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u/caltecher · 8 pointsr/GameStop

I have one at home and bring it to work whenever we have changes to the tshirts planogram. It's a life saver, especially because my employees find using it fun so I can delegate ;)

It's also $10 on Amazon for a more durable one, I'm considering getting another and just expensing it. Hand folding is nice and all but it's not super consistent without tons of practice and our region leader is super particular about tshirts looking nice so our DL is always on our case about it.

u/Milkshakes00 · -6 pointsr/GameStop

I'd recommend just saving, or buying the G910 from Amazon. It's down to $126 on Amazon.

A keyboard is like a monitor, spend bucks on it, because it'll last you years.

I wouldn't recommend any keyboard below $100, tbh. The Corsair k70 is good... But like I said, go big. The difference is large.

Edit: Lmao. Downvotes for recommending Amazon. This sub is so silly.

u/crinstifins · 2 pointsr/GameStop

This should give you some perspective. The cheapest one listed on Amazon is about the original MSRP for just the cartridge.
Not all copies that GS sells have the original packaging, but some do. My store had 3 copies all with the original packaging and one with just the cartridge.
Simply put, it's a fair price on the open market considering that sealed copies of that game are far less common and only becoming more rare by the day.

u/ummeiko · 3 pointsr/GameStop

20-30 from any one store is almost guaranteed a "no". We need some of them for marketing and displays, and spare cases for 3ds games that get traded without cases. I also give some to people when they buy a game if they ask for a case, or if people are reasonable. But I wouldn't be able to give as many as you are talking about.

If you don't care what the actual cover art is (assuming you just want the case and will toss the art), if you catch it right after a big trade you may have better luck.

We can't sell our cases. Don't know what price you'd be aiming for, but you could always try amazon for something like this if you can't get enough from the stores.

u/FoN925 · 2 pointsr/GameStop

Scotty Peelers are amazing! I bought some of them specifically for removing stickers from Gamestop cases after I bought them after I got tired of peeling them off by hand, having sticky residue left behind, then having my game cases stick together in the shelf.

Any small amount of residue left behind can easily be wiped away with Goo Gone and a washcloth.

u/SpikeStarkey · 2 pointsr/GameStop

Lets see:

  • 360
  • ps3
  • steam
  • ps3 complete edition (or w/e)
  • 360 complete edition (or w/e)
  • steam update to complete edition (or w/e)
  • xbone enhanced edition (or the, we took the good mods and just bundled them edition)
  • ps4 enhanced edition (or the, we took the good mods and just bundled them edition)
  • steam update to Enhanced Edition (or the, we took the good mods and just bundled them edition)
  • alexa version yes, it's a real thing
  • psvr edition
  • switch edition (now with hyrulean equipment!)

    Mobile ports and next Gen versions will come, I have no doubts.
u/virtualhawk · 2 pointsr/GameStop

Save yourself the trouble and buy from Amazon. USB cable charger for the 3DS can plug on computer or USB power adapter. Only 6 bucks free shipping with Prime.

u/versedguardian · 1 pointr/GameStop

And submit a new post for some reason. Can anyone answer if I’ll be able to use a digital gamestop gift card from Amazon in store to upgrade to pro membership?

u/Yue4prex · 3 pointsr/GameStop


I’m guessing it’s these? Just want to make sure before I order. We need them so badly.

u/OyabunRyo · 1 pointr/GameStop

Oh I wouldn't either. We need sales. But doesn't mean we need to buy into it too.

I purchased this drive for 99.99 for 2 tb more. Many drives go on sale.

u/bagelpizzaparty · -7 pointsr/GameStop

Whoa that's kinda shitty since that game has been about $5 or less in so many sales on Steam and can even be bought for the Xbox 360 on amazon for like $8

u/secorim · 1 pointr/GameStop

Clearly you don't realize that I was being sarcastic. Who really wants Square to continue to re-re-re-re-re-re-rerelease their games on every single platform. Do you enjoy paying 30-60 bucks for slightly better graphics?

Ah, so you are ALSO ignorant about the fact that those people you love so much made an actual console quality game on a mobile platform and you, in all your ignorance, think it's some kind of Candy-Crush tier game. Yea, we're done here. Do your research before you look so naive. It was cute.

I even included a link so you could see your ignorance in action!

"Chaos Rings[1] is a role-playing video game series released primarily on mobile platforms. It is developed by Media.Vision and published by Square Enix. The eponymous first game in the series released for iOS in 2010, then later ported to other mobile and portable platforms including Android and PlayStation Vita. There are currently four games in the Chaos Rings series, and each uses the same gameplay base. Effective May 31, 2016, Square Enix ended distribution of the first three games in the series on Google Play and Apple's App Store, leaving Chaos Rings III as the only title still available for download or purchase on those markets. "

Well huh, ended distribution. I guess running off with your money is a pretty good description of this company.

Let's add insult to injury.

They re-released it for Vita in japan. So if you shelled out the 20 bucks PER title, a total of 80 bucks, you got screwed royally.

I can keep going on unless you have some proof this isn't a terrible company.