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u/Narratiive · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Let me start off by telling you that it's going to take a while. People around the level you're suggesting, assuming we're talking about the same level, have 20+ times your playtime.

Here's my two cents from my personal experiences of the fastest route to become better.

First off, you'll need the right equipment. A computer that can get at least 150FPS+, a big mousepad, and a good mouse (Zowie FK, EC2, Steelseries rival, logitech g400(?)).

Keyboards are relatively unimportant, though i'd advise a mechanical one if you have the extra money. A 144hz monitor is great, but it is pricey and i'm assuming you don't have the computer to get the full worth out of it.

Really, the most important thing is a mouse and a big mousepad.

Once you have those, set your sensitivity to 800dpi/1.00 in game. You can adjust it slightly depending on your taste, but that's a pretty standard starting point.

Bind jump to your scrollwheel, and you're ready to go.

Trust me, people waste SO much fucking time messing up with these essentials. It will help you a lot if you get them right away.



Get 4 other people plus extra that you like, are as good or better than you (never worse), can play at the same time as you, and have the drive to get better.

If you can't find people right away via forums etc, try and look for the same type of people in your matches. Again, never worse, preferably a bit better.

Work your way up through matchmaking until you're around LE+.

At that point, you'll want to start playing ESEA. Keep in mind you're going to need to have some thick skin for all of this. People are going to talk shit, people are going to put you down, and a whole lotta people are going to be a lot better than you and crush you.

Once you get around 12RWS+, you can look for an open team for the next season.

Be social, friendly, and talkative with all the people you meet. Again, prioritize the people who are better than you.

Those people you met in your time ranking up, and grinding out ESEA? If they got good as fast as you, you can consider making a team with them. If you've playing for a while with eachother, and are good friends, that's a plus. Teamwork is essential, and being comfortable and familiar with people helps.

After that work your way up through teams, get into better division etc. etc.


That's the general gameplan, here are some details on actually achieving it.

1.) Create good habits for yourself.

  • Crosshair placement

    Keep your crosshair at head level at all times. ALL TIMES. You want to develop the good habit.

    Watch pro matches on , or download pro demos from .

    You can watch a pro demo and see how they position their crosshair, and peek corners.

  • Movement

    Stutterstepping, and understanding of efficiency are very important.

    Let me just note here that voocsgo is fucking amazing for some of this stuff, and I suggest you look through his videos if you get a chance.

    Here are some videos that I strongly suggest you watch.

    Steel Is another fantastic source. If you have the time, I suggest you check out his stream as well.

    A couple tips for movement are:

    Press w/s as little as possible. You want to stutterstep every single time you stop. If you're peeking an angle, you stutterstep. Simple as that. Use the a/d keys as much as you can, since it's easier to stop and become accurate faster than the w/s keys.

    Do not overpeek and commit to everything. Think about what you're doing, and use common sense.

    I shit you not, much of this game is just applying common sense to your play.


    You are playing with your friend on B site inferno.

    You decide to push up car, move forward past car, and try to directly challenge everyone who might be there.

    Why is that a bad idea? First off, they are at an advantage. You are pushing into possibly more than one opponent, and making the kill as easy as possible for them.

    Second off, you're taking the risk of simply giving up the site. If you die after you kill one person (if you're lucky), then they will just rush up and kill your teammate who's alone now. You just gave them the site, and most likely lost the round because you didn't use any utility, played overly aggressive, didn't communicate with your teammate, and took a fight that you were at a disadvantage going into.

    Hopefully, you can recognize that stuff if you simply think about what you're doing, and apply common sense to it.

  • Unnecessary risks.

    Again, this falls into the common sense area. Don't expose yourself if you don't have your gun out. Don't try and take more than one opponent at a time. Don't run with your knife out through an uncleared area.

    You get the idea; hopefully you're old enough compared to many starters to CS:GO that this should be easy for you.

  • What do you call, and how do you call things?

    First off, never rage or say unnecessary shit on the mic. It will probably demoralize your teammates, and no one will hear anything.

    If you are playing long on CT Dust2, here are some examples:

    "LONG LONG LONG THEY'RE ALL LONG oh my fucking god teammates WHY AREN'T YOU HERE"

    "flashes over long, 2 out, 3 out, bomb down"

    I'm sure you can tell which one is better.

    Communicate with your teammates calmly, and try not to say things over and over. 1 Time should be enough for most things, and if your teammates don't hear, it's not your fault. Sometimes you'll want to say really important information twice, such as if someone is flanking etc.

    Point is, don't whine and bitch on the mic; keep it simple. Stop holding down the pushtotalk button and rage to yourself. Ideally, not at all. Remember, it's a game.

  • Maps.

    All of them. Yes, there are other ones than Dust 2.

    Spend a day on an offline server simply familiarizing yourself with each map. No, you won't know the timings. No, time in an offline server will not lead to mastery of the map.

    But, you will be less intimidated when you play it for the first time, and you will already know the layout of the maps.

    2.) How did I die? How could I have played it better?

    Sometimes you didn't mess up, and it was simply a result of good play on the others behalf, or something unrelated such as an fps-spike, lag, or there was simply nothing you could do.

    How did I die?

    Recognize what happened. If your teammate messed up a call, if it was something out of your hands as I stated above, then you don't need to ask how you could play it better.

    How could I have played it better?

    This requires critical thinking. Maybe you could have thrown a flash, maybe you messed up by taking a fight you didn't have to, maybe you wide-peeked an awper. All of these things you can recognize and remind yourself not to do if you have the self-consciousness to do so.

    If you don't, you're going to have to find someone to review your demo for you. Having someone who is a lot better, and knows a lot more about the game than you do helping you is incredibly useful.

    Sometimes you don't know what you could do better, sometimes you've just hit that wall and can't figure out what to improve, sometimes the game just seems to be against you. Whatever it may be, someone helping you and criticizing you can cause something to click in your brain, and that wall disappears.

    Even if you're not stuck, this can be useful. Head over to /r/csgocritic and a post a demo if you'd like it reviewed. Hell, I could review it. Post a demo where you don't do HORRIBLY, and you don't do great. Just one where you thought you played average, but could've be better.

    3.) Managing your time

    Seeing as you're at university, i'm going to assume you don't have a butt ton of time to play, as most teenagers do.

    Here is a sort of priority list:

  1. Playing matches and gaining experience in every situation possible. aka gamesense

  2. Basic knowledge. ie. Learning the maps, and smokes. This you shouldn't have to do much after you do it a couple times.

  3. Warmup. Always warmup before you play a game. Keep it to 5-15 minutes; anything more will just burn you out. It will increase the quality of your play, and give you a better base when you play each game.

  4. DM. Again, i'm assuming you don't have a ton of time. In that case, I recommend you choose a day, and set aside the majority of time you play for DM.

    Voo has a "proper way to DM" video that I included in the playlist, that should explain what I want to say very well.

    Prioritize playing MM/ESEA over DM. Developing the knowledge of the timings, people's habits, where people play, how to peek, and learning from your mistakes are a whole lot more important than DMing.

    Make sure you utilize your playing time efficiently.


    Summing up all of my in-game advice

    Develop good habits:

    Aim at head level at all times,

    Always counterstrafe when you stop,

    Don't commit to every fight; think about what you're doing,

    Keep your calls short and simple. Rage off the mic,

    Critical thinking: Think about what you messed up, and what you can do better next time,

    You cannot control your teammates

    Whether they fucked something up, or simply aren't as good as you, disregard them. The only thing you can control in the game is yourself.


    Get the proper equipment and settings,

    Be friendly, make a lot of friends, and always try to find people who are better than you to learn from.

    It's going to take you a long time.


    Sorry for the long comment, but this is all pretty essential stuff. Please ask questions about this stuff, since I most likely messed up somewhere in there.

u/Grec2k · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

I dont know the monitors you posted, but i know this one from a friend ( ), very good monitor, used in a lot of tournaments, colors are good, thats all i can say for now.

I have this one : the colors are awesome ( a little bit better then the asus one ), very good presets for gaming or multimedia, very good quality, sturdy etc, mine came without a single pixel issue whatsoever.

I hope i could help, even though these monitors are little bit more expensive.

Ps: Another friend got the BenQXL2411Z ( ) which is also a very good monitor, according to him the Colorpresets where all terrible, he needed a few hours and programs to adjust it and is very satisfied with the outcome.

u/shadyinternets · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

what is your budget? most "gaming headsets" are not very good. some would say they are crap really.

i recommend buying headphones from actual headphone companies like sennheiser, audio technica or beyer dynamic instead of companies that just started making headphones in the last few years. like astro, steel series, razer, etc. the real headphone brands of course cost a bit more, but in my opinion they are absolutely worth it if you can afford them.

i personally have the beyer dynamic mmx 300's and love them. super well made and sound amazing in game and for music/movies/whatever.

edit: from that forum somebody linked these that would probably be perfect

price is good, they are supposed to be some of the most comfy headphones, and they're open design which are supposed to be better for gaming.

throw a $5 zalman clip on mic or an antlion mod mic and youre good to go under $100 and didnt buy plastic toy "gaming headphones".

u/frisktoad · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Don't buy any of that gamer gear. They are overpriced and quality is subpar. Go with these two these two; Sennheiser HD598 and Antlion Modmic.

Sennheiser HD598 are one of the best headphones for the price in the market right now. They are open-back, meaning that the ear cups are open, thus sound leaks towards your surrounding but external noise is also not isolated. If you plan to play at home it is a great choice. Moreover the soundstage is superb (since they are open back). The mic is probably the best you can get for $50. Great sound quality and it also attaches on the headphones.

If you want to make the headphones sound even better consider buying an amplifier and a DAC in the future. Maybe you'll want even a different, more advanced model in a couple of years.

Come by /r/headphones! The community is very friendly and you can dwell into more the audio world.

u/LATORR1g · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive
  1. Yes, huge difference.

  2. No, you don't need it.

  3. You won't see any more or less FPS, but the game will generally feel and play more smoothly.

  4. The refresh rate of your montor won't make you any better or worse. It just makes the game easier on your eyes.

  5. Not that I know of, but I'm sure there are some plenty of great players who play on 60 hz.

  6. Asus makes the cheapest decent quality 144 hz monitor (that I know of) and other companies like BenQ make slightly nicer, but more expensive models. If you don't have a lot of cash and really want a new monitor, you can probably find a cheap or used 120 hz monitor which isn't quite as nice as 144 hz, but is still waaaaaaaayy better than 60 hz.
u/novel__ · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

I'd suggest saving up, to be honest. The next step down is the 518s but those cost £99. In the US, 518s and the Siberias would be the same price.

If you absolutely need headphones for under 80 euro, I'd probably suggest either the

  • Grado SR60is

  • Sony V6

    Both should have better soundstage than Siberias, but are just a little out of your price range. Grados are open, so they should have good soundstage. They're apparently amazing for more acoustic type music. V6's have been around for a very long time and are very, very, very accurate. They won't color your music, but you'll get very high levels of detail.

    Anything below that, and I'd say Siberias. 558>518>Grado/V6>Siberia

    Zalman's a pretty good choice. Clear sound, but don't expect it to block out background noise.
u/RIP_Fitta · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Honestly i wouldn't trust many review sites these days, Most of the time i see any sort of review on any item the person doing the review has no expertise on the subject. Have you seen the Cuphead review? These are the type of people that review products.

As for headphones:

The superlux 668 or the Samson sr850 are very good for their price and will sound just as good and even better than the cloud 2's in some areas.

For ~$100 you can get a pair of ATH-AD700X . They're the best headphones in their price range/price-performance to me. They sound amazing. The ad500x's/ad900x'z are also really good for a little less/more.

u/kiwiandapple · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

You see the professional players use them because they are sponsored. They don't care to wear anything as long as they can play this game and get a salary out of it.

The HyperX Clouds are pretty decent for what you get. But by no means spectacular.
I doubt that you can beat them when you have to include a microphone though.

Here is a list of headphones that are amazing for the price.

u/schwat · 6 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

The same headphones I would recommend for anything. ATH-M50s. If you shop around you can find them for ~$100.

I spent a lot of time shopping around and comparing before settling on those & I have to say there really isn't anything that compares for a comparable price.

Then just get a cheap clip-on mic (like this) and you're good to go.

Whatever you do don't waste money on a "gaming headset". You'll be happier in the long run if you buy a decent set of cans & a separate mic. And DEFINITELY don't be suckered into a pair of "5.1 headphones" that have multiple drivers per ear. A good set of stereo headphones + virtual surround will kick the shit out of them every time.

u/T1MUR_ · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

cant think of a yt channel, but my advice would be either


these are also the most used mice by professional players on top teams atm.

Both are pretty much perfect for cs:go, if you dont need 500 extra buttons and a discoball but reliable, precise and fast movement then those are for you. hope that helps

u/cunuck1 · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I am a sennheiser fanboy, these are pretty good.
It doesn't come with a mic, you can get a cheap desk mic for 5$-10$ and I am sure you can find those headphones a few bucks less somewhere else. The sound is really open and natural and the surround in them is really nice.

EDIT: could also EBAY them, they hold up pretty good.

u/not_a_throw_awya · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

yeah amp/dac can be expensive. if you save up and drop down the money on the schiit modi/magni you should be really happy, but there are some more affordable options that are amp+dac combos like the fiio e10k ($75) which are also good, though I'm not sure I'd recommend going any cheaper than that with your headphones. realistically though, unless you're an audiophile you won't notice the difference between the amp+dac combo i linked or a schiit stack. you could also go a bit lower most likely but i don't know of what is good in the $50~ range.

from what i can tell a good stereo amp should work for headphones if you don't mind the annoyance, but i'm not an expert or anything, i just like headphones.

u/JimJimster · 7 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I have the ASUS VG248QE which is 144hz and only like $270 from amazon. I've used both lightboost and just flat 144hz and I like the 144hz more, but it's definitely capable of doing either. I love it.

u/Big_Dirty_Piss_Boner · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

>So this leads me to have a high sensitivity 800 DPI + 3.9 in game sensitivity so i can do a 180 with 1 swipe of my wrist. Is this bad ?

Not really bad, but not good at all for CS. You never need to do 180s in CS.

So most people go for a sensitivity that gives you the maximum precision whilst still being able to do a 180 with 1-2 full full swipes with the arm.

Your sensitivity is 4 times as much as the average sens of a pro.

My sens when I started was pretty much the same as yours. I switched to 800x1 and then later 800x0.75

I don't really see any advantage from using a high sensitivity in CS. I would switch if I was you. And I wouldn't switch gradually. Buy a big mousepad like this one and just jump into the cold water. I was comfortable with the new sens after a few hours of DM and almost instantly saw improvements to my high sens.

u/EroticHeartAttack · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Your Budget is too low for "good headphones." My recommendation would be to see if you can find used Sennheiser HD 598's on ebay or amazon, there might be some in your range. That being said, the sound in CS:GO is complete aids, I have a fairly high end audio setup, analog amps and a nice DAC with hifiman 400's and it doesn't sound any better or give me any kind of advantage over my GF's $40 gaming headset. If you also want to listen to music and or you want generally nice headphones see if you can find those HD 598's used or maybe some audiotechnica ATH-AD700X's used or cheap on amazon. If you just want to play, literally any old headset will do.


didn't realize how cheap these are right now, try these ^^ Great high end treble that will help make out footsteps.

u/PlusFourTwenty · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Get a power line, as long as you have a free power outlet in you room and near your modem you will get a better connection since it is wired. I already use one and i'm happy with the performance. My room and the room where my modem is, are right next to each other, but I refuse to use wifi because a wired connection is always better, or until wifi connection speeds become more advanced. Which I doubt it will be anytime soon. Hopes this helps. Here's the one I have right now, fairly cheap, number 1 on Amazon's Best Sellers Powerline Computer Network Adapters


u/obamaluvr · 5 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Turtle beaches are among the worst crap you can buy.

If you want to really drop a decent amount, you can buy some pretty good audiophile headphones for a bit over $200. You'll need to get a separate microphone then, but that is a very good option for music and gaming.

Something like the dt990-pro, q701, or HD598

u/notR1CH · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

If you have nice pair of analogue headphones, you should ideally get a nice DAC to go with them. Integrated motherboard audio is really not up to handling high end headphones as you've already noticed!

I personally use with a pair of Sennheiser HD595s and it sounds pretty great to my non-audiophile ears. has a list of plenty of others with reviews if you want to look around.

u/Matbonesfry · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I use the steelseries rival. Its a super good mouse and i have used it for 1.5 years never seen a reason to change.

Amazon link :

Edit : It is pretty light too

I hope that helps :D

u/Nihl · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Honestly, lowering your sensitivity really makes a huge difference. I started using 800 DPI and like 3.5 sens, changed to 400 and 1 sens and I've been much better since. Take the time to get used to the lower sens and it will pay off.

Get a nice, big mousepad like This, i just got it and love it

u/uhufreak · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

One of the best aimers of all time (NIP's f0rest) is playing at 1400 eDPI, so it's definitly possible to compete with such a high sens.
1400 - not 2040, let alone 3630.
But you must be aware of the fact, that it is incredibly hard to be consistently good with such a high sensitivity, since you need to be able to move your mouse way more precisely than someone who's playing at the very common 900 eDPI (the average for CS Pros).

If you really are serious about getting good at Shooters, then you absolutely need a bigger mouse pad.
One of the best is the Steelseries QCK+ for 25$.
I've used that one for 5 years now.

Imho you should invest into a bigger mouse pad now, instead of having to relearn your aim at a later point.

Just for reference, GE at 1160 eDPI.

u/jwatson2629 · 0 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I stay away from ALL things steelseries (keep in mind i've been using steelseries since 2003/2004ish) since it took them 6 months to replace a mouse AND headset i bought from their website and shipped back within 2 weeks. - They didn't respond until after I filed a complaint with BBB - that being said....

  1. Monitor 144hz for sure..
    i stay away from BENQ since you overpay for what others are producing now-a-days

  2. Mouse, i suggest going to a local electronic retailer where you can hold the mice in your hands. For USA its BestBuy - and pick whatever feels and fits well in your hand. I personally enjoy the Logitech G502 - they have replaced my mouse since the MX510 (2003ish?) for free when they break..

  3. I use cloth mousepads since i find they work best for OPTICAL mice since its all black and doesn't lose traction:

    Just opinions.
u/ccensored · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

sennheiser hd598. Currently 50% off on Amazon. Just got them, amazing sound, great quality, light as fuuuck, and super duper comfy.

But they are open-back, so a lot of sound goes in, as well as out. bear that in mind

u/Ba11erOnABudget · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

I've gone through tons of peripherals. I think I'm finally happy with what I have now. I'd prioratize mouse and headset before anything else. Just make sure you get a mouse with a good sensor and hand fit.

Mouse - G900

Keyboard - CM STORM QF

Headphones - Audio Technica ATH-700

Mouse Mat - XXL Soft

Mic - Snowball

u/jries · 4 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I have this, which is pretty similar, but a bit bigger, and like it quite a bit. It's lasted over 2.5 years at this point and still going strong. Pretty smooth too.

u/treav0r · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Mouse: Zowie FK2014 , EC1 eVo, Razer Deathadder 2013, Logitech G400s, G502 Proteus Core, StellSEries Rival...

Keyboard: Brand doesnt matter, but make sure its mechanical:

edit: mousepad: SS Qck+, Qck HEavy, Razer Goliathus Speed Alpha, Puretak Talent.

Headset: i recommend a good studio-grade headphone + external microphone

u/gravyenema · 3 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Do you want to isolate the sound? Do you want people in the room to be able to hear what you are listening to?

Open Headphones generally sound better, and have a wider soundscape. They do however do not isolate the ambient noise, they also leak sound to everyone else. Great ones for under $100 are the Sennheiser HD518, the ATH-AD500x, and the AKG K240. The cheapest option that is recomended is the Superlux HD681

If you wish to have better isolation, then you need a Closed Back headphone. The m50s are great but overpriced compared to their little brother the ATH-m30x. I also really like the Shure SRH240. The standard cheap option I have seen is the Sennheiser HD201

Also there are some headsets that are worth the money. The Kingston(Qpad, Takstar) CloudX, and the Siberia V2 are held in high regard for their "Bang for Buck".

u/AndroidMercury · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I'm in NA as well. I suggest picking up a cheap mic off amazon for $10. this one isn't the highest quality but it works. Giving callouts to your team will help them and result in your team winning more rounds

u/Jpon9 · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

You'd probably be better off staying at a low sens like 2 in-game and 400 DPI (which is personally what I use) since you can be more accurate, but it is mostly preferential.

> Do the pros just have MASSIVE mousepads and literally sweep their mice like a foot to turn around?

Well, yeah. Sounds about right. You would need a larger mousepad than normal, something like a SteelSeries QcK+, which is what I use.

u/FullDerpHD · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

1000x1.5 is actually fine. If you are comfortable with that just use it at GN4 you have a lot of significantly more important things to worry about.

If you need proof it's fine players like elige, One of the best NA riflers is on 400x3.6 which is in effect about the same. about 60~ dpi lower.

But yeah you should get a large mousepad for even your original sens. This is what I use.

u/xTyrez · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

i can personally only recommend the ones i have owned.

If you are afraid of driver software or are too lazy to keep updating get yourself a ZOWIE FK1 or 2. I personally use a FK1 and it lets you cycle threw 4 dpi settings and 4 hz styles, all without any software.

The other is the Steelerseries Rival, i loved this mouse, one of the best sensors i have personally encountered, the only thing that bothers me is its oddly shaped once you have played with a more "standard" shaped mouse, as in if you are used to a normal size it can hurt your hand.

Logitech G400 or MX518, boths saddly not produced anymore but these where the best "older" mice i have ever used.

Zowie FK1




u/adjkabeef · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

You'd be better off purchasing a decent set of headphones but, your current headset is almost 3 years old, i would look at a new set, nothing made by Razer though, they are the alienware of Headsets and peripherals. By that i mean your paying for the brand name lol.

I'd personally just get something like [this] (

But thats just my opinion. :)

u/diodos · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

If you like to listen to music at all I suggest you buy a real pair of headphones as they usually have much better sound quality and build quality than these gaming headsets.

Go and have a look at the /r/headphones subreddit as they have a weekly buying advice thread.

I'm currently rocking the Sennheisers HD518 and I love em :)

u/angryflamer100 · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

For headsets, I would recommend the Sennheiser PC 350's or PC 360's, depending on your preference. They are one of the few decent performers with little markup and an "affordable" street price.

If you go with headphones, the Audio Technica ATH-AD700's are great for gaming, as it has an excellent sound stage and are very clear (due in part to their minimal bass output). They are opened though, so there is very little isolation. For closed headphones, the beyerdynamic DT-770's are alright, I prefer them over my ATH-M50's, especially for gaming. If you want just a solid well-rounded pair of versatile headphones, give the HD 558's a listen. You can generally find Sennheiser products for much lower than their MSRP.

u/Steve_String · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Idk about cheap mouses, you may want to set a price point for people who have tried out a bunch of them. But for mousepads I definitely recommend the Steelseries Qck+. Nice and big, works like a charm.

u/freshlikeuhhhhh · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Best monitor I've ever used (I bought the 24") -- and YES, totally worth it. Just make sure you enable 144hz in your display settings after replacing the monitor.

u/SirBigMan · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

At the end of the day your not going to become Global Elite just because of a mouse but in my opinion it does make a huge difference.

I use the Deathadder and I really like the way it feels in my hand. Its reasonably priced and has everything you need.

u/MPCExtant · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

The BenQ you're looking at is 75 Hz, not 120/144 Hz. I personally have the BenQ XL2420Z and I love it.

The ASUS VG248QE is a pretty popular gaming monitor. It was selling for $220 a week or two ago, it's gone up but it's just above your budget. Not sure if you're willing to stretch it a bit. So if you're willing to wait for a sale, you might catch a better price.

As for mice, I use the Razer Deathadder2013, and that's a little large. I used to use the Logitech G502 but it was a little too small for me. But it does have the thumb grip/rest you were looking for and the weight is adjustable.

People here are recommending the Zowie FK1 which is really popular amongst the community right now. If you're hands are small, the FK2 is coming out soon (not sure when), and it will be slightly smaller. But these have no thumb rest.

Side note: If you decide to go for the ASUS monitor, this will help you with the color calibration. These fast response time monitors usually have shitty stock color calibrations.

u/hamlop · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

The sennheiser momentums are a pretty good example. Not super cheap but very good quality for the price imo.

EDIT: a litte cheaper and another good example are the sennheiser HD 598

u/buddybd · 4 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I used to use QoS using Tomato firmware on an ASUS RT N-16. It made things better but it wasn't even close to perfect.

I got myself a pair of Powerline adapters and connected it directly to the router. I highly recommend you do the same. I used this setup after I moved and didn't set up QoS.

I use this:

The cheaper one needed to be restarted once/twice a day. This one I never had to.

u/Lukekk · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

The logitech g430 is the best one you can buy for usb imo. The build quality is outstanding, the sound is decent, and because of the sports type fabric on the cushions it breathes very well and you can wear it for hours.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Nice find but with the cost of Supermats only $8 bucks its hard to choose the Valve one.

Anyone with a Supermat ( Supermat ) and a cloth QcK? It has to be pretty similar.

Supermat is 16.5 x 13.25 is pretty damn large so need to worry about running out of mouse pad space. It's smooth and I've used the same one for like 6 years now, so i am extremely over due. Surprisingly my mx518 has last me around 4-6 years as well and just now the right click is slowing dieing out.

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  1. Correct, it's not traditional DLC. You do NOT have to buy the coin/pass to play on the new maps, or get new skins. The coin/pass will make you possibly receive those skins/cases randomly in drops, and give you missions to play that...really don't actually do anything but change the color of your coin and give you non-standard objectives to complete.

    You can get the maps you've missed in previous operations, as they're all workshop maps created by the community. Valve just 'highlights' some maps per operation.

  2. I loved my G430, and a lot of people seem to as well. I'm currently running with the Triton 720+, and like them as well..but the G430 was honestly more comfae.

    (I dunno how I fucked up the formatting on this post, but I'm leaving it)
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I've used the razer goliathus in the past and it was nice. Has a very textured surface.

I currently use a steelseries qck+ and I prefer it above the goliathus. It's not as textured but I feel like I have plenty of control regardless.

edit: for some reason the razer amazon link links to the speed version. I used the CONTROL version to clarify. It looks like they're out of stock for some reason though?

u/Nordo6 · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

No idea what that is but this is a great 144 hz for a good price.

u/Rusty_Sporks · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I have a pair of Logitech G430s, working great for me so far, good sound and comfortable fit.

u/xport · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Buy good headphones (there are great cheap options like the ones I use ) and clip a mic on it

u/Asianhacker1 · 3 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

get a 144hz if you: can afford it, get easily above 144 fps in cs. The difference is significantly smoother and well worth it (you can see the difference just by dragging your mouse across the desktop). I recommend this one by asus. Good color and one of the cheaper ones out there.

u/narcoblix · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Honestly, my old one was de-laminating, and this huge one was on sale for ~$20 on Amazon. I thought it was pretty cool, so I bought it.

Basically, I will never have "too small" of a mousepad.

u/iTurret · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

i recently changed to this monitor:

i really love it. it feels way better to play on it. The game just feels way smoother, and the monitor isn't that expensive.

u/mdrejhon · 3 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Google "LightBoost" -- it eliminates motion blur.

For more information about LightBoost, see Media Coverage and Good Reviews. You can also go to ASUS VG248QE customer reviews on Amazon and search the word "lightboost" (Ctrl+F) and see the people rave about it.

There are pictures of 60Hz vs 120Hz vs LightBoost and a good list of which monitors supports LightBoost can be found at List of 120Hz Monitors. LightBoost monitors have 92% less motion blur than 60Hz monitors -- where you used to see, say, 10 pixels of motion blur, you now only see less than 1 pixel of motion blur for the same fast-panning motion (high speed strafes, turns, zoom bys, etc).

It's very, very noticeable when you run the motion tests, try TestUFO: Moving Photo Test in Chrome browser, and then enable/disable LightBoost via the hotkeys while looking at this test pattern in Chrome. Make sure you use Chrome, it's the only web browser reliably able to support 120fps@120Hz animations.

u/4wh457 · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Just make sure you get a good adapter and plug it directly into the wall at both ends (not to power strips!) and it will work fine. This one should be good and is sold all around the world.

u/gone421 · 3 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I use Senheiser HD598's. I bought them for 150$ at B&H when I was in NYC a little while ago, best headphones I've ever owned. They're open back, so the soundstage is also very good. I've made insane calls where I told people the exact position somebody was during my deathcam before. 10/10

I have a desktop mic that I've had for about a year, the Blue Snowball. It's fantastic.

u/-c0de- · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

The Siberia's will only do stereo sound unless you have the USB sound card, which at that time does a simulated surround sound.

Unless you are willing to fork over the money for a true set of surround sound headphones, then your money would be better spent getting a good set of studio monitor headphones (Sony MDRV6 or Sony MDR7506) and a clip on mic (Zalman or ModMic)

u/MaldorLevr · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

There's this really weird notion that microphones are not worth it to get around a lot of people. I always get so confused by it because even if you don't talk to your friends on Skype/Teamspeak/Whatever it's still useful to have even just for games. If you don't have a microphone here is a really cheap good quality one.

u/nmyi · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Get a LARGE mouse pad! I've been using this SteelSeries QcK+ ($14.99) and it's been very reliable for me, even that I play with slower sensitivity than your setting (800dpi with 1 sensitvity & "0.818933" zoom sensitivity

Use alllll of that surface area (15.7in x 17.72in x 0.08 in or 39.88cm x 45cm x 0.2cm) for about a week and you should be adjusted!

There's a thicker QcK too with the same surface are if you're interested.

Make sure to buy the correct size if you are!

u/mindoo · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

K551's are a bit expensive for me. I wasn't actually thinking of getting earbuds but I was just curious. I looked at the panasonic headphones on amazon, and they're like 50% off :
And what do you think of the kingston HyperX 2 ?

u/kazyle · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Thanks! The mousepad is called the qck and I personally love it, there are a couple different variations of it in terms of thickness and size. Here is the one I have

u/bluesteel117 · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

ASUS VG248QE 24-inch

BenQ XL2411Z 24 inch

Those are the most popular 144hz monitors for Cs:go. I have the Asus and I love it. But I don't exactly know the pros and cons between the two.

u/rpilks · 0 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Don't buy a 'gaming' headset. Unless you go with a Sennheiser (which, on it's own is an excellent audio company) PC 350/360, it's not going to be as good as a solid set of Headphones & a separate mic. You're paying extra for the convenience of a built-in microphone, which will also be sub-par quality.

My personal setup is a Sennheiser HD 555 & a Modmic

u/sci_comes_1st · 6 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

For question number one, PLEASE get a headset and a microphone BEFORE you start playing. Here is a link to a good mic for a cheap price

u/sk0pe_csgo · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Your mousepad will produce more and more friction as time goes on. I'd just keep using what you've got until you're comfortable with it.

As for other cloth pad options, just buy a cheap cloth pad from amazon. It'll probably be more to your liking. I think I'm currently using one of these:

u/rombointhebongo · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

please include a budget when asking something like this


Philips SHP2500

Sennheiser HD201

Superlux HD668B


Nuforce HP-800

Superlux HD668B(with beyerdynamic velour pads)

Sennheiser HD 518


ATH-AD700/x (get these if you can, legendary soundstage)

sennheiser hd558


k701/k702/q701/k7xx (similar but not the same, check around. similar soundstage to ad700s)

Beyerdynamic DT880

Sennheiser HD598

and dont get an internal soundcard, get an external dac/amp combo.

something cheap:

more expensive - schiit stack(modi/magni)


u/Thompsonhunt · -2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

grab the panel that's the most modest financially. personally im using this sweet baby jesus and love the shit out of it.

Question is

  • 144hz w/ 1ms?


  • 120hz (lightboost), ~ 10ms

    I've chosen to go with lightboost and some input lag, which seemingly after moderately researching the topic, humans^cannot^perceive the added input lag, generally speaking.
u/Zarrex · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I would go with these two:

  • ASUS VE248Q as your secondary monitor

  • ASUS VG248QE as your main monitor.

    They look almost identical, but the VG248QE has 144hz refresh rate which is great.
u/biggem001 · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

  • BENQ 27". I got it for 379.99, so just watch the amazon price. Or Fry's has it for 399.99.
  • ASUS 24". 279.99 haven't used it, but good reviews.
  • BENQ 24". Hard to find now outside of ebay.

    Your graphics card needs either a Dual-Link DVI cable or Displayport connection. Try not to use Displayport as it tends to be buggy in my experience as well as several people i know that have used it.
u/TremendousTiger · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Look at getting a normal pair of headphones and then the clip on zalman mic off of Amazon for under $10. I have it and it works good enough for communication. Gaming headsets often aren't worth it and you can also use a normal pair of headphones outside of just gaming so they are much more useful.

Zalman Zm-Mic1 High Sensitivity Headphone Microphone

u/2014RT · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Under $645.00? That's pretty easy.


Or This

Basically anything along those lines.

u/Ricemobile · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

I am currently using a Rival, and have been using it for a little over a year, and I don't see it breaking anytime soon. Functionally, it's great, nothing to complain. I play CS, League, Overwatch, and other games with it, and works great.

HOWEVER, I'm going to have to tell you to stay away from this mouse because of a HUGE design flaw. If you look at the product pictures, you can see that sides of this mouse are made from rubber or some silicon material. I thought it was neat at first because I could get a tight grip on it, but over time, areas you touch with your thumb and other two fingers will start wearing off to the point where there will be little pieces of rubber tickling your fingers while slowly dropping rubber bits. If you go to the mouse Amazon page you can see other people's pictures and they all say the same thing.

I had a death adder before this mouse until it's wheel broke (seems like ALL of my friends go through this issue to the point where I think they intentionally make it weak so you can buy more razor mice), and when I switched to Rival, I loved it at first but because of the issues I mentioned above, I DO NOT recommend this mouse.

u/americigerm · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

If you cannot switch it, then it's only capable of 60hz. I would reccomend Asus vg248qe, I useit, it is perfect in my opinion. Especially with lightboost.

u/umbrlla · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Sorry a bit late with this response. I wouldn't recommend the m50's. As others have said theyre a bit bass heavy, which although sounds great, they can get quite strenuous after a while. Also the pleather pads can be uncomfortable during a long gaming session (especially in the summer).

I'm assuming your budget is ~$100, for that I would recommend the Sennheiser HD 588. It's an intro to HiFi headphone, so it'll sound really good with out the hefty price tag to go with it. Also has velvet pads so they'll be comfortable for a long time. They've got a good amount of bass too but nothing that will cause strain after a while.

u/gdalex585 · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

The knife I used :

I coated the handle in painters tape, applied two coats of Paprika Rustoleum spray paint it says it 2x strength on the can I let it dry for 30 mins between coats. I didn't prime, you should.

I made the webbing with a Sharpie because my stencil got ripped and I was too impatient to cut a new one, I wish I had used the stencil with some black spray paint in stead of the sharpie

Definitely have some paper towels around for when you apply too much paint I definitely used too much paint about 4 times and ended up cleaning it completely and starting over, try to get some water soluble paint just in case you fuck something up where a paper towel won't completely clean it. The pain I used was petroleum based and its still on my hands.
That's all I can really think of, good luck!

u/csgoVoodoo · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

so my question is about Resolution
I got a 144hz monitor
and get around 230 fps on 1910x1080 should I lower it to gain fps I do sometimes drop below 200

another question (: to easier spot people what should these settings be.

u/tremu · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

there are a few ways to do this, usually a combination of the following:

  • proper size mouse pad like this

  • "priming" a flick. what I mean by this is, say you're this guy in the clip, and you have info that the last T is probably jungle but could come from ct. so you hold jungle, but you do it with your mouse on the right side of your pad instead of in the center like you typically would - this way you have a nice roomy flick.

  • a swift, violent arm swipe. this is extremely helpful, borderline necessary for people with "low" sens like 2@400dpi to turn >90 degrees. you typically do fine aiming/spray control with your wrist, but when you need to change angles, you lock your wrist, pick your mouse up, and swipe the fuck out that bitch with your elbow/shoulder.

    hope this helped
u/Elaine_Benes_ · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Get the biggest one you can! I would recommend the largest Perixx mat. It's only $20 on Amazon. It's big enough that your keyboard and mouse go on it. Here's what my setup looks like with it:

u/RelyableKookie · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

I use a SteelSeries QCK+ and i play at 2.1 sens at 400dpi and i have plenty of room. When i hold my mouse at the center of the pad where i usually play, i can turn 180 in either direction without running out of pad. I also used to play with a really high sens and had a really hard time adjusting like you. The thing that helped me was to stop making small adjustments and make one big jump

u/doidos · 3 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I can recommend the Zalman Mic1. It's cheap and good.

u/zwck · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

buy a good pair of headphones. Personally i like open over the ear headphones.

u/danielkza · 12 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Just a note regarding sound quality: if you really care about it, even high-end gaming headsets are bad options compared to headphones by companies that specialize in audio, like Sennheiser (only brand I'd buy 'gaming' sets from), Audio Technica, AKG, Koss, Shure, Westone, Beyerdynamics, etc. For the same price, you can likely get way better quality by getting a mic-less headphone and attaching a ModMic or using a standalone mic.

u/getDense · 0 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Mousepad:HandStands 15S07

I just picked up this mousepad for less than 8 bucks (free shipping with Prime). It's just a bit smaller than the Qck+ (HandStands: 16.5"x13.25" VS. Qck+: 17.7" x 15.7"), but it's a lot cheaper. There is less friction than the Qck+, a quality I personally enjoy.


Mouse: SteelSeries Sensei RAW


6/11 windows

2.96 in game

rawinput off

u/Boggster · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

I play on 3200 dpi and 0.32 ingame sens and 5/11 windows sens with this mouse pad

I warmup movement with surf servers and then dm, like many other people in here have said.

u/iSamurai · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

> fiio e10

The Fiio e10 is expensive because they don't make them anymore it looks like. They replaced it with this :

How am I gonna add you without knowing your steam lol, PM me

u/djail93 · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Probably this one. I have it and I love it.

u/DynamicStatic · -24 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Yea that is the concept I followed had no idea it was from destiny though, although what you link is a 2d image while mine is a 3d model. Is there any collection of art from destiny like this?

EDIT: I guess most here haven't paid much attention to the huntsman knife?


In CoD Ghosts:!Combat_Knife_model_CoDG.png

In real life:

It's pretty normal that you find very look alike things in games, games usually copy real things or concepts etc after all.

u/RShake1 · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

There are products like this that are almost as good as Ethernet.

u/lafleur818 · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Try to get decent quality headphones and use a cheap mic. I use these headphones with my webcam mic and couldn't be happier. Good luck! :)

u/cHariZmaRrr · 15 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

if you use this correctly, that mic is the shit while only having a price tag of ~$10

u/Hokkupi · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

I'll just copypaste what I've said a few times already.


AKG K-540

Sennheiser HD-439


Zalman ZM-MIC 1

Either of those headphones will do just fine for it's price range plus you don't have to deal with the price premium for headsets. I own the Zalman mic myself and it's pretty decent for the price. If you really need a headset, my only recommendation would be the Skullcandy Slyr.

u/maefju · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

i use a zalman clip mic

its working, but the mic quality isnt comparable with the mic of the pc350, because its omnidirectional, which means that it listen to everything in the room. if you have the right budget you can maybe get the :)

u/WaLLy3K · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

If you had headphones without a mic, I would suggest getting a ModMic. I use it on my ATH-AD700's and it's fantastic!

If you're looking for a clip-on mic, this one by Zalman might be what you're after.

u/Griffisz · 6 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Get a big mousepad:

Buy a decent mouse: ask advice on /r/mousereview

Do this test:

My friend followed the mentioned and he progressed very fast.

u/spreadtheirentrails · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

A lot of people that I watch & a lot of my friends (including me) use this mouse, I like it a lot.

u/rightinthedome · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Scammers will always exist, it's your job not to fall for their tricks. Also, you can get a mic for about 10 dollars. You can try walmart or best buy for a shitty one, or get someone in your family to order you this. That one is good quality and should only cost you about an hour's work.

u/JoeyBE98 · 3 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Heard good things on this sub-reddit about this mic for cheap: I don't own it myself though. Look up stuff about it and quality tests I guess. If you have the money to spend I'd get a Blue Yeti/Snowball as they're top quality. I myself have the GameCon 780s and just use the mic on them. I split the audio from the mic and use Audacity to get rid of any white noise, but you can get the same effect by dropping volume of the mic.
EDIT: Sorry about the mobile Amazon link, I was posting via my iPhone. I fixed it now.

u/hadstaff88 · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I have a very slick playing surface and was tired of my keyboard sliding. I outgrew the QCK I recently purchased and knew the QCK+ wasn't going to fix my desk. After my keyboard, I still have near 18X18 for swipes. It's cheaper than the QCK+ (with prime) and seems faster than my old QCK.

Only possible downsides are that it's not a well-known brand; it takes up quite a bit of real estate; and is noticeably thicker than a QCK/+.

tl;dr: cheaper than QCK+ while being over 2X size in length, seems to have excellent quality (only a few nights of play), and plenty of space.

u/pr0ph3cyhill · 3 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Looking at the photo, it appears you cleared about as much room as your numpad is taking up. Why not just get a smaller keyboard? I personally use a Leopold FC660m Keyboard and a Perixx XXL and I have plenty of room for playing on 800dpi 1sens, and I usually surf in CS more than MM.

u/LSD_Sakai · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

huh, weird, amazon forwarded me to the VG278HE.

I'm not sure if they have the VG248QE on amazon...

But pound for pound, would you say that the asus is better?

u/-Umbra- · 0 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Just pick one up at a store for around $10, or online.

You can play competitive without a microphone, but as you get more serious I wouldn't recommend it. It hinders your team (though if you play right it's not that big a deal.)

u/TheMintness · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

I prefer the huntsman. I like it so much that I bought the real huntsman knife.

u/collection28 · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

This is the monitor I have been looking at:

Edit: Coincidentally looks like that's the same monitor you just said you had.

u/IAmTehMan · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Either get just the mouse or just the xl2411z. Get one of them and save up for the other one. There is no point in buying a shitty monitor now.
This is a decent monitor too. It might be slightly cheaper than the benQ. I myself have the same benq and a deathadder and they are awesome.

u/CrazyChopstick · 0 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

>Gone from £200+ to £160!

Barely even discounted

>Gone from £50 to £20

It hasn't

Please check for actual prices before getting excited over sales, amazon tends to hide the real prices when "sales" are happening.

u/tickle_my_picklezzzz · 3 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

corsair k65 rgb. this is one of the huge reasons i went with this board over a k70, more room for mousin on an ungodly large mousepad :3

u/ssmahony · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

Yeah at northern arena they forced should have forced the players to use noise cancelling "3m earmuffs" (like these) which don't put out any audio. The only way to get audio would be to use earbuds. I know stewie2k uses generic Apple earbuds, however some pro's decide to go with higher end earbuds. Either way you don't really want to be using earbuds at home.

But if you are just asking about what headset to get for CS, the most common headset among pro's are the Senhizer's, if you are looking for something cheaper though Astro's, Hyper X Cloud II's , and Logitech G430's are also very popular.

I'm also going to take this opprotunity to point out that you shouldn't be using the default CS:GO sound settings, but you can read more about that here

u/JovialFeline · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

QCK Heavy has been good to me. Same area as the QCK+ but with some added thickness on the bottom.

u/lvl1k0n · 3 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

That popular 24" ASUS 144Hz is only $220 right now which is a steal. Im going to pick one up, but unfortunately I have to wait until Thursday before I have the money. I hope its still on sale come Thursday.

EDIT: Its also available on Newegg for the same price.

u/h2ogie · 3 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

A pair of lil boxes with AC prongs on one end and an ethernet in/out on the other. Signal path looks like this:

Modem >> ethernet cable 1 >> powerline adapter 1 >> wall outlet 1 (no extension cords) >> electrical lines >> wall outlet 2 >> powerline adapter 2 >> ethernet cable 2 >> PC

Link to the ones I've been using for a while and have had no issues with.

u/logicbound · 6 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Not a headset... but I went with headphones and mic.

u/yazawone · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

Quoted from "Infinidecimal" @ /r/headphones

"You take This.You stick This on it. You're done."

u/EleanordaBeast · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

I have the Steelseries QcK+ mousepad. For its size, it's fairly cheap. I also believe that many professional players use this mousepad.