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u/TheFraternityProject · 44 pointsr/Frat

It's not uncommon to feel as though you're the Golden Boy in your smaller high school with a wider range of success and failure among kids - and then to find you are just a little above average after landing on a good college campus where everybody is smart and everybody has things going for them.

For example, a cardinal rule of Rush is not to wear your high school letter jacket or championship ring. After a few well deserved snickers, an Active will tell you everybody there has those, to take them off and show us what's beyond the high school accomplishments.

You've been chosen time and time again for your superior innate intelligence and your proven track record of accomplishment. Your Brothers chose you because they judged you as good to the core and capable of great things - worthy of their investment and love. Good on you. Now let's see what you can do to be worthy of their confidence.

Practically speaking, you may need a few wins to buff up your own confidence. Look at your schedule and see what you can cut out, so that you have more time and more focus to excel at the things that are left. Two generations ago, your fraternity was designed to be immersive - you worked hard to excel in class because being truly educated is a rare privilege (most workers are simply trained, programmed, or work by algorithm) - and the rest of your focus was with your fraternity: Brotherhood events, mixers, intramural sports.

Once you've swept the decks clear and have more time for what's left, start a physical conditioning program - cardio for stamina 6x/week and resistance training for strength and for your self image (3x/week full body or 6x/week for muscle groups - leaving an important rest day between working out the same muscle group), with cleaner and purposeful nutrition to feed and stimulate the muscle growth. Start working with a couple of Brothers who understand the science and rigor of conditioning, and be accountable to them. Losing 10 lb of fat and gaining 10 lb of muscle will do worlds for your self confidence and it will get you better notice from the Lesser Ribs of Adam. And unlike with molly, deep and well earned self confidence doesn't go away.

I'm not a fan of campus based mental health counseling for this level of downturn - counselors are in the business of finding or creating things wrong with you - and they are usually just Masters Degree level professionals. You do need a doctoral level professional (psychiatrist, not psychologist - only psychiatrists can prescribe effective meds) when and if you begin to have suicidal thoughts - new meds and very little couch time can turn that around. At your level, you need to unload to your Brothers, and start to work on a real plan to make you a better, happier, and more confident you. It's easily doable before you start class in the fall. If you want to hack your brain, the highest selling motivational book of all time is still in print and still as effective as ever: https://www.amazon.com/Greatest-Salesman-World-Og-Mandino/dp/055327757X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3KQZMCU9HQ2SY&keywords=the+greatest+salesman+in+the+world+og+mandino&qid=1554671423&s=gateway&sprefix=the+greatest+sales%2Caps%2C204&sr=8-1 128 pages. Under $10. Every successful man I know has read it, and as hokie as it may sound, when used as directed, it works.

The goal is not to have you believe you are the greatest man to walk the ivy covered halls; the goal is to remind you of your gifts - innate and taught - and to assure you that you can live a happy and significant life filled with people who love you and remarkable accomplishments if you will apply thoughtful analysis, laser focus, and indefatigable diligence toward accomplishing your goals. Many will look up to you and be drawn to your mission. You can, truly, Be Amazing.

DM me if you want to chat.

u/CigBreak · 12 pointsr/Frat

It amazes me how y'all can't use google or ask your friends.

But, nonetheless. Go to this Amazon link and select Gold Buckle Bleach


Before y'all say shit about slim fit, these fit really well, and I would say they aren't that slim. The legs fit right over boots perfectly and the look is more streamlined rather than super baggy.

u/KulpDontCare · 6 pointsr/Frat

If you want to install a tap, you'll need to be able to refrigerate it somehow. You could invest in one like this. As far as the bar goes, Adding a lower shelf for the inside would make it look pretty professional. The upper left part of the bar in this picture is what I'm talking about. Also, you should look into using a router on the edges to make a neat border rather than just sanding it. That gives it more character. As for the top, the resin idea is cool if you're going to put stuff into the surface. If not, I'd recommend a stain and then a couple coats of polyurethane. And trim underneath the counter top would look great along with a base on the bottom.

u/LouisianaPhi · 5 pointsr/Frat

Mount the tv on the wall and get a small table to put any game systems/cable box on. I never mounted a TV until I did in my room and I was amazed how much space it saves.

I got this mount and it's easy to hang up and has been great.

u/torisanod · 92 pointsr/Frat

Personally I like to use a few of these. Great for parties and the girls go crazy for these speakers!!

u/polyhistorist · 2 pointsr/Frat

Since only u/roadbird21 really answered this I'll jump in. Do you own the house or rent it? Is it long term rent (like you know you'll have it for 5+ years ) or short term? And do you have alot of money or a little?

Short term: (if you don't own the house/don't have a ton of money)Dehumidifiers are a great option. Dry air is not as sweat inducing as wet air is. Also get one or two portable AC units. As large as you can afford (by BTU) such as this one.

These work by having an exaust for hot air. Route this up the stairs and outside the nearest window. You can buy extra tubing from home Depot. Get enough AC for double the room size.

Medium term (you have more money, a long rent that's several years). Something like this would be good

Long term: you have a long rent, own the property, or have a ton of money

This is what your looking for

Note, I do a ton of DIY projects, including plumbing and electrical for my house. I probably would get someone to install this anyhow. Also, if your renting. You need to talk with your land lord.

u/Impune · 2 pointsr/Frat

If you're going with a Roaring 20's theme, the main decorations will be the apparel. Flapper skirts, headbands with feathers on the girls, classic tuxedos on the guys with hair slicked and parted. Those will be the things people focus on, remember, and see in pictures.

If you're determined to decorate, though, it can be done on the cheap:

  • Gold/silver fringe curtains on the walls. Example.

  • Gold/silver paper lanterns. Example.

  • Champagne coupes. Example.

  • Gold/silver streamers. Example.

  • Create a photo backdrop/standing prop in Art Deco style (plywood and paint). Example.
u/D0ctorrWatts · 2 pointsr/Frat

We grabbed this for Halloween. Fairly cheap and it worked out pretty well.

u/nerdpox · 28 pointsr/Frat

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L'homme

go find it and you'll love it.

u/eelgin · 2 pointsr/Frat

Pickup two of these, they'll get a basement bumping. Just don't red line them and they won't blowout.

Also these are the best quality speakers you'll get for that price range.


u/enmunate28 · 5 pointsr/Frat

They let you carry a bottle of wine on the ship. Pop the cork, drink the vino, and fill the bottle with vodka.

Re cork and get something like this


To make it look professional. If you and all your brothers do this, you will have lots of liquor.