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u/temp_bigot · 1 pointr/CoonTown

I wasn't claiming it was. Although I'm skeptical about whether any of the stated background is true.

My interest is in exactly what I asked: to try to determine if he would have been accepted into Harvard without racial discrimination in his favor. Because being admitted to Harvard is conventionally seen as a major academic and intellectual achievement, but college admissions in general tend to be very highly skewed racially under the current system. Mismatch is an excellent book on the topic.

u/confused_teabagger · 7 pointsr/CoonTown

I stand corrected. I should have said someone doing a fantastic job of imitating a SJW. However, I don't think he is faking the "smug" part.

The book from that video Economic Facts and Fallacies is a pretty non-mainstream economic take on many social issues in the US. It is also a pretty easy read.

u/Galton666 · 3 pointsr/CoonTown

It's called "BBW fiction." In a magical fantasy world, thin muscular dominant well-endowed black guys have an appreciation for morbidly obese white women (this is probably why Agnetha Lindblom, being an obese white women in a country where most chicks aren't hamplanets (yet), said she wants more Africans and Muslims coming to Sweden).

You see a lot of this in online stores for hamplanets like More of Me to Love.

There's even Werewolf Billionaire Vampire fiction if Fifty Shades's description of Mr. Grey's hairy muscular chest and "Mr. Grey prefers brunettes who like to eat" isn't enough for you. No, I am not making this up.

u/Blahmeh666 · 5 pointsr/CoonTown

I haven't read this book but it has been getting praise, "White Girl Bleed A Lot". I've also been seeing this too but I haven't read it either, "Please Stop Helping Us".

Can anyone here who has read these books give a quick review for these books?

u/ex_cdn · 9 pointsr/CoonTown

Wipe early, wipe often.

A couple jobs ago I worked a NOC position that was 12 hours on, 12 hours off, shifts of 4 guys, 3/4 days a week. So out of 16 guys working we had 6 black guys. 1 of whom was an absolute pleasure to work with, had his shit together, knew the job well, neat and tidy, just a good dude. The other 5 black guys were utterly useless, just chair warmers. But no matter who it was, if I was following a black guy at a console, I had to clorox wipe down the keyboard, mouse and work area before I could start. I don't know how you can go through life that greasy.

u/moki_ · 10 pointsr/CoonTown

>“The Negro is indolent and lazy,” Che opined about his Congolese comrades, “and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.”

so i would guess its from Che-Africa-Guevaras-Congo-Diary which is

>Filled with excerpts from Che's own Congo diary and replete with insights into the failures of the Cuban backed People's Liberation Army.


u/_goyim_ · 3 pointsr/CoonTown

If anybody hasn't done so, check out his youtube channel. He's one of the clearest voices out there when it comes to the topic of black violence in America. Also, a link to his book on Amazon.

u/Hermann_Von_Salza · 10 pointsr/CoonTown

I had to read this garbage in graduate school. You see, the white men just can't help themselves but to rape black women en masse. The whole canard of black men raping white women is a myth propagated by the white supremacist media, you see!

This poor, pretty, innocent white girl grad student said in class "I always grew up thinking my community was nice people with genuine Southern hospitality, but I have to rethink everything now that I know the evils my people have perpetrated." It was the most blatant and disheartening case of this in action I've ever seen.

u/HandsInDaErr · 7 pointsr/CoonTown

I never heard about this one till I read Paved With Good Intentions, and then went searching to find out more about this. Real fucking winner here.

>Greg Murphy, at 18, had gained a reputation as a strong-arm neighborhood drug dealer.
He packed a gun and was driven around in a late-model Mercedes-Benz, according to his four-inch-thick criminal file in the Alexandria court clerk's office, and interviews with those who knew him.
By 1992, he pleaded guilty to consensual sodomy in Arlington after prosecutors there agreed to drop a rape and cocaine possession charge against him. Murphy received a suspended three-year sentence.

>Murphy hasn't cooperated with attorneys appointed to represent him. He even punched and knocked out one of them, Jonathan Shapiro, during a hearing in October, shortly after Judge Swersky denied Murphy's request to meet with him privately.

>On Sept. 18, 1993, a simple glance from a stranger around 4 p.m. at a gas station caused Murphy to attack the man, Leonard Riddle, with a ball-peen hammer he had been carrying around in his pocket that day.
He struck Mr. Riddle again and again, prompting one witness to yell, "My God, he's going to kill him."

>An unsupervised Murphy didn't stay out of trouble long. A week later, on April 17, he was arrested after Fairfax County police found 0.8 grams of cocaine and 2.6 grams of marijuana stashed in a bag in his Homewood Suites Hotel room, a Baileys Crossroads hotel where he was staying for a couple of nights.
The room began to belch smoke when a lit cigarette he laid on the bed just before he went off to take a shower set his mattress on fire. Fire sprinklers went off and soon firefighters arrived.
Murphy, oblivious to the sprinklers raining down around him, refused to leave. He was arrested, jailed and released on bail that same day.

>Two days before Kevin's slaying, on April 17, angry racial notes were found in Murphy's nearby hotel room, revealing that somebody most likely a white child was going to die soon.
"Kill them raceess whiate kidd's anyway," read one note scrawled on the back of a Virginia Department of Corrections memo, according to news reports.

>On April 19, Murphy put a steak knife in his pocket and began to walk the streets of his neighborhood, looking to vent his anger, investigators believe.
Prosecutors say no one may ever know what led Murphy to grab Kevin from behind, stabbing him 18 times and then slashing his throat.

EDIT: Re-ordered the quote for better chronology in this condensed format.