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u/Revenez · 1 pointr/FFXV

If you have the time and want to get the best experience story-wise, I'd suggest watching the Brotherhood videos and Kingsglaive. Brotherhood is available on Youtube for free and you can get a blu-ray of Kingsglaive for pretty cheap, so it's worth it. It's about three hours of extra content. You don't have to watch either to play the game, though. It's mostly about fleshing out the characters more and some of the back story. You can still enjoy the game without it.

As far as the game itself, my advice is to enjoy the open world. Some of the funnest parts are exploring the map and doing dungeons and other random quests.

u/Darius2301 · 1 pointr/FFXV

I've only played a few of the previous FF games and I never finished any of them. That being said, I am totally hooked on this one and I'm loving it. I really think its a great starting point if you've never played one before.

Couple of things:

  1. If you do get the game, I highly suggest watching the "Kingsglaive" movie from Amazon/iTunes before playing. It really sets up the story and helps you understand what is going on.

  2. The game is on sale at Amazon today only!
u/Jtacdf · 7 pointsr/FFXV

I would like to chime in on another better method to get AP afk/overnight. The method is 1 AP about every 7.5 seconds but there is a requirement to purchase a ps4 turbo controller to do it.
The original video above is by a Japanese person and I take no credit for finding this method, just trying it out.

Basically, you will need a ps4 controller that has turbo mode, one like the Hori FPS Plus.

Go do the basic level 5 training at camp.

  1. Hold turbo button and press R1, repeat it for a second time.
  2. Hold turbo button and press triangle, repeat it for a second time.
  3. Hold turbo button and press circle, repeat it for a second time.

    What this does is loop the training sequence over again with Noctis warp striking Gladios doing a 1 hit KO. I've tried it and managed to gain 3000+ AP over one night.
    A tip from me is to equip all your accessories with strength enhancement if you are unable to defeat him in a single hit.
u/phuongtm1998 · 5 pointsr/FFXV

I got it here from a vendor called Happiness. He's nice enough to free ship through EMS and I got mine in just 5 days (Saturday and Sunday included)

u/Shippo6 · 3 pointsr/FFXV

Amazon has a special steel case edition that includes brotherhood as well as a special 6th episode featuring Luna

u/NeoJ4K3 · 1 pointr/FFXV

I got the steel book deluxe edition of ffxv game. It came with kingsglaive. Brotherhood can be watched on youtube for free. As far as kingsglaive, Amazon had a good sale on it +brotherhood and extras on Blu ray

u/myteethhurt · 1 pointr/FFXV

"Every secret, every unlockable, every New Game Plus bonus, every Trophy and every Achievement revealed and explained in a dedicated Extras chapter"

u/Ikkinthekitsune · 2 pointsr/FFXV

Another thing to keep in mind with KH: the best way to get into the series is The Story So Far, which includes HD remasters of everything up to KHIII and costs ~$34 on Amazon ( It's PS4 exclusive, though.

u/zefhar · 3 pointsr/FFXV

Same here!

I always liked better my FFVII OST with the alternative album cover art of an Amano's illustration of Cloud and Aeris than the internationally known Midgar dark background cover art.

u/Norfaire · 2 pointsr/FFXV

I didn't even know this existed. I need this in my life.

Is this the one you ordered? If not, please PM me the link. I'd love to pick this up one day.

u/Haarenfang · 1 pointr/FFXV

Perhaps unless amazon won't deliver, this was labeled as the nz amazon site.

I mean if you really want the side game standard day one edition should come with it from eb games. The premium comes with the season pass at full price so I don't personally consider it worth it.

u/ShirasagiS · 7 pointsr/FFXV

uh, it's only 10 bucks on amazon.

it's definitely cheap enough that I think most people can afford it?

alternatively, googlefu

u/shouldigoback · 1 pointr/FFXV

Everyone I see reccomends the ks8000, which is a great panel for 4k, and can represent the widest amount of colors for HDR. I don't really know the technical details, but some other HDR TVs cannot represent as many colors.

u/kainminter · 3 pointsr/FFXV

Just to throw this out there,

Sometimes you can find the FF15 Royal Edition on sale from Amazon, BestBuy, or other retailers for cheaper than buying the DLC/add ons online.

Right now Amazon has it for sale for 19.93

u/chillman88 · 2 pointsr/FFXV

Amazon in the US. If you pre-order they offer you 20% off the ticket price, which is $47.99. (I don't know if this discount is offered by Amazon in other countries).

u/bersezk · 2 pointsr/FFXV


jp reviews probably made them did this quick annoucnement

u/saltysamon · 2 pointsr/FFXV

FFXV reviews on Amazon Japan 3/5 so far from 216 customer reviews.

u/gamer6321 · 2 pointsr/FFXV

If you want a cheap book to add to the order. I found a book for 2.30 and it works even though it isn't in stock.

u/mbark_qa · 1 pointr/FFXV

[here ](Samsung 850 PRO - 1TB - 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-7KE1T0BW)

u/ViperDaimao · 1 pointr/FFXV

Is it any different than this on Amazon that's $19.99?
Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition - PlayStation 4

u/miwmil · 1 pointr/FFXV

Not sure if you meant about the Kingsglaive or OP’s pic, but this is the the one I meant.

u/dfoley323 · 1 pointr/FFXV

Did you do the digital premium? or the hard copy deluxe... only the digital premium came with season pass

u/lastier · 12 pointsr/FFXV

Piggyback is doing the FFXV guide, the guides for Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 were by Prima Games. So I don't think they're directly comparable.

Edit: Just checked Amazon and the FFXV guide has 352 pages. You gave the exact number for FFXIII - so why did you lowball the FFXV page count? :/ You're scared by "facts" that are mostly wrong, it seems.

u/s4rwatch · 1 pointr/FFXV

The fastest way to farm AP i have found is to farm the dog spawns at THIS LOCATION using the "Summon Enemies Whistle" with Warp Strike while Noctis has the Royal Weapon shield is attached.

The other farm method I have found requires a Turbo Controller. You go to a campsite, select "train", then have to turbo controller set to spam (L1, △, and X) this will make Noctis warp strike kill Gladio over and over. You are able to get 1 AP every 8 seconds this way.