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u/novangla · 3 pointsr/Gotham

These books, probably in this order, make for a really good intro to Batman comics and also fit with the general feel of the show, either setting up origins or focusing on the city as a character:

Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One - Classic. Big influence on both Gotham and Nolanverse.

Jeph Loeb’s [Long Halloween](Batman: The Long Halloween and Dark Victory which are kind of a Year Two and Year Three (don’t read the books called Y2 and Y3 though)

Chuck Dixon’s Robin: Year One - What it sounds like—Robin’s first cases, not his origin. Robin faces off against Mad Hatter, Two Face, and more. The copy I linked also has Batgirl: Year One which is pretty fun.

Jeph Loeb’s Batman: Hush - A great intro to all of the villains as Batman faces off against each one, ultimately revealing a new villain rooted in his past.

Paul Dini’s Heart of Hush and Streets of Gotham (it has 3 volumes—good to know that midway through, Bruce “dies” and is replaced by Dick Grayson as Batman, but it’s still accessible without reading all of that) - HOH is a sequel to Hush and has a lot of Bat/Cat. Streets focuses on the life of the Gotham underbelly, with characters like “the Carpenter” who builds all the booby traps for the villains and the realtor who finds their hideouts. Also acts as a sequel to Heart of Hush.

Scott Snyder’s Gates of Gotham - also has Dick as Batman but delves into cool Gotham history

Scott Snyder’s Black Mirror - again, Dick is Batman. Takes place before Gates but Streets goes into Gates more fluidly. This book is creepy AF and gets into some of the Gordon family history.

Scott Snyder’s Court of Owls - Though this can be read without any of the others as it was designed as an entry point for new readers. It’s also probably the best book on the list. REALLY good.

Peter Tomasi’s Batman and Robin - The issues collected here are a great storyline that are about Bruce and his 12-year-old biological son Damian, whose mother is Talia al Ghul (daughter of Ra’s and sister of Nyssa).

If there’s a particular character or aspect of the show you like, there may be others as well but these are a good core starting set.

(You can also check your library for these—many have graphic novels on the shelves but some also have a subscription to something called Hoopla which lets you “check out” digital versions of comics/graphic novels.)

u/RaffNav · 11 pointsr/Gotham
  • Tommy Elliot is Bruce Wayne's childhood friend in the comics. If you are interested in him, I recommend Batman Hush and then Batman Heart of Hush

  • As for understanding Jim Gordon. I recommend Batman Year One for a really well done origin story.

  • And just cause it's a good read and features the birth of Two-Face. Batman: The Long Halloween for a great story of the birth of Two-Face and the fall of the crime/mafia families. A lot of the Maroni v. Falcone mob war dynamic can be seen here.
u/PretenderNX01 · 5 pointsr/Gotham

I haven't read it but my understanding was the first novel was a prequel to the series. Causing people to joke: a prequel to a prequel :p

Here it is on amazon:

u/TheLemsterPju · 2 pointsr/Gotham

I hope we get some insight or whereabouts of that Indian Hill Jerome clone in the City of Monsters tie-in novel.

u/FortePiano96 · 3 pointsr/Gotham

I'd like to add to this Earth One. This version of Alfred is what Gotham's is based on.

u/Kathemy · 1 pointr/Gotham

Gotham is available on Latest episode is here:

It doesn't work from all locations.

They do count online views.

You can also buy episodes on Amazon here:

u/Freeman720 · 4 pointsr/Gotham

If anyone(like me) was wondering what watch Bullock was wearing in the beginning, it was this one, but on a black leather strap.

u/AkimboAssassin · 3 pointsr/Gotham

It took this guy 45 helium filled weather balloons to get himself killed. While these balloons have a maximum lift of 12 lbs. You figure a maximum weight of 250 lbs would require 21 of those 20' diameter weather balloons.

So no. Not the best way to kill somebody.

u/LieutenantDanzig · 2 pointsr/Gotham

Even though they're Batman stories first and foremost, The Killing Joke and Hush would be good reads just because they do have quite a bit to do with Jim Gordon, with the former being a story where the Joker is trying to drive Jim insane, and the latter is a good example of the relationship between Jim and Batman, and how they affect each other.

These might be harder to collect since they're not in any trade form (yet, or at least that I know of), but the villains month issues from September of last year are good for familiarizing yourself with the heavy hitters of Batman's rogues gallery.

Edit: They are selling an omnibus due for release this December with all the villains month issues, but it's expensive as hell since it has all the villain issues for every DC title (4 issues each for almost all individual titles).