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u/harbingerofhappiness · 10 pointsr/AndroidWear

You have linked to Please consider using Amazon Smile instead to donate to your favorite charity for free. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.

u/Berzerker7 · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

It will work, but as you can see, it has a slotted end, rather than a straight end. The slotted ends are more suitable for ones that require them, like the Pebble Steel or the Moto 360. Otherwise, you'd be putting more pressure on a lower amount of mount points.

I'd recommend something like this instead. It's a similar look, but it has a straight end so that it would be less stressed on the mount point and, IMO, look better. I got this for my LG G Watch R and it works/looks great.

u/fluxxis · 3 pointsr/AndroidWear

While driving a motorcycle, the one thing that is probably more distracting than using a smartphone is lifting both hands, look at that itsy bitsy tini wini little screen and trying to hit anything useful with your fingers covered by motorcycle gloves.

You would need at least a smartwatch with enough proper buttons to do something useful with it. Pebbles are dying, the only other option that comes to my mind is perhaps a Samsung Gear S model, that rotating bezels should come in handy. (Might end deadly anyway.)

If you really just want to change tracks, there is another much cheaper and better solution: Get a bluetooth remote like this one so you can easily fix it on your motorcycle. (Perhaps search for a water-resistant version or cover it so it doesn't get wet. Just search for "bluetooth remote" on Amazon or other sites.)

u/qweti · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

It's this one. I have it too and it's fine. Not too much wear or any paint chipping as far as I can tell, but it does feel cheap. Also the clasp is easy to unlock and I've done it multiple times just by accidentally pushing it against my jacket. However I have the G Watch and I'm pretty confident the bracelet will last longer than the watch is supported so w/e.

u/baconeverywhere · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

Another picture:
Link to the band:

Interesting note: I don't have small wrists, but I had to remove all extra links and move the clasp "adjustment" to the smaller setting to get it to fit on my wrist.... This band is meant for people with pretty big wrists I guess...

Band is nice though... so far. Only had it on there for a couple of days, so the jury is still out.

Any questions on the band or whatever, let me know.

u/TeddlyA · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

I got this one:

Some reviews say theirs broke... but mine has been great. I was not expecting how much lighter it is than the link band was. Makes the watch a lot more comfortable to wear.

u/AmishJoe · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

That's the band. Looks great online, great price, some mediocre reviews even on this sub, but here's what most don't tell you: it takes a month or more to arrive, mine came in with lots of scuff marks before I even wore it for the first time (thin paint, scuffs off to reveal silver metal below), many of the links are stiff to the point of being uncomfortable... I'm trying to see if they'll send me another, but no reply as of yet. Altogether, pretty much what I'd expect from a $15 band. Some are happy though, so I don't want to bash it too hard.

u/zander8807 · 7 pointsr/AndroidWear

I am really happy with it so far. It looks far more sophisticated than the rubber band. It makes the watch easier to take on/off. Also, the band was relatively cheap!

Amazon Link

u/MarcusAurelius47 · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

I've found I like to have a variety of bands on hand for my watches. I found this 22mm band at Walmart and adapted it to the buckle that came with the Zenwatch. I don't believe the black one on Asus' site is currently offered so if you want a black one that closely matches it, you could find a smooth black leather band and use this process to attach the buckle your watch came with.

If you're interested in a stainless band, I really like this 22mm Hadley Roma Stainless band I found on for $22. Just make sure you have a pin pushing tool so you can adjust the links on it! This spring bar tool I bought includes a set of pins that worked

EDIT: after taking another look, it seems that band isn't carried on Esslinger anymore :(

u/ArkAngel06 · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

I went with black, with metal band. After wearing it a few days, I decided it was a bit too heavy for every day use, so I bought a magnetic black stainless steel loop band on amazon. It's great. Plus now I have a nice dress band for special occasions.

u/smartwatchr · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

Awesome dock! The strap is a great one for the LG G Watch R and also available on Amazon w/ Prime

u/pogiface · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear


Wow thats perfect i had no idea such things existed until now. Thanks much!

u/luke5240 · 4 pointsr/AndroidWear

Found it on excellent webshop, but not sure where it ships from. With the LG G Watch, it is made to fit any 22mm watch bands. I found a similar one on amazon that will fit.
amazon leather band

u/ChampOfTheUniverse · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

I bought this black/dark charcoal metal band back in March of last year for like 10 bucks and it has held up extremely well. I have two small spots that show wear but you really couldn't see it unless your eyes are an inch or two away.

I also have a brushed charcoal skin for my g watch so it matches almost perfectly.

Just snapped a pic

u/skipv5 · 6 pointsr/AndroidWear

Yeah that's a pretty good price. If you want a speaker on your watch though for taking/making calls you can get the ZenWatch 2 for the same price and its new instead of refurbished

u/dork_a_holic · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

Yes. Barely. I ended up buying two of these watch bands to make one that would fit me comfortably. I only needed two links from the second band.

u/zippdroid · 3 pointsr/AndroidWear

It's just Amazons way of getting you the product fastest. Go to more sellers and order it directly from Amazon. Or just go to link.

Add the official Amazon one in your cart for $164, you may just have to wait a couple of extra days to get it. It's also possible they will cancel the order, but this is the best option.

u/BlankBB · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

Looks like it is on sale on Amazon Prime as well for $199:

EDIT: Looks like it is only for the Stainless Steel witl black leather model

u/TheManchesterAvenger · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

It was a £10 one from Amazon. Changing it is the same as a regular watch - it's best using a spring bar tool (although I'm sure it's possible without).

If you don't want to do it yourself, you can ask for a jewelry shop. They'll charge, but you have to buy a special tool anyway (I opted to do it myself as I don't have time to visit a store for a while).

u/Mattakamoose · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

I got this one:

Installation was easy enough (even without the springbar tool) and it is much more comfortable than the stock strap.

u/chowder007 · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

Thanks. I found that but that was last updated in March. So thats really my only options then?

And if I am looking that up correctly it looks like this watch is the cheapest option?

I did a search for the Huawei Watch 2 and thats what came up though the page doesnt identify it as the#2

u/giulifi · 4 pointsr/AndroidWear

I have this one on my silver Hwatch 1 and it's been great!

u/LlaughingLlama · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

Love this one. Truffol 22mm Metal Band for Samsung Gear S3 Frontier & Classic, Fitbit Blaze, Huawei Watch 2 Classic - Quick Release Stainless Steel Strap Wristband (Silver&Black)

u/vapingdevapors · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

I received the Skinomi screen protector for my GWAR for Christmas. It's basically the same principle as a ZAGG protector, whereby you are given the protector itself, as well as the spray which you apply to the protector, and then set it in place on the device. The Skinomi protects virtually the whole watch; screen, bezel, sides, lugs, back, etc. The application process was not that difficult and the protector does not (in my opinion) interfere with the operation of the watch whatsoever.

u/adriftcell · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

This ships to Brisbane and is the cheapest I've seen new after the conversion.

I've seen a few watches ship here from Amazon recently. The urbane 2 special posted on here the other day did too.

u/Tinmania · 3 pointsr/AndroidWear

Yes it was new, and it was Prime. I just checked and it is still available, though it says "in stock April 17." This is the stainless steel with black leather strap:

u/funnybutrandom · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

Yeah I'd say they'd both do the job they're meant to, I've never really spent much on screen protectors though, I bought a pack of these untill gadget wraps bring out their line of watch protectors!

u/PiercingHeavens · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

This has held up very well for me and since you have a G watch R you won't have that gap in the watch band where it connects to the watch.

u/cruzah · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

A cheap solution would be a remote control for your phone that can sit on your desk

Or google "bluetooth mobile remote control"

Or get headphones with built in controls

u/FuzeGreen · 7 pointsr/AndroidWear

Amazon Deal of the Day

Huawei Watch 2

$179 for Sport, $219 for Classic. Hybrid Leather seems exempt

u/ShadowsDemise · 4 pointsr/AndroidWear

This is the skin and this is the watch band that I used. I wouldn't recommend getting that particular watch band because it came with small scratches on it and it seems like that's common based on the other reviews.

u/daverod74 · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

I grabbed a G Watch on cyber Monday but there were only white ones left. Replaced it with a black leather band with white stitching from Amazon.

u/IJustFlyTheJet · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

>The Zenwatch 2 doesn't count since it seems to already be discontinued, at least in the UK.

Technically, only one model of the Zenwatch 2 is discontinued. The newer model is doing fine.

u/jercubsfan · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

The Huawei Watch is on sale today on Amazon. New for $199

u/eaterout · 3 pointsr/AndroidWear

Not sure how varied these posts can But I'm using Calculator, Android Wear Flashlight, Keep, Music Boss, Mini Maps, and Find My Phone. Also just ordered this watchband for my G Watch.

Using Textra for my sms. It's okay so far unless you get more than one text.....then it only shows a brief snippet of each on one card.

u/abattleofone · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

I've got the G Watch with one of these puppies in the mail. Using Helvetia watch face (looks better than most custom faces I've seen, and most custom faces still destroy my battery compared to stock ones).

Wear Mini Launcher, Runtastic, Calculator.

I use it mainly for notifications, time, and oh my god is this thing a godsend when it comes to running.

u/Rise_Above_All · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

Oh you could? On this one?It didnt look replaceable. So any watch bands work or do I need an adapter?

u/DualSportDad · 2 pointsr/AndroidWear

Huawei Watch Black Stainless Steel with Black Stainless Steel Link Band (U.S. Warranty)

u/CaptNemo131 · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

Reviews said the finish wears off, but I've had mine on for a few days and don't see any signs.

u/joeweezy10 · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

This one is for around 80$. is this legit? I sent the person an email asking for more information. Feels like a scam :(

u/rpr69 · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

I have this one and another one that is very similar to this one. The first one I found to be...janky. The release was loose and would make a weird rattling sound, and the link bars (to remove links) are very cheap. The other one I have is not the same as the one linked, but similar in style, I am currently using the second one, the first just felt loose and cheap.

u/eskjcSFW · 1 pointr/AndroidWear

So after seeing someone apply a carbon fiber body skin to their GWR I decided to do the same as I was swapping straps. Instead of a themed skin I just went with the transparent one from Skinomi found Here. The screen protector part was perfect. There isn't even any gap between the screen protector and the bezel. The rear was easy enough but holy hell, the rest of the skin was a pain in the ass to get one. I'd recommend the screen protector to anyone but I wouldn't recommend getting the full body kit unless you really plan on roughing up your watch or you really want a themed skin on it.

I also recommend that you apply the solution liberally.