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u/TrollaBot · 1 pointr/NHLHUT

Analyzing cinntwist

  • comments per month: 18.5 ^I ^help!
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  • favorite sub NHLHUT
  • favorite words: cards, players, though.
  • age 4 years 6 months ^old ^man
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  • Fun facts about cinntwist
    • "I am glad you are here to share it with everyone."
    • "I am half way through called the unexpected legacy of divorce."
    • "I am procrastinating from studying for finals in a few weeks haha."
    • "I am gunna try holtby."
    • "I am wanting all bronze cards and he is currently the best of the bronze defensemen."
    • "I am sure I can muster up another 3k in the next few days."
    • "I am not disagreeing with you, just saying I understand both sides."
    • "I am needing to improve on."
    • "I am happy with my mov Schneider and mov dubnyk."
    • "I've been watching them for a while and that was Henrik's price before injury as far as I knew."
    • "I am rocking sedin sedin Vrbata movs on line one."
u/thekingswitness · 2 pointsr/NHLHUT

So I use Grip-it's and I like them: Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers, Set of 4

They're cheap, come in lots of colors, easy to put on, and add grip.

I was recommended to try Kontrol Freaks too. They're a little more expensive, but I hear they are very good.

However, I don't think those will help with your sprint button stopping working. It will help with the wearing off for sure. I'd recommend buying a controller from a store with a warranty and just replacing it as needed. Someone else probably knows what stores offer that on here. Good luck.

u/inthequad · 1 pointr/NHLHUT

For playing games TV's under 40" are best for gaming. Anything bigger will force you to move your eyes slightly to see and can make a difference. I play on a 46" Rca LED tv at school becuase I got a great deal on it and it works perfectly fine; although I prefer my 24" ASUS monitor at home.

Edit: Asus Monitor | RCA TV

u/anonmarmot · 1 pointr/NHLHUT

Good question, and you're right it does feel like that sometimes. The "why do I even bother" thought is maybe monthly. I see it as partly my way of donating my time for a thankless task. It's a good way to exercise your mental "control what you can, otherwise let it go" and the like too, so I see it as somewhat of a mental challenge. I get enough hate mail and random crap that there's no lack of material to practice ignoring. I'm a big fan of Stoicism as a way to operate (here's a good book on it).

> “Begin each day by telling yourself: Today I shall be meeting with interference, ingratitude, insolence, disloyalty, ill-will, and selfishness"

I do get some out of the blue PMs from people who tell me they appreciate it, so that is nice. Once in a while someone will choose me for a giveaway and I'll get a fun player to use, and they'll say it's because they appreciate my help. Those sorts of things help counterbalance it. Last year I got a MOV Perry I was stoked to use for like four months of the game's cycle.

I don't glamorize the job to people wanting to mod. I like to let them know what they're in for.

u/cinntwist · 1 pointr/NHLHUT

Really cool story man. I appreciate the openness of the story. It is amazing how powerful family can be both in good and bad. This post made me think of a book I am half way through called the unexpected legacy of divorce. My parents split when I was two and this book is shedding some light on how my siblings and I act in my eyes. PM me for info, you get a card :)

u/bagelpizzaparty · 1 pointr/NHLHUT

Lol at missions.

I got some good pulls from my challenges like McDavid, Tarasenko, Hall, Weber, OEL, Matthews, etc.

I spent $100 on day 1 from a gift card I got at work, and then another $48 due to that weird amazon price glitch where you can get $75 worth of points for $48:

I also spend way too much time flipping cards on the auction house. I can put on a movie/stream and just zone out on the 59th minute buying and selling stuff nonstop for small profits that add up.

u/Arthurp428 · 2 pointsr/NHLHUT

If she hasn't already bought it, she will love this. I proposed last year at my families Christmas party, got her this for Christmas.

Edit: And congratulations buddy! Looking at venues and planning a wedding is only as stressful as you make it. Enjoy being engaged for a bit before you guys start all that.

u/Clipssu · 1 pointr/NHLHUT

/u/svtman151 /u/haber88 Just fyi you can pretty much stack the odds to have a kid of the sex you want.

It has worked for myself, and multiple of my co-workers.

GL on the next! The process of having a girl is way more fun, then having a boy~

u/-4u2nv- · 2 pointsr/NHLHUT

I see you are on xbox one - do yourself a favour and buy the points on Amazon. They are about 50% cheaper.

I am on PS4, so I could not take advantage of the sale.

To put this in contrast, I paid $12 for 900 points.

u/poleman14 · 4 pointsr/NHLHUT

Adding some additional items to help out:

Shopping Cart 1
Shopping Cart 2

u/Deadlyx39 · 1 pointr/NHLHUT

Buy one of these

It’ll let you use your elite on PS4.

u/CaNANDian · 1 pointr/NHLHUT

Get this

and an Xbox 1 elite controller.

Much higher quality than a Scuf(fed).

u/Jorshua · 1 pointr/NHLHUT

Same thing happened to my neighbor. He said there's a resistor in the power supply that needs to be replaced if IRC. It was a cheap fix and it's on the back porch now for football season. I wanna say it was a samsung LCD 42".
Edit: maybe it was a capacitor... I just texted him and I'll try and get back

u/kalipurpz · 1 pointr/NHLHUT

Amazon is showing NHL 17 as shipping out December 31st, are they just wrong? It is %20 off on Amazon so would prefer to buy there*Version*=1&*entries*=0

u/EvilUrges18 · 1 pointr/NHLHUT

I think that's why it important to kill the term ICE TILT defined as a) comeback mechanic, b) nerfing or boosting to balance the game.

I am still skeptical about momentum. Flop NEVER explicitly mentions there is no in-game momentum in his recent comment. I cntrl+f for momentum in your links and do see specific mentions.

I do see the word momentum in descriptions of NHL 10:

To me, no momentum would mean that no matter how many hits I throw, how many face-offs I win, no matter how many fights I win, penalties I kill, no matter how loud my crowd cheers - - there is absolutely 0 effect on the advanced stats of any players on the ice?

If endurance, strength, offensive and defensive awareness all modify stats like puck control, shooting and passing then may an explanation of how all those stats interact and affect player performance would help explain what so many experience. and hey maybe its flop's reductionist psychology explanation.

If its internet, momentum, advanced stats, bad game coding... how do we understand and define this? how does the game decide who wins between 99 stick checking and 99 puck control?