asian women in the west. To replace white supremacy with Asian supremacy. I wish for Asians to be on the top of the hierarchy, instead of the bottom.

u/YellowPerilous · 0 pointsr/AAdiscussions

>Yeah probably I have no problems admitting that! But then again people much smarter than me who have studied philosophy/kant at the doctorate level struggle to wrap their head around Kant and some of his arguments. Are you going to claim you have it all figured out? If you do, get it published. Not even kidding.

lol I'm not an academic. For me, knowledge is a tool, not an intellectual exercise :)

>What is your background anyways? I am going to guess that maybe you double majored in psych and philosophy. Very common. Or one was your major and the other was your minor.

Yep. Psych was my major, Phil was my minor. Switched majors a couple times too, Poli Sci (father had his Masters from Yonsei, mother had Ph.d from U of M) and Sociology were my original majors. Masters was Labor-Industrial Relations. Whole family was deep into the liberal arts, my sister double majored in English and Political Science at UChicago and is currently studying Public Policy for her Masters at Berkeley. All of them are highly opinionated and disagree on basically everything. I don't mind disagreement, I have respect for different opinions, but not stupid opinions ;P

>noumena - The way things actually are - not necessarily observable or understood by us

>phenomena - the world as experienced through our observations and senses - the observable manifestations of the noumena

Yep, and phenomena are what's most important to us as human beings. Objectivity exists within subjectivity, that's why levels of analysis are so important. Good book by Doug Hofstadter that talks about this concept in physics:

At the human level, the level where we see, experience, and interact with phenomenal objects, those objects appear to follow rules (causal relations). Human knowledge is just a sum of approximate guesses at these rules. The rules themselves may not actually be True (capital T), but they are true in the sense that they allow us to predict events on our subjective, phenomenal, human level. That's where the "useful" criterion comes into play (and Nietzsche said this too). Human knowledge is not a collection of truths, but a constellation of guesses based on fundamental axioms (see Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem) that shifts from generation to generation based on changing social mores (what Kuhn called "paradigms"). If human knowledge is not a forward march towards Truth (Feyerabend) because of the limitations of human reason, but instead ever-changing constellations of theories and ideas, what is the purpose? To predict phenomenal events.

That is where the "useful" element comes into play. Human knowledge is actually a tool for predicting the relations between phenomenal objects with the ultimate aim of manipulating our phenomenal reality. Knowledge, quite literally, is POWER -- the ability to influence our phenomenal world. Spinoza made a similar claim for the sanctity of the Bible (its holiness lies not in the accuracy of its pages, but the divine feeling it inspires in readers).

So when we say we know something, or we're arguing about issues within the realm of human existence, the measuring stick is accuracy in prediction. That's why empiricism is the only language for human beings to describe our phenomenal world (we take from the Rationalists the Cartesian belief that we do not live in a hostile simulacrum due to a higher power -- many Western philosophers resort to God as a justification device for skepticism, see Camus). Unfortunately, human beings are not wired to think empirically (we are actually wired to generalize off of extremely limited data sets -- n=3 is all it takes, see Kahneman) and we have a whole host of cognitive biases because again, consciousness is an emergent phenomenon arising from a lump of meat ;). Psychology has discovered a whole host of more limitations on pure reason.

Therefore, when discussing the nature of any phenomena, more evidence is always better than less. You can argue interpretations of studies (the causal relations offered up as best guesses), but given the limitations of the human minds, you accept those findings unless new findings arise that provide counter examples in a sufficiently statistical way (edit: i.e., NOT ANECDATA :P). THAT'S AN OPINION. OPINIONS ARE BEST GUESSES AT CAUSAL RELATIONS BASED ON ALL AVAILABLE INFORMATION, not concern trolling of studies based on motivated reasoning. There's Truth (which we cannot know), human knowledge (body of ideas that help us grapple with and predict phenomenal reality -- schemas, which as you correctly pointed out, are usually tinged with value judgments, but again, the criterion is DOES IT WORK), and ignorance. Fuck ignorance, I don't tolerate it :)

We can talk more in depth if you want (I didn't even touch on morality) tho I don't know if this is the best forum for it. But don't concern troll me pls kthnx <3

u/chinese___throwaway3 · 5 pointsr/AAdiscussions
  1. That's what I was blaming, white people pitting POC against one another. Jew vs Gentile doesnt matter. At least Jews used to have some sympathy for us (Crocodile tears, fake sympathy) by saying that Asians are like the Jews

  2. Again Neocons are white except for Francis Fukuyama, the turncoat

  3. Cops can help but they do NOT help all the time. Yeah these bloggers don't do shit either. But you know if I were living in those areas I would go to every community council, etc and point out how Black and Asian people have many more things in common than rice and yams.

  4. I'm center right not a far leftist or socialist communist. But honestly both sides suck. Many people are seriously scarred by being bullied and heckled by ghetto blacks in the hood especially if they are not native born or acculturated.

    One person I know moved to a hood area directly from South China a few years after graduating from Jr High School and it sucked for her. But I have visited that area and have friends there but because I speak idiomatic English well I did not face much racism.

    The main problem Mainland Chinese people face in those areas is not saying Excuse me when moving past someone, and spitting outside. Black people are VERY keen on everyone saying excuse me etc because they come from an extension of Southern culture which is heavily based on expressing politeness at all times due to a history of social volatility among all races and emulation of British aristocratic culture in the Virginia Colony. As well as having to maintain "Respectability Politics" by being more polite than whites.

    This is why "hood" blacks place such a premium on symbolically being a "gentleman", code of honnor,wearing Gucci, a fedora unironically, many Gangsta women use "Lady" in their names, emulation of Italian Mafia culture, love of fashion, because they were denied this Southern aristocratic status in the past. Listening to older Rap gives this impression.

    Again these people (Ghetto) are the same as Bogans or Chavs which are white hood rats. Many Asians in the inner city don't run into rednecks much, their encounters with whites are mostly with Hipster / Suburbanite / College educated whites so they conflate race and class. But a lot of Asians in the inner city can and do beef with Guidos (Italian Rednecks) if they live in a ghetto white neighborhood.

    White hipsters and rich suburbanites (Including Bourgeois blacks) are nicer to Asians because they are nicer to each other and that is their mannerism in general. That is why their bias mostly comes out in micro aggressions.

u/countercom2 · 6 pointsr/AAdiscussions

>May the kingdom of the Great White Cocks come. Amen!

There appears to be a problem with the modding team.


btw...your wonderful respectful white men have 387% higher divorce rates than Af/Am couples. You care to explain that?


more research about respectful white men...

>Racism and sexual harassment could lie behind the higher incidence of suicide attempts amongst teenagers adopted from foreign countries.

>Adopted teenagers from foreign countries are more than four times more likely to attempt suicide than other teenagers.

The research team believe they've detected a pattern following interviews with young adopted women of Asian descent. 'People have preconceptions that [women of Asian descent] are promiscuous, prostitutes, have a strong sex drive and are considered to be exotic,' said Frank Lindblad, who believes that such sexual prejudices can be difficult for the women concerned to understand.

Racism behind suicide attempts - The Local


Oh, look who created perpetuates, and weaponiznig that stereotypes to make Af kill themselves at 4x the rates? The egalitarian white man.


This is a long tradition that's an integral part of your "civilization"...

>instances of interracial sex outside of marriage reaffirmed racial and gendered stereotypes of the delinquent, degenerate, and lascivious Black Jezebel and the immoral, helpless and destitute Aboriginal Squaw.

Nation and Miscegenation - Comparing Anti-Miscegenation Regulations in North America - Thompson


● The list of white supremacist psychopaths like Elliot rogers and Holtzclaw came from af/wm couples


Maybe this is why?

>Biracial Asian Americans are twice as likely as monoracial Asian Americans to be diagnosed with a
Psychological disorder, U.S. researchers said.

>'We cannot underestimate the importance of understanding the social, psychological and experiential differences that may increase the likelihood of psychological disorders among this fast growing segment of the population.' Among the biracial individuals in their national survey the researchers found 34 percent had been diagnosed with a psychological disorder such as anxiety, depression or substance abuse compared to 17 percent of monoracial individuals. The higher rate held up even after the researchers controlled for differences between the groups in age, gender and life stress among other factors.

Biracial Asian Americans and Mental Health :: UC Davis News & Information:

● Don't forget. the World's leaders in pedophilia are honorable white men.

>'They're almost all white males between the ages of 25 and 45.'

Pedophile profile: Young, white, wealthy | ZDNet


● As for your superior "big white cock"

Did you mean this??


Another invention of the glorious and honorable white man who brought us


I'm sorry i hurt your feelings. It's hard to live outside of your hollywood fiction, isn't it? Let's end with an uplifting note.