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u/djmere · 3 pointsr/CAguns


yes. i also got mine from amazon.

the parts that need improvement are discussed in the customer reviews near the bottom of the page. powder dispenser and scale are the items i remember getting lukewarm reviews. those parts are cheap to upgrade. so no worry.

you need dies for the caliber that you are reloading.

for some reason i have 2 sets of .223 dies. i know i purchased one, i'm not sure if the other came with the kit.

i purchased a 2" bench top cut off saw [$32]

a jig to cut my cases [$13] 300blk

a case length guage [$10] 300blk

ammo loading tray [$7]

dies [$39] for each caliber

digital caliper [$16]

frankford scale [$32]

frankford bullet puller [$16]

tumber kit [$75]

i spent a good month or so on /r/reloading before i actually purchased anything.

i asked questions and made a shopping list.

those guys are very helpful

research what you actually need for the caliber / bullet grain you want to reload before you buy anything.

double and triple check what powder you need as well. it could save your life.

i kinda over did it with supplies

haven't opened half the boxes yet.

u/cream7700 · 2 pointsr/CAguns

Friend got back to me. It’s a beautiful grip laser. Here’s the amazon link: Crimson Trace LG-402-M Lasergrips Red Laser Sight Grips for Beretta 92/96/M9 Pistols - MIL-SPEC

u/BZLuck · 1 pointr/CAguns

The stock rail is not fantastic, but it will work, and it's included. It's a place to start while you figure out what direction you want to go.

Do you plan to install better iron sights, or make it optic only?

I have this scope on mine. (And the Nodak Spud iron sights, the rear sight is the railed version) and for the money, you can't beat it. It's gotten me at least 6 Appleseed rifleman scores at like 4 different Appleseeds.

u/Gargilius · 2 pointsr/CAguns

I fear lists. Something I get from listening to older relatives.

Lists might be created with all the best intentions, but they often outlive whatever 'good' / well intentioned reason for which they were created. And more than lists, I fear the information one may gather from cross referencing lists, even if the information on each individual 'list' might appear innocuous and harmless on its own.

This book should be compulsory reading to first year CS or IT student (and/or anyone somehow involved in information technology) - a good read for anyone else for that matter, and this was from a time before electronic computers were around.

u/Marcusramirez16 · 2 pointsr/CAguns


Under CA law:
If you leave your gun laying around and a child obtains your firearm and uses it, you will be convicted of a crime. This does not apply if your child breaks into your safe (seriously... here's a link

I don't think CA has given us any requirements (i.e. thickness of metal, type of lock, etc.) to what 'locked container' means.

I would go with something that is fully enclosed, has a combo lock (so you don't have to find a key at 3AM), that your child can't realistically get into, and can be bolted to something.

Here are a few that I like.




    There are reviews all over youtube for all of these models. Good luck!
u/angryxpeh · 2 pointsr/CAguns

> At 16.16 a box (after 10% discount for buying the gun) not sure if this is a good deal.

New brass 9mm goes at .20-.25/round. Some online sellers are shipping to SF, you need to check Cabelas, Natchez, Lucky Gunner, Ammunition Supply Warehouse, Target Sports. I think they all send to "hippie" places. You may find some others on ammoseek. Or you can find a friend outside of SF/Oakland proper.

> they recommend cleaning after every range trip

It wouldn't hurt. Oil itself is not enough. You can buy a Hoppes kit and it will have everything you need (except the bore snake, if you want to use it). This is also useful.

> Any recommendation for trainers in the SF bay area?

I know Reed's has some courses but I never took them myself.

u/shotonce · 3 pointsr/CAguns

There is a chance that the magazine has a 10 round limiter. They can be had for pretty cheap on Amazon.

u/Darthyogurt · 1 pointr/CAguns

Anyone know if you can do it yourself with a tool like this? Dremel 290-01 0.2 Amp 7,200 Stroke Per Minute Engraver includes Letter and Number Template

u/dasguy40 · 1 pointr/CAguns

I got one of these for my 3gun shotgun with a 12rd tube, that I have plugged to 10rds obviously.

u/Mikebjackson · 5 pointsr/CAguns

Dude comes here asking for help finding a thing, and all we do is tell him not to get the thing LOL!

Here’s one

Here’s another

And another

Another, with an AK

Or one that’s more subtitle but gun guys will still understand: MOLON LABE

u/rainbow_douche · 1 pointr/CAguns

if you dont mind drilling and/or driving out the rivets/pins, then yes it can be converted. I have a few different 10/20's and 10/30's, each is done differently. MOST Pmags have a replacement spring base insert that would need to be swapped out/replaced (See this:, with the floor plate pinned on in 2 locations (both sides of the mag to prevent sliding it off). Some of the lazier blocks literally have a rivet in the front of them that prevents the follower from going any lower (See this: and would just need to be drilled out and Bob's your Auntie. NORMALLY the 10/30's are more expensive than a regular 30 rounder, especially if you buy bulk pack.

u/whorfinjohn · 29 pointsr/CAguns

He wrote a follow up book on this subject that basically says you can’t just not talk to police. You have to request a lawyer and only talk to police once your lawyer is present. If I remember correctly in the book he explains there have been some rulings that let them consider complete silence as admission of guilt. Been a while since I read it though so I’m sure I’m missing the nuance.

Edited to add the book

u/ohv_ · 2 pointsr/CAguns

My buddy came up from your neck of the world.

There was a speaker that was promoting his book,

I too want to get involved and need to stand with others, not to only say will not comply but root the problems out of office but also let others that wish to harm it won't be allowed.

u/Rebootkid · 2 pointsr/CAguns


What parts did folks recommend upgrading?

Also, from what I've read, dies are needed too.. What dies? How does one know which dies are the correct ones?

I've watched dozens of videos on Youtube, read the books from the library, and I'm still bloody confused. So, sorry if I'm coming off as ignorant; I'm just trying to learn.

u/LockyBalboaPrime · 7 pointsr/CAguns

k, let me go though one by one.

>I have hollow points (Federal HST) filled up on both mags. (Is this a good idea, or does it eventually mess up the magazine springs?

Depends on who you ask. If you ask someone that understands basic metallurgy, no it doesn't mess them up. Puting springs in and out of stress are what wears them out - keeping them in a static state does not.

That said, environmental changes can induce/reduce stress and if they are already under stress it can over many years wear them out.

Bottom line, if you're in 90% of CA and you have basically two seasons - you can keep them loaded for a solid 20 years before needing to think twice about it.

>Should ammo be locked up as well? Currently have them stored loose in a small ammo can.

At their age, I would be more worried about the rounds being a choking hazard more than anything. As long as the rounds are in an ammo can that isn't something a small kid can open or they are in a closet they can get in, you're good. Once they are older it just depends on the kids and their level of dumbassness.

>biometric lock box

People try to pretend these are good but they just fecking arent. Batteries fail. Period. Don't depend on that crap.

This is hands down my recomidation

It won't keep someone dedicated out, the combination only has a little over 1,000 options so it isn't exactly super duper hard to brute force the code. But your kid would have to be motivated to do it.

You won't have to even think about that issue for another 12 or so years and until then, this is a top tier option for speed and reliability.

>If I need to get to my gun, I need to get the key first, which is attached to my car keys, open the box, insert a mag and chamber a round.

Personally, I store my HD gun "cruiser ready". Mag inserted, no round in the chamber. I don't ever want to fuck around with a mag in the middle of the night. Just grab, rack, go.

u/Eldias · 1 pointr/CAguns

I think keeping a dialogue open and abiding their decision for the time being is the best option. Try visiting ranges in when you're free, practicing skills, etc. and eventually ask if they'll join you. Exposing them to the history behind the LA riots might be worth while at some point. It's one thing to be an armchair-philosopher and say "I'd rather die than possibly take the life of another person.", but when things go to hell and the cops fall back to protected areas while the city burns, shit starts getting a lot more real.

If they're readers, maybe this would be worth a dabble. It's not just about their individual life and death. There are far worse fates than individual death, like having to watch those worse fates befall your family.