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u/whatsthedill · 6 pointsr/GrowingMarijuana

Congrats on finding the seeds and getting this far. If you are a first time grower, then I would highly recommend a controlled environment starting with a tent. I have done it both ways, and outdoor seasonally, and you will benefit a lot from having a confined space you can control as you learn. Contrary to popular belief, it isnt "just a weed that grows". To have a quality finished product you need a good amount of time and energy spent on the plants. However, because the growth takes time, as a first time grower, you can purchase the items you need as you need them to build out your grow. I have purchased a lot of my items on amazon, so I will provide some links to items I vouch for personally.



I would start with a light and good soil. This is one of the most important items by far. For indoor, use LED, or a combo of T5 for veg and then LED for flower.t5:


I have both of these products and can finish 4 plants in a tent nicely in about 100 days. I know people have feelings about using off brand lights but I have had zero issues, ever. On thing to do though is to not let the plants grow too tall. Rather train them to grow like bushes by topping them early and continuing to top the new nodes at a reasonable height, Id suggest 30 inches max (from top of the pot).

Also buy this :

AND LEARN ABOUT pH!!!! Many young growers don't do this and it makes a HUGE difference.

For veg, you will be able to get by a few weeks or maybe a month without a tent, but the light will become annoying.

For soil. I highly recommend mixing fox farms happy frog and ocean forest. This will prevent you needing to use fertilizers really at all until flower time. Yes it is kind of expensive, but it is worth it. I have tried the experiment of making soil myself... it becomes outrageously priced so fast and unless you are really good at chemistry/botany you can totally fuck some shit up. Trust the fox farms soil. It is the best IMO. Also, I am a huge fan of cloth bags. I suggest these:

So a tent should be your next purchase.

I have two of these and they do a great job.Tent:

Shortly after getting the tent set up you need to get an oscillating fan and some regulators to tell you temp, humidity, etc.



Now even in veg, your plants are going to begin to smell. But by flower time you will have a real problem on your hands, even with a tent. So next you will need a carbon scrubber. I use this one off amazon for a tent and have zero complaints while the tent is closed. I also have the filter hanging in the tent and venting out the side into the attic of my rental. Zero smell, unless the tent is open (which you will want to do in the beginning, but over time you will learn to not go in everyday unless you need to). With this item, every other grow you need to replace just the carbon canister part of it. It is easy to do and worth every penny.

Carbon scrubber:


Buying all this over time is pretty easy, even on a conservative budget.

Hope this helps!


u/Deadly3ffect · 3 pointsr/GrowingMarijuana

How do you think people end up learning? Why discourage new growers? That’s bullshit.

If he/she wants to learn, let them learn. I didn’t start a professional and neither did you. We learn from practice and good advice from other growers.

You learned from a good friend, as did I. But this is not everyones experience. Not everyone grows for profit, many just want to grow their own and get better. It’s a good hobby.

Edit: Fuck what these negative people say. It is way cheaper and more satisfying to grow your own. It’s expensive to start and buy the equipment initially but in the end is more satisfying. You will get better and eventually it’s way cheaper. It’s a good hobby and it always feels better smoking your own home grown. Yes it is a lot of work and practice but we all started from somewhere. Good luck man and happy growing. I’m an open book if you ever want help.

A good book to start with, the same one I did years ago...

u/traptito · 2 pointsr/GrowingMarijuana

Well, I wouldn't buy a tent kit/package. You could go with a 24"x24" tent like this one then buy your light and carbon filter/inline fan seperate.

iPower is a good inexpensive brand to start with for your fan/filter. A 4" fan is more than enough for that size.

As for your light a Quantum board leds are the most efficient lights out now but Cobs (chip on board) are great too.

Add a little clip fan for air circulation and you're all set!

u/Squints_Forever · 2 pointsr/GrowingMarijuana

That's some good looking flower I'd say they're close but the only way you're going to be able to tell when's the perfect time to harvest is by looking at the trichomes with a loupe. You can get one on amazon for ~$10.

I have this pocket microscope 60x is even almost too much because you get a very narrow view of the flower, I have to move it around a lot, but you can definitely clearly tell what stage the trichomes are at with it

u/ItsMyOpinionTho · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana
u/Environmental_Act · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

So, are you in a pot? How big? Now would probably be a great time to transplant if its in a little pot and is still in veg. It really depends on how big you want to try to get it. Outdoors is different too cause at a certain point its just going to switch over to flower with the light change depending on your latitude.


If its a 3 gallon or bigger pot and you want like 1-3 ounces you probably dont NEED a transplant. and can just feed it some Calcium+Magnesium (CalMag) and some of the General Hydroponics nutrients


just give a half dose of whatever the recommended feeding is to start every other watering.

u/KrombopulosPhillip · 3 pointsr/GrowingMarijuana

something with a little more power , they got 100watt (20w) versions of these bulbs that are a lot bigger on amazon but a panel is gonna be the best bang for your buck , These ones are cheap and efficient

u/sserpzsehtuol · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

A quantum board will grow you more weed, better weed, and cost less per gram in electricity. They're also not much more expensive anymore with Alibaba.


If you must use Amazon,


two of those will grow you two nice plants and will give you more actual wattage than that "600w" blurple.


If you can use Alibaba, go there and get a 240w QB for $135-150 or whatever. You'll grow more weed from those two plants than you can possibly smoke with a nice QB.

u/maseffect · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

Invest in a better grow light. Something like an hlg 65 would be perfect for you grow space

HLG 65 Quantum Board LED Grow Lamp Veg & Bloom 4000K

Might also want to give them some kelp extract as a root booster to fortify.

u/pennypots · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

I'm concerned I might actually be under-watering, I've been just splashing a bit of water in the container. Last night I went down and they were bone dry, so I gave them a good soaking, hoping that maybe I'm just under watering. We'll see on that front. Here's the rundown on what I've been doing.
- Growing Medium - Soil - Roots Organic

- Nutrients - Bio Thrive 5ml/gallon - General Organics Grow Box -


I've got this PH Tester and have been keeping my PH between 6&7.

u/MrKungFuPimp · 3 pointsr/GrowingMarijuana

Buddy we need to talk. Get this at the very least..

General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer set, 1 Quart (Pack of 3)

Past this grab this and you will have a decent perfectly colored harvest. Though there is much much more you can add to get a better harvest..

General Hydroponics CALiMAGic Quart

u/lam-anado · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

Im def leaning more towards white lights than purple now.. how about this one? Looks pretty good to me

u/differ · 2 pointsr/GrowingMarijuana

This isn't bad. The price is pretty reasonable, and it will do fairly well in a smaller area.

u/YourExGayLover · 2 pointsr/GrowingMarijuana

Also, you best bet would be to spend $25 on amazon and order a copy of the Indoor Outdoor Growers Bible. Will update with a link.

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible

u/Vierzwanzig · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

I have 2 of these and they seem really effective.

Everyone else here might tell you to get a quantum board

u/420skyhigh · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

Yes the flushing should help. I think the biggest issue with MG is the fact that new growers tend to overwater and such so that would affect the way the nutes are distributed to the plant. For a pH tester I use this . I pH the water before watering and then pH the runoff. I use coco/perlite mix so my pH levels will be diff than the ones you’d need. I also use distilled white vinegar to lower pH if needed instead of the pH test kits.

u/BobbSagett · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

This is my light
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

It has a bloom and veg switch. I used the soil ocean forest potting soil.
My tent is 2x2x4

Thanks for the reply!

u/absentwonder · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

I apologize for not linking. That was poor Reddit etiquette.

So far the PH meter has been on point, and it’s wicked quick. And I am able to check my PPM coming out of my coco now also. To make sure I have flushed old with new.

Huge time saver. I am personally super frugal with my $, and with that said, I would absolutely buy these again.

Apera Instruments AI209 PH20...

Professional TDS ppm Conductivity...

u/apeonpatrol · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

what kind of scope or lens where you using to get your picture? this is what im using worth every penny

u/H-Dogg2970 · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana When you click that link itll also show you the bigger version of this light too in recommended

u/cryptostonerr · 0 pointsr/GrowingMarijuana

If you don't know what you are doing I wouldn't spend the money. I had a consultant/friend who literally sold me his old stuff and trained me on how to do it. You know it takes like 4 months from seed to flower and that's 4 months of electric and nutrients before you can even see a return, and if you suck, the crop is shit and you would have been better off spending that money at the dispensary. There's overhead, gear breaks and needs to be replaced. I'm just NOW finally happy with where I am. It's a lot of work and a lot of money, but I turn my entire harvest into wax/live resin/shatter.

u/tglmnop · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope

Just buy it.

u/orbitallogic · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

I ordered [this](Monterey LG6150 Garden Insect Spray with Spinosad Concentrate 16oz

Will post results

u/sevenup1000 · 1 pointr/GrowingMarijuana

LinkDm 12 Pack Mini Digital Electronic Temperature Humidity Meters Gauge Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer LCD Display Fahrenheit (℉) for Humidors, Greenhouse, Garden, Cellar, Fridge, Closet

$14 for 12 of them! It’s a steal! (Batteries not included)